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292381292381B001F1VR8CA1GGG0OWM2DQWAKenneth P. Grosch "Chaplain Ken - Ph.D"0051331596800perfect delivery and great product, a keeper!We are on a diet and decided to try this herb coffee and I must say it is worth every drop of goodness.
292382292382B001F1VR8CA1Y94ZBIQ8YPAQCarlton Hobbs0031330128000Don't try this flavor firstI like quite a few of the Teeccino flavors, and although I like hazelnut, I don't care for this Teeccino flavor much on its own. Not a fan straight and unsweetened, or sweetened. However, I've gotten accustomed to adding 250 mg of vitamin C (1/2 a 500 mg tablet) to this flavor as almost a bitter-sweetener. It changes the flavor profile to something I quite like, but I'm not sure it is what anyone else would like, and not what you would expect of a hazelnut flavored coffee substitute.

I'll strongly recommend Teeccino's Chocolate Mint flavor, however.
292383292383B001F1VR8CA16XK4D7LFA1WF43210051328918400delicious flavorI have had about 5 flavors of the teeccino and I would have to say this is my favorite. It is smooth and nutty and tastes amazing with a few drops of stevia. The price is the best I've seen as well, and worth buying the 3 pack because I want to make it almost every day!
292384292384B001F1VR8CA14VASAA0R6AG8nikbat550051321833600Great coffee substitute!I'm really glad that I've found Teeccino as a coffee substitute. The caffeine was causing some real physical problems for me and using the herbal coffee has alevitated those problems. Teeccino has a strong, robust flavor like coffee and even though I did have caffeine withdrawal, I have not sacrificed flavor. Also, the monthly subscription has saved me a lot of money over health food store prices. Thanks Amazon!
292385292385B001F1VR8CAJ3ZHI1Z09M6PMarcia L. New "Born to Teach"0051316649600TeecinoTeecino is a great-tasting herbal blend that outpaces simple herbal tea, in my opinion. It is full-bodied, smooth and tasty. It brews like coffee, and I use it in my Keurig brewer. It also is an alkaline drink, offsetting much of the acid foods consumed by most of us. I find it delicious.
292386292386B001F1VR8CA1CUGMEF8MGYYCA. Tracey0051310083200The BEST coffee alternative there isI am an avid coffee drinker and have recently been trying to reduce the acid forming foods/drinks in my diet. I like to use Teeccino every morning in a 1:1 ratio with coffee. It really makes a differnce in the acidity and tastes amazing! I even prepared a few cups for my friends when they stayed over and they loved it as much as I do! Personally, I think it tastes better then real coffee! I encourage you to give it a try as I do by brewing it in a 1:1 ratio (1 tbs teeccino to 1 tbs coffee = for 2 cups). I have slowly decreased the coffee amount and don't miss it!
292387292387B001F1VR8CA2EOS8M05D9YR9Nancy D0051304985600Pleasantly surprised!My husband has to watch his caffeine intake due to non-Parkinsonian polymyoclonic tremors.

He misses his coffee so I thought I'd try Teeccino. It is wonderful. It's the only coffee I can drink black
without adding sugar and milk. There is no acid taste. It is delicious!

I highly recommend this.
292388292388B001F1VR8CA2BWXW34L00UUYP. J. Farr2431254009600Teeccino ReviewWhen I couldn't drink coffee, Teeccino was a reasonable substitute but definitely wasn't something I would switch to.
292389292389B001F1VR8CA392LWWFDKSXD5ShiSteel0221282608000I am still drinking coffee folks, not good enough!I had hopes to quit coffee, but this tasted OK, but not better than good ol' Folgers :{
292390292390B0029JWWFQA25UZ7MA72SMKMBrent Butler0031318723200We'll pass on this oneWe have used the Aunt Jemima Whole Wheat Pancake Mix mix for years. Our local grocery store stopped stocking it, so we tried this. Although a serving of pancakes prepared with this mix is slightly fewer calories than the whole wheat mix (probably because it just adds water to powdered mix, where the whole wheat mix adds milk) these pancakes deliver less fiber and overall fail the nutrition comparison.

