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292081292081B000VK08OCA3MJ0NVUIUX3JARochelle Stevens "Rochelleds"4451269216000Manuka Honey as a cureI have been using "Manuka Honey" for the past 6 months and am so happy that Amazon has it in's hard to find. I use it every morning together with my oatmeal and not only is the taste wonderful but my cholestorol and blood pressure has gone down. Manuka is also known for stomach ulcers, stomach disorders and other illness. Everyone should use it ....Rochelleds
292082292082B000VK08OCA2XFJWF1LVKLBMC Flyer4451258070400Medicinal honeyIn very few words, this product works. The price is the best and I recommend it.
292083292083B000VK08OCAK2Z9I4GMTFFOddscotten4451257897600Excellent Product for DigestionI have just started to take Manuka honey for my digestive problems and this particular product is probably much better than others on the market. It is to be used medicinally once or twice a day, depending on one's system. I found it to be very stabilizing for reflux problems. It is also good for healing wounds and skin outbreaks.
292084292084B000VK08OCA14C415WWYCWWHL. constantino "healthy girl"4451240617600Great HoneyI take a teaspoon of this honey each morning before anything else, it soothes the digestive system and really helps my stomach. Delicious honey and great shipping and fast no hassle purchase. Will definetly buy more.
292085292085B000VK08OCA33BP29X1LPNLUZiva4451237420800excellent productThe product arrived promptly--safely packaged. It is delicious in my tea or oatmeal and soothes sore throats. Haven't tried it yet on wounds, but I have read the research and it is promising. Will probably order more.
292086292086B000VK08OCA275KYR0RYNT3PLuis E. Padilla "El Teacher"4451233619200All i can say is wow!!!!Just when you open the jar for the very first time is amazing! Honey has a tremendous amount of benefits! I eat a table spoon before going to work and the gym. It really gives you an energy boost, which is a lot better then those energy drinks!!! It also helped me to get rid of a cold that I was starting to catch.
I also recommend you to read
Honey: The Gourmet Medicine (Paperback)
by Joe Traynor (Author)

So what are you waiting for!!! Go get your Manuka Honey!!!
292087292087B000VK08OCA2XNYAQIK1EDLHQianwen Wang4451227571200I love itSince I took this honey every day, my cough is totally gone.I cousume 2-3 jars every month. If the price can be cheaper, it is perfect.
292088292088B000VK08OCAYLXLUYGC6W1KKatchina6751307923200Works Well but Caution...This 16 UMF does just what people are claiming it does..
but Beware of overuse..
I used this product along with apple cider vinegar,lemon and cayenne pepper...
to get rid of an aggressive sinus infection...
worked so well I avoided antibiotics and physician expenses..
but after taking 2-4 Tablespoons(Not Teaspoons) of manuka honey each day...
I found my nasal passages uncomfortably dry and bleeding...
next time i wont use it so liberally..
otherwise Works Wonders!!
292089292089B000VK08OCA25HLEN9T7IJURDee Dovey "Dee Dee"101341227052800Packaged in plastic jarI wish this product were packaged in a glass jar. The taste is very good.
292090292090B000VK08OCARXVSF8ETWWVOKim Rhym3351342828800It tastes like cherries...I hate the taste of honey... So I force myself to take it for all of the REAL AND TRUE health benefits that comes from it. One day I come across this expensive and raved about type of honey and I dare to be brave because I really do want to benefit from it. But I am terrified that I am going to have a problem with the taste and I actually prayed about it when I was about to take my dutiful teaspoonful and BAM - it was delicious! It tastes like cherries, lol.
292091292091B000VK08OCA29JU1EWSJ4T43SaveEnergy3341338940800Very nice, 12+ is better valueI have been using this honey for over a year now and have found that it certainly does ward off colds and minor infections in children. At the first sign of cold, if it is given half a tea spoon, thrice a day, then it will hold colds at bay and not let them get worse.

