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292163292163B000VK08OCA1PGIK7B7URO15frank jones17217651238371200Drs could learn something hereI purchased this honey with the intention of healing my stomach which has been in a shambles for 20 years. I've been on every Rx antacid known, the last being Aciphex which is very strong and costs me $167 for 30 pills with insurance. I tried this honey after reading of its capabilities but believing that it was just a high priced scam, but I'm desperate for releif so I spent the $28. 3 days after eating 1 tsp on bread per day my stomach pain was gone. I couldn't beleive it. I'm still waiting for it to return but it's been a couple of weeks now and I feel great. In the past I've had to give up coffee, beer, spicy food, chocolate, etc. and still had gnawing pain. If you have stomach problems try this. I'm going to tell my Dr. about it.
292164292164B000VK08OCA3CVXR5H2PCWW12Lyons12913251214870400Manuka honey, nature's perfect food!I've been eating domestic raw honey for a while now to soothe my stomach, but turned to the "stronger" (and obviously more expensive) manuka honey after hearing about its healing capabilities.

When I received the Wedderspoon organic manuka honey, I opened it up, and smelled its interesting aroma. It almost has a hint of antiseptic smell to it, along with the sweet honey scent. And it tastes like it smells, but you do get used to it, and it is absolutely delicious. It is thinner and runnier than "Really Raw" brand american honey, so I find myself eating it faster, which is fine except I am about to run out shortly after buying it. But for me, an admittedly starving artist who is notoriously thrifty, it is still definitely worth the money.

So what has it done for me?
It calms my heartburn, helps my digestion, reduces nausea associated with IBS, and I've used it on a skin infection with great success. All while being completely natural and delicious.

I am very pleased with this honey - if you've read about the benefits of manuka honey you will be pleased to find that it does everything they says it does [and more].

I will be ordering one more jar from Amazon, before moving to New Zealand at the end of the summer, where I will be quite excited to buy it locally!
292165292165B000VK08OCA1YCTGX6A6TPTBGayle P. Nastasi "gayze"515151250035200Wonderful stuff, this honeyPlease note: The following review is based on experiences which may not in any way be construed as medical recommendation. The decisions made in this situation were made in agreement with my physician and after careful research. Always consult with your own doctors before embarking on any medical treatment. In addition, the seller of this product is in no way responsible for any treatment decisions made regarding the use of the honey. I am simply relaying my own experiences.

Manuka Honey is not only great on toast, it has many medical uses. In September of 2008, I contracted what turned out to be an autoimmune disorder called pyoderma gangrenosum, which acts as a "flesh eating disease" and it destroyed all the flesh on the front and sides of my right leg below the knee. Recovery has been long and hard, and as of August of 2009, nearly a year later, is not complete. In February, after months of wound healing, I had reached a plateau where there were a number of open areas and the scar tissue was still very raw and oozing. It had been that way for a long time.

A friend suggested I try manuka honey. My doctor and I began researching the product, and after finding many medical journal articles on the subject, and becoming acquainted with Dr Peter Molan of New Zealand's Waikato University, the primary researcher into manuka honey's medicinal uses, we decided to give it a try.

Within weeks the stubborn open areas had closed up and the scar was looking much better. Not only that, but the "pipe veins" which had formed, large varicose veins which protruded and were very fragile, had begun to recede. It was amazing.

I am now using less honey, because of the progression of healing, and though I have a ways to go before I can walk normally again, there is no doubt that the manuka honey has played a large part in my healing.

Please note that this honey is being sold as a dietary supplement and food product, and any medicinal uses should be discussed at length with your doctors.

