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292201292201B000VK08OCA2DD1U6G0FVFDXBJJ1421336262400Not UMF/MGO - Ok tasting Manuka HoneyI decided to give Wedderspoon a try because of its price - much cheaper per ounce compare to East Cape, Manuka Health and Comvita, and the large volume of reviews, which all seem to indicate that the honey is good.

Well, in my personal opinion, it is an above average Manuka Honey. Bio Active isn't the same as UMF/MGO, so minus a star there. Medical effects are not apparent for me, I guess that's expected given it is not UMF/MGO, taste is just ok, not impressed compare to the others I've tried, so minus 2 more stars.

I always buy UMF/MGO Manuka honey, if you are looking for premium medical grade honey, I recommend East Cape, Manuka Health or Comvita. IMO, East Cape is the best tasting, Comvita is a big Manuka Honey producer and their products can be found in supermarkets in Australia and New Zealand. Comvita was also the first UMF honey my friend brought to me from Australia.

Depending on what do you need the honey for, if you need it as day to day healthier alternative over mediocre organic honey , then this might be good for you. I will not recommend Wedderspoon for those who need it for medical reasons.
292202292202B000VK08OCAQRS0R3YWIMD1Omar2651326585600This is what I was looking forAll I can say is since I start taking it (less than 1 teaspoon daily) I found this honey is the best natural source to help male with erection enhancement. Believe me This thing works like a magic pills for me. Thanks to Wedderspoon and to Manuka flowers and off-course the lovely bees.
292203292203B000VK08OCA20GDLT6LOJ4R3Bart B. Bloomer Jr.3831277337600Great honey slow shipping.I love this honey i think it really helped my throat and stomach.

If you want it fast bette rpay for shipping.I dunno if ill order it again because how long it took them to ship.I ordered this brand and another brand at the same time i got the other brand a day be4 this brand even shipped wich is unacceptable to me.

It is a good honey and does help so it is worth having.
292204292204B000VK08OCA23NY1JCDRZLENHanna-leena Joseph41041244160000Manuka Honey active16+This is fine for the money but I like raw Manuka Honey better under different label. This brand is "runny" and not as "silky smooth" as I am used to. Would I buy it again, certainly if the other brand was not available.
292205292205B000VK08OCA1TY97ZGQT5FGFDaniel Night "Do to others as you would have ...81841333152000"and carry a lower carbon footprint than glass jars."Wedderspoon said, "(our plastic jars) carry a lower carbon footprint than glass jars." concerning their use of plastic over glass jars. Dear Wedderspoon and other liberals: FOR THE ONE BILLIONTH TIME, PLANTS LIVE OFF CARBON DIOXIDE, THE SUN WARMS THE PLANET, NOT CARBON DIOXIDE, THE PLANET HAS WARMED BEFORE WITHOUT INDUSTRIAL CARBON OUTPUT. AND PLEASE, STOP WITH THAT RIDICULOUS PRETENTIOUS PANSY "FOOTPRINT" TERM. It's very immature ok? What I would like to know is that none of these jars contain BPA, which I think Wedderspoon said doesn't in the quote I pulled their reply from (to some comment on this product about how they don't use glass jars, I think the review says something about plastic being toxic. I don't feel like looking again).
292206292206B000VK08OCA2UTDAOC6TZDC3sindhi man1641329177600Dadho sutho aahey!It is a very good tasting honey. Still not sure about any health benefits. I need to hear more from others who have used it for a long time.
292207292207B000VK08OCA2L4YE3K8YBN1Statiana31011347753600LOL - at myselfI knew nothing about Manuka honey but wanted to see what it would do about a burn on my hand so I bought a jar from Whole Foods that had no name on the label but on the side it said "packed by Arataki for Pacific Resources International." It did improve my burn very much and I was sold! So I read up about Manuka honey and went and bought Wedderspoon 16+. It was LESS effective than the non-name 5+ jar. However, then I tried some local raw wildflower honey and it was just as effective as the 5+, and tasted better, and was a lot cheaper...

