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292351292351B000HZIIJSA1EQTLF8YB0KIBHannelore Logan0051252886400Great SnackThis product is a great snack - it takes terrific! I have let other people try and they always like it. This was my 4th order - I always get the 5er-pack. The packaging is very good and the crackers do not get stale. They always taste fresh. I highly recommend this product.
292352292352B000HZIIJSA5C0ZLGY1M2HUPaul D. "frontman"0041220832000Great Rice Cracker treatI have had many rice rackers. All types. prawn flavored, Kasugai peanuts, wasabi flavored peas and various assortments. This product contains fresh, fine rice crackers.

The only reason this does not get a five star product review is simply that there are too many wasabi peas in the mix, not enough crackers, especially the flavorful golden ones. Also, the Supermarket price of 5$ is just outrageous. The Amazon five pack price is closer to fair.

I recommend eating these rice crackers while drinking grean tea.
292353292353B000SBT0G6A17V9XL4CWTQ6GChandler3411333411200All-natural? Is this an April Fool's Joke?There aren't many ingredients in here but almost all of them would ban it from any natural grocery store and calling it all-natural is actually not legal. Whole Foods has ingredients in this on its banned product, this would not be considered all-natural by any store buyer with its ingredients that are on the banned list at natural groceries like partially hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup. On the website to Whole Foods they list ingredients they ban from their store.

This product is banned.

Check it out:

Caramel color, polysorbate 80, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, high fructose corn syrup

While this is nice enough to eliminate anchovies, there are all-natural alternatives out there---and this, to me, is just evil marketing where profit trumps truth. While many of these may start out as natural like high fructose corn syrup once being corn, it is the processing later that turns it into anything but
292354292354B000JKPXU8A3FBPC699DPYFPTerry Gruggen101051178409600Black Truffle SaltAfter you use this product, you will never reach for ordinary salt again. This is the Bordeaux of salt.
292355292355B000JKPXU8A1ZRRQ06CEH1JNMadelyn Monroe6651231632000Dangerously deliciousI was having breakfast at a friends house. She took out the Truffle salt. I put some on my eggs and I was amazed at the taste it gave my boring eggs. Love it!!
292356292356B000JKPXU8AG0I7F74VR344E. McCormick "Gamerbear"5551280275200Far exceeded my expectationsI can only give this a 5-star review. Sure it's expensive, but the aroma and taste of this salt is amazing, and happily stronger than I expected. I recently bought a truffle oil that had hardly any aroma at all and was very disappointed. Just a pinch of this salt fills your dish with complexity and depth. It's amazing what just a little pinch will do in an omelet, or on top of sautéed vegetables. Right after I submit this review i'm going to buy a 2nd one as a gift for a friend.
292357292357B000JKPXU8A14TDSZA00JUFWCarlos Diaz4451207353600Excellent Item for the daily kitchenThis is an excellent item if you want to maximize the flavors in your daily coking, it will add a special touch to your meals
292358292358B000JKPXU8A2I4PHCAOJMSJQtrufflemadness1151323907200OMG!this salt wakes up your taste buds and creates a buttery, salty, mushroomy flavor that will NOT disappoint!

It's a MUST BUY!
292359292359B000JKPXU8A3E7KQSV6JULCRShayli Butters "shay b"0051333929600Amazing!This stuff smells amazing! The flavor is out of this world. You don't need a lot so use sparingly. I use to flavor veggies that I have roasted in the oven. Great purchase.
292360292360B000JKPXU8A1GX1YOWIPDX63Johnny Godzilla0021325376000Truffle Salt DissapointsMy great hopes for this truffle salt were dashed away with its strong chemical aftertaste. The kind that lingers for hours after the meal. Even my wife concurred.
292361292361B000JKPXU8A2A3VR34ZKT2SPsantiaguera0051318118400excellent truffle saltD Dalla Terra truffle salt is an excellent condiment for everthing.
I just love it,love also de fact that the little black truffle are so tasty.
292362292362B000JKPXU8A1EVHNG9FPRI1Henry Ahn0131320624000Not 10%. Actually 5%.Not sure why this is labeled as 10% truffle salt. The container clearly says it is 5%. Smell is very pungent. Not sure the strong aroma directly translates into truffle flavor though. The jury is still out on this one for me. Have to try it a few more times before I can decide whether it's worth it or not.
292363292363B000JKPXU8AVN47MEV4H2GPRobert F. Skilnik "toddlintown"143251196121600Wife Loves ItMe? I think it's overpriced---funny tasting salt, and since I don't use salt, probably something I could do without. But the wife, who happened to see this or a similar product on the Food Network, just had to have some. I bought it. She likes it.

So now I'm a household hero, as least this weekend. I'd give it six stars if it would kept her quiet for the entire week.
292364292364B0058NELFEAL0MLF4AINGY3R. Guieb "Rosiebud320"0051333324800Dog goes wild for theseMy Pit Bull adores these Darford treats and other treats from Darford as well. I have bought a bunch of these and given them to other dogs in the family and they go wild for these too. Sometimes I have to break it in half for my dog or he just walks around with the whole bone in his mouth. This is a large bone I and dont see an issue with giving half at a time for a treat. Your dog will love you forever if you get them this.
292365292365B001F1VR8CAOFD6ENYEJMCWD. Reynolds6651236297600Better than "real" coffee!I haven't been able to have caffeine for years, so I've been a decaf drinker. Recently, in an effort to reduce unhealthy things from my diet, I've been looking for a coffee replacement. I ordered teeccino, and it is absolutely delicious! I was worried it wouldn't be as good as coffee, but it's BETTER!
292366292366B001F1VR8CA1AMX95861XTRIElaine Webb5551261958400Love the herbal coffee!I like Hazelnut so I especially like the Hazelnut Teeccino. I cannot handle caffeine anymore. Sometimes I use half Teeccino and half Decaf coffee for my morning coffee. The Teeccino gives it a richer, more full-bodied taste, which I like. If I want coffee mid-day I use only the Teeccino and make just the amount I want for a cup in a French Press pot - it is a special treat. I do wish Amazon would let you mix up the Teeccino flavors in their three packs.
292367292367B001F1VR8CANRJ7OJLB3NS1JM4451274054400Wowsers!!What a delight is this beverage! I've been caffeine-free for one year, having given up coffee because of increasing physical effects of caffeine. When I discovered Teeccino, I was skeptical at first. The company claims that it tastes like coffee. I tried it and I really, really like it. Hazelnut coffee was my favorite flavor when I was drinking coffee, and to my tastebuds, the Teeccino Mediterranean Hazelnut Herbal Coffee tastes even better! Of course, there are no side effects from caffeine because there is none, and the flavor is smooth and mellow and, well, hazelnutty. I would recommend this beverage to anyone who is sensitive to caffeine. The flavor is remarkable. I would recommend brewing it in a coffee press to allow the coffee to be in contact with the hot water for at least 10 minutes to bring out the full flavor. It is good by itself or with some organic half & half. M-m-m-m!!!
292368292368B001F1VR8CA19GWZIFDGL3YMluvz2shop2251239494400great beverageRead about all of the benefits to drinking this over coffee and you will not be sorry you tried it. I needed an alternative to soda pop and hot chocolate mix, so decided to give it a try. I have never been a coffee drinker, but really like this. I keep a package at work and it has helped me stay hydrated because I drink at least two a day. One Tbsp. in a filter or French Press works great. Makes about 12 oz. serving.
292369292369B001F1VR8CA1LP73YAAQHB3YYvonne C1131307664000Definitely Not for MeMy palate was not happy with this drink. I used 1 rounded tablespoon and 12 oz filtered water in a clean drip coffee maker. The resulting drink is difficult to describe -- other than to say it's not for me. I could taste tones of hazelnut and other spices, but the drink has no real appeal--for me. Teeccino's Java is the closest to real coffee: Teeccino Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee, Mediterranean Java, 11-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)
292370292370B001F1VR8CA2II07FV70WRMMamylalala1151295827200TeeliciousI love Teeccino. I began drinking it when I gave up coffee as part of a food detox last fall. I drink this as if it were coffee. The hazelnut is sweet enough that if I use soy hazelnut creamer, I don't need any additional sweetener. I think this stuff is way better than regular coffee. I can feel the difference of less acidity in the body, which is important for alkalizing the blood. At first, I cut this with regular coffee. It took two weeks then I was done with caffeine. I wake up more refreshed now. Love this stuff.
292371292371B001F1VR8CA1FK6N3QRQ5YBQstunningdork1151282521600I love this coffeeI had to give up caffeinated coffee for health reasons. It had become an addiction, and I needed to find an alternative. I stumbled across this herbal coffee, and it is the best. I don't miss regular coffee or decaffeinated coffee at all. I prefer this, and I'm so glad that I found it.
292372292372B001F1VR8CA1SEEALF2SI6K2Miss C1151277769600TastyJust tried this for the first time yesterday. It could've fooled me that it wasn't coffee. I think it actually tastes better than coffee. The hazelnut flavor is great. Better for you and no caffiene reactions.