A photographic journal of my experience with pyoderma gangrenosum can be found as a right menu link off of [...] -- please note that the photos are somewhat graphic in nature.
292166292166B000VK08OCA2MXPIUZYSVHBPM. Spearman505051243728000Listen up everybody! Do you have Excema?I buy on Amazon a lot and for some reason, I kept seeing this honey. I read the reviews and decided to buy some for my sister who has some kind of skin condition on her hand. Her skin was rough, red, scaly, itchy and she has had it for about a year. Sound like ECZEMA???? She has tried prescriptions and over the counter stuff with little success. I bought this and brought it to her and I said "You are going to think I am crazy, but this honey is going to heal your hand." She told me that within 18 hours, the swelling had gone down significantly. Within 5 days, it was much, much better. And, in about 2 weeks, it was practically healed, except for her skin looking a little different color due to the trauma to it over the year. This stuff is amazing!! She just put honey on it and covered it with a big bandage.

Oh, and btw, who cares if it is a plastic container. You can't have it all.
292167292167B000VK08OCA9R4TUJI4VWA4Jessie from VA464651237075200Wouldnt be without my Manuka HoneyI have(had!) terrible GERD from years of Fosomax/Boniva (my "pre" education years). Also contracted horrible yeast infection from way too many antibiotics from narrowly-focused Western medicine doctors.

This Wedderspoon honey solved both of these persistent, painful problems. It cleared up my eczema-like patches (I believe these were from yeast infection) with no scarring. I tried EVERYthing else, nothing helped and I suffered from terrible itching until I found Manuka Honey. Whenever I eat something that I think may cause a GERD flareup, I take a couple teaspoons of Manuka Honey before bed or after a big meal, and no problems occur.

Tastes wonderful. BTW, I also give my Border Collie a 1/2 tsp. every morning. He loves it and it seems to have solved his sensitive stomach problem.
292168292168B000VK08OCA1K59FQ0C1SDBMN. Mir515251243900800MAGNIFICANT!!! A MUST-HAVE!!!My dad had a very large pressure sore (bed sore) on his buttocks after spending over 2 months in the hospital. His home-nurse suggested using honey. After researching, I came across Manuka Honey and decided the $28 price tag would be worth it IF it helped.

My dad's sore was HUGE and DEEP. Unfortunately, I never photographed it or measured it but it was BIG and infected and very serious.

It has been 3 weeks (THREE WEEKS) that my dad has been applying the Manuka Honey on his sore. Every time the sore gets dirty from a bowel movement, the Aide reapplys the honey and dressing. I'm guessing his dressing gets changed 2 to 3 times per day.

I see my Dad weekly and at the 3rd week, I was SHOCKED to see the dramatic improvement. The sore is only about an inch in length and not very deep at all when it was about 6 inches long and very deep (I'm guessing at the size since I never measured it.But it was Huge!!).

I am a believer. They say, seeing is believing. Well, I have seen, I continue to see, and I truly believe in Manuka Honey. I can't say enough about this product.

It is a shame that doctors and pharmacies make consumers pay for medicines when there are alternatives.

