Amazon Fine Food Reviews

292591292591B0018CG5BCA1V0D3XFFNVPU2Darrel T Schreck3351303603200Aboslutely wonderful for my pitbullI ordered this after reading a ton of awesome reviews and in hopes that it may hope with my dog, Kitty, a 65 pound, 2 year-old pit bull's recent issues with her skin. It turns out that her problem was in fact due to corn and other fillers used in lesser quality dog foods (in this case, Purina One). Overall, this product alone made it completely worth the cost to subscribe to Amazon Prime for the extremely fast and cheap shipping, so for less money (as Kitty now requires less food, since she's more full from eating less of the higher quality food and we make sure to only feed her what the vet recommends,) I no longer have to drive to the store and pick up a 40 pound bag of dog food and load it into the back of one of my GTIs. So far, Kitty's been gaining weight and muscle at a pretty decent rate, in my opinion. (Over the past 2 months, she's gone from approximately 59 pounds to 67.5 pounds currently, and is quite fit and happy.) All this, is of course in addition to daily exercise, walks, et cetera, but her temperament lately has also been much better. On the lesser quality dog chow, she used to mope around the house every few days, but lately, she's been very happy, energetic and outgoing. She seems to be much less easily stressed out, which is great for her, as she tend to be a bit anxious, although an absolute sweetheart.

Bottom Line: I could not recommend this or any other Canidae Dog Food product highly enough. By word of mouth at work alone, I've converted over ten people since switching at the beginning of the year (2011).
292592292592B0018CG5BCA1JJY567IA4J3GKCPackerBacker5651268006400Great Food with Grrrrrrreat TasteCanidae Grain Free ALS Salmon formula is one of the foods I rotate for my two keeshonden girls. They love the taste and they have no digestive problems with it at all. Canidae grain free food is rated very highly by all the dog food rating sources I have found. Do your dogs a favor and try some.
292593292593B0018CG5BCA3I7J622UUG6LBveganadya "veganadya"2251342310400Excellent Dog Food: Excellent Price (AVP)I would have spent the big bucks to order top-rated Blue Buffalo, but was shocked to learn that there was a recent wholesale recall of Blue Buffalo products. Canadae is much more inexpensive and just as nutritious. My dogs love it! They seem much healthier since I've switched to this brand. The folks that sell this are wonderful. Canadae was shipped to me free of charge (Amazon Prime.) It was carefully packaged: no rips, tears, or leaks. I highly recommend.
292594292594B0018CG5BCAT1A4VABGBB2HMykers2251322870400I am not a dog, but....I am not a dog, but my pug seems to like the food. I decided to choose this food because of the quality of the manufacturer. So far the dog loves the food, and the transition from the old to the new has not caused any problems. I also like the price of the food, and will continue to use this product.
292595292595B0018CG5BCA2NN9LT2WGN8QLSandra Krueger2251316822400Canidae Dog FoodWe have two dogs a standard poodle and a miniature poodle mix; both dogs are doing great on the Canidae dog food. Both dogs readily eat the dog food. Our miniature poodle mix tends to be fussy about food, but we have not had this problem with him eating the Canidae. We haven't had any issues with shipping or packaging. The orders are here within a week to 10 days of ordering.
292596292596B0018CG5BCA2IPKHNBARKG6FBrandon M. gibson2251316131200Great food for a great priceWe could not be happier with this food, we have two labs who had problems with their old food Nutra. Male would have diarrhea at least once a month and the female would have to be watched to make sure she would eat her food. We switched to this after a vet recommended a grain free formula to one of our friends labs who was having problems with his coat. After researching different food brands we decided to not purchase the science diet brand the vet recommend and we went ahead and ordered canidae salmon and potatoes. All the problems stopped as soon as we switched. Our male has no more accidents in the house and the female runs to her food when it is time to eat. They both have more energy and their coats look amazing. Great food and we recommend it to all of our friends and family for their pets. Our dogs health is worth the extra 20 dollars over the pet store brands of dog food.
292597292597B0018CG5BCA1Z8R9VI45422Qmorbidcorpse2251313712000best food out thereHands down, this brand, or Blue Buffalo, are the best dog food out there, providing your pet doesn't need a special hypoallergenic brand of food because of illness or allergies. Canidae use all natural, human grade ingredients in their foods. My 3 pit bulls smash a bowl of this stuff and love it. I recently switched my Blue pittie to the single grain formula however, because of persistent rashes she has been having lately (haven't been able to determine if it's all outdoor environmental and/or caused by a food allergy?) She seems to do better on the single grain. Nevertheless, I've been feeding my dogs this brand for over 4 years and am a very happy and loyal customer. Even with the skyrocketing prices of grains and other foods, the price hasn't wavered in 4 years. Not bad. If you're feeding your dog trash like Science Diet or Eukanuba, switch over to this and you won't be disappointed. Worth every penny.
292598292598B0018CG5BCA1N17O7Y6ZMRDPP. Rench2251292803200My dog loves itMy dog has a very sensitive digestive tract. She's been in the hospital for severe diarrhea and vomiting. We switched her to this Canidae food (as well as putting her on some meds and making sure she doesn't get outside food/treats) and she's done great since. And she loves it. We haven't had any issues with it what so ever.
292599292599B0018CG5BCATT1TEWQQLBCTS. Ashley2251286150400Cost effective & so far a good alternativeWe have a 52lb Basset/Beagle/who knows. For the past few years Boing has eaten a grain free + low gluten dehydrated food. Honest Kitchen Force, Grain-Free Dehydrated Raw Dog Food w/ Chicken, 10 Pound BoxHonest Kitchen Keen, Low-Gluten Dehydrated Raw Dog Food w/ Turkey, 10 Pound Box But with finances compromised had to find a cheaper option & having completed extensive research decided to give Canidae a try. So far it's 50% HK & 50% Canidae while transitioning to the new food & in the next two weeks he will be entirely on Canidae. I will update this review after a month to see if his wonderfully shiny coat remains like that & if he remains "gas" free. If so it will be a great find & tremendous saving. Unlike other dogs Boing did not experience the change of formula & so has not had the unfortunate stomach upsets. Another real plus was getting free shipping which helped with the overall cost. Due to health issues I have to be extremely careful of what he eats & as yet I have not seen any ill effects. Have given him the chicken grain free, this flavor & have 2 more to try. He isn't a finicky eater which helps. More in a month or so - hope this helps anyone looking for a decent alternative to the usual big name dog foods.
292600292600B0018CG5BCAU382IFSHQY0Timothy Beuthien "Tim"2251255046400Dog loves the CanidaeMy dog has had diarhea problems with all sorts of dog foods in the past. We switched him to this a couple months ago and he is doing great. This food was recommended by our pet store and I agree that it is not only healthy, but gentle on my dogs touchy stomach.
292601292601B0018CG5BCA15XTEEDC4UNR6Ashley2251211155200Healthy ChoiceMy dogs have been on this food for three years and are doing very well.
292602292602B0018CG5BCA2IF65N3D73R7Nlucy joy1151331596800dog foodThis brand of dog food was recommended to us for our Black Lab, Sadie, as it is very healthy. She absolutely loves it, and her coat is very shiny. We can tell that this is good food, as she is very satisfied. Will definitely order this and possibly other flavors again.
292603292603B0018CG5BCA408OLN867RH1Geoffrey S. Berrios "BerriosGS"1151331424000Great dog food... A little expensiveIngredient wise.... one of the best dog foods in the market. Of course, a bit on the expensive side. Our 3 dogs love this food.
292604292604B0018CG5BCA3LHFJBWYOLWW9darlyn1231151316304000really great product, dogs doing well onI looked at.several diets for skin sensitive dogs. Am already feeding a salmon diet and salmon oil bit wanted to mix. The canidae has a good name, top ingredients and at time great price
Went to order another bag 1 mo later and price had changed by $6-$7 per bag. Am now looking again.
292605292605B0018CG5BCA1XWQAMW9ITXKBDorit1151314576000glad I got thisglad I got this, searched the web for the best food for a dog with stomach problems, loose stools, what I got at the vets didn't help, after reading many reviews I got this and I love it becaseu I feed less, they poop less, more money up front but less cost in the longer, also I get it delivered, what could be better, couldnt say anough good stuff, love you canidae
292606292606B0018CG5BCA1WCPLZMJYL8TRSusanne J Cusato1151312934400very goodBought this a month ago and it seems to be working very well for my dogs and me. My dogs can not have any wheat or corn and it is hard to find a dog food at a reasonable price that contains neither. I'll keep ordering it. It is handy to have it delivered to my door.
292607292607B0018CG5BCA2Y025V77YEI97Pookie's Mom1151308614400Great Food for high energy dog with digestive problems!At 40 per cent high quality protein, this is great food for a young, healthy, very active dog. It's hard to find food with that much protein. We've been through the wringer for 3 years with our German Shepherd's food needs. He was diagnosed at 1 year old with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and even though he is on medication, we have to be careful because anything less than top quality food will give him terrible diarrhea (no matter how slowly and carefully we transition him from one food to another). Even some top quality foods will do it.Since we put him on Canidae Pure Sea he's had consistently firm stool for the first time in his 3 years of life. His coat has gotten more soft and glossy, his breath is good (for a dog), he's put on and kept on some much-needed weight. We are so happy! He's also a picky eater, but he loves the Canidae and never turns his nose up at it.

A couple of notes for any dog-savvy readers: we ruled out EPI and protein sensitivities early on. He's on Tylan and Immodium for the IBD, and most likely will be for life. The vet said that no matter WHAT we do, he will likely be subject to bouts of diarrea. That's why the Canidae seems so miraculous.
292608292608B0018CG5BCA2LGV83LSQ4XIAlexi Darling1141301529600Food for my picky puppyI am feeding her this currently while mixing it with the Innova (which is very expensive and hard to find) that her breeder is feeding her. I love that the price is slightly less than other premium, holistic foods and I can get it shipped to me on Prime 2 day shipping. It's also for all life stages, so I like that if this continues to work for her, I won't need to switch to a different food as she gets older.

The ingredients in the food are great, and I especially like that there are pro-biotics. Because the nutrients are so concentrated, I know that one of these 35 pound bags is going to last me a very long time with one growing puppy. At the same time, I had a difficult time getting her to eat the food (I guess it just didn't smell appealing to her). I have had to mix it with a little pureed pumpkin and a tablespoon of the Canidae canned food of the same variety to make it a bit more appealing. At the same time, this could just have to do with my picky Lhasa-Shih's taste buds and not the food. I know that several people who use the premium food are thrilled at the small amount of stool. Personally, my puppy has still had larger stools at least twice a day (some of this could be from the Innova which she is being weaned off of). Lhasa's are known for having sensitivities to allergens, and I love that this food is so gentle on her stomach.

Mostly, I love that this is carried by Amazon and it can get to my house so quickly and easily. It is hard enough for me to pick up a 35 pound bag of dog food while I'm putting it in a plastic bin (let alone carrying home from the store as I live in a metropolitan area where I take public transit). Great service and good product.
292609292609B0018CG5BCA2TSIXFQXQBFSLJ. Coyle1151300492800great value, great dog foodThis is really good dog food and at a really good price. Way cheaper than at my local pet store. Can't beat this for good value.
292610292610B0018CG5BCA1QH3OFCWB3QVFG. Sanders1151298937600good dog foodswitched over to this because of the new puppy. all the dogs could eat the same food which was convenient. just ordered the grain free from amazon as well in an attempt to avoid some skin allergies for my schnauzer. we'll see. great item!
292611292611B0018CG5BCA2IAHIO9LCK1VOKaren "Karen of Northern Michigan"1151295654400Our dog loves it!Our older dog has developed allergies and it's been hard to find a dog food that works for him. We were using Diamond Naturals, but I suspect they must have changed the formula because suddenly his allergies flared up and he ended up with an ear infection. We switched to this dog food and he LOVES it. Not only does he love it, but his ear infection is now gone and he's itching/scratching/chewing MUCH less.. We're grateful to have found it and hope they do not change the formula!
292612292612B0018CG5BCAOYTZRZ3IKQJMJustme363301151283817600Great !My three dogs like it a lot, and my problem dogs skin has improved dramatically.
His hair his growing back and his skin is not red and itchy anymore. I'vebtried the "Blue" dogfood and it didn't work at all.
292613292613B0018CG5BCA11N8AIQ71O82MMr, T71031218499200Switched FormulaTake care if choosing this food as they recently released a new formula that has more grains and has resulted in the superpoops for my dog that I have been feeding canidae for 2 years.
292614292614B0018CG5BCA5HMQ6PVNMF1CVM Ross4611331424000Dog developed GI problemsOur 6-year old Vizsla has been eating Canidae for 3 years. A month ago we switched flavors from Bison to Sea Salmon. We gradually transitioned the change even though it was the same company. Within four weeks on the new flavor he developed a set of distressing systems including soft, mucus covered stools, horrible gas,low energy, staggering walk, excessive drooling, licking and constant neck extending (difficulty swallowing). A vet visit confirmed these as diet related. We put him on a chicken/rice diet and his symptoms stopped after just two days. Doing research to decide whether to switch back to bison or go with another company, I found a great deal of information about other pet owners having issues with all flavors of food from Canidae. Consumer Affairs reports a pending class action suit. We have decided to switch to another company.
292615292615B0018CG5BCA2W6LT50CG9PYULinda0051348876800Very pleasedThe whole process was very smooth. We received the dog food in good condition and it arrived fasted than I would of thought. I'll order again.
292616292616B0018CG5BCA3J6SM135LZJNSCJ0051329696000Great Product!!!My dog is allergic to poultry and it's hard to find products that are poultry free. My local feed store recommended Canidae Lamb and Rice and it has done wonders for my dog. Her coat is thicker and shinier. She no longer itches and scratches/bites herself raw. Plus she loves the food and it's very reasonably priced compaired to other dog foods that are poultry free.
292617292617B0018CG5BCAEMZRE6QYVQBSDavid A. Baer0051328313600three empty dishes can't be wrongMy two Rhodesian Ridgebacks and one Labrador Retriever are no pushovers.

Even other varieties of highly regarded Canidae food have left them looking up at me over lightly rearranged bowls of food with that 'Why have you turned against us again?' look.

But whenever I bring home the thirty-pound bags of Canidae Chicken Meal and Rice, the dogsters nose hungrily around the car before I can even get the stuff out of the trunk. I've long since settled on Canidae (for its reputation as nutritious and high-quality) and on the Chicken Meal and Rice (for the predictability factor with my threesome).

Things just got better, however, when I realized that my Amazon Prime membership allows me to order a thirty-bound bag for second-day delivery at no cost (in fact, it usually arrives the next day) at a price lower than what I was paying locally.

This has allowed me to move to a just-in-time delivery service, which cuts down on the storage needs and may be attractive for other owners of multiple and/or large dogs.
292618292618B0018CG5BCA1IVCIM0RXKE7ZBeverly Widdows "pachi the cat"0051327968000best dog food I've foundSince using this product my dogs coat has improved soooooo much. He loves it. He does have fish breath, but his health is has improved.
292619292619B0018CG5BCAH79STLJHFQRTBeyondBlueBooks0051327795200Dog loves it; no tummy problems, but I've eased the transitionI've been feeding my dog (75 pound Golden mix, about 5 years old) Canidae for 3-4 days now, and she absolutely loves it! She's always been a picky eater, often ignoring food in her bowl, but she laps this up as soon as I put it in. I've been mixing it with her old food to ease her into the transition. For the first two days I did 75% old food, 25% Canidae. Today I've done half and half. No tummy problems. If anything she seems to have more energy. The only thing is that now I have to really police how much food I give her, whereas with her old food I knew she would only eat it if she were hungry. But I'm happy she's happy! I'm also happy to have found a food that seems to be much better quality, and for a price that's within my tight budget.
292620292620B0018CG5BCA195LWAJK3G9DADonna0051327708800Picky dog!Great product and quick shipping!
My dog really loves this food! She is allergic to wheat, of which this has none, and is a very picky eater but loves this food!

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