The same product in 12+ does the same work for lesser cost, so now I use the 12+.
292092292092B000VK08OCA105BPOWTAYUXSC. Franklin3351336780800Help my wound heal! A miracle!!I was skeptical at first using honey to heal a wound, but my nephew has surgery on his knee and the doctors used medical honey to pack the wound and it healed perfectly. I had surgery on a pilonidal cyst in December and the wound opened up. The surgeon told me it would heal on it's own, but it kept on getting infected. I ordered the Manuka honey and applied with gauze and it instantly started to heal. Within 8 weeks the wound had totally healed up(it was a deep wound!)I couldn't believe how well the honey had worked. I am a believer. When my kids get scrapes and cuts, I put a little honey on a band aid now. Side note: I wouldn't use it to eat though, as it has a very medicinal smell and taste.
292093292093B000VK08OCA257321R667DXNA. Kadakia3341333324800Manuka Honey -I had bought Manuka Honey from recent trip to NewZealand. Paid almost $35 for 17.6oz bottle. First, I was skeptic until I used it. I occasionally suffer from GERD and took Nexium. I used Manuka Honey 3/4 teaspoon at bedtime and immediately all symptoms went away. I took 1 teaspoon for 3 days every time I felt like flu or cold symptoms and it worked every time. So, I was looking for ordering more. This Wedderspoon organic variety is not the same as original from NZ but it has almost same quality. Cost is almost same. Fast delivery.
292094292094B000VK08OCAQZ7HHZ817X8CTeliza3351332374400Great honeyLove this honey. I found the taste a little odd at first but am now hooked and eat it every morning on toast. I am convinced it has helped clear up my gastritis (diet related not hpylori). I have been buying it at Wholefoods for $29.99 but just found it at Wegman's in the organic section for $24.99. This is by far the best price I've seen for this same Wedderspoon's Manuka Honey Active 16+.
292095292095B000VK08OCA31UGNHXZ2YJJ7OM "GRANDMASTER"3351325116800THE BESTI read up on all of the confusion about the different rating systems for manuka honey in Australia. Don't be worried about the integrity of this one here, it's the real deal. Highly recommended!!!
292096292096B000VK08OCA1SJYAK2HB7B5TJ. linhardt3351316304000Great ProductMy husband has acid reflux. I was told that this product helps with this. I went to my local store and bought some and when he ran out he wanted more. I ordered it on Amazon. It came directly to my door and it works !! THANKS Jean
292097292097B000VK08OCA3RJ1OQYSNYAO5A. Kass "andyk134"3351315958400Beneficial sweetnessThis is a tasty and beneficial product. I have not needed to take acid-reducer medication since I started taking a teaspoon a day before breakfast on the advice of my herbologist. Probably great in tea as well!
292098292098B000VK08OCA188PSUW6HG2AKR. Tilton "rstde"3351313193600It's DeliciousI discovered Manuka honey while visiting New Zealand. It is simply delicious. Once you have had this in your tea, you will never be satisfied with regular honey again. I read about the medicinal benefits and hope they are true. All I know is that every afternoon I look forward to my tea and honey for the incredible taste (although I don't think honey is so good with green tea). If it makes me healthier also, that is just another benefit of afternoon tea!! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.
292099292099B000VK08OCA15DZG6P6YB869P. Banks3351313107200Fresh and delicious!We purchased this honey hoping to use it to soothe some digestive problems a pet was having. It did not work out for that purpose, but we enjoyed eating the honey ourselves.
292100292100B000VK08OCA1P9F7IUP61XJRmsgls3351311552000Great Stuff!!!!I love this manuka honey, I use it only for facials and it works great!!!!It really works i use it with lemon juice, cinnamon, milk, brown sugar or by itself, it keeps my skin clear and healthy!
292101292101B000VK08OCA1U0HENBJVZBECJoanne Chiang "Swtdreamz"3351308009600Love the productNot sure if it's working on my stomach pains, but I feel pretty good since taking it daily.
Look forward to eating spicy foods again (infrequently of course), and hopefully it'll kill some H Pyori that antibiotics couldn't.