The NIH tested four types of raw honey. They found that Manuka did have a higher level of antibacterial properties, but it was not as high as something called mountain honey. They didn't specify which mountain and also didn't indicate the level of Manuka. Also, ALL honey clears skin blemishes. Manuka may be better for internal problems as stated - I don't know about that - but I'm sticking with the local raw stuff for $10 a jar. I think wildflower honey is the best because who knows where the manuka bees go anyway? They probably go all over the place unless they are confined.

Also, the UMF stands for "Unique Manuka Factor" ??? Seriously?? Why is it that they have a scientific explanation for the benefits of other honeys but not for the "special" benefits of manuka? Maybe the anti bacterial effects don't break down but then why not just go with local honey? What's so difficult about doing a chemical analysis of manuka against other honeys and finding the difference?

So I say that if you have money to burn, definitely support your favorite New Zealand honey farmer! Why not? Otherwise you can find a better deal LOL!
292208292208B000VK08OCA1JBG9HECGBZ3WCarol Johnson71841281571200Very SensualJust a hint ladies- this honey can be used on your 'honey' for all kinds of fun. It has a very sensual flavor that you will not soon get tired of.
292209292209B000VK08OCA1LLVNWLFQV9PNB. Hood "BH"92211313366400GROSSI bought 2 containers of this honey. I did not expect it to be this disgusting. I'm unable to eat it to see if it works. Oh well. To each his own. My boyfriend thought it was terrible too.
292210292210B000VK08OCA25G6R9WULCEBMSophia1741322438400Good DealIt is a good deal. But I don not like its smell personally. Might change to another product next time.
292211292211B000VK08OCA3EWXCH09U7IUGM. B. Katz2911345075200Tastes like chicken works about as well
292212292212B000VK08OCA1ZZ1K3WCQ66X3Portland51931323820800organicLegally they cant use the term Organic with something made from honey. They can't control where the bees go /what chemicals they might get into.
292213292213B000VK08OCAFODIM6DTR994aal27 "aal27"31631265155200Medicinal Tastei essentially wanted honey as a sugar substitute for Tea, this honey has a medicinal taste and alters the flavor of tea. if you are looking for a healthier sugar substitute in honey get the white gold honey instead.
292214292214B000VK08OCA38PKDBSWYKHPJDave13515521219363200Poor PackingThe honey is great, but I have ordered this product 4 times from Amazon and only one made it in one piece. This is the most incompetent packing job I have ever seen! I even called once and told the person that answered the phone to make sure it is packed in a 6 X 6 X 6 box in an upright position with the lid taped around the perimeter with packing tape.
He said he would notify the shipping dept. It arrived in one of the same boxes they use for books with an air pillow on top of the jar. The jar was lying in the bottom of the box with the lid off and honey everywhere!

Amazon needs to have a special training class on packing for the people that work in the shipping department(s)!
292215292215B000VK08OCA13BJ4VU1A42I1Kevin Ong232351292544000Excellent for H. Pylori infections!This product was first mentioned to me by a relative earlier this year as I was having stomach aches, nausea, constant burping, etc. However, I figured what could honey really do? I went to the gastroenterologist and was diagnosed with H. Pylori and was subsequently given the 7 day course of strong antibiotics which cost a bomb! However, it seemed to do the trick and I was "healed." Or so I thought.

