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292321292321B000QV2GRSA19II2JMUTQD9Salbert0051331856000Medium Gumball Bank Makes Great Birthday GiftThis was a gift all three (5, 10 & 12 yrs. old) grandkids enjoyed. Their parents' enthusiastic one line feedback was, "Works great. Kids love it. Keep it filled with jelly beans. Solid feel. Thanks!"
292322292322B000QV2GRSA3OFJES10PZGEHSN0051326153600Nice Nostalgic sNack Machine!This is a great piece of nostalgia. It functions like a real slot gumball machine.
It's easy to setup and take apart. Glass globe makes it look very authentic.
I think everybody (who's a kid at heart) should have one of these at home.
It makes a great paperweight and conversation piece!
292323292323B000QV2GRSA1VP5MZE36H25JS. Wu0051325894400Sturdy and decorativeI purchased this gumball machine to dispense candy at my office. It is sturdy and easy to work- just add candy in the top and remove coins as necessary. I was able to follow the instructions to take the machine apart to control the amount dispensed and allow it to dispense without coins ("freeplay") in about 20 minutes. The most this machine will dispense at a time is about two small Cadbury chocolates, which works for doling out chocolate to my co-workers. :-)

The machine was shipped quickly in sturdy packaging and arrived intact. The medium model was about the size I expected. I might get the smaller version if I was going to use this for decoration at home.
292324292324B000QV2GRSA1Y26XR5EJR83PPhotoguy2250051325203200great gumball machinethis is a very well built gumball machine its metal and glass very little plastic on it, its great that you actually need a coin to get the gumballs as well. the only thing i would say bad about it is that the bottom is made of plastic and it is to easy to get at the door to get the coins back, i would maybe like to see a lock of some kind on the machine but thats only a minor thing other wise very happy with this product
292325292325B000QV2GRSA1A909NCQSQFXQMCG0051325203200great, classic machinewe have only had it a week but we love it. heavy. functions perfectly. love the fact that it acts as a money bank too. great motivation for the kids to put money away. my kids (5 and 3 1/2) love it. probably their favorite christmas present. good size too. i am glad i didnt go with the bigger one as my kids do move this around.
292326292326B000QV2GRSAZB42UVB9CUZZmalchats0051323648000Good Gumball MachineGot this gumball machine/bank for my nephew. It was a big hit right away. The package was delivered very quickly, it's just the right size--small enough to sit on a table top without taking up too much space, but large enough to hold a substantial number of gumballs--sturdily constructed, easy to get up and running, and is easy to operate. Highly recommended if you're in the market for a gumball machine.
292327292327B000QV2GRSA3BKSHJIKML06KP. Jackson "PJ"0051312243200Exactly what we expectedThis is the perfect size for my 5 year old and it appears well-made and will bring lots of fun and excitement at her birthday party!!! It arrived two days after ordering...without special shipping requested.
292328292328B000QV2GRSA2CZQCTFOY23OTImagine21190051307145600Great product & funWonderful product - our kids love using it. We fill it with glass "jewels" for the kids to earn as part of a rewards program for good behavior, helping out, etc... They earn pennies, then get to collect their jewels from the machine. It's a fun novelty the kids enjoy, so it serves as motivation to do good = win-win. All $$ from gumball machine gets dontated to charity by the kids, and the kids turn in their jewels for prizes/special trips, etc.

The machine is high quality- metal/glass construction, nice old fashioned look, easy for the kids (4 yrs & 6 yrs) to operate. Looks nice on display. Our 'jewels' are smaller than gumballs, but bigger than M&Ms - we set the machine to the smallest opening in hopes of only getting one jewel out at a time, but two come out many times.

