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292411292411B001EO5Y8EA367N2MA04MRT7Dandydew0051313539200Try It - You'll Like It!My family has enjoyed this bread since I was a small girl in the 60s. It was served as a Christmas holiday treat. Now, I enjoy it year 'round. Try it sliced about 1/2-inch thick with softened cream cheese on top. Yummy! It makes a great, light snack.
292412292412B001EO5Y8EA2S93VGQYWTAVMLeonard O. Walde0021309305600B&M Brown Bread with raisins.I am dissapointed in that the product is not up to the standard established in the old product. It is very short of raisins -- almost none. I would not order it again.
292413292413B001EO5Y8EA2JKDZXXDFXZ9Eazreads "azreads"0051306540800yum!Just had some last night. I thought I'd check to see if Amazon stocked this product so I can order when I'm out of state. I am not sure what people are doing to cook this that have it with bad reviews (perhaps they are NOT cooking it at all?) but I always just slip it out of the can cut off what I need for the meal (In this case half a can) wrap in foil and bake the last 20 minutes in the oven along side of a can of beans in a casserole dish topped w/ scored hotdogs. Taste as good as ever... steaming it in the foil makes it moist! I freeze the unused half and will thaw and cook the next time around.
292414292414B001EO5Y8EA34D3Z4WMNV035K. Flowers "teacher"0051299888000Memories of HomeWe grew up eating B&M Brown Bread. But here in Central Indiana, it is hard to find. When we would find it in a grocery store we'd pick up 6 cans. Well, our local store no longer stocks ANY B&M products. Amazon has it and now we receive our bread on a regular basis. Convenience and a cost savings besides. In the store, the cost was much higher. Thank you Amazon for helping me continue family traditions.
292415292415B001EO5Y8EADIL8KZJ2ZBT4Linda E. Moore0051289001600Great bread!I bought this for my "survival" pantry, but opened a can to try it out. I served it warm with cream cheese and sprouts, but it would be great just plain, too.

