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292231292231B000VK08OCA377HJZJU87BESBetty Rodman "peace, love and joy"202251229731200Heaven on EarthWedderspoon Raw Organic Organic Manuka Honey Active 16+, 17.6-Ounce Jar

Just opening the jar, before I even tasted it; I knew that this was Heaven on Earth. The Bible often refers to heaven as the land of milk and honey. This too me always seemed rather blah and not much of an incentive, until I smelled this honey. Then, one taste and I was there. (Thank you Weederspoon for illuminating the Bible.)

I bought it for my health. I did not know, that it would make my taste buds sing "hallelujah!". I felt physically better in less that 24 hours. It is the best honey product on this Earth. The aroma is intoxicating. I put the honey in my tea, but I also ate a spoonful for an instant health kick. (Be fore-warned; you will want to eat the entire jar.)

It can be used on skin eruptions, pimples, ulcers etc. It can possibly save diabetics an amputation if their wounds are treated with this honey instead of endless rounds of antibiotics that are not working.) I would use it sooner than later. (There is a tendency to only try alternatives as a last resort.)

If you are just a gourmet and not a health-nut: this is the honey for you. I never want to see a different honey product again. Only Weederspoon Raw Organic Manuka Honey Active 16+ will do it for me.
292232292232B000VK08OCAWLK6NSSV0YNAMidwest Mommy161751223424000Manuka Manuka Manuka!This honey is like a cure-all! Worth every penny. It's tasty, but we don't use it on toast or for baking because of the price. We mainly use it for illness/injury as an anti-biotic. Works great to heal cuts and cure sinusitis, etc, or simply boost the immune system.

Raw honey has monocytes that stimulate white cells to produce inflammatory cytokines to kill infection. Manuka honey in particular works through the TLR-4 (toll-like receptor). TLRs are involved in innate immunity. Really good stuff. This brand is high quality.
292233292233B000VK08OCA1X54SSC1CVUIKM. Foster "mckennamom"121241299283200Nearly Perfect!!I bought this on a recommendation and it has been a staple in our daily routine. I suffer from IBS and this helps keep me on track. I also give this to my kids to help keep up their immune system. I was kicking myself when I didn't bring it with us recently on vacation and one of them got sick! We were joking that I forgot the "super honey" at home ;) It is really benefical. Even though it has a thicker consistency my 2 and 4yr old prefer it over the processed honey found in most stores. I do wish it came in a differnt type of container. Not sure about plastic? Especially when your target market is people who are super health conscious. Most likely they avoid plastic, keep that in mind!
292234292234B000VK08OCA32KAA0VWUZS09clp121251264809600Awesome for allergiesI have had numerous allergies ( seasonal, and environmental )for years. I have been on three different medications, year round, at the same time for these allergies. Now, I take 1/2 teaspoon of honey in the am and half teaspoon at night and I don't need any of my allergy medication. ( Zyrtec, Nasonex and Mucinex) During the fall pollen/mold time, I might need my Zyrtec and Nasonex for a few weeks, but then I can stop. It is excellent honey and worth the money. It also quickly cured my son's cold sores.
292235292235B000VK08OCA18QNMVRG08DU5a reader121251226361600Speeds healing.I bought this as I had read it may help the body get rid of H. Pylori.Since I have not been tested again I can't vouch for that but I did experience its healing power recently when my husband fell and received a bad gash on his forehead. I smeared the wound with Manuka honey for 2 or 3 days and it healed quickly and completely without a scar.
292236292236B000VK08OCA1K7Q95LU1GT1MDarcy151651212451200Wedderspoon Raw Organic Organic Manuka Honey Active 16+I've finished 3 bottles so far and am still deeply in love with the honey. It has become part of my morning routine, "eating" (literally as the texture is very thick and sticky) a full spoon of Manuka honey with a cup of warm water. My only complaint is that the price is of the high-end. I hope Wedderspoon will offer a bigger version with a more reasonable price.
292237292237B000VK08OCA3IWO1KYMRQWMITaylor Grandberg111151331769600Great for cleansing the faceI have rosacea and many believe that with rosacea comes demodex mites. I'm not sure if this is true for me or not, but I do know that honey is one of the only things that calms the irritation of my face. All raw honey will do this. However, this manuka honey was something else. I not only noticed a very apparent calming result the next day but I also noticed that the oiliness of my nose was greatly improved as well!

