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292486292486B000FFPXF2A2JRPZQRPCWBLDB. Wightman "joyful vegan am i"0041349136000Easy, quick, healthful snackI'm a huge McDougall cuppa soup fan. I've tried them all and the Split Pea is my favorite. It's creamy with bits of barley and reconstituted dehydrated veggies. I always feel good about reaching for a cuppa instead of some unhealthy snack with lots of useless calories.

I agree with other reviewers regarding the portion size. There's no way to eat half the contents of the cup and save the rest for later or share with someone. The labelling should be changed to reflect that the container holds one serving, not two, and all the nutrition facts should be changed accordingly.
292487292487B000FFPXF2A3OAJQ30W5OVMYGloria G. Wright0051346976000Dr. McDougall's Vegan Split Pea SoupMy husband and I both love Dr. McDougall's dehydrated soups. They are quick, easy and very tasty. Also are a great addition to our plant-based dietary habit. Another favorite is Dr. McDougall's Tortilla Soup.
292488292488B000FFPXF2A1QMYKJV77F7VVJ. B. Durham "Joseph B Durham"0041303776000Best I have triedI usually would not take the time to go to amazon and write a review of split pea soup, but this is so good, I made the effort. It has little chunks of carrrots and ground parsely in it, and it's delicious. I took a star off my rating because of high sodium - 600 mg per container. That's about a quarter of the RDA, so for people watching their sodium intake, it may not be a great choice.
292489292489B000FFPXF2A2OEUROGZDTXUJJ. Graves0041300147200Yummy!I have tried most of the Dr. McDougall line. This one isn't my favorite, but it's pretty darned good. People think of Split Pea soup as a bland choice. This one isn't. It has a smokey flavor that is surprising from a vegan product. Pretty healthy for an instant soup, but the idea this is two servings is ridiculous.
292490292490B000FFPXF2A3S459EHZONQUIpleinelune0051294444800Homemade a cup!I always wonder what a dry soup product will really taste like. I wanted something fast and easy, but that was low fat, low cal and tasted good. I got it in this soup. The size is also generous to be pretty filling. I will be ordering this (and maybe try some of the other types) again. Oh and just make sure to mix well when you add the water!
292491292491B000FFPXF2A2SS44O400KIZ7carol0051291766400Best Split Pea vegen soupThis soup is wonderful. It is tasty with a good texture and awesome aroma. I am trying to improve my health and I am learning to love vegan. This soup will satisfy, even the largest hungry "tummy".
292492292492B000FFPXF2A2NUKCI14Y5CULGarry0051287532800Really goodI just finished my first McDougall's Split Pea soup and I am very pleasantly surprised at how good this is. Much better than any canned split pea soup I've tried. An excellent product.
292493292493B000FFPXF2AVZB9SGVE1APFComfortFirst0051279411200just like mom used to makeMy mother made split pea growing up, and I would not eat it. She found McDougal's recipe, and I have LOVED it ever since. Never had better!
292494292494B000FFPXF2A2BL4LD5ZAUV24ronny111 "ron"0051259193600Quick and tastyI have a monthly subscription to get this item. It tastes great, is healthy and you just need hot water to prepare it. It's my favorite lunch when I have no time to go out.
292495292495B000FFPXF2AA76BCYTCO8V9C. Tesone "Kattyushka"0051243209600Yum!This soup is so good and low in fat. Remember that the cup is two servings but it's big so it fills you up with only a couple hundred calories. I've tried many McDougall's soups and this one, taking calories into consideration is pretty darn good. Once it's ready just crack some pepper in there and you're ready to go!
292496292496B000FFPXF2A26Z8YZXOHMLTOB. W. Chapman "Knifethrower"91411246060800Not Heart Healthy!!It's no wonder they had to break up this little cup of soup into 2 (TWO) entire servings. They are obviously trying to distract the casual viewer into to believing that there is only 300 mg of sodium in this tiny cup. There is actualy 600 mg of sodium in this tiny snack and that is NOT HEART HEALTHY!!! Avoid these products if you have high blood pressure!