We also thought that the taste and consistency were rather flat compared to the whole wheat mix. It was just overall a disappointing experience. We had bought two boxes, and I took the very unusual (for me) step of returning the unopened one to the grocery store. Since they don't carry the whole wheat mix anymore, we ordered a case of it from Amazon.
292391292391B0029JWWFQA27718CHXPI8CImissc11150041316736000Good pancakesI wish the mix had been inside a bag inside the box, that's my only complaint, as when I received the package some of the mix was leaking out due to rough mailing treatment. Makes good pancakes.
292392292392B007C4R62CA295CL2JYE6LHUbuttonbear0121350345600Didn't care for the taste of these ...I love Chinese almond cookies and these were a brand name, but they are tasteless. And no almond on top like you get in a Chinese Restaurent. They just tasted blah. Also, Amazon shipped these with heavy canned goods and the box of cookies arrived a little smashed. Amazon refunded the cookie money right away.
292393292393B0058NELFOA39LAZED1WDDCJbill1211334880000poor qualityI received this product and eagerly offered the dog the first biscuit out of the box. She stepped back and walked away without hesitating. I smelled the biscuit and it had a rancid peanut butter smell to it. I checked the other 9 in the box and they all smelled the same...bad. What a shame since we had purchased these previously and the dog enjoyed them. I won't be purchasing anymore online and will stay with the local pet store for fresh treats.
292394292394B001EO5Y8EA248QE2QUOOLBEEric Lund131351173484800great memories in a canBack in the early '60's my family would take several road trips a year from our home in NYC to the Boston area to visit my grandparents. We'd always stop at a Howard Johnsons restaurant where, in the days before "kids meals", I'd always order the traditional hot dogs, B&M boston baked beans and brown bread. You can't find B&M brown bread where I live in was just as I remembered...and it's a great price. Highly recommended (especially with dogs and beans)
292395292395B001EO5Y8EA2C64W88KUQKYOPatricia L. Terho "BookWormette"8851258675200B&M Brown Bread (in cans)B&M Brown Bread (in cans)- with or without raisins...I sent for these cans because I'd eaten this brown bread many, many times years ago. We had it at home every time we had baked beans for dinner. They just go together. I had kind of forgotten about the bread until my sisters and I began reminiscing recently about our favorite childhood meals. We all remembered how much we liked the brown bread and hadn't bought any in awhile. Then we went shopping for this brown bread and nobody carried it in the stores around here. How disappointing! A whole new generation will never know about this bread or how good it is...and how well it goes with baked beans. I ordered several cans and shared them with family. I will have to order more pretty soon. It still tastes as good as I remembered. They almost need to reintroduce it to the public...the younger generations don't know anything about it. I hope they keep making it and I sure wish they still had it in our local grocery stores. (Portland, OR)
292396292396B001EO5Y8EAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"8851248393600B&M Brown Bread With RaisinsI didn't know if I would like this or not but I do like it. I will buy more in the near future. I recommend it. I opened the can and took the bread out and microwaved it just for a minute or two to heat it up. It was absolutely delicious and I ate every bit of it. To me it tasted like a cake. It is very rich tasting. It is great to keep around for when you want something rich and delicious with no cooking and it is 99% fat free.
292397292397B001EO5Y8EAJQDIT55SZ3ZXkindred spirit6651256169600Wonderful~Childhood Revisited~Just like I remembered it!I thought this product was no longer available. Then by chance I found it here. It is so good I cannot find the words to describe it. It just arrived and I had a can opened and a slice warmed up with butter on it within 5 min. I sat and savored it for 20 min, taking tiny bites. It is 100% the same as when I was a child. So moist. It is 130 calories for a 1/2 inch slice which is plenty as it is so rich in flavor. It is almost like cake. In the 1960's we ate slices of it with the B and M Boston Baked beans. My mother also sliced it thin and put creamcheese or marshmellow cream between 2 slices and sent it as a treat for my grade school lunches.