My guess is that the antibacterial properties of the manuka honey worked against the natural bacteria present alongside demodex mites and gave my skin some reprieve. I cannot do any kind of chemical topicals at all, so I am trying to boost my immune system from the inside to deal with the mites naturally. However, this is great for clarifying my skin and helping my immune system along so it doesn't have to fight as many things at once.

One thing to note was that my face generally seems slightly redder after using this compared to normal honey. I'm guessing that this honey is 'stronger' in it's antibacterial properties and might be a bit harsher on the face. But the next day was such an improvement, a little bit of extra redness right after washing it off is not a problem at all.

I will say it and say it again: We should be washing our faces with things we can EAT. If not a bunch of manmade harmful chemicals is being absorbed through your skin and your body has to work hard to deal with these toxic substances. Don't force your body to deal with even more than it has to. Go natural. Go with something that your body doesn't mind absorbing.
292238292238B000VK08OCA33IDE4QDZM02LScout192111151327968000Dogs best friendMy dog had an infected tick bite on his neck. It was about the size of a nickle and looked so bad I was sure we would be going to the Vet. I took a finger full of manuka and rubbed it on the infection. I did this twice a day and made sure to keep dirt and other things from getting stuck in the honey. After about 4 days it looked a thousand times better and decided we didn't need to go to the vet. I figured I used less than 5 dollars worth of honey to treat his infected wound and if we had gone to the vet I am sure the bill would have been close to what I paid for the whole jar of honey. This stuff is the best, it saved me money and the time it would take to go to the vet. I also make a pre-work out energy drink using the honey. I take a spoon of honey and mix it with some lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and water. I put all the ingredients in to a bottle with a lid and then just shake until the honey is dissolved. One of the most practical things to have in your house for both people and pets! Also when I go camping I use it for first aid and eat some when I need the energy. The latest jar I have received was from Health and Beauty pros and it is also batch #13. The quality of this particular batch is just the same if not better than all of the other jars I have had.
292239292239B000VK08OCA2LSO5VHVNGPSVRonald P. Jamison111151296345600This really worksHaving been a life-long allergy sufferer, I am happy to report this honey has helped the problem. I have also been recently bothered with heartburn, acid reflux, the like and had been prescribed Zantac twice daily. A spoonful of Manuka honey before meals has stopped this problem completely. I have stopped taking the Zantac. The honey is delicious as well. I appreciate the recommendation from Amazon.
292240292240B000VK08OCA1JI8TUC2JTRQVMom of 3111151288051200Manuka Honey UserI have had bad heartburn for a while now. After some research, I tried this brand of Manuka Honey, one teaspoon in tea every morning. I have not had heartburn since.
292241292241B000VK08OCA395NQS7JNY7PWMargaret B. Depalma "MD"111151252540800Healing HoneyThis honey really has healing properties. I bought the honey for a friend who had open heart surgery months ago and had a dreadful raw looking scar. The difference in just two weeks of using the honey covered with gauze as a wet dressing is just remarkable. It's healing and her skin is returning to its normal color.
292242292242B000VK08OCA2SH07MBJ9PEG3Matthew Scarborough "Scarbby"111151240790400Manuka Honey great for healing leg ulcer after surgeryI recently had surgery to remove a dead vain in my lower right leg that caused a ulcer. A friend of mine recommended manuka honey, saying it helps keep the skin moist (which in my case would promote skin growth), among other things. I searched here on Amazon, and found this Wedderspoon Organic Manuka Honey. I had sticker shock when I saw the price, but after I read all the positive reviews about it I purchased it. I applied it to my ulcer everyday, for three weeks after my surgery and my ulcer was completely healed. **** Note I am a 25 yr old, non- smoker, so if you're older, or a smoker it might not work quite as well. However, based on my experience with it, I recommend manuka honey to help with hard to heal leg ulcers.
292243292243B000VK08OCAAFS750GGU1YFGigiSez111151230422400Best Manuka Honey on the MarketI have tried several brands of organic Manuka honey and Wedderspoon is absolutely the best tasting, best texture and I feel the most beneficial in terms of settling my stomach and acid reflux. Yes, it is expensive, but the price on Amazon is a lot cheaper than retail stores I've seen.
292244292244B000VK08OCA1VOCTKT457U0RNYNina "NeenaNYC"141551293494400Amazing - It worked in 3 days!Was suffering from extreme pain in the gastric region and nausea for weeks. It was hard for me to attend public functions without being sick...I have no medical coverage for now and ordered this honey.
According to instructions on jar.... 1-2 tsps of honey prior to eating. I am guessing that this creates a coating of the stomach intestine or whatever so that it's antibacterial properties can go to work. Who knows! All I know is that I am completely fine now!! The honey tastes wonderful! I have eaten organic honey with comb from Union Square that I purchased from a beekeeper who harvests his own honey...although it was nice to know it was organic, it was still very sweet. Store bought honey is very sweet too...this honey is sweet but mild so that you can enjoy it without being overwhelmed.
Also, the packaging is in a plastic container. There have been many reviews where people have complained about it no longer being in a glass container, but if you read earlier reviews, people were complaining about receiving broken jars of honey so that is how they remedied the situation.
Oh, and I only take the honey 1x a day before breakfast and it worked! Do not hesitate to buy!!
292245292245B000VK08OCA3B99JIFEBNSU8Louis Bailey101051343865600Working so far!Let me first say that I love honey, and I truly believe in the healing powers of the magic golden liquid. Those out there who have never experienced any honey other than the clover honey so common in the U.S. have never lived. It was when I lived in Yemen for three years that I discovered my love for honey, because it was there where I discovered Sidr honey, which is absolutely, hands-down, the best honey I have ever tasted in my life. There you can get it for about $60/kilo ($28 or so per pound)...if you get it in Europe or the U.S., expect to pay $150/kilo or more. In my opinion, it was worth it, and I consumed at least 1/2kg (roughly a pound) per month. Sidr, like Manuka, is quite potent, and so long as i ate it, i never was sick: no stomach bugs, no head colds. Meanwhile those around me without the honey were constantly sick with GI infections.

That brings me to Manuka. I have recently started experiencing H.Pylori-like symptoms (dyspepsia stomach pain). I do not trust most doctors anymore for any GI issues, because my travels around the world have brought me my fair share of GI bugs, and the doctors almost always fail to help. Three things I've always used that NORMALLY work: Oil of Oregano (good for giardia, e-coli, entamoeba hystolitica, etc), Grapefruit Seed Extract (good as an antiseptic and water disinfectant), and Sidr honey (good for preventing bugs). However, whatever it is i have this time has not responded to any of those. So, after extensive research, I was encouraged by what i read about I love honey and i've always wanted to try it. So i ordered some. Although I still have not received my shipment from Amazon (i just ordered it a couple days ago), I found the same exact honey (Wedderspoon Active 16+) in my local organic food market, for only $32 ($5 less than Amazon). Because i wanted relief from the pain NOW, i was willing to buy a second bottle.

I've only started taking it today, so I will post a follow-up in a week or two. But let me just say, this is some STRONG honey. You can smell the antiseptic nature of it, and you can taste it (almost a hint of pinesol). It is very thick (somewhere between regular clover honey and honey butter) and somewhat creamy. Flavor-wise (beyond strength), it is pretty good. However, it is absolutely nowhere even close to Sidr on taste...I devour Sidr off of the spoon...this stuff I would only consume for medicinal reasons...and I'd also say that Tupelo tastes better as well. Having said all that, medicinally, a spoonful (straight) of this stuff hit my stomach like a freight train, partly because of the acidic nature of honey, and partly because it was going to work. The first round made me feel a bit light-headed as well. Both of those cleared up shortly. About 2 hours later i started experiencing a lot of mucus draining in my head (similar to what i get when i take oil of oregano), so I knew that it was in my bloodstream working on other matters as well. By the time i consumed my second dose (this time on a bit of a muffin--gluten free and dairy free), my stomach was already starting to feel a bit better. The second dose, possibly because of the muffin as a buffer, didn't hit my stomach as hard.

For those with h.pylori: Please note that I also have an order of mastic gum on the way. Based on everything I've read, mastic gum seems to be the most effective cure. I'm hoping that between mastic gum and munaka, i'll beat this thing. I don't know if Manuka on its own is strong enough to kill all cases of h.pylori.

To conclude:
- Taste: Do NOT buy this for taste. It tastes good, but if you're going to spend $37/pound, find yourself some Yemeni Sidr honey...if you can find it in a very raw form, it is also quite a strong medicine. Also, Tupelo honey at about $7/pound tastes better than Manuka.
- Medicinal Properties: This is some potent stuff...the most potent honey i've ever tasted. I've got high hopes, and it's possible that once my dyspepsia is gone, i'll keep an emergency bottle of this in the cupboard (honey doesn't really go bad)
- Rating: Worth all five stars I gave it. I can't say it'll cure cancer, but it seems to be working on my stomach.

Good luck.
292246292246B000VK08OCA2XKJ1KX6XUHYPNYFB101051332547200Manuka Honey...Manuka (tea shrub) is a type of honey found in New Zealand and Australia. 16 is the UMF=Unique Manuka Factor which also can be found in factors of 12 and 20. The higher the UMF, the more medicinal value. Most honey sold in US are treated somehow either by filtering, diluting, blending, pasteurizing... which removes pollens which identify where the honey was produced and without pollens, honey has no medicinal value. This honey is so superior that once consumed, it helps allergies due to pollen content and more and externally can be applied to the skin to treat any condition. Wedderspoon is a quality brand from New Zealand. You certainly pay a price but you do receive superior grade product when comparing to the worthless honey sold in grocery stores even when it is labelled as fancy grade A which hardly means anything since it may have come from China... Amazing taste of honey unlike any other honey. This is a superfood and a super medicine. double Bravo.

Furthermore... After falling off my mountain bike time after time, I had to learn to deal with all the injuries and Neosporin was the first product I used and learned quickly that Neosporin can not be applied to wounds at all since after the body produces scab which is the natural healing process of the body tenting and covering the wound, applying Neosporin softened the scab, removed the scab, delayed the healing process of the wound which caused some scaring on my body. That was the last tube of Neosporin I ever used. Now, the only way that I treat any wound regardless of the size is 1) washing it with water 2)allowing it to dry for couple of minutes 3)applying Hibiclens few times a day for few days depending to the size of the wound 4)applying Manuka honey 5) applying almond and castor oil. Hibiclens is expensive but alcohol by itself although inexpensive, does more damage since it burns the skin and does more scaring. Manuka Honey is expensive but is the best healer of all. These are all expensive natural products but do the trick since help the scab do its job. Almond and castor oil help with removing any black spots, scars and moisturise my skin.
292247292247B000VK08OCA1WVV5Z3V18SM9momfour101051304380800Best Manuka HoneyThis is by far the best manuka honey that I have used. We have been using it on a very bad rattlesnake bite on our dog, the vet said if she survived she would probably lose her leg or have to have skin grafts, it has been 32 days and it is close to healed and so far don't see any scarring and all hair is growing back. This was a very large wound and very deep when all the dead flesh fell off.
292248292248B000VK08OCA3HVML44BPPS2GS. A. Adams "I AM"131451286582400Delicious, medicinal honeyGranted, this honey is on the pricey side, but I have to say it's more than worth it. My husband had been trying all kinds of ways to tame his ulcerative colitis for months, but the only thing that worked was this raw organic manuka honey. The only other things he used with it were a product call Sera Vera and some probiotics. He still needs to watch his diet somewhat, but he has not had loose stools or blood in his stools since he went on this raw organic Manuka honey and Sera Vera routine. Now, if he eats something that does not agree with him completely, he will get gas but no blood or diarrhea. This is a very big relief for both of us. We really wanted to avoid having him go on meds. That is just a vicious circle and we were aiming at curing rather than just controlling symptoms. We seem to be headed in the right direction as we are adding more and more foods back into his diet slowly and he is starting to gain his weight back. He loves the taste of the honey and not only eats it on its own, but also on toast several times a day. It has helped heal his gut, it stimulates his appetite, and it satisfies his cravings for sweets, which is great, because he is not eating any sugar at all right now, because sugar depresses the immune system.

I have tasted the honey too and I love the taste. I am so glad we found this wonderful resource.
292249292249B000VK08OCA3EIGITM6WWMGSSakediddy9951324252800Was miserable for 3 1/2 months with GERDI have been through it all...Athletic 34 year old 6'3 180...competitive cyclist/triathloner....Could not understand why all the sudden I have acid indegestion and major heartburn after drinking even water. Tried to just live with it for 2 months. Woke up every morning with this weird acidic feeling in my stomach. Ended up in the hospital, thought I was having a heart attack one night. Went to GI doctor, did endoscopy found nothing. Said probably irritable bowl syndrome. I basically got to the point of a month of eating toast, bananas, white rice, nothing but water. I am serious, I did nothing but bland stuff and it didn't matter. So, I tried Prilosec for 28 days straight, and ate about 50% of what I used to eat (tacos, spicy food, milkshake here and there, and felt a little better, probably because I was enjoying my food again... but still felt constipated. Stopped Prilosec (after 28 days) completely and did a Zantac 150 if I couldn't take the bloating/hurt feeling. Looked online for help, someone said try Zypan digestive enzymes and another said Manuka Honey. I bought them both from Amazon and decided to try the honey first to see how it did. Well, I have been taking a Table spoon on a half piece of white bread before breakfast and an hour before bed for about 5 days now and I feel 90% better. I am having more frequent movements also, so I assume that the honey is healing intestines as well as stomach lining. This past weekend, my wife and I shared a cheesesteak stromboli with marinara sauce, etc. for dinner. Before bed, I did the tablespoon of honey and was fine all night and the next morning. If you are suffering, give it a shot, I'm super glad I did. I hope to get to the point, where I just do it once in the morning. No clue how it works, or if I'm just healing slowly on my own? But, I really don't care as I feel better. Good luck, I have not even bothered to try the digestive enzymes, because this honey is doing something for me!
292250292250B000VK08OCA1HF6TIJ0YV6JOJ. Carlile "JC"9941311638400Tastes good, but I wouldn't order during the summer hot!First off I didn't notice any mediciney smell or taste as some reviewers stated. No bitterness. It's very pleasant flavor wise, although the texture is a bit grainy for my taste. I only removed one star for that because I'd prefer a smoother texture as with YS Raw Honey. Maybe that's normal for manuka raw honey, but for me it doesn't feel very pleasant taken by the spoonful.

That said, I only bought this for the alleged health benefits. At this price it sure wasn't for taste alone. Unfortunately, the mail man left it on my front porch out in the sun, and it was very warm to the touch when I opened it. I did some research and hear that when honey is heated to over 96 F it starts to lose nutrients, and enzymes at 104. I'm sure my jar was at least 120 degrees when I brought it inside. The sun beating down on the box made it super hot.

I didn't remove a star for that, but beware of ordering this during the summer. If so, make sure you're home so it doesn't get stuck in the hot mail box or on the front porch like mine and heat up. If anyone has more info about heating honey and exactly what happens to the health benefits, please comment on this review. The information I'm finding on this is all over the place, from the honey "dying" at over 96 degrees F, to it being fine up to 160 degrees. It seems like one site will contradict another, but the overall consensus seems to be that the magical properties of honey are destroyed with heat.
292251292251B000VK08OCA1DQU9EQCR4GULD. Coombs9951305072000Best Active HoneyIgnore the price because this organic honey from New Zealand is worth every dollar! It has helped heal wounds, kept those annoying winter colds & sore throats away and on top of all that it has given my skin a lovely glow. PLUS the taste is extraordinarily smooth and sweet. It is by far my favorite natural healer, cold minimizer and honey product ever. My teenage daughter loves it too. I have it on monthly auto ship and I'll never be without it. Take a tablespoon twice a day when you first feel that sore throat coming on and you will be amazed at the ability of this honey to stop the pesky colds and coughs right in their tracks. Love this stuff.....
292252292252B000VK08OCA2JGBD13B5S6D8Ro9951285545600Great ProductI purchased this product after reading many of the positive customer reviews. One review said that this product cleared up their allergies and they threw all of their prescription drugs away. I bought it for that reason and I was happy to say that it cleared up mine as well. I usually take year round allergy meds. The Manuka honey gave me the freedom of not having to put prescription drugs in my body. I am particularly allergic to juniper so I'll have to see if it helps during our juniper season. I might have to take supplements at that time, which I normally have to do anyhow, but for now I'm free and clear of any other seasonal allergies! I am so grateful for this product and it's delicious too. I am now on a monthly plan and have been saving money on every jar. I'm taking roughly 1 teaspoon per day to rid myself of seasonal allergies. At this rate, a single jar will last about one month.
292253292253B000VK08OCAEJ3AXTXJRG8JJennifer8851338249600HEALS Pressure Sores!!!!!!!!!I wanted to wait to see how the product worked before writing a review. I am the caregiver for my 88 year old grandfather. He is pretty much bed bound. He suffers from dementia so explaining to him that he needs to turn and to keep sleeping/laying in different positions is hard. He would forget or keep lying on his back. So of course he developed a sore on his bum. My neighbor who is a PT assistant told me about Manuka Honey. Well, I logged onto Amazon and read the other reviewers who purchased the Wedderspoon brand. I decided to give it a shot and bough it that evening, it was delivered the next day.
Before using the honey I was using many other types of products, creams, lotions, special bandages and nothing seemed to work. My Hospice nurse stated that bed sores are hard to treat and some won't go away. Well I was not having that. I told him about the honey and stated that I was only going to apply that and nothing else. What's the worst that could happen? Him having honey on his bum? I applied twice a day with loose gauze pads. Sometimes 3 times but only when I changed his diapers. I used a teaspoon or so at a time.
Within a few days I could see a difference! Each day it got smaller and smaller and less deep. The Hospice nurses and C.N.A's were amazed. They now recommend the Manuka honey. I used the whole bottle but it HEALED the sore and I have pictures to prove it!
If anyone else is dealing with pressure sores or bed sores do not hesitate to buy it. It's a great all natural product that works! You do not have to worry about harsh chemicals on delicate skin. I cannot say enough. I also used the wonder gel extreme cushion to prevent any more sores from forming. :)
292254292254B000VK08OCAW26KR46P1V74J. Chen8851325808000Great for skin and delicious on fruit!I bought this honey after a friend suggested it to me to help calm my skin. I have mild but persistant acne and have been looking for ways to clear my skin without it being too harsh. Previously I had been on benzoyl peroxide 2% and it had helped my skin, but made it rough and discolored. I went off of the BP and started looking for other ways to combat my acne.

I use the Manuka Honey as a mask (occasionally mixed with Aztec Indian Healing Clay, but often times just by itself) and it has done wonders with my skin. It's calmed my active pimples down greatly. I use it about 3 times a week and I leave it on for about an hour each time. I find it best to place the honey on strips of paper towel before sticking it on your face. This will help with the dripping.

I also love to drizzle it on fruits or in teas! It's as delicious as it is helpful!
292255292255B000VK08OCA10OVBLDP7Z9Aaron8851325203200Buy this item!I have had stomach issues for as long as I can remember. I have acid reflux and IBS. The doctors I have seen give me acid reflux medication and say to use an elimination diet. Well, the medication would not work, and they would say, take double the amount. I have eliminated foods down to about 10 things I eat to avoid stomach problems. This is no way to live. After being told about this honey, I read reviews and researched it online. I decided to give it a try. BUY THIS PRODUCT! I have been taking it for about one week, and I feel better. My digestion is improved, and I know my acid reflux is better. It seems to sooth my stomach and digestion, and it helps with IBS. I have been very happy with this product, and I hope you are too.
292256292256B000VK08OCAXMF6WZYGMBEDIlan8851324080000This worked for me!!This is my first review of any Amazon product to help other customers. This product really worked for me. My blood test revealed positive H-pylori infection after my trip outside the country. But I believe that was due to my prolonged (more than 3 years - Started with Omeprazole 20mg and last I was on dexilant 60 mg) use of acid blockers for my acid reflux. My stomach pain did not go away even after 2 rounds of antibiotics. After reading other customer reviews, I ordered this product. I took a teaspoon twice a day (once before breakfast and once before dinner). I finished 2 jars of Manuka honey now. My stomach pain is gone and also my recent breath test revealed negative. I am also taking align probiatic and mastic gum 500mg before my breakfast daily. I am almost off of all the acid blockers.
292257292257B000VK08OCA2W9NRKNW69RDSangiedp048851317686400Eczema on my ToddlerMy son was 20 months when I started using manuka honey on his eczema. He had it really bad on his feet mostly where his ankle is and where the bend happens. I would apply an ample amount of manuka at bed time and put socks on his feet. I did this for 2 months and I havent had to do it again. Its now been 3 months since I stopped applying it and it has yet to come back! Not only has it not come back but his skin is SO soft in the area where it used to be so rough and dry! This stuff is miraculous! He also had mild eczema on his arms and legs and for that I used Nordic Naturals fish oil products for kids.. It has worked wonders for the rest of his body!
292258292258B000VK08OCA2ZZ931SRYDDURMTNSURF208851316736000works well to prevent acid reflux...I have dealt w reflux for most of my adult life (I'm 41) I've had problems w swallowing food due to esophageal erosion and narrowing from stomach acid irritation. I've tried a lot of different products and have used PPI's on and off before. They all have negative side effects most doctors wont bother warning you about. I haven't found any side effects from this product and it works. I almost never have any reflux anymore. I take a small amount 20 min or so before breakfast and I'm heartburn free for the day. I just take it straight without bread or a cracker. Not sure if it would prevent reflux if I ate a super spicy meal or pepperoni or not, but I usually avoid that stuff anyhow. If you have chronic reflux due to constant stress and anxiety I'm not sure if this stuff will help you, but for controlling mild reflux it does work very well. I've been taking it for a few months now
292259292259B000VK08OCAWPN47SSWK1JVK. Nordhus8851311206400The Best!I always try to keep a jar of this honey on hand for wounds and infections.
My husband just recently had a staph infection and we used the Manuka Honey to help clear it up.
It also works well in hot tea for colds and sinus infections.
292260292260B000VK08OCAPC51UWQCQO7Lquietmouse8851310083200Finally some relief.I have acid reflux and was looking for something to replace my Rx. I read the reviews and ordered the honey. After a week I was feeling so much relief, I felt great. I ordered some of the honey for my mother, she fights stomach discomfort at night. She started to feel better in 3 days. I tell everyone that tells me of their stomach problems about this product. I was pleasantly surprised and now living with comfort.

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