292497292497B000FFPXF2AJ3STUIBT0ICFsassychica1221295136000Not Gluten FreeUm, if it has barley in it then it's not gluten free. The label says "with barley." For people who are less knowledgeable about food allergies and purchase this for themselves or another, it could cause some serious issues. Whoever classifies this food, Amazon or the manufacturer, should probably explain their labels better or remove the gluten free classification. It's very misleading.
292498292498B000FFPXF2A17GOJHHM7ZSFHJack2421333411200Disappointed and OffendedI like McDougall's soups and was taken by the concept that they
are virtually non fat and provide fiber etc I am most disappointed
to find the manufacturer attempts deception of the consumer by
listing the nutritional values for one serving, whereas, in fact,
the values are for half a package. McDougall has lost all credibility
for me and I will not be purchasing again. It is offensive to treat
consumers in this way.Dr. McDougall's Right Foods Vegan Split Pea Soup, Lower Sodium, 1.9-Ounce Cups (Pack of 6)
292499292499B000FFPXF2A28LMY5GFWSPY5Brian R. Young0141294876800OK but could be betterThis is a very thick and rich soup. The taste is a little bland, could use some spices or flavoring.
292500292500B000FFPXF2A1TIUZEVUFWEKRJoan P. Kelly "jpkelly"0151289174400A Delicious & Healthy Soup for On the Go!This soup is good and easy to make. However, the most important characteristic is that it is nothing but healthy. None of those pesky additives that are a constant part of convenience foods. Enjoy!
292471292471B000FFPXF2AGEXC9QFQVNHFMilo1151314230400I love this soupEasy to prepare, fast, cheap, relatively healthy, and tastes great. Make sure that you stir well, and wait long enough before eating.
292472292472B000FFPXF2A58N07M0ZCYMBValentina1151313539200Tastes so good, almost like out of a canThis soup is so good, and I was so skeptical based on my encounters with cup-o-soup noodles. I love split pea soups, and try to eat them at least one a week. I buy either Whole foods or Fairway store prepared, and they taste yummy. Well, this soup was pretty good even compared to store made! Nice and thick, with great pea flavor. I'm amazed to even say that, and I have to give it 5 stars for something that started dry in a cup. Also it's full of protein, fiber and low in fat and sugar, just great. I'm reordering.
292473292473B000FFPXF2A3DVUFC5T7RCLQDeDe "DeDe"1151311724800Delicious and very filling...Delicious, filling and nothing artifical. Makes a geat quick and easy to fix lunch (or dinner for that matter) Saw a few people complaining about the flavor packet- takes a second- keeps it fresher- no complaints here.
292474292474B000FFPXF2A3HXW710LS82G4MICHAEL "june"1151305936000Excellent tasteFor a serving of full flavored and nutritious split pea soap that involves only boiling and pouring water.,,,nothing can beat
Dr. McDougall's Split Pea Soup with Barley. This is the best "instant soup" that is on the market.
292475292475B000FFPXF2ADUPZFIJT04ZPM. McGill1151299974400Cannot believe it's vegan!This soup is delicious. It has savory taste (almost ham or bacon like) and it is so healthy. I've also tried the McDougall's chicken ramen and tortilla soup and the split pea was much better. I was surprised because I figured ramen would be tastier than a split pea soup. Nope, this is so good and finished the pack of 6 soups very quickly. I will continue to order this soup, best vegetarian, let alone vegan split pea I've ever tried.
292476292476B000FFPXF2A32XY0HV5RREYNTonja D. Brown "TBrown"1151297814400This soup is very tasty for the meat eater that I am.I was amazed at how flavorful this Vegan split-pea soup is, and I love meat. In the past, all of my split-pea soups I prepared had bacon added...I know, bad girl.

Anyway, it is very flavorful and hearty.

As a extra healthy addition to this soup, I boiled up a couple of servings of brown rice and added a few teaspoons to the soup.

Wow, I filled up.

Be sure to stir the soup after adding the boiling water. It will clump so stirring is highly recommended. Then just cover the container with the lid, put something kind of heavy to hold the lid down and in place and give it a good 5 minutes before eating.
292477292477B000FFPXF2A28Q0JA9H8WZODBichon Mom1151296691200The barley makes it really deliciousI have never been a particular fan of pea soup but decided to try this one since it was vegan. Barley is the second ingredient listed and the flavor really comes through. I love it and find that the barley is what makes it special for me so it will now become one of my pantry staples.
292478292478B000FFPXF2AFAPAQFCEYVNTW. C. Price1151282780800Great and oddly bacon-yOut of the many varieties of McDougall's that I've tried, I think I like this one the most for everyday eating. It has a ton of substance to it (16g of protein, 40% DV of dietary fiber) while keeping the calories low, and it tastes great. The Black Bean and Lime (Dr. McDougall's Right Foods Vegan Black Bean & Lime Soup, 3.4-Ounce Cups (Pack of 6)) is also great, but I lose my taste for that flavor if I have it too often, so the split pea is my go-to soup.

Has anyone else noticed a hint of the flavor of bacon in this soup? I don't know what ingredient(s) give that illusion, but it's pretty awesome in a vegan product.
292479292479B000FFPXF2A2EKP6QYVGY80DPatricia Venturini1151252713600tasty and easyI have tried pretty much all flavors, and it is great! I take it for lunch daily, it's quikly to preper, it is under 200 cal per meal, you save a lot of money and time do not leaving the office to a restaurant to eat, and is guilty free, bcuz is vegan! To me is a great solution for my lunch time on weekdays, where I had daily look for a place to eat where I could get something vegetarian safe, under $10 and healthy. You will see how much money you save do NOT eating at a restaurant, bringing you own snaks and lunch from home.
292480292480B000FFPXF2A1GVFC540XNWV1Antarctica "antarctica"1131242345600Good soup, bad instructionsThese are the instructions on the cup: "Remove fresh flavor packet. Add water to fill line. Stir. Microwave 1 min 40 seconds. Stir. Cover. Let stand 5 minutes. Stir & Enjoy." Until I saw this site, I had no idea when to dump the flavor packet in. I ended up sticking it in at the end. I don't cook often. I think the instructions should be clearer about when the packet gets dumped in, just in case it effects stir-ability or taste. Unless it doesn't matter, and then they should at least say that. It did not seem to make a difference in flavor, but it was clumpy and hard to stir when I put it in at that point. It did taste good, though.
292481292481B000FFPXF2A244WRTNSDGLOHDenis-Mounie1151229990400McDougall's Pea SoupI didn't know I liked pea soup. I thought I hated it, but after reading all the positive reviews I decided to try it. The reviewers here are right! It's really tasty, with a smoky flavor- and it satisfies my lunchtime hunger.
292482292482B000FFPXF2A2NYPBG7CDCMK9Elissa Wurf1151228003200Very tasty in a meal-size portionThis is a very tasty soup for a dehydrated-then-reconstituted product--better than other similar brands I've tried, and all natural too. Plus I like the larger size (it IS available in a smaller size as well) for making a meal out of the soup. This along with some crackers and fruit makes a convenient lunch for those dining-at-the-desk days.
292483292483B000FFPXF2A4SJK7JHCAUJSTom G. Gambill "Tom G"1151226966400Awesome soup!This is really great soup, healthy, not full of any junk, all around a winner! My 15 year old daughter loves it too!
292484292484B000FFPXF2AFMWCHJK59G4DT. Guill "gone_gal"1151174867200most excellenti really like this a lot. it is ready without much trouble and it makes a great, filling soup.
292485292485B000FFPXF2AXT2AUILQ2ZCXReal Music-Not Rap0041349827200Surprisingly good!I stumbled across this particular soup in my local supermarket looking for another brand of dried soup besides the boring stuff I've eaten up to that point. It was only after I got home and decided to eat it that I discovered that it was a vegan-type product. I am not a vegan, nor will I ever be, but I can respect the reasons for not eating meat, or related products. Anyway, to my surprise, this soup is really good! Despite the fact that it does not contain any animal-related substances, Dr. MacDougall has successfully proven that animals are not needed. The broth is very tasty and it has a good consistency. The only negative thing I can say about it is that the sodium level is somewhat high, at 300 mg. per serving, and the cup holds TWO supposed servings, but, fortunately, the seasoning comes in a separate packet, so you adjust what amount you prefer to add. I put only half of the seasoning in, and it still tastes good, but maybe that isn't for everyone, especially those who don't need to watch their sodium intake.

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