292373292373B001F1VR8CA3C812R5VZPEABK. Cunningham1151265846400No more guilt!If you are into health , but have a coffee fetish/addiction, then Teeccino is for you! My husband and I are thankful we finally found something healthy with no caffeine that actually tastes as good as coffee. There are digestive benefits too. We put our fresh goat's milk and raw honey in this and in the morning it's heaven. You don't need as much as recommended, which is good because you can make the bag last longer. I highly recommend buying this online at amazon instead of health food store. My store was priced at $9.50 a bag. I am buying msany at at time from amazon and the shipping is free! Enjoy! Kathie in Iowa
292374292374B001F1VR8CAN2AL2PCUXE62S. Massie1151260230400Love this!I love coffee, but I wanted something to mix it up especially in the afternoons and evenings without having caffeine. This is a great alternative to coffee and has a little more sweetness. It is great for substituting for a dessert after dinner.
292375292375B001F1VR8CA3AE2LAXSIML73Basiliki "bargain hunter"1151257984000EXCELLENT COFFEE SUBSTITUTE WITHOUT THE CAFFEINEThis stuff tastes almost like coffee to me, but is made of so many wonderful healthy ingredients that I feel good about drinking a couple of cups of it every day. Don't get me wrong, I still drink coffee, but instead of two, three, four cups of coffee a day, I'm now just drinking one.
292376292376B001F1VR8CAJP8C5ZQE6SFKMary0051350864000WonderfulAfter developing new health problems recently, I decided to experiment and put an end to my sudden influx in coffee consumption. I read about this in a book about raw diets and decided to give it a try. SO glad I did! This is the first flavor I've tried and I love it. I usually put a little bit of coconut milk creamer in it. While I may still enjoy an occasional latte, this is a great daily alternative and I plan to always keep it in my pantry! Even my husband was very skeptical about my newest health venture, but he is happy to drink it with me. Can't wait to try more flavors!
292377292377B001F1VR8CA1C0N8R07LYRP4Cynthia Lorraine Thompson0051348963200Teeccino Coffee - the Smoothest, Mellowest, & BEST tasting I've ever had!My husband and I have found a New Love in Teeccino Naturally Caffeine Free, Organic Herbal Coffees! It's full, smooth, mellow flavor is just delicious (more so than General Foods International Coffees). Keep in mind that everyone has different taste buds, and some will love the taste of Teeccino coffees while others won't. For them it may be an acquired taste (or not). As all caffineated and de-cafe coffees contain caffine as well as some teas, even in trace amounts, Teeccino coffees are different in that there is NO Caffine to begin with - so, no caffine to remove! My diet has dictated that I remove caffine for the benefit of better health, and unfavorable affects to the system has ruled that caffine be removed from my husband's diet. But now we can have coffee in our diets and in our lives again with Teeccino Coffees! I bought 3 different flavored sample packets of the coffee first. Now, I know that I will buy this coffee in boxes and bags, and we can't wait to taste all of the different flavors. Get the sample packs and try it yourself. If you try it - you may like it!
292378292378B001F1VR8CA2MCQMVBQL5JFTH. Donald Levine "SharpDon"0041345075200Teeccino is terrificMy wife Bonnie has been drinking Teeccino for about a year now and absolutely loves it. It's healthy, tasty and can be brewed like any coffee product.
292379292379B001F1VR8CA1KGTCWQGPCAC5Leanna Palermo0051343347200All the flavor, none of the shiver affects!This is one of my favorite drinks, and my choice for nurturing myself while writing and most computer activities. I don't know about you but my hands and fingers get really cold, in spite of the "exercise" they are getting! This decadent treat is all I need to keep me going, in a most holistically healthy way. Hazelnut and Amaretto are my go-to flavors but all of them are just so yummy, it's hard to believe it's actually good for you! Well worth a try, your adrenals and kidneys will thank you!!
292380292380B001F1VR8CA10SAKYJFOJ5ACBeth0051334102400Flavorful HazelnutI love this flavor since it has a pleasant taste,not too strong or bitter. once you open the package you can smell the wonderful aroma. I always love hazelnut anything so if you like hazelnut then you will enjoy consuming this hot or cold. I usually will order this back to back since I don't grow tired of this flavorful teeccino. I don't have to buy any hazelnut creamer either. Enjoy and don't forget to drink your water too.

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