Fast shipping & packed well - so no damage upon receipt. We would recommend for candy, decoration, treasures or whatever fun you come up with.
292329292329B000QV2GRSA1EX18IATDU0GWAmanda Gillen0051301011200perfect for kidsOur 4 yr old is in LOVE with this gumball machine. We really like that it requires money so he cant just get it whenever he wants it : ) It takes all coins too which is a plus
292330292330B000QV2GRSA2FVYWVKYB8YYIJJB0051294358400Replacement partI ordered one of these gumball machines for my 4 year old son for Christmas. It arrived with a broken glass (i'm sure from the delivery) unfortunately. I was pleasantly surprised to have them contact me immediately after my email to the company. The sent out a replacement part immediately with no questions asked. The company was very professional and quick to get back to me. I would definately order from them again.
292331292331B000QV2GRSA3RA9JT1LGAKT9A. Pahl0051292889600Great little Gumball Machine!We ordered this for our daughter for Christmas this year. Set it up and of course had to try it out too! It's a great quality and holds two bags of sugar free gumballs. was WONDERFUL to work with as well and had great customer service. I made an error on my order and they easily and courteously helped me make the correction even when they didn't have to. We love this product!
292332292332B000QV2GRSADZJ93KK1SMDDebra M. Rogowski "washergirl"2451265414400m&m'sI got this for my son in law who loves M&Ms. It works great and looks good, he chose not to have it accept coins but to dispense free. He was concerned at first it only gave him 3 m&ms but after reading directions (imagine that) he was able to change the setting to dispense more.
292333292333B000QV2GRSA22SFRF7OU5ZYUChristine0121345939200Cheap price, cheap productI was so excited to find a good sized gumball machine for my classroom for this price. Unfortunately it doesn't work. I took the hole thing apart and played with it and someone tried to help me fix it. One of the pieces inside doesn't work properly and it seems like even if I got another one the same problem would occur. The coin either gets stuck or you put one coin in and then the next time you can turn it without a coin. It works fine if you leave it on the setting where you don't use a coin.
292334292334B000QV2GRSAVHNE7UEMP38OSpencer0151332979200Awesome product! Must buy!!!!So this gumball machine was bigger than I expected and that first put me on to it! My friend has one so I wanted to get one also. Anyway it's 12" tall and is made of glass, die-cast metal and the smallest bit of plastic. Great materials used in this product! One tip though. BUY GUMBALLS WITH THIS MACHINE!!! this does not come with candy. This machine is so much fun and takes Quarters, Nickles, Dimes and Pennies. The only thing I want to add is that sometimes even after putting the coin in no gumballs come out but this can be easily fixed! Please click this link for a video review made by me! [...]
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292335292335B000QV2GRSA1CP7YFQ3VL4QMLB0151323302400Qualityquality gum ball machine. I am very happy with it. solid glass and classic look. It is a christmas gift for my daughter and a great way to show her how to save money. plus she gets a little reward.
292336292336B000QV2GRSA1V0YK06LHNIUJMaxeroni0151294876800The kids think it is so cool!Our family thought the gumball machine was so cool. I am afraid one of the kids will break the glass globe, so I keep it up high out of their reach. It is a nice looking item. My husband is going to take it to work to keep in his office. We've eaten enough Reeses Pieces and M&M's here since we got it.
292337292337B000QV2GRSA1D8KAZZ23LNY0CB43321285718400BIRTHDAY BLUESI realize I did not read the fine print.... but who would sell a gumball machine without the gumballs???? The child was very disappointed on his birthday.
292338292338B000F3NQKSA35A5S6H1WROO6Wood Wren "Wren"171851240272000A very good productI have not purchased this brand from this company yet, but I am quite familiar with this product as a number of my friends, who I cook with, use them. These are a bit smaller than the normal size therefore are more suited for appetizers than for the main course. They are quite strong and very easy to work with. If you make an error, they let you off the hook.

My friends have been delighted with the service this company offers and they have found them, i.e. the company, very easy to work with and more than accommodating. If you have never used spring roll wrappers, you need to read the directions carefully or work with someone who has experience with them.

Having used the product and having dealt with people who have purchased these wrappers, I feel very comfortable in recommending them.
292339292339B000F3NQKSA121BNNVUUT42DThomas Berry171851205280000Very fast service, seller took great care in safety of items in shipmentThese rice wraps are great, and un-damaged when received.
Very fresh, and very good.

Seller sent a personal letter to make corrections in shipping charges.

