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292111292111B000VK08OCA2XQHHYC2XY902M. Nagll "fitness freak"2251348963200More effective than Nexium or PantozoleThis is a must have for someone with gastric disease.

Literally, within minutes after eating it, it calms an upset stomach, combats nausea and makes your body function again.

I was a bit skeptic to start with, however this thing really works!
292112292112B000VK08OCA14ILB2UWRW6VDDeborah Schaefer2251344038400dilute with water for faceI just bought this product for acne. It's too early to say much, but I wanted to share how I use it. I put a tiny bit in a cup, and drizzle a tiny bit of water over it. Then I use my finger to put it on my face, and it's a lot less sticky than putting straight honey on my face. I can regulate the stickiness by adding more drops of water. I can leave it on my face for a long time. Hope this helps.
292113292113B000VK08OCADX747FGZN4OMTanvir A Tarique2251340064000Excellent for Gastric UlcerI have been suffering from Gastric Ulcer. I take pantoprazole(Proton Pump) daily. Besides doctor recommended medicine, I take Manuka Honey (grade level 16+). It helped me to control my gastric ulcer. So I suggest others to try Manuka Honey.
292114292114B000VK08OCA30LALVY38YTU6Ashton2251338336000DeliciousThis is a very interesting honey. Full bodied, dark color and tastes great when added to cashew butter. A good energy source. A bit on the expensive side. however, just eat a little every couple of days.
292115292115B000VK08OCAKVH3M8SA7INIMonica K2251337558400Miracle!My husband had been suffering with sore stomach.
I bought this Active 16+ honey, because this honey review is the better than others.

But one day husband said, "I'm not sure but after eat this honey, my stomach is fine.."
I'm happy that my husband getting better after taking this honey and this honey is real miracle!