A few months later, I started getting the same symptoms of a light stomach ache, nausea, constant burping, etc. again. But I am now traveling so I can't see my specialist back home. I then remembered my relative's mention of Manuka honey for stomach problems, and so did some research on it on the internet. I was so surprised to see that Manuka honey is claimed to kill the H. Pylori bacteria in the stomach, so ok, I gave it a try. Whole Foods had run out of the 16+ Manuka factor which was highly recommended for H. Pylori infections, so I bought a bottle of the 12+ instead. After a couple of days, I started to feel much better, but it had not gone away even after a week. I then went back to Whole Foods and finally they had re-stocked the 16+ Manuka honey. I started taking a teaspoon 20 minutes before meals and before bed, and within 2-3 days I felt so much better. After 1-2 weeks of taking it, I don't feel the stomach aches anymore.....perhaps just the feeling of the infected lining of my stomach healing. I'm now feeling much better day by day, and can actually work out normally at the gym again. No more frequent burping, no more nausea.

I'm amazed, but it actually works, and I'll be taking this manuka honey for general maintenance once I am fully back to normal health....and with no antibiotics! Will have to cut down the amount though as the sugar is a bit of a concern. What's more, it tastes yummy.
292216292216B000VK08OCABQ0GF8C9651TRyan Ledendecker232351239840000This is the most amazing honey I've ever had the pleasure of eating!I just recently (this year) started getting serious with honey. I knew there was better honey out there than the store bought stuff, and even the stuff you get on the side of the road (which is still good, mind you), but after a little research, I came across Wedderspoon....and wow.

What's really amazing about this stuff (I've purchased a few jars now), is that each batch does taste slightly different. It just goes to show the true natural and raw quality that is involved here. The taste is heavenly, to say the least.

After my research, and personal experience, I'm convinced that good honey can cure just about anything that gets thrown your way. Make it a part of your daily routine (I sweeten green tea with it, and take a teaspoon before each meal), and you'll realize a plethora of benefits. It's hard to explain until you do it yourself.

Buy this stuff, and don't look back - you'll never buy "regular" honey again. It's that damn good!
292217292217B000VK08OCA3S83AZ6OEY0YXHoney Tester485331219536000Poor PackagingLike several other reviews, the honey was received with its cap off and hanging by the paper seal, and the jar empty. It is not the fault of Amazon who has indicated they will give me a refund but Wedderspoon itself. There is no inner seal on the jar, and the outer closure is not firm, and easy to pull off. This is not adequate packaging for a food product either as it is easy to pull off the cap, tamper with the contents and replace the cap.
292218292218B000VK08OCA2H0FAOM2XPU8FTrish57191951307059200Very Impressed!I was at wits end with my chronic gastritis. I had been to several doctor's and had an endoscopy to find I had h. pylori and gastritis. The specialist put me on PPI's (proton pump inhibitors) which made me feel worse. They also put me on several antibiotics which made me sick and caused my candida to get out of control. After second dose of antibiotics I felt a little better but then back again. Doctor suggested another endoscopy which I refused and decided to go online and see what I could do naturally. I found Manuka honey which was over $100 a bottle and decided to look it up on Amazon as I have bought several items here that retailed well over $100 and found them here for a fraction of the price. I came across Wedderspoon Manuka honey and read alot of the reviews. While waiting for my honey to arrive I got 2nd degree burns on my arm and chest from boiling soup. I thought, gee, let's try the honey on the burns too since many of the reviews said it was great for burns. I must say my burns are healing beautifully from this honey and much better than any of the other ointments I was using. My stomach is gradually getting better and I dont have that sick gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach. I contacted the Wedderspoon company and was told that it can take a few months to rid myself of the h. pylori but even the antibiotics can take that long yet cause other problems. I just ordered my second jar and love the taste. I actually cannot wait to eat it. My mom also was suffering from allergies and took a teaspoonful a day and saw quick results.

I am hoping this is the answer to my digestive problems. It has been a long hard road to find something that will actually cure this. I am optimistic that Manuka honey is my answer. I have to say alot of the reviews I read helped me make the decision to buy this great product and I hope to leave another review when I am totally healed.