I will shop this dealer forever. ( the noodles are out of sight )

T Berry
292340292340B000F3NQKSAW1PJWBUB5ZNNAJones9941288742400Good but...I really liked these spring roll wrappers. They're so easy to use and they really taste great. My only problem was that I tried to make a lot of spring rolls so that I could take some to work for lunch and after they're refrigerated, they paper goes back to almost its original consistency. So when I went to take a bite of one at work, it had a hard thick shell around it instead of the paper thin wrapper I was hoping for.

Now, this is the first time I have purchased and/or used this product so it could just be that I'm stupid and everyone else knows that you have to eat these right when you're making them. But I had really hoped to be able to save some for a later date so it really disappointed me.

But I still really love the wrappers but I just learned that for them to be as good as you want them; they need to be consumed right after being used.
292341292341B000F3NQKSA3L1EEUPFTPUBQK. Bodey111241204761600Spring Roll WrappersYummy. Incredibly wonderful customer service that totally resolved a slight problem with my shipment. I shall try many more of their products and recommend them to friends, and to you!
292342292342B000F3NQKSA2UEGW4P10SUZOMary Jo Lefler "quilts228"121441219536000great for appetizersThese rice papers are smaller than the ones I have had before but that just means thry can hold lessd and can be better used as appetizers thanas larger ones I used for measl. Paper very forgiving and strong and they work well. It just took me a litle time not to fill them as much as I did the larger ones. Bt people ate every one- all 60 with great reviews. It just took longer to make thats allk.
292343292343B000F3NQKSAJTPU4JLZDTDQA fellow shopper4451273708800Spring roll wrappersI am pleased with this product. They are very thin but do not readily tear when moistened for use. They are clear when wet (softened in water). Packaging was exceptional as none were cracked.
292344292344B000F3NQKSALMYQDKR4K7RSMerrily Stenberg "Merrily S. : book junkie"4441272758400Good Spring Roll WrappersThese are nice spring roll wrappers, easy to use. Next time I think I'll try a larger size but probably the same brand. Good product.
292345292345B000F3NQKSA3LTTFYWT3EZ6KJ. Langston "sunshine"3351242777600Spring roll wrappers8 1/2" Spring Roll Wrapper / Rice Paper

Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for!
292346292346B000F3NQKSA32V2UVZF207ZMary Jane Cummings "Firewalkerwoman"1141283385600Not too happy with this...I was disappointed about how long it took to moisten the rice paper and how easily the papers cracked into pieces. I will buy a different brand next time.
292347292347B000F3NQKSA14A1AGEL7NGAWArlene A. Johnson "flower lady"51211264809600Spring Roll wrappersI had a very hard time working with these wrappers as they were slimey and so thin that when I tried to roll them they would rip. When I put them in the hot oil, they burst open and all the ingredients came out of them and floated around in the oil. I threw the remaining wrappers in the garbage.
292348292348B003AYMGWIA2WLS1TTUUGJYUjipsii M'Sina "JMS"0011315180800Ingredients???PLEASE AMZ, follow the law and DEMAND that vendors and Mfg's supply a complete ingredients list - - AS IS THE LAW. I will continue to give one star to all vendors & Mfg's I encounter with no ingredients lists. I need to know if something is safe for me and I don't want to have to buy it or do internet searches and phone calls to do so. PLEASE. This is basic customer service - - and the LAW!
292349292349B004HOTD6MALJ1S9LOYB08XKelly0051350086400Crunchy, delicious and cheap!These croutons sport a nice flavor though are kinda hard. Maybe I'm just being picky. I mean they are croutons and meant to have a crunch. I picked them up while prowling the warehouse deals section and at about a buck a bag they were a steal. If the family had not have liked them, the birds would have feasted. Not that they don't already.
292350292350B000HZIIJSA2TN253XEEDOHCD. Colla "Dave"0041254528000not badThese were pretty decent crackers, however, I do agree that there are too many wasabi peas, they can get pretty hot. The funky circular crackers wrapped in seaweed to look like a sushi roll was a real trip though, it really was tasty. Dont eat too many though, as it can produce a log jam, if you catch my drift.

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