I hope this review helps some of you who are doubtful. It has and continues to help but dad. Try it!!!! It's a miracle indeed!!
292169292169B000VK08OCAI325WEKIE227C. Leigh363651268784000Wedderspoon Raw Manuka HoneyMy husband was told that he had h-pylori last year. I have to mention he also suffers from acid reflux and ibs. After a antibiotic treatment that consisted of 4500 mgs a day for 2 weeks the stubborn h-pylori was not affected and the burning from his throat to his bowels was still very present. I researched herbal remedies and found that this honey was a cure for most of what he suffered from. I said what do we have to lose. The antibiotics made him so sick he was not willing to go another round to hope they would get rid of it. So we ordered this honey and started the slow process of healing. I also have to mention that he did have a severe case of infection that had been prolonged over several years. The honey started to work after the first couple jars or about 2 tbls a day. Needless to say today after 3 months he is h-pylori free and he continues to take it for his acid reflux. It does everything it says. He takes it regularly and I would not be without it ever. It has made the difference in his and my life to be able to be pain free for the first time in years. Make sure you get 16 plus to get the full benefits. You wont be sorry.
Carol from Kentucky
292170292170B000VK08OCAUWO5AC8PLPTNK. Keane "Compete to Live"363641214870400High Quality Product - but a bit priceyThe quality of this product is excellent or at least very good. I learned about the health benefits of genuine Manuka honey while visiting New Zealand and have been a fan ever since. There are peer-reviewed publications in credible scientific journals on the antibacterial properties of Manuka honey - I tried it recently on some road rash from a bike crash and it does work (albeit messy - so you will need good bandages also). It also goes great in tea for a strong floral flavor. The only cons might be the expense, but if you use it sparingly it will last quite a while. I also noticed that some batches are more "watery" than others but didn't associate that with any differences in taste or quality.
292141292141B000VK08OCA8P84GUXAG9WPLiz1141290211200Healthy HoneyI have Crohn's disease and am trying manuka honey for this. I take handfulls of antibiotics daily and heard others are having good results with this honey, which would be a welcome replacement to the pills. It arrived undamaged, perfectly packaged, so I didn't have the issue some others had with shipping. The honey itself is very thick and has sort of an astringent taste, but it's good and will taste good incorporated into teas, food, etc.
292142292142B000VK08OCA3JYJKPNYHTVMPRoss L. Dobbins "USAF 1951-1955"1151271376000Manuka Honey for medicinal purposes.My wife is using this honey to control two kinds of Bacteria. It does seem to be helping. We can not be sure for about six months.
292143292143B000VK08OCA15KROPRSHIK8VJody3441345420800Wedderspoon Raw Organic Manuka Honey Active 16+It is a great honey. I especially enjoy it in a nice hot cup of tea. I have tried it for health benefits and occasionally take a spoonful once or twice a day, but prefer it in a cup of tea rather than by itself. Excellent quality.
292144292144B000VK08OCA2KIII618EOYLMStini "The Stinster"5751324598400Miracle Honey!I was a huge skeptic that this was just some scam "natural cure that they don't want you to know about" type thing. But, I was desperate and so I tried it. Here is what happened:

I had acid reflux for two weeks straight, and it was progressively getting worse.

After taking this for one weekend my heartburn has completely vanished. I'm also not forced to take the honey every day, but if I ever have a flare up I just take some and 20 minutes later it is gone.
292145292145B000VK08OCA26L136RXPJ437E. Shelton5741257292800Manuka honey for indigestion or facial masksThis honey tastes different but good imho. It did not work well for me for indigestion. It does make a nice facial mask mixed with Fullers Clay for my rosacea sensitive skin.
Not sure I'd buy this honey again considering the high cost.
It did come with a seal over the honey so no leakage as previously
noted by other reviewers.
292146292146B000VK08OCAKJA0NN9QAIEleannji71021295568000not worth the $ or the yuck factorGot this for my husband who is having intestinal problems...have always used and loved raw honey, but after reading about the special qualities of the manuka decided to give it a try despite the (for us) exorbitant price. Firstly, tastes terrible, but we were kind of expecting that. Secondly, and most importantly for us, didn't do a bit of good. Hear it helps some folks,but didn't help us :(
292147292147B000VK08OCAVLOZTYVLWT5MShemekka Nicole Edwards "S. N. Edwards"91331281571200manuka WHAT!!!Got this for my family for our staph infection! My two year old likes the way it taste.(mix it with is warm milk at night) I love the fact that it gets rid of painful boils! The only negative thing I have to say is the high price but with the way it is helping with my son's skin I will buy again. O I already have...

