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292741292741B001NJMLTUA15LZ9TFX7SZUSJammil04110051344816000bold and strongI grew up drinking tea that my mom brought home from Ireland. Having visited Ireland as a kid, I got addicted to tea, but American tea just isn't strong enough to match the Gold tea my mom liked best. I think this Barry's tea is now my new favorite. I've been to England to visit cousins, but they were drinking P.G. Tips. P.G. Tips was okay until I found Barry's tea. I like bold coffee and apparently bold tea.
292742292742B001NJMLTUA3P80GYLH6U1RUDean S. Silver0051323907200Best Irish Breakfast teaI was introduced to this tea about 6 years ago. It has a wonderful, full-bodied flavor that I find most satisfying for a morning cup of tea...or, anytime of day!
292743292743B001NJMLTUAKW7OEU0LPHIFDavid W. O'Connor0051295568000Irish TeaDifficult to find this tea in my area but easy to purchase on line. Great Irish tea, very strong. Good price and quick shipping.
292744292744B001NJMLTUA30VBLKU1LPPOZrhrlowry0031274140800Barry's Irish Breakfast TeaI like Irish breakfast tea, but found this a tad too strong for my taste.
292745292745B001NJMLTUA1URU8B9DK4OB0Robert Verporter "Rverp"0041266883200Good Tea but others are just as goodBought this tea because i have read so much about it over the past few months. Truth be told it is good, but i like "fresh & easy" house brand of Irish Breakfast Tea just as much...
292746292746B001NJMLTUA1UGNKQTY7F8NCJ. Skiff0051263081600a lot of flavor and it goes a long wayThis tea has a wonderful flavor. I like my tea strong and one teabag of this tea makes 4 cups of strong, flavorful tea. It's one of my favorites.
292747292747B0018CDS30AJD41FBJD9010N. Ferguson "Two, Daisy, Hannah, and Kitten"2221233360000hmm... dogs enjoy, but there are healthier liver treat optionsMy dogs love these treats, and I do buy them occasionally because they are cheap and perched at the check-out counter of our local garden/feed store. But check out the ingredient list-- I don't think anyone can feel good about feeding their dog high-fructose corn syrup! Just not the healthiest option-- when so many of our dogs are overweight, it seems better to feed them a real liver treat, versus this product which is "made with liver".

My dogs absolutely love Pro-Treat Beef Liver, Freeze Dried 14 Ounce (the larger size packages are more economical). I just feel a lot better about feeding real freeze-dried liver that doesn't have all the extra junk in Bil-Jac liver treats.

Specifically, these treats have chicken "by-products"-- that means liquid slaughterhouse run-off and other non-human grade leftovers from the slaughterhouse. UGH! Bil-Jac also includes three preservatives, glycerin (?!), and the corn syrup.

Here's the ingredient list for Bil-Jac liver treats, so you can make your own decision:

Liver, Chicken By-Products, Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn, Chicken Fat, Glycerin, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Propylene Glycol, Wheat Flour, Phosphoric Acid, Salt, Sodium Propionate and Potassium Sorbate and BHA and Citric Acid (Preservatives), Iron Oxide.
292748292748B008A8LO9AA324KPXQJJ3VLAmagicmom0011348444800Very poor, teeny tiny eggsThis caviar is not worth buying or eating. The egg size is minuscule, so you cannot enjoy the texture or even appreciate that you are eating caviar. