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292309292309B000QV2GRSA1PVEGT4RUAND3MDLC "MDLC"4451294704000Perfect Little Gumball MachineThis is just what we wanted for our four-year-old. Not too big, not too small. Shipped great and made it here fine. It does not come with gumballs so make sure to order some. Beware of the gumballs on the market, we have tried two different brands now and both seem to have about a 60 second taste-life. The gumballs from the 'yellow box'...don't remember the name...have been the worst since they go tasteless AND get hard very quick.

Daughter loves this and works it easily. It take pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters...which is great. The top red piece screws on and can use a quarter more easily to do this than a screwdriver.

I would recommend.
292310292310B000QV2GRSA2PI02LWTAI4OQRian3351327276800M&M bank!My son wanted a M&M bank for Christmas. The actual m&M banks seamed to be fragile plastic for a 4 year old. This one is great!! We keep it up on the counter and he needs to put money in before he gets any! We too enjoy a little treat everyday!
292311292311B000QV2GRSA22NW89M6HEFVLSydney J. Hajost3351262390400Gumball bankJust what I ordered. Even 4 & 5 yr olds can use it with no problem.
Fast delivery. Quality product
292312292312B000QV2GRSA3ORTTURKTAFYAHarry Ganer "Harry"7951250208000Fun Gumball BanksThey have 3 different sizes of these so I bought one of each size for each of my kids. Obviously the older one get the larger size and my little one got the smaller bank.

My middle son has to eat only sugar free gum so I got him a package from these people and my other son and daughter split one of their tubs of the smaller sized gum.

Good people to deal with, talked to them on the phone and were very helpful. Yes -- I would recommend them.
292313292313B000QV2GRSAT3AGZUGCTNO9vstudney2251326412800SturdyJust the right size ands sturdy. It was easy to assmble and use. We filled it with gumballs and another one with chocolate, kids love it!
292314292314B000QV2GRSA2ATAD38QWLT1Ua medieval researcher2251318291200best thing i ever ordered on amazonI cant believe my luck. They are the greatest company ever. 1st it arrived in 2 days. 2nd it works great. The handle turned great too. 3rd It dispenses the right amount so I get a good prophet. 4th it arrived all put together so all I had to do was fill it up. However the thing does not lock so I have to keep it safe. I will definetly order from them again.
292315292315B000QV2GRSA13ZJGMUCH3WAWJason Miller1141340496000Old Time Gum Ball machineThis is an old time, mechanical gum ball machine that takes any coin or you can set it to work with no coins at all. The only things I found that I did not like were the part were the gum balls (I am using it for M&Ms) come out is even with the bottom. If it is sitting flat on a table, you cannot get your hand under the chute to scoop the gumballs or M&Ms into your hand. You have to set this up on something about 2" thick with the chute hanging over the edge. The other thing is, when the items fill the chute and you flip up the plastic cover, you have to use a finger to scoop out the items onto your hand. It is a one or two at a time process because the plastic cover does not flip up completely out of the way. But, for the price, it is great. I have it in a senior center and a sign that says "One Cent buys you a little bit of heaven". That's for the M&Ms we have in there. We always make sure we have a roll of pennies to make change. They all love it and do not mind the two little things that I just mentioned.
292316292316B000QV2GRSA1LBMEZ1UQ59ANszyma70051151337385600Gumball machineFast Delivery and a great sturdy gumball machine!!! It will be use in an office setting to dispense gumballs or other various candy :)
292291292291B000VK08OCA2UJQDWRS1WA5Bbettyboop6651286841600WonderfulI have been taking Manuka Honey for several years. I am aware of it's healthful purpose. I am allergic to most medicines for a stomach problem and this works great to keep mine feeling normal. I like this brand because it is very cost affordable.
292292292292B000VK08OCA2OYV1SJ4I4QK3EGS6651276300800Fantastic!This is definitely different than any other raw honey I've tried, and its fantastic, with three small kids i can't afford to be sick and a few spoonfuls of this stuff a day helps soothe a sore throat when I'm dealing with an innless or scratchy throat from allergies, and i could swear it also boosts my mood and energy. It also seems to help digestive problems, i started taking a tablespoon a day preventatively and was pleasantly surprised to be the only member of my family not laid low by a heinous stomach bug that swept through our home. I also love that this stuff doesn't have to be chiseled out of the jar like some raw honey. totally with the money, and this is the cheapest place to get it that i have found. My local whole foods charges almost double for the stuff!
292317292317B000QV2GRSA38T130YDQ9894Scott Kopper1141336089600Nice quality for the priceI dinged this one star because the first one I received had a defective coin mechanism. The replacement works great and I adjusted it to dispense 2 carousel gumballs at a time. The glass globe and metal base are nice and heavy. The chute is a little small for my large fingers - but it is my daughter's machine so I won't complain too much. The bottom (not visible) is all plastic. This is where you get the money out of the bank. I would be really impressed if it had been all metal as well. I suppose it should be fine if my kids aren't too rough with it.

The little screw that allows you to adjust how much gum or candy comes out is threaded into soft plastic. It felt stripped to me after just one adjustment (done carefully by myself), but it is holding. Parts are available at low cost if needed from the manufacturer, but this is just another place where they saved money to make this machine cheap for us.
292293292293B000VK08OCA9C3J426JKRMKEdward Escott6651257638400Nice manuka honeyI am now finishing my third bottle of Wedderspoon manuka honey. So far I have been very happy with it. I take manuka honey daily for its presumed health benefits, however unsubstantiated they may be. It seems to keep me healthier and makes the duration of a cold shorter. That may be all in my head, but so be it ... that means it works for me! ;-) Regardless, I have tried a number of different manuka honeys over the years. This one is not quite as thick as others, but it is not runny either, and is does have some substance when scooped up with a spoon. The flavor is moderately sweet and not medicinal. It tastes similar to other manuka honeys that I have used. The price is very competitive, particularly with the "subscription" discount. I am finding this to be a quite satisfactory and good tasting honey and will continue to use it for the foreseeable future.
292294292294B0000DG573A2IEZVC6ZV2WC4Eden S. Braun0051340668800Chipotle Adobo Sauce is my favorite Mo Hotta Mo Betta SauceBig fan of hot sauces of all kinds. Received a gift sampler recently and this one is by far my favorite.

The most usable as it's not just hot as super duper flavorful. Bit sweet, smokey flavor and a thick consistency. This is perfect on almost anything. I use on sandwiches, gives salad dressings a bit more zip, great on anything off the grill, really cannot say enough about this sauce. Flavor...not just heat : )
292318292318B000QV2GRSAN9DNSPZR5PJ2M. DeVaney "Mom of 1"2351325462400Huge hit for my 5yr old!My daughter has been waiting patiently for her 5th bday to come so she could finally have gum. We bought the gumball machine along with some gumballs and she was super excited. The machine is very easy to use(even my 3yr old can get the money in and turn handle with little trouble). It accepts all coins and you can change the amount of gumballs that come out. Very sturdy. The top is glass and needs to be handled with care but at the age of 5 she knows to be careful. Love it!
292295292295B0000DG573A1Q2A05Z0GT0KWGail Packer "G Packer"0111264118400Mo Hotta Mo BettaMo Hotta Mo Betta is a company you cannot count on. I will soon be receiving my Christmas present (one month late????) The company was out of stock and could not meet the order. They must be hard up for money, because after being told to cancel the order, they still sent it and charged the credit card even though being contacted by e-mail and telephone! Mo hotta Mo Betta= Mo Money=Po Customer Service.

Why would anyone want to do business with a company like Mo Hotta Mo Betta?
292296292296B0007DGQBMA1CFRJGH5S97DKAll Around Geek ""3341334534400Cats LOVE THISWhole Life Salmon treats are not only made from US caught fish they are also processed here in the USA!

The size of the treat is a little large, especially for cats, but it can be easily torn or broken down to a kibble size. This leaves a lot of dust/particles on the bottom of the bag. Don't throw them away. Dump them into a bowl add water and now kitty has a nommy moist salmon treat!

Keep an eye out for bones (another good reason to tear the pieces into smaller sizes).
292297292297B0007DGQBMA2MBLVMVDLHK1LGen of North Coast Gardening1151350086400The cats freaked out over thisI'm not a fan of fishy smelling things personally, so giving the cats a fish-flavored treat ranks about 50th on my list of things I would like to do. But the reaction from them made it all worthwhile.

Mack, my cat who isn't that much of a foodie, stood on his his legs and mrowed to try to get closer. Tamir, our girl kitty, had her eyes dilated and her whiskers totally out and ran around in circles a few times in the 8 seconds or so it took to open the package. They REALLY wanted their treats.

While the reaction on the chicken-flavored ones is about a four and the reaction on this one is an all-alarm five, I will likely purchase the chicken one in future, just because I hate touching the fish one, and I also noticed the kitties were liking treat time so much that they kept wondering if perhaps treat time might also come now, and now, and at this other time in addition. But you can see - the product does exactly what it's supposed to. The cats love it (it's in big chunks that they can gnaw), I know it's healthy real food with only one ingredient (salmon), and it certainly makes them feel happy and special to get to eat it.
292319292319B000QV2GRSA2LZSPR192KEX6Kyle Otto "Go Sabres!"0051341187200Works as describedGot this for fun, filled it with Runts. It's fairly easy to fill/refill via the top, and the coin functionality works well! Pretty fun to put coins in, twist, and have the candy fall to the bottom. Made of metal and glass, so it's pretty solid.
292298292298B0007DGQBMA2V3UP9NPMHVKJAlex Thomas "Tommy"1151193875200Great product for pups with food allergies.My pup has food allergies -- quite a few of them. This salmon treat so far agrees with him. AND he loves the flavor. Try these, you can't go wrong.
292320292320B000QV2GRSA3A4QKB19JC4SJSuzan L.0041338595200Love the machine...but...The product is exactly what I wanted - looks good and is soooo much fun - and the email responses from the seller were timely and informative. I had trouble disconnecting the coin mechanism so it would work without having to insert a coin. I followed all instructions and even advice over the phone. When I was still unable to disconnect the mechanism from the unit using excessive force, I emailed the seller for additional suggestions because I did not want to break the machine. I never got a response from the seller and am still not able to disconnect the mechanism.
292299292299B0007DGQBMA5B9DT1NCPN65Lindsay S0051322611200Great Quality! Big Chunks!!My kitten adored these treats. She gobbled them up. As she's a baby, I broke up a chunk of salmon in more manageable bit sized pieces. They broke apart fine, not crumbly at all. I tried to give her a second helping of a smaller chunk and she was so ravenous for this new flavor, she took it form me before I could break it apart and she was able to bite off pieces no problem. These are definitely a keeper! Though pricey, I had a bag of Whole Life beef treats and they last over 3 months. Well worth the quality too!
292300292300B001F1VR8WA27866T4KQGHKVFoodie1151284076800AmazingI love, love, love this Chai Teeccino. The spices are perfect and it is really smooth. I add a little sweetener and some vanilla soy milk. What a wonderful treat. I'm so glad I found this product, I had to give up coffee and tea wasn't filling the bill. I strongly recommend this product, give it a try.
292301292301B001F1VR8WA1R91D7Q9J762FJo Ann Warner "reading advocate"1151275264000I am really enjoying this productI use a French-press style coffee-pot to brew this. I also add a couple of green tea bags. I know green tea has caffeine, but I have read about too many benefits in green tea which, for me, outweigh the detriments of caffeine. This whole melange makes a delicious cup which I have easily been able to substitute for my habitual morning coffee. Even without the tea bags, I really enjoy this product. With a little hemp or almond milk, it is delicious. I don't even sweeten it.
292302292302B001F1VR8WA3IAS8Z4T0Z7O0Homeschool Dad "Nate"1151263600000An anti-organic skeptic convinced!I'm not one to get caught up in this organic stuff. In fact, I frequently avoid it. I just like a good 'flavored' coffee. I sampled another Teccino flavor at my father's (who got it because of the non acidic properties) and I liked it. So, when I saw the chai flavor I thought I'd give it a try. I first made it with the same ratio of coffee to water that I usually do to make regular coffee. Wow, I'll never do that again. This stuff is strong. So, I read the instructions and cut back to almost half of what I use for regular coffee. I love the flavor. And, if you're a penny pincher like me. Using half the amount per pot vs coffee can be a big savings. Teecino being caffeine-free is a nice bonus. I've stopped buying coffee. Teeccino is now my drink of choice.
292303292303B001F1VR8WA3KVIJ5HROEHNPVegnlady1141248307200Good but very strong chai flavorI really like the Teeccino products. I used them to wean us off of coffee slowly, and we've been completely caffeine-free for two months now. Since I prefer my coffee black, I like a bit of extra flavor. This flavor, however, is very strong. It has actually been too strong of a chai taste for me to enjoy it black. It is wonderful with some stevia and cashew-milk, though.
292304292304B001F1VR8WA1UBMDD4SQF412Zathras19741141238630400Yum, Yum, Yum!I am really enjoying this herbal coffee. I'm LDS, so I don't normally drink coffee, but I always enjoyed the smell of it. I checked the ingredient list (many times!) and saw nothing that would contradict our health code, so I ordered this with the hope of making a LDS-friendly Jamocha Shake.

