Amazon Fine Food Reviews

292621292621B0018CG5BCA3PYL22IDMXKZ6Jessica0051327622400Healthy salmon dog food without fishy odor.This product is made from the best ingredients. My dog was allergic to chicken-based dog foods so my vet suggested salmon. This is a quality salmon dog food without a strong fishy odor.
292622292622B0018CG5BCA1KC0LCX0IWI65SM0051326067200Great Quality Dog FoodMy Boxer have tried various dog foods. He started with Nutro as a puppy but after a year, he started not liking his food so we switched to Science Diet. After much research, found that Science Diet did not use the quality products... so we switched to Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul Adult Dog food. My dog loved the food but realized he had allergies to one of the ingredients. So we changed to Canidae and he loves this and has no allergies.

When My husband and I researched good quality dog food, we found a lot of great quality dog food and most of them were pretty pricy but we found Canidae and Chicken Soup to be the best quality for a good price. I would recommend Canidae Lamb Meal and Brown Rice to any dog owners. My dog has been on it for about 6 months now and its been great!
292623292623B0018CG5BCA2O421DTA8J0RWDogs & Horses "Spanish Norman Horses"0051324252800Excellent for large breed dogsOur Rhodesian Ridgebacks were on this food some years back and we moved, thus losing access to it at the new location. I am very glad to see Amazon carrying Canidae and that it's available using the Prime Membership! We have fed many, many dogs the Canidae when we we were fostering rescue dogs (an average of 3 new dogs a month for years) and it was the only food NONE of them ever had any trouble eating & digesting. Our own pack has a couple of members with soy allergies, so I'm careful about what we feed. They have been back on the Canidae for a few months now with no drama at all. The switch from their old food back to the Canidae was easy and stress free and all 6 dogs scarf it down like it was prime rib. (or you know...a squirrel) Even my father's Chihuahua likes it and that little diva used to think she could only eat human food! I have been able to cut back by a half cup on the daily ration for our largest dog as he was putting extra weight on with his previous amount from the old food. Everyone's coat is soft and shiny, they all have loads of energy and are generally in excellent overall health - that doesn't happen with the grocery store bargain foods. Again, I am VERY VERY glad to see the big bags of Canidae available from Amazon!!
292624292624B0018CG5BCAGNXHF4NTTQ52Revs K0051322524800Canidae totally works for our Retriever/Border Collie mix!Our dog loves this brand. We used their Chicken & Rice formula for about a year & decided to switch to the Lamb & rice one after our dogs interest-level started going down. How did we find out? We realized that over time we have been mixing more treats in her food to get her to eat it (This with only 2 meals a day!)

Our dog definitely preferred lamb over the chicken, no more treat mix-in's, only pure dog-food!

We = Canidae fans for life!
292625292625B0018CG5BCA30E6J7LAEKXUYTeresa G. Norman "tdgn"0041319846400dog foodMy female bulldog has skin allergies and this product really helps her condition. This is a good price for it with free shipping.
292626292626B0018CG5BCA3KRZH13FYXILYTravel Girl "tg"0051308096000Best BuyBuying Canidae thru Amazon is truly one of today's best bargains. Plus, Mr. UPS carries the 30 pound bag up my stairs!
292627292627B0018CG5BCA260LYES3B53G2ESB "eitansb"1211330905600I should've done more research before buying thisI should've done more research before buying this product. My dog seemed to have very little appetite when she was on this food. She had skin problems. She had loose stools. Unfortunately I didn't want to believe that it had anything to do with the food. I finally decided to look into it after months of trying to get her to eat it more regularly and found that my problems weren't uncommon with this food. I've since switched her to Blue Buffalo food and her skin problems have gotten better, she has become more energetic, her stools are no longer loose and she happily eats.
292628292628B0018CG5BCA3VPCY9LN22Z38Hannah1221314748800canidae dry dog foodMy dog got horrible diarrhea from it.
We mixed it with her old food for about a week and after that gave her just the Canidea food.
Too bad, it seemed like a good brand though.
292629292629B0018CG5BCA3OSW0LI353F2XBasset lover1241304812800I ordered this for the benefit of my allergy dog.It just came in, and to my disappointment, it contains barley...which she is allergic to. That is NOT on the ingredient list, so beware. Fortunately my other dog can eat this.