One last note..........I was very impressed with the fast delivery and packaging was great. I know some left bad reviews due to poor packaging but I am sure the company saw this and made some changes as both my jars were in perfect condition and arrived quickly and safely.
292219292219B000VK08OCA11UNB4HN5Q03Zplaywithcolor "Penny"191951256083200Package problem has been solved!I got this honey for the health benefits. I was worried about the packaging issue discussed in several reviews. This problem has been solved! The plastic lid was attached to a base piece of plastic, and the whole jar was tightly wrapped in bubble wrap.
292220292220B000VK08OCA2SA6LR78V49UVOrangeCrush "Still shooting with Film!"181851317340800Really Quite Something!!I stumbled onto Manuka Honey last year and I was really blown away by all of the claims that were being made about this honey. My family eats a lot of honey and we have really made serious changes to our diets in recent years. We no longer eat processed food, get all of our meats & produce from organic CSA farms and we are constantly on the look out for ways to further improve our diets. After reading about Manuka Honey, I simply had to give it a try. The brand I ordered was Wedderspoon Active 16+.

To say that I was impressed is an understatement as the flavor is absolutely to die for. It has a very unique taste. To be honest, its the best honey I have ever had. I am a yogurt junkie and started making homemade yogurt a couple years back. Sprinkling some Manuka Honey over homemade yogurt is simple amazing. Its hands down the best yogurt topping I have ever tried and I have tried almost everything. The unique taste of Manuka honey blends perfectly with yogurt. Throw some granola in there and again its absolutely to die for. One of the other things I use it for regularly is on toast. We buy fresh bread every other day from our local bakery and Manuka Honey on fresh toasted bread is just as amazing as the yogurt.

As for its antibacterial claims, its absolutely 100% true. My wife has a very mild case of eczema but a couple times a year it acts up and can get pretty bad. The episodes usually last a week or two. She literally has like 10+ different kinds of hand lotion specifically aimed at treating Eczema. When I first told her about Manuka Honey she was extremely skeptical, in regards to what it could do for her skin, but since we already had some she said she would give it a try. Sure enough like 6 weeks later her Eczema stated acting up, mostly on her hands. Before she went to bed She applied a very light coating over the affected areas and then put on a pair of my Light Impressions cotton gloves. I use the gloves when matting or handling my photography prints. They are extremely light and are made of 100% cotton. It only took 2 nights of this and her hands were back to normal. She was absolutely BLOWN AWAY. To give you an idea of just how impressed she was, she wound up ordered 6 more bottles that same week. Since then she has had multiple outbreaks and each and every time she uses the Manuka Honey. Her collection of hand lotions are doing nothing but collecting dust.

Bottom line - Manuka Honey is good for you, tastes great and it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. Its like liquid gold. It now has a permanent spot on our shelves. Yes, it is more expensive than regular honey but this is one of the cases where you get what you pay for. Its absolutely worth every last penny. This is one train you want to get on.