One LOVE...
292148292148B000VK08OCA2H7O2X4MX4J8XGray Headed Old Man274011249776000Poor PackingI ordered 6 of the 16+ honey. I got 5. One bottle of 12+ was substituted without any reduction in price. The order was so poorly packed that the box collapsed and pressure was put on the plastic bottles of honey. As a result the seals of 2 of the bottles were breached and several tablespoons of honey from each were leaked out inside the box. WHAT A MESS! I'll not order any more.
292149292149B000VK08OCAUEVY05G5R8Y1Janice4631318636800Not Necessarily Good for StomachsActive manuka honey is often recommended as an aid for healing stomach ulcers and related problems. I have had a couple of two-month bouts of excessive acid combined with gastritis (stomach lining inflammation) and tried it both times. Both times I had to give up on it because all it seemed to do was increase the burning sensation in my esophagus and stomach, so I really can't recommend it for people with digestive problems. Plus I personally find it far too sweet, although my husband doesn't. On the other hand, I do keep a jar of this particular brand around because we have both found it soothing when we have sore throats due to colds.
292150292150B000VK08OCA2NX8JBHDCDLIAVega4631280361600Did'nt work that well for me....I have been through two jars in over a month.
Does not seem to have helped me much with my
digestion issues. Other reviewers have been
more lucky in that regard.

Amazon's shipping was quick.
292151292151B000VK08OCA10OBYLEI2RDBYPractical Biker2351329696000tastes good, nice to eat a spoonful before bed or put in a teaThis honey tastes good, nice to eat a spoonful before bed or put in a tea. A little thick to go with whiskey for a bedtime tonic, though. It has a strong flavor, and is thick and sticky. I don't usually eat it on toast, and for the cost won't put it in recipes, but it is soothing to have a bite of honey before going to sleep.
292152292152B000VK08OCA1NIWBPG39SW79Jeff H2351326844800I am pleased with purchase.I am pleased with purchase.Will do business again. Thanks. Will buy again.I recived the product on time i have been using it for 4 days.
292153292153B000VK08OCA3DUU2W8JWSOW3CC2351318464000This is a panaceaI take a teaspoon everyday to help build my immune system. It's great for wounds and mouth ulcers and will help you heal in a few days rather than a week. Amazon sells it cheaper than other places like Whole Foods and mine came well packed. Try it!
292154292154B000VK08OCANYIP0EK68XC3Adreama2341305072000As advertised. Great taste =)The product was as advertised and the honey was actually really good. I like it much better than "regular" honey. Didn't cure my stomach issues =( but delicious nonetheless. Too expensive to order more, that's the only reason it doesn't get a 5star from me.
292155292155B000VK08OCA1FR8L2ON95336Bonnie Johnson2351299024000Manuka Honey seems to be working to heal my ulcersI've finished one jar and have felt somewhat better,now on 2nd and expect to see even more great results. Good product Got is coming on automatic shipments.
292156292156B000VK08OCAZOWTBGHYSSHCKaren L. Mercadante2351280620800Awesome!Great product with an amazing flavor. I try to eat some every day and even put a bit in my dogs' food.
292157292157B000VK08OCA6RL87FYW13SRHarold L. Cherashore "hscantor"2341265068800Tastes great, real thickIt's so hard to know if a product has all of the nutritional value that its purveyors purport. Price-wise, this was a much better deal than buying it at Whole Foods. It came wrapped well, and delivery was good. It has a thick, paste-like consistency and a very strong, sweet taste. There is something about it that suggests it is "honey with a whollop." The seller also suggests that Manuka honey is good for easing acid reflux, which I have. That's another good reason to buy it. But again, I don't know of any empirical studies to support the claim that it eases acid reflux. All in all, this honey simply tastes very good. If you just want honey that is natural and tastes good and medicinal qualities are not important to you, there are no doubt less-expensive choices around. can't go wrong with this stuff.
292158292158B000VK08OCA273QXLEDZHFYYJane Bowles2341227398400HoneyDelicious honey just to eat. Have not tried using it for GERD yet. Would get 5 stars if it was just a little cheaper.
292159292159B000VK08OCA20W0ALUJMJ2F8mizjean "jean"0031351123200Unusual tasteJust got this honey today and tasted it. It has a slightly medicinal taste I don't care for. On doing a little research, I found that the bees feed on flowers of the tree that's also called teatree, and if you have ever smelled teetree oil that's what the honey tastes like..almost a menthol taste. But since it is supposed to have such benefits health-wise, and since it was so expensive, I guess I'll go ahead and try using it..maybe to sweeten drinks or something..but for breakfast toast I'll stick to our good local honey.
292160292160B000VK08OCA1A99UI4HS5AEZBarbara0051350345600Wonderful!Thank you for making this wonderful product available and with such quick delivery. I appreciate the competitive price too! This honey has the best taste, but I have used it in conjunction with mastic gum to heal my ulcer and it works.
292161292161B000VK08OCA3DHSIF8HHNMZ5SidhuV0051349222400Who needs candy filled with Aspartame when this is WAYYY BETTER!Amazing, amazing and amazing! I have been telling my co-workers about this honey for 2 days in a row since I got it in the mail and they think I have lost my mind to try such , in their words , "expensive" jar of honey. But I really don't care because it tastes so AWESOME and I think I will order more in the future.
292162292162B000VK08OCA3UP5T3NEQ0E5SGilkissin42943651218499200Manuka magick!This is an excellent quality Manuka Honey product. There is a bit of confusion over the UMF, MGO and OMA rating thing. UMF is the original and trademarked. MGO is a newer rating system that does not directly correlate to UMF but is accurate nonetheless. OMA is Wedderspoon's own rating system for determining activity within the raw honey. From my reading it appears to be pretty equitable to UMF. This honey is also USDA Organic certified (although that doesn't mean as much these days) to ensure that there are no additive ingredients to the product.