Amazon, please keep the ingredients up to date!
292630292630B0018CG5BCA1S2GUIPPNHBJWC. T. "dog walker"5911228867200Beware new formula!Canidae has changed the formula of their ALS recipes. Many, many dogs have become ill after eating the new formula. The web is full of complaints from dog owners whose dogs are experiencing the same awful symptoms (Diarrhea, vomiting, itching, hot spots and even seizures). Do your homework before buying this product. The company changed the formula without notifying the public. Would give zero stars if possible.
292631292631B0018CG5BCA15E280KEOD4VLA. Hubble "Book Worm"0151205798400Canidae rocksMy Weimeraner loves Canidae dry food. It's healthy for her and leaves her always wanting more. Highly recommend it and it's worth the cost.
292632292632B0018CG5BCA1R1BFJCMWX0Y3KO3621289174400Look at the ingredients after chicken meal!I've heard this is a good food, but was shocked to see after chicken meal so many grains. I did not feed this to my dog. I'd rather pay more money for better quality food. All those fillers are unneeded. I expect such a highly regarded company to have better ingredients. I always look for by products but didn't think to even bother to check the next 4 ingredients. Highly disappointed.
292633292633B0018CG5BCA33YBKXF13A81DKoeeaddi "shmuelman"0211219795200New formula (Aug, 2008) is no goodThis has given my young dog persistent loose stools. My older dog also had problems with loose stools on the adult formula, which was immediately rectified by a change to Innova. See the large number of serious complaints on the web about the new formulation before buying.
292634292634B0018CG5BCA3LTCTMDVKXX02RunningMom1411319760000My dog lost too much weight on this food.I have a two and a half year old female Boxer that has allergies to most commercial dog foods, so I keep her on a diet free of wheat, soy, and animal by-products. Canidae seemed to fit the criteria and was available at my local pet store (whereas, the brand I was feeding, Evo, had to be ordered), so I wanted to try it. I've been feeding my dog three and a half cups of Canidae dry dog food daily (divided between two feedings) for about five weeks, and she has lost a significant amount of weight on this diet. She is a very active dog that has always been lean, but she is now too skinny. I will be switching back to Evo and would not recommend Canidae.
292635292635B0018CG5BCA4F95M3EENH7BKATHLEEN WRIGHT1511329609600Problem Dog FoodI purchased Canidae Dry Dog Food, Chicken Meal and Rice Formula for my two Cocker Spaniels (Cavalier King Charles and American breed). After about two weeks, the problems began. Diarrhea, some vomiting and general malaise. Further feeding resulted in more problems. We had fed them Blue Buffalo and Eukanuba in the past but had never experienced these kind of problems. We returned to Eukahuba and both pets have returned to normal. I'm unsure what ingredients caused the problem but I will never use this product again and recommend caution before feeding your dog this food!Canidae Dry Dog Food, Chicken Meal and Rice Formula, 30-Pound Bag
292636292636B0058ORKI8A3EYV29YXCZDTLJ Steck1151344902400Good in a shake. More recipes, and info.Has a bitter taste, with all that vitamin C.
So I use it in this.

Starting with the blender half full of water.
I make 3 to 4 servings of each, use it in 3 days or less.
Add water, Hemp milk or Almond milk
Hemp protein power
Hemp seed nut
Chia seed powder (this will gel if you let it sit)
Gelatinized Maca
Dulse flakes
Camu Camu
Cacao (strong tasting, you will know if you use too much)
Frozen Blueberries or cherries (about a cup)
Navitas Coconut Palm Sugar (or YACON to taste)
Also I add some goldenseal root.(Today, goldenseal is marketed as a tonic to aid digestion, sooth upset stomach, and as an antibacterial agent. It is considered a natural antibiotic and is most often combined with echinacea in preparations designed to strengthen the immune system. However, only one study found that goldenseal might help boost white blood cells (a measure of the infection fighting ability of the immune system), and it wasn't well designed.

Mix the Hemp nut, Dulse flakes and fruit first; on high, till it makes a "milk".
Then the rest of each item, you want in it
If it gets too thick. Add some more water.
You can add yogurt, take the seaweed flakes out if you like. it will taste good if you work on it.
Check the website navitasnaturals. For more recipes, and info.
292637292637B004GSI9NWA3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"0031302912000Healthy Dark Chocolate with NO REFINED SUGARRaw Organic Fortina Sprouted Dark Chocolate Bar-1 ozs. is a healthy alternative to cane sugar-sweetened chocolate. This is sweetened with honey. It is not as bitter as say a 90% cacao bar but it isn't sweet enough to satisfy my I-want-a-chocolate-treat craving. It does have a nice texture though and a traditional chocolate appearance to it. I've seen these at several local health food stores and they were discontinued in each as they didn't sell well so maybe others had the same opinion as me.
292638292638B004S036FEA1KOT8QF046CCQJ. A. Lynn0041326585600Another stock up productGreat as a stand alone, maybe with some Texas toast. We use it for our Chili Dogs, heavy on this chili. Added to mac n cheese and you have quick and easy chili mac. Mix with packaged mashed potato and you have a cheap and easy Sheperds pie.
One of several canned goods my pantry is seldom without.
292639292639B004I405P4A1KYD9PX6UY278theguardianii3351303516800Quantity for PriceGood sound economic value when I bought these. Cheaper to purchase through Amazon due to the fact that NY has a bottle deposit which is not collected online. That plus free shipping over 25 dollars was more than enough to make me purchase my CocaCola fix from Amazon.
Obviously they are just standard 20 oz bottles. They are shipped shrink wrapped and surrounded with paper padding in a box. None were popped or punctured.
292640292640B004I405P4A2NO1TXXS9T0EEBruteNStones2251313712000goodcame shrink wrapped(awesome!)