It just took one taste to turn this bread from a "survival" item to a regular staple! I just ordered 12 more cans.
292416292416B001EO5Y8EA3BKXQO44O4HANEvelyn Harman "Evy"1511274745600dented4 of the cans came so dented that I had to toss them out...should have returned them but that is a pain too...
292417292417B001EO5Y8EA1X1RW181KZHVJLois A. Heath0421288828800Brown breadNot happy with this supplier. I ordered this on October 10, 2010 and it is only now (Nov 2, 2010)being shipped. I'll order this from vermont country store next time. Almost makes me lose my yearning for it.
292418292418B001EO5Y8EA2BUI0SNHRC8WAmike from oklahoma1711285545600NastyWell, I just tried B&M Brown Bread and it was nasty. when i first bit into it i thought it was ok. Then the after swalloing it it left this after taste that was terrible. The only thing that ive ever eaten that has had the same taste was some mold that was in a bag of shredded cheese i had just bbought. In other words this product is nasty.
292419292419B003TVIB0IA2IDR2ISR5BM0RCrazy Horse0011348790400Never ReceivedI ordered the pickled sausage because a friend told me how good they were, but I never received them. UPS sent them back because the package got damaged and I had to request a refund. So I have no idea if they were as good as my friend stated.
292420292420B003TVIB0IAAH9G966FMKEUProd70051334275200Greatmy wife is from florida and has loved this brand and became accustomed to it so i bought them for her,she loved it and it was delivered very promptly.
292421292421B003TVIB0IA2N2UFSBNJNIBVStaccoop30051303948800Big Johns Pickled Sausages~ southern deliciousness!This produt is just what we were looking for, we have tried various brands of pickled sausages and nothing compares. My husband is from Florid and was so used to these being so available, no where in the midwest can these be found. They are not tough like some of the look alikes. Had a bit of problem with shipping as far as package being damaged twice and having to wait for product but, was well worth it.
292422292422B000BXVI70AEOOI6RUPRKFHgabinder1111300924800Buyers beware. This item is a tiny small bag of crackers not the big box you would think it is.My 2 year old adores these crackers. I recently was very ill and could not get to the store to buy them for her so I purchased them from a My Favorite Things through amazon. Since the price was $8 and because the picture looks like a big box of crackers I assumed I was in fact buying a big box of crackers. Wrong! They were selling a little bag for $8 + $5 shipping. When I contacted the seller to complain they were unwilling to do anything for me. Thankfully Amazon stepped in but really I think they should ban this seller from their site. Talk about price gouging!
292423292423B0022N49KUA1R58LWNVV94NAToni T. "AboveAstar"2251324339200EXCELLENT Quality & Taste; Very, Very Versatile Too~ I ordered Farie's Finest Coconut powder, Maple Flavored Powder, Peppermint Flavored Powder and Powdered Vanilla to send to my daughter in the Czech Republic because some foods like coconut and maple syrup can be hard to find or insanely expensive there. I tasted this and it was delicious; I was especially pleased at how pure it tasted with absolutely no unpleasant residual flavors or tastes whatsoever. To try it out I put a heaping tsp. of it into a cake mix to turn a pineapple upside down cake into an even better pina collada cake and it turned out absolutely scrumptious. My greatest coconut secret is that I add some coconut to the chicken broth and herbs when 'infusion roasting' my turkey (it's an improvement on the beer can chicken method) because coconut really compliments and enhances the turkey flavor. I love to cook and bake things more uniquely than everyone else does and powders are especially easy to mix into almost any dish; so I'm sure that I'll be thinking up many more creative ways to use this coconut powder.
~ In summary, I'm very impressed with the wide variety of products that Farie's Finest offers but I'm even more impressed with the quality and purity of flavor. I'm working on a large order for my own use and I can hardly wait to come up with new recipe idea's using Farie's Finest products. So I gladly, very confidently and very, very highly recommend this company and their excellent products.
292424292424B0004MU38IA3SHN1N2W26TCLJennifer Phifer0051175558400YummyAfter seeing "Follow that Mustard" on the Fine Living Network, I had to find this mustard. Since Amazon seems to carry just about everything, I checked here first and of course, they had it! The flavor of Maille really puts Grey Poupon and all of the others to shame. It is such high quality with such intense flavor, it only takes a small dab on your sandwich to make a big impact. This small jar will last forever. Be sure to keep it refrigerated!
292425292425B000UXUKIYA2X9UAF4BON1IXJ. Williams001126766080020 years old?Product was discolored and seemed old. The only date to be found was the copyright. It was from 1990.
292426292426B0015RPJKIA1NZUO9GG6V270Janeille Franzenburg "Janeille"2241245024000InterestingI found this Kaniwa interesting (and hard to find). It cooked easily, but is very small-- about the size of a poppy seed. So, I used it to thicken up a lentil dahl. It would be hard to eat Kaniwa by itself, but is useful in soups and the like.
292427292427B0015RPJKIA118CMANX8KFAZSuzanne0051349395200Product infoGreat product, delicious, nutritious, fast, easy prep. Like quinoa, very versatile. Kaniwa tabouli is one of a zillion ways to prep. I like to grind and bake with it to.

BUT, I would like harvest date info and could not fine a way to contact Angelina's.

Please Angelina, pick up this note and tell me how to contact and/or please provide approximate harvest date info on current stock. Since the product is not labeled organic, a word or two about growing environment would also be much appreciated.

292428292428B0015RPJKIA3CCIPPRKQSY3Ukendraellen240141308787200Good quality- worth a tryI thought the 10 lb bag was a little excessive but I couldn't pass up the value. Very few instructions but cook like rice or quinoa and you're good to go. Smaller grain that quinoa but as they say no rinsing required and can be used in sweet or savory dishes. Good source of protein too! Definitely worth a try!
292429292429B000ME1H3SA2I7WB91Y0XJRWill Everly Jr. "WWE"1151194048000Great Natural Energy Product that Safe!Excellent product to obtain natural energy in a safe manner. I have tried every energy product out there and this one is my hands down favorite as you add it to a 16 ounce bottle of water. Additional energy lasts 3 to 5 hours, but is not so intense to keep you from sleeping a natural sleep cycle. A great product for late night poker players. Similar R-d B-ll products amp you and cause you to crash. Best of all Zipfizz is sugar free.
292430292430B004JM1H9IA3HZANL0GB61U8SCAT1151350777600Surprise finishThese Mint Drops melt slowly to give way to a delicious chocolate finish . There is not a lot of candy like this out there .
292431292431B0047LZ0BCA2OG1XL6DPRU45Brian Donnelly1141307059200OK peanuts, great on valueThese are not the best peanuts I have tasted but I am having a blast experimenting with different roasting recipes. Much better deal than anything store bought brand.
292432292432B0047LZ0BCA285OSAGG4D3L8V. Chapin "ButterflyLady"0051340236800Great deal for parrotsHaving two parrots, was annoyed when WAlmart stopped carrying raw, unsalted peanuts in the shell - and even more annoyed that I had to pay an exhorbitant amount for the same at the petstore because I couldn't get them anywhere. So, my box arrived yesterday, and let's just say that the birds love them, and hopefully they'll keep me going for a while (as long as I keep them securely closed to stop the moths getting in!)
292433292433B003M8MQAEA21NKOV487RB9VHeidi L. Cleary0051350950400Great pepper sauce with extra flavor!This was a birthday gift for my husband. He loves this pepper sauce. It has more of a kick than the ones here in our hometown that we buy.
292434292434B000F7T92IACHHW18JTITJOAnimal1314412785472008oz steeped for 10-15min and taken before bed work like a charmIf you are feeling backed up and need to get things moving, an 8oz cup of this tea taken before going to bed, steeped for a maximum of 15 minutes, will give you the expected results the following morning. One tea bag is enough to do the trick, and works every time, so follow the instructions properly and resist the temptation to use more than one.