It you want a healthy yummy taste of the past try this bread. The value is fantastic also. I checked a few other websites and it was sky high in price. Highly Recommend.
292398292398B001EO5Y8EA2OBLU6QE2XFO8Nancy2251278288000B&M brown breadComing from Maine, this is a must have. Cannot buy it in IL. Bought a case and will be replentishing soon. With raisins for sure. Sat night hot dogs, beans, slaw and brown bread every week.
292399292399B001EO5Y8EAM0O6Q1SX9I1ACharlotte Meloney2231269302400B&M Brown BreadSlightly disappointed in this bread. It just isn't as moist and tasty as we remembered from our childhood when we had it frequently. That could be because of many passing years or it could be that we bought the 99% fat free one (very likely) instead of the regular. I gave these to several friends and we all felt the same. If I buy this again, it will be the regular and not the fat free one.
292400292400B001EO5Y8EA1FARH0GJF5MV3Jerry H. Carrick2251265846400Great Bread!!!If you like a rather heavy , sweet, dark, bread, that goes well with butter and honey B&M is the BEST!!! A Great comfort food!
292401292401B001EO5Y8EA1DWJ7Z8RUMHTDlobstaman1151302480000steam brown breadSome reviews said the bread was dry. It will be if it is not steamed. Open both ends of the can and push loaf out. Slice into 1 inch slices and wrap in foil adding a little water and place in oven for 10/15 mins. Serve with beans, B&M traditional, Bushes homestyle better, and old fashion skin-on franks. Score a few times on both sides of dog and grill in butter until lightly browned.
Butter the bread just to keep your wight up!
292402292402B001EO5Y8EAEJGHJNJP5LBRskytar1141285113600Good Old Brown BreadI Havn't had any Brown Bread since 1977, when we lived up north as a child in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It's just as delicious as I remembered it !
292403292403B001EO5Y8EA3SIDNG578F70YKevin J. Stump1121268438400yucky!I ordered these because they reminded me of canned brown bread I had as a kid. My wife frequently reminds me that my memories of things are more pleasant than the actual reality. That is the case here. The ones with raisins are fat free. They taste very artificial. Not even as good as an MRE (army food). The flavor is bland. The consistency is artificial. I felt nauseous afterwards. If you just want to experience canned bread, try a different one.
292404292404B001EO5Y8EA3MNNTTHRVB3ANSheila A. King1151255478400GreatExcellent product-fast delivery. Have been unable to find in stores--so glad I finally located it!
292405292405B001EO5Y8EA264PIFJZEM9PS. Wright1151251417600The ultimate snackIt had been years since I tried this product and it lived up to every expectation as to how I remember it. The best way to enjoy brown bread is with cream cheese on top. It is a shame that this product is not more widely available in local stores. It is truly a classic.
292406292406B001EO5Y8EA5H6WYKWE6T4DCynthia Wilcox "cynthia wilcox"3421248652800not as i rememberedi have already entered a review but, now realize i entered it as a reply........

i did NOT realize this one was the low fat version. i didn't like it as it does not taste like i remember it tasting. i will try the "regular" version at a later date. perhaps it wlll be the delicious moist bread i remember in my "younger" days. it left a faint bitter taste after eating it. i hope to be able to have that delectable bread back in my life soon. but this low fat version just "ain't" it! LOL
292407292407B001EO5Y8EA130VGG4P4PW5JSirTaz "Geniebugged"2351267056000B&M Brown bread and McCann's Steel cut Oatmeal/Comfort foods for sure in sub-zero wind chillsOrdered Both McCann's Irish Quick Cooking Oatmeal six-packs [boxes] and B&M Bread tins [6pk] Each 6pk was shrink-wrapped allowing for even more protection. In fact bread had dbl shrink-wrap intact - as well as contents have long exp. dates. Oatmeal, Nov. 2011 and Bread July 2012. Not that either will last that long in this household.

B&M Brown Bread With Raisins, 16-Ounce Cans (Pack of 6)
Good long shelf life - Exp July 2012

McCANN'S Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal, Quick & Easy, 16-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

Good long shelf life-expiration date to Nov. 2011

This will 'bump up taste' and upgrade texture of plain white bread in Breadmaker 100% - as well as make a very 'hearty meal' during the upcoming predicted wind-chill here in VA to a minus 15 - Will try both microwave and crock-pot and add opions then - The box clearly says DEEP bowl for microwaving to avoid boiling over.
292408292408B001EO5Y8EA1KBRU1L40DTJYbukhtan2351245456000Good camping provisionI first encountered this product years ago in Boston, where it was something of a staple, findable even in those small places eastern Massachusetts people called (do they still?) "spas". Bread in a can? It must be terrible! And I wouldn't touch it. Now, I realize that the stuff is actually pretty good, good enough that you would tend to eat more of it than you should, calorie-wise I mean, as the ingredients are remarkably unjunkfoodlike and there is no nutritional problem. However, calories are not a problem in my case, as I buy this bread principally for camping trips, and usually eat it with a liberal application of peanut butter. The caloric load is exactly appropriate for the heavy day-hiking I practice, and I find that the bread stays pretty fresh, still in the can, when kept in a sealed plastic bag, for the three days or so that it takes me to finish it.
292409292409B001EO5Y8EA1AZS1REBPHNL9Blake Gripling0051346371200Best Thing Since Sliced!I tried this thing out of boredom, and while I was looking for some good stuff at a supermarket, and believe me, this canned bread is absolutely the best-tasting food in a can, ever. Don't take my word for it, ask Squidward.
292410292410B001EO5Y8EA3MDA891A1EPT8Chris Winchester "mikeystoyz"0041337644800Pretty goodMy son wanted to try it and I wanted to see how good it was because of the shelf life. Very long shelf life. Regardless, it was pretty good. Not to sweet and the raisins weren't overpowering. It weighs a lot and is heavy bread but it is good. I liked it and the only issue I had was pushing it out of the can. Took a little more force then I expected. Other then that it is good stuff.

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