great buy for non travelers

no other soda is better and higher quality.

hopefully they start selling other 24 packs, love to see other products from coke for sell.
292641292641B004I405P4ATKK7850YKQBVW. Carter0021318896000Good value when I bought last summer but no longerI've purchased a couple of cases of 20 ounce cokes in the past year. At that time, Amazon was selling them so when they would have a sale, they were a great buy. Unfortunately, Amazon is no longer carrying them and, as you can see, the shipping cost from the vendor is more than what the cokes cost. As a result, instead of costing less than a dollar each (great price!), the shipping cost added in makes them cost about $2.00 each. Outrageous! The only reason I'm giving them 2 stars instead of one is because I love the taste of the product...
292642292642B004I405P4A3HFO9EANS7661Kathy Jenema1251316476800The Best Drink Ever!!!!!!!!!!!How can someone NOT like the best drink ever made? How can you NOT like it? It tastes awesome, it's a classic American drink, and it has caffeine. So it's basically perfect. It's been around for 125 years. Sadly, if you have braces, it weakens the cementing. :(
292643292643B005DN3DC6ALEJY4QCZH7WMJane C Mayer111151322438400exactly as ordredI was a bit concerned when I ordered this product because there was not explicitly listed number of tea bags, but it came with 8 as I had hoped and was in great condition!
292644292644B005DN3DC6A3IXWMIMKBUL0VSmile2351340841600Great transactionI was a little skeptical about ordering this product from here. Once i received the product and started taking it, it worked great. I had already known the effects it has seeing as i had taken it before. I was extremely satisfied with this product and plan on purchasing this product again. Thank you for being honest and for a great product.
292645292645B005DN3DC6A2P5GOT7ODEU42Teresa1221342483200Not a big fanI started to drink it three weeks ago and did not notice any difference...maybe it is not for me ....too expensive
292646292646B003WEFR0YAB6LJ8WGURAOEJudy Gehrig0051328572800Red hots in the perfect snack sizeLove these red hots and the package size is the best for snacking, in my opinion. This was also the best price by far!
292647292647B000WFKGR0AF8XI1GPGSCH3NB121251271721600The only food I will feed my dogs!I have two senior dogs that were on a raw natural food diet for many years. I had been hard pressed to find something that would fulfill my pets nutritional requirements while being comprised of healthy ingredients. This is it! Even my vet, a fierce advocate for raw food, approves of this. My dogs love it, I no longer have to mix my own ingredients together, and I have peace of mind knowing my beloved pets are being fed high-quality food. They devour every last particle!
292648292648B000WFKGR0A134S6TOUH24QVchicagoland8851308096000my dogs love this!This is one food that when mixed with their dry food, my dogs will eat every last drop. They love this. Our older dog (just turned 2) needs to be on a grain free diet, so that is what our puppy gets too. I love that this is 95% Turkey and that the dogs really like it.
292649292649B000WFKGR0A165Q8QLQB1BEEKirby USA "Kirby"7751282867200My Yorkie Likes It, So I Like ItMy parents were having issues getting their Yorkie to eat Wellness dry and so was I with my Yorkie. They would eventually eat, but it was dragging down their routines. According to the Whole Dog Journal, Wellness Canned Dog Food Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe is a great food for your dog. The article stressed how gone are the days where wet food was worse for a dog than dry. As long as it's a good, quality food, the wet is actually better for dogs than the dry. I mix the wet with the dry and our Yorkies lap it down quick. I can also hide my Yorkie's morning pill with it and she doesn't realize she's taking her medicine.
292650292650B000WFKGR0A241HDIOHZJRBRK. Gardner "Think occasionally of the sufferi...4451332806400Used This for a Starved Rescue HoundI have been involved in dog rescue for many years. I recently took in a very large hound who had been starved within an inch of his life. The vet recommended this (in addition to many other treatments and holistic measures, including yogurt!) to try to quickly get some weight on and good nutrition into the dog. You'd think a starving dog would eat anything, but often times they will not. I had to bake this hound homemade meatloaf for a month. Wellness and Nutro canned were the only "dog foods" I could get him to eat. But he did gain weight steadily, was able to wean off 'human food', and did very well. After gaining 20 lbs, he was adopted by a wonderful family. When you need the best, any of the Wellness Brands I would highly recommend.

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