5 Stars and then some!!
292221292221B000VK08OCA4CNTEOLHUJ78Lana T.171741233705600unusual taste but I loved itI expected a very strong taste from this honey, and it didn't disappoint. I actually love the taste and the texture a lot. Plus, I had a chance to test the healing properties, when a particularly nasty papercut had continued to bother me for a couple of weeks. A couple of applications of this honey took care of it in two days. The cut healed beautifully.
The reason I am giving it four stars and not five is because of the way it is packed. The jar could actually be seen between the folds of the cardboard it was delivered in.
292222292222B000VK08OCA1R19K6O4IAF5WTerry161651288656000Great Honey, Great Deal from AmazonI tried this honey after having stomach problems for several years. It happened every "change of season". I researched it, and Manuka Honey seemed to be benificial for treating pylori bacillus, which can cause stomach ulcers.
After taking a few tablespoons a day for about a week,--- no more discomfort which continues to this day. Manuka honey is also a natural antibiotic. Skin sores heal quickly. The Active 16+ seems to be the right strength for it's antibiotic properties. I feel a higher activity level would be a waste of money.
Both my husband and I, take a teaspoon before bedtime. He claims it makes for a more restful sleep.
Amazon's subscription feature is awesome. The rebate and free shipping for using this option, can't be beat. You can adjust your order as needed from month to month.
I would highly recommend this product and the subscription feature as well.
Terry Mare
292223292223B000VK08OCA1QWG23EL0S0A3Michael Piersimoni "Jafi"202151289433600Acid Reflux under controlI started using Manuka Honey to see if I could finally get off Prilosec that I have been taking everyday for 8-9 months now for acid reflux. Everytime I would stop taking it the heartburn would come back within 24 hours. It didn't matter what I ate it would just come back, so I tried Manuka Honey (1 teaspoon in the morning) . I have been Prilosec free for 2 weeks now and the only other thing I do is take a table spoon of a fiber supplement (Citrucel) also in the morning. I have been taking Manuka honey for about 1 1/2 months. No heartburn, no pills for 2 weeks now and I eat whatever the hell I want. Coincidence? Hum.......
292224292224B000VK08OCA3JVUZ86D5OIH6Elliott151551297728000Believe it or NotOur son had a cough for over a month and he tried antibiotics and other cough medicine but nothing worked. When he was visiting us recently I asked him to try Wederspoon 16+ which I had just received from Amazon. After he took 1 teaspoon of this honey, 90% of the cough was gone within 2 hours and the remaining 10% the next day. He was so impressed with this honey that he took the 17.6 Oz jar with him. BTW, exactly the same situation occurred with our younger son who lives in a different city. I strongly recommend that you always keep a jar handy at home.
292225292225B000VK08OCA13NGDEAGV48QIfranklin004141451274140800No need medicine anymore for my stomachache just use the Manuka HoneyI had the stomachache many times in my life and notice when I get older it last longer, I am 34 yrs. Recently I had the stomachache again I took Nexium 40 mg 2 times a day then switch to 1 time a day and 1 Miracid which is also same benefit like Nexium but I just don't want to take high dose of Nexium. I took medicine for about 2 months but I still have the pain which most of time is at night. One day while I was searching about natural acne cure and someone recommended using honey and they said manuka honey is even better. I've never heard about this manuka honey before and started to do some research over the internet and found many interesting information especially helping about stomachache. So I decided to try, first time I bought it at Whole Foods Markets and chose this Wedderspoon brand after doing some researched. It took me about 5 days then I saw some improvement I didn't have much pain at night time. Then I started to stop the medicine and taking only manukar honey the tip is, I took 1 teasppon x 4 times a day because in that time I still have lots of pain and with some small piece of bread about size of 1 inch, so it can hold better in my stomach and did like the suggestion no drink or food after take honey about 15 min. By keep doing this about 3rd week, my problem is completely cured. Nowadays, I do the maintenance by taking 1 teaspoon a day or anytime if I eat some spicy food then I feel some symptom come up I took it right away and that's it, no more medicine for me. However, for some other people you may have it as the 2nd help together with medicine which that was I did in 1st week and after it cure then I am ok with just this honey alone. And I found that buy it from amazon the price is much better, I hope they have some special offer if buy more quantity then get better price because I want to pack a lot of them when I go back to my country.
292226292226B000VK08OCA1LLD9TNVAVJVBBH141451261353600Never go back to regular honey again!This honey is wonderful for regular uses, it's thickness and wonderful flavor make things like simple toast and teas better! But this stuff works wonders when I feel cold/flu symptoms come on! I take a spoonful everyday for 3-4 days and have avoided getting sick this season. It also works wonders on cold sores. I am prone to cold sores when I get sick, and medications such as Abreva have done nothing for me. A little dab of honey on the tingling area overnight zaps any chance of a cold sore appearing. This is a wonderful product, I ordered a dozen jars when it was $22 and gave some to my mother who is also always on the lookout for natural remedies. I can't say enough about this stuff...
292227292227B000VK08OCA1ZNKAGRKMZD5Nbearwoman141441236643200Natures helperI got this after hearing about the healing properties of honey. I had some nasty sores on my leg. Put this on and it stung like heck but it did help speed up the healing process. Not a bad tasting honey either. I keep this with my first aid stuff. Saved me from being sent back to the hospital with the sores.
292228292228B000VK08OCAA0KAOPOPL7BHcmaglaughlin171851293321600I believe in miracles!My 86 year-old mother spent 22 days in a hospital and rehab facility for bedsores on both hips. Anyone who knows about bedsores knows there are four stages. 1-4. My Mom had two stage 3's and one stage 4. The hospital did not do much other than keep her hydrated and on antibiotics. Nine days later she was transferred to a rehab facility. Much the same. Just changing of dressings for the bedsores. "They will take a long time to heal, if at all." I was at a loss for words. Her prognosis...only fair. To make a long story short...along came Wedderspoon Manuka MF16+ Honey. One and a half months later, they are completely healed! Praise the God of ALL creation for this marvelous, miraculous stuff! Be sure to order at least MF16+ for full beneficial properties.
292229292229B000VK08OCA2J0MQGN9H6Y23Penny131351296604800Delicious and healthy, and Anti-bacterial properties for skinAfter reading about honey for wounds by Dr. Peter Molan (University of Waikato, New Zealand), I decided to purchase this honey with its anti-bacterial properties for treating a bad wound in order to prevent scarring using gauzes and skin-safe surgical tapes after cleansing with hydrogen peroxide (low percentage, like 1%). I have never seen a wound heal with such minimal scarring despite the depth and severity of the wound! I come from a family of medical doctors and everyone is impressed and asked about these results, including my own doctor!