Thank you!!
292116292116B000VK08OCAP8M4FRQ2B01BContemp Gal2251334707200Everything is Good!!Everything from shipping, packaing, speed, product quality, health benefits, etc. is GOOD! Amazon shipped it fast with an AWESOME (new) packaging style. Very secured and safe. Honey tastes very good. I'm a honey person and have tried many out there, especially high-end ones. Some of them give me diarrhea, which is on top of my regular stomach problems. My digestive and colon systems are very sensitive. After a couple days taking this...I feel great (and normal again)! No worries of looking for a bathroom when going out. It's really worth the money..believe me :)
292117292117B000VK08OCA1GK8R473A3046Donna Siegler2251322870400Magic HoneyThis Honey is the best cure for what ails you internally.
I take 1/2 a teaspoon with a little gluten free bread for
delivery to the stomach. No more acid reflux!!!!
I know it can help with many other issues.
292118292118B000VK08OCA1K9YCVVN98Y25Brandon J Blair2251320796800Yum!This honey tastes great! I just wish things like this were more affordable. I don't take it for any health issues
292119292119B000VK08OCAYUUFJL88AN0JSandra2241308700800Nice flavorIt is expensive, but the price on Amazon is a lot cheaper than what I have seen at the stores. I have tried several brands of organic honey and this one is absolutely the best tasting, best texture and I feel the most beneficial in terms of settling my stomach and acid reflux yet it has a great flavor too.
292120292120B000VK08OCA2S1UAWLVGTC2US. miller "coffee lover"2251288569600great stuff!I can't speak to the medicinal value, but I love the Manuka Honey and do feel it helped a recent biopsy (tongue) heal better than it was before I started using the honey. I applied some in the morning and evening and let it dissolve on the affected area -- I'd use it again.
292121292121B000VK08OCAHZL9ZMIIRRRCSandy Lyons2251277164800good endoscopy!Just had my 6 month repeat endoscopy. While I probably still have Barrett's (awaiting biopsy results)it appears to be unchanged. My esophagitis is completely gone! I credit this to following all the typical advice for GERD ie, watch diet, don't eat anything for 3 hours before bedtime, sleep elevated and I take Tagamet just as needed. I refused PPIs twice a day as is the usual protocol. A few months ago I began having 1 of this honey, on a small piece of banana 20 minutes before meals, once or twice a day. I had a hard time remembering except for breakfast. Yes, it's expensive but I'm sure it helped with healing. It tastes good, too.
292122292122B000VK08OCA3L4PX7I7DF5BVAnn M. Farr2241250467200Manuka honeyI have stomach issues and this Manuka honey seems to help. I put it in my tea and it tastes great.
292123292123B000VK08OCA1RLP0R1N8H8C4Kitten Kisser4551222905600Manuka Active 16+ Honey is Delicious!I wish this wasn't so expensive. I would buy it much more! At least on Amazon you get a better price than in the store. At Whole Foods this same honey is over $40.00!!! Yikes!
I love that it is raw & organic. It is a thick cloudy honey that has a wonderful taste with a little bite at the end. My mouth waters just thinking about it! I also love how it's a bit thick because it makes it much less messy. Talk about wanting to take your medicine! It recommends you take a teaspoon a half hour before eating. No problem! I do it gladly!
I haven't noticed any health changes, but I'm sure it must be doing good things. Honey is known for it's health benefits & this stuff is supposed to be amazing! Maybe it takes a while for the health benifits to be noticeable.
If you can afford it & like honey, I would buy it in place of other honey just for it's yummy taste & if it makes you healthier than bonus points!
292124292124B000VK08OCAPDKQ9ASU7CI9Eleanor V. Warner4551217116800Manuka HoneyThe honey tastes great. Not sure if it helped my GERD, but one has to be careful about ingesting too much sugar if one has a tendency to have sugar imbalance. Nice product. I'm sure it did not hurt me.
292125292125B000VK08OCA1Z7Y1ZWRK5EQYD. Foster375411216339200Shipping PolicyI ordered this honey for it's medicinal qualities. It arrived with the lid off, honey everywhere due to inadequate, improper packing. No returns accepted so it was a total loss, to the trash it went!
292126292126B000VK08OCA26GBJ6DJXIWWGerayna507411243555200High quality product in plastic container...illogical!This quality product should be in a glass jar. Plastic is cheap and this product deserves better. The worst thing is, plastic containers can leach toxic chemicals into the food they hold. It appears that they are unwittingly sabotaging their own product.
Due to label info, the jar's shape and the "wrongness" of a plastic container, I had assumed the jar was glass. I won't buy it again.
292127292127B000VK08OCA25SPDEHVTPJ12summer1151350604800my favorite honeyThis honey is from New Zealand and Australia. I think the one from New Zealand tastes better than the one from Australia.I am glad that I can get it in USA. If you never tried before, you have to give a try. The best way is to put a teaspoon of honey into lemon-ginger tea.
292128292128B000VK08OCA2WT3YQN6P5ZDBl.chong ""Go where there is no path, and ...1151349740800Diminished my bruise!I bought this for mainly external skin treatments. I mix this with a little bit of turmuric for acne cleansing and toning mask and it works extremely well. It reduces the size of the inflammation/pimple and leaves skin soft and smooth. Last week I went on a 30 mile bike trail and fell off my bike. A few days later I noticed a nice blueish half dollar size bruise on my thigh. On a whim, I decided to use the manuka honey on it overnight to see if it would help since I was already using it for skin. Well to my amazement, the bruise was almost gone the very next day! After 3 days of use, I could not see the bruise at all! For me this is THE BEST natural product for my skin. I have darker skin that actually doesn't even bruise easily but when it does, it takes months to fully heal. Discoloration takes even longer to disappear so I am truly truly happy with the brand and product.
292129292129B000VK08OCAP7HBEZUZF19KJoe "Joe"1151349654400From Proton Pump Inhibitor to Wdderspoon's Manuka HoneyI discovered that long-term use of a Proton Pump Inhibitor was killing me. So I stopped. The resuting reflux was horrendous.

I started using 2 teaspoons of Wdderspoon's Manuka Honey 30 minutes before meals. I have not needed any type of antacid. I am careful though. I don't eat known irritants like coffee, tomatoes, and chile (green or red). I stay away from all gluten containing foods - or those that might have been cross-contaminated.