As for usage, I have two jars of this honey. I used the first on my wife's wounds following MOHS surgery for removal of skin cancer. The results were amazing and the surgeon and plastic surgeon both asked what we were using to allow the wounds to heal up so quickly with minimal scarring. There was also a staph infection as a result of the surgery that the honey took care of as well. It takes a bit of diligence to ensure daily dressing changes with fresh honey, but the results pay off. I ended up pre-soaking gauze with the honey and sandwiching between two layers of plastic wrap to create more manageable "bandages". These were used by my wife when she traveled in addition to direct application to the cleaned wound bed.
Basic process: Clean wound with Hydrogen Peroxide, follow with colloidal silver in nebulizer, then drizzle honey into wound and cover wound with pre-soaked gauze pad. The last bit is to cover the pre-soaked pad with a waterproof dressing like a Telfa-style pad to reduce oozing onto clothing/bedding. Care must be taken in finding adhesives that do not irritate the skin too much with the frequent dressing changes. There are also larger waterproof wound dressings with silver-impregnated that might be a good combination. Main idea is to minimize air-space and keep honey in constant contact with wound bed.

If this all sounds new, do some research on honey for wound care at the University of Waikato in New Zealand courtesy of Dr. Peter Molan.

Note, this honey is not "sterilized" via gamma radiation (which is not supposed to reduce activity in the honey like pasteurization) but is still highly effective. Honey is resistant to most any spoilage due to its activity and the sterilization process is just an extra step some honey manufacturer's take (Comvita or Summerglow) to be able to sell their products as medical devices in the US. It will allow the honey to be FDA-approved. Again, as I understand this is not a requirement but is done largely to gain approval for medical usage in hospitals and clinics. Check out Medihoney dressings. BTW, I have also used this topically on oral canker sores with great effect! Sores dissappeared in days and not weeks! Applied directly 3 x day.

Lastly, the other jar I use for tea and even coffee and it is delicious. It has a strong floral taste and finish (as would be expected) and is alittle more viscous than other Manuka honeys I have tried.

I have tried nearly all Manuka honey brands from NZ as I visit often and find this to be a great option for those of us who need a high-quality active raw Manuka honey without paying a load for shipping up the stuff from down under. Or you can just ask a friend heading that way to bring you back some :P

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