-Manuka honey has an antibacterial property due to the release of hydrogen peroxide which can kill bacteria.

-UMF = unique manuka factor
This is rating system that measures non-hydrogen peroxide antibacterial potency of manuka honey. The range is 0 to 30 but typical manuka honey has a rating of 10 or more. The higher the rating, the higher the anti-bacterial activities. This Wedderspoon Manuka Honey has a rating of 16+
Here is the UMF rating rubric:
* 0-4: Not detectable
* 5-9: Maintenance levels only (similar to table honey and not recommended for special therapeutic use)
* 10-15: Useful levels endorsed by the Honey Research Unit at The University of Waikato[citation needed]
* 16 and over: Superior levels with very high activity.

-Extremely effective in aiding: Acid Reflux, Heartburn, GERD, Stomach Pains, loose stools
I like to eat spicy foods and used to rely on heartburn pills. My stomach condition got worse recently, and certain foods (even if they were NOT spicy) started triggering the acid pains. My chest began to have acid-related pains. This honey has really helped me to get off of the acid reflux or heartburn pills and my stomach is functioning regularly.

-Raw honey = doesn't use the sterilization process using gamma radiation.

-Chemical and pesticide free, Antibiotic and GMO free

-Never feeding the bees sugar

-USDA Organic certified to have no additives.

-Has a very strong floral taste and unique flavor. I personally love it.

-More viscous than other honeys you can buy at the store. You have to spread it on breads. I enjoy this in tea and on various breads and cakes.
292230292230B000VK08OCA39OM050G38BRNSandy "Sombra del Monte"131351243123200Intense Flavor, Works WellI found the taste of this honey to be almost medicinal, but so were the effects. I had had the honey around for a couple of weeks when I came down with a sore throat and decided to take the honey for a test drive, so to speak. I used the honey 3 times in one day (1 tsp each time)...and the next morning I felt 100% back to normal. Would I have recovered that fast anyway from whatever was causing the sore throat? I don't know, but I do know that I went from feeling bad to feeling normal overnight. I am a big fan of Manuka honey now.

* Görseller ve İçerik tekif hakkına sahip olabilir