The taste is very sweet, but on a cracker or in water, it's ok.
It's expensive though! But, I suppose it's worth the price.
292102292102B000VK08OCA1DQVZFEXNABA9Danielle3351301961600I like itI like the unique taste of this honey. It has a bit of a medicine like taste but I like it in my coffee b/c it does not taste as sweet to me as regular honey. I got it also for digestive issues which have not been resolved but I will keep trying.
292103292103B000VK08OCA31SQ6DG54LUINBella3351299456000The best honeyThis is one of the best honey that I have ever tasted. The taste is like biting into a honeycomb.
Robust, strong honey flavor. Bought 3 already.
292104292104B000VK08OCA2SMJW062U2MWCSnow Flower3351243987200Great !!Love this Honey for it's healing properties. I have used it on small cuts and it does heal the skin more quickly. Also, used it on my chapped and dry lips. I apply it at bedtime and it goes to work right away; not to mention, it tastes good too. I will continue to buy this product and try other items in the product line.
292105292105B000VK08OCA18UMJHH9MY7ERM. Medina3341226188800Raw Organic Manuka HoneyThis honey does have a medicinal taste but it's wonderful if you mix it with some butter on your toast. Best of all you know that you're eating a beneficial product that can cure many digestive problems as it has antibiotical features. This is a great product.
292106292106B000VK08OCAOTSG345QNQH3grahamel5651293926400Healing Manuka HoneyWas looking for a reasonably priced Manuka honey, also called healing honey, since I read a lot about the amazing properties. I wanted to try it for my acid reflux and to heal my foot ulcers. My foot ulcers were really severe and after 2 1/2 years of treatments, none of them worked, I was almost ready to give up, but decided to try Manuka honey as a last resort.
My acid reflux responded to the honey after only a few days and I no longer need medication!
My foot ulcers are also GONE! After only 4 weeks my ulcers were about 30% smaller, after 8 weeks they were closed and about 75% smaller and at the end of 3 month, they are GONE. I applied a thin layer of honey to gauze, placed it on the ulcer and bandaged it with rolled gauze. Change the honey gauze pad every 12 to 16 hours and rinse foot before applying the next treatment.
Would recommend the Wedderspoon Honey to everyone, the price is unbeatable and the taste of the honey one of the best ones.
292107292107B000VK08OCA286LOQGOYEZWHtruth seeker "truth seeker"5651232409600cadillac of honeyorganic and raw, with a texture similar to what hot lava probably would feel like. the taste is less sweet than other raw honeys, but its definitely my favorite. second would be the YS organic raw honey and third would be the hawaiian white honey.
292108292108B000VK08OCA204FWZ3JR7QEKMarvin344811312675200You change Your Honey, You Don't Get My MoneyI have been consuming and sharing with others Wedderspoon Active 16+ for almost two years. Then Wedderspoon made changes that I find unacceptable. The first had to do with their label, which most people don't bother to read since the label color didn't change. Gone was organic certification by Ecosert SA. Gone was "Support the OMA mark which guarantees honey that is free from chemicals and pesticides." Missing are the following: Never feeding the bees sugar, area of forage is 5 km. from intensive farming, Ecosert approval. Added was the word "harmful" before chemicals and pesticides. Obviously, chemicals and pesticides are added and we are supposed to hope they are not harmful.

Then I noticed that batch 110576 was definitely "watery" compared to earlier batches. It had nothing to do with the weather because last summer was just as hot and the manuka was just fine. Batch 110583 was almost as runny as 110576. Then came another shipment from that was packed very securely, but there was leaked honey all over the box. reimbursed me, but it wasn't their fault. The outer seal was intact but there was no inner seal. This runny honey had no difficulty passing between the jar and the cover.

Additionally, although it no longer affects me, it appears that Wedderspoon followed through and no longer sells direct to, which raises the price a little more.

I rated this product one star so I could submit my review. One star is very generous.
292109292109B000VK08OCA3R8WVB5HU3872G "Jeff n Glady"91231297555200great tasteAfter reading a large number of orders, I decided to try this. The taste and scent was extremely pleasant. No after taste, just delicious. I took a teaspoon before breakfast and before dinner. On first day, I got diarrhea immediately after dinner. I tried it again same routine. Stomach begin to grumble after dinner again and I got diarrhea. Tried it the third day but with a piece of toast. Third day, after dinner stomach ache and to bathroom again. I decided not to try it the following day. Had no stomach problems. Tried it again the following day before dinner only and had to 'visit' bathroom again immediately after dinner. I continued for about 2 weeks and bathroom routine occurred almost nightly (even though I had used bathroom several times already earlier in the day). So for me, this product seems to act as an agent to clean my system (seems like an expensive laxative ;o). NOTE: My objective USE of this product was to alleviate mild arthritic pain that occurs in my knee during extremely cold days. I noticed no change in the pain when using this product.
292110292110B000VK08OCA31EO9XTRPLJS5Mala Sekhri2251349136000Great honeyI had read about the healing powers of Manila honey but did not believe it till I tried this product. I had a cough which healed because of this. Would recommend it for everyone

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