Nevertheless, with Wdderspoon's Manuka Honey, I have broadened the types of food I eat again. The taste is good and I have learned to like the 30 minutes I wait from "taking" the honey until I eat. I don't use antacid. This Manuka honey is much better than proton pump inhibitors.
292130292130B000VK08OCA3N7VELGA3PBUQButterfly Net1121347321600Confused about textureI had purchased a bottle of this Manuka Honey earlier from Amazon and it had done wonders for my dog's intestinal problems. This is my second bottle but the consistency of the honey is far different from the first one I ordered. This bottle of honey is thin and runny - much more like a sauce than a real honey consistency, and lighter in color. I have never seen honey this texture in my life. A new Whole Foods just opened up nearby and I purchased a bottle of Wedderspoon 16+ there. When this bottle runs out, I will be very interested to see what texture the one purchased at Whole Foods looks like.
292131292131B000VK08OCAQ1BXZ9L3ZJV1Melissa1151345075200I don't like honey--I got this for the health benefits.It's true--I don't enjoy the taste of honey at all; I got this honey simply for the health benefits. (My husband loves it though!) I had a case of something like athlete's foot that didn't respond to Tinactin, so I gave this honey a shot. It's taken 3 days, several applications per day, and the problem is almost gone. I'm now a believer in this stuff!
292132292132B000VK08OCA183XFETDO50ERTracy1141343865600unlike any other honeyI purchased this based on positive reviews from Amazon. I dont have any gastrointestinal problems so I cannot comment on its effectiveness. It has a mild floral scent and the taste is favorable. I use regular honey from Costco but I like the smell and taste of the Wedderspoon more. I would reorder again, but will use it sparingly due to the high cost.
292133292133B000VK08OCAA9SIHFVLRKSPangiezilla1151341792000wonderful honeyThis honey is the second type of Manuka honey that I have bought and it's an incredible deal and cheap for the quality. I highly recommend this honey.
292134292134B000VK08OCA2K2EI59CMJ8MStronda11151336521600Works good and taste betterThis product is real. Helping in the stomach and h. pylori parasite. Buy with confidence. Since I have been using it my stomach and acid reflux has been calming down, This is my 2nd day of using it. I take 3 x daily. morning,afternoon and night
292135292135B000VK08OCA22PUL5M2HUNKBRoz1151334966400delicious taste, Best hONEY EVERI purchased this for medicinal purposes and some commented on taste being unusual. IT IS , BUT IT IS GREAT TO ME.

292136292136B000VK08OCA2HDB6I49CCF0BPatricia J. Haworth "Megan's Mom"1151315353600Allergy EffectiveBought this as a gift for a friend with allergies, now she's hooked! Used it intermittantly to test and proved to herself it was effective. Good product, well packed and quick delivery.Wedderspoon Raw Organic Manuka Honey Active 16+, 17.6-Ounce Jar
292137292137B000VK08OCAVEP3JJ7BP5MBhappy1151298851200the very best productBoth my 2 grandsons and I are enjoying this product. We are using it both as a sweetener and as a antibacterial. My grandsons want nothing else when comes to enjoy their breakfast and I use it very successfully for treating any skin problems they and I have. I am very happy for coming across this product and I try to make sure it is always available in my house.Active MGO 400+ (Old 20+) Manuka Honey 100% Pure by Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd. - 250 g100% Active 20+ Sterile Australian Manuka Honey Wound ManagementWedderspoon Raw Organic Manuka Honey Active 16+, 17.6-Ounce JarWedderspoon Raw Organic Manuka Honey Active 12+, 8.8-Ounce Jar
292138292138B000VK08OCAY2XE6JRYCBB2vrystaat1151297728000Manuka honeyTerrific taste and supposedly very healthy. Very quick service from supplier.
Unfortunately a bit expensive.

292139292139B000VK08OCA1FPM5117QYQE6N Patterson1141297468800Great flavorI love this honey i really love it on toast in the morning.

I sometimes put it in my tea as well. I have tried it in pancakes but the flavor gets lost unless you put it on top instead of in the mix.
292140292140B000VK08OCA2CLF4JB21BOFpamela1151290556800comparatively cheaper and good qualityIt came to me sealed in a good package. It tastes not sweet as the other honey, and smoothy texture.

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