The taste may not be great but is not unpleasant and will grow on you with time. The tea loses a star because you may get some stomach cramps as it starts to work (some people reportedly don't), but then the tea will live up to its gentle name when you get your easy and painless bowel movement. As reported by other reviewers, steeping for less than 15 minutes may reduce the cramping. Some people have got it to work after seeping the tea bag for only 10 minutes so experiment and see what works best for you.

I see that for some reason, when taken during the day, it is not as efficient and often doesn not work as expected. This tea alone works very well, but if you drink plenty of water throughout the day (even when you don't have the tea) and add more fiber to your diet, besides working like a charm it will even help you become more regular on your own.

Take this tea if you are backed up and feel bloated, ou will feel reliefed and sleep much better after being cleansed by Smooth Move. It is a natural product but I recommend it for occasional use only as ingestion of senna over extended periods of time may be prejudicial.
292435292435B000F7T92IA2N0EYG2NQZ5SZsonnsett Radius "Sonn'"6651281916800I wouldn't miss a day.I begin my day with one cup of smooth move tea-- everyday. If I forget I make sure that I take it before I go to bed at night. It taste good. My teenaged grandsons like it.

It depends on how blocked you are which will determine how it works. You may have to have two cups before it begins to work. However, make sure you do not have any place to go when you are trying it out for the first time. Believe me it will work. Some people it takes time others it works right away. I use it once a day and it keeps me regular. It dosn't run because I know how to use it. I have been doing this for some time--for four years. I steep it for one minute if I kept it in for more than 1-5 minutes I would not be able to go out because it would run. My friend steeps it for 1/2 a minute that way she is able to go out. Give it five days before you give up on it. So good luck to you all.
292436292436B000F7T92IA3POST73BCZYE3tom5551335312000you will poop2 things happened to me from drinking this tea. One, I got cramps the night of drinking. Two, I pooped my brains out the next morning. That's why I bought it, so I give it 5 stars. It tastes so-so, but if I want taste I'll buy other teas. If you need to go, this stuff works. Beware, mild cramping, bloating is probably going to happen.
292437292437B000F7T92IA2GZGPAJ8AGAUKDeedra "ddbug4"2251284076800Smooth Move TeaI have been drinking this tea for years and was surprised when I could not find it locally.The online price was actually cheaper than I was paying in the stores.
292438292438B000F7T92IA2IXJQJ3ZS7NNSAuddieB1151350518400DeliciousI had other senna teas before, but this tea is SMOOTH and delicious. I enjoy every sip. This is another must have in my cubbard. I drink this tea every night prior to my bed time. Works like a charm, but really seems like a treat for me. Two pluses in one.
292439292439B000F7T92IA1MD785JNIP7D9penelope0051341964800holy crapI was a little skeptical about trying this tea thinking that it probably wouldnt work but after eating some really junky food (the fiance is on prednisone and we have been eating absolute junk) amd seeing the scale soar up seven lbs fully knowing that i was really backed up and enemas not taking care of much i figured why not. I steeped for 10 minutes and was suprised that the taste wasnt too bad. Well... I havr issues going in the morning and i will not poo at work so nearly 19 hrs after drinking this.. I came home and sat down and in about 2 seconds something slid. Now i thought it would be not much because of the duration so when i checked... "holy ****" was what i said.i had gone More than ive ever gone in my life.even with the stomache flu! That being said the scale is showing im down at least 4 lbs... So this tea really worked for me
292440292440B000F7T92IA35TESZXRCUBCCmroberts0051334448000Smooth Move TeaI love this tea, it helps to keep me regular. I take it at night and in the morning I have a smooth move! The taste is just fine and it does not hurt your stomach.

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