Well, this flavor isn't suited for that purpose, but it IS very tasty. Based on this flavor I've ordered more from the same company and I'm sure they will be just as excellent.

I make my drink with a a 65/35 mix of herbal coffee to 1% milk. Very good! Two sweeteners and I'm off to work.

Herbal coffee might not be the norm, but for those with health or religious concerns, it fits the bill perfectly. I would highly recommend it.
292305292305B001F1VR8WA1NFG22Q5554LRlbeau0051330560000Teeccino Maya ChaiI have tried several different flavors of Teeccino (all tasty) in the process of weaning myself off coffee. I started mixing it half and half with coffee and gradually cut the coffee/caffeine out altogether. The flavor is delicious & it's nice to be able to start my day without caffeine.
292306292306B000QV2GRSA2VH0UT5EQFB6PLoveguitar262641261785600Old-Fashioned Gumball BankSanta left this gumball bank under the tree for my 6 year old daughter who is crazy about gumballs and gumball machines and she was very happy to find it. When I first took it out of the box I surprised that it was smaller than I expected, but it's still big enough. I bought a 20 ounce container of sugarless gumballs and it filled the gumball bank about halfway up. I used a nickle to test the coin-turn knob mechanism and found that the gumballs jammed about 2 out of every 5 tries. The gumball machine can be adjusted to allow only one or several gumballs to drop at each turn and I adjusted it so that 2 would drop since these gumballs are pretty small. It seemed to work o.k. after that.

The only problem with it and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that the knob is too hard for my daughter to turn all the way by herself. I have to turn it the rest of the way for her. The bank aspect is great, it holds a lot of coins, it's easy to get the money out once the gumballs are all gone, it's easy to re-fill with gumballs, and the directions say you can fill it up with other candies besides just gumballs though we haven't tried anything else. You can adjust this bank to give gumballs without having to insert a coin (any size coin seems to work fine) but we want her to save some money so she has to use a coin to get gumballs. The head is made out of what seems to be fairly durable glass (not plastic) and the base is all metal painted fire-truck red. I will probably add a drop or two of oil to the knob mechanism since it seems to grind a bit when being turned. It's not what a millionaire would buy for their kid, but it's cute and colorful, and it works alright - just hard for a kid to turn the knob.
292307292307B000QV2GRSA5LZNN7HLQIBZSharron L. Lancette "rslance"6651265414400Fun for all agesGave these to my daughters as Christmas gifts and filled with M & M's. The grandkids love it.
292308292308B000QV2GRSADN55WRGJ0L7SC. Fenchel "Proud gramma"7851263081600very satisfied customerI ordered the medium gumball machine and gumballs for my 6 year old grandaughter for Christmas. It arrived damaged. I emailed the shipper (Candy Machines) about the damage (glass top was broken). They shipped a new one the day they received my email. The replacement arrived in 4 days. Their prompt response to my problem was great and the sign of a good company to do business with. My grandaughter is thrilled and so am I! My thanks to [...] and their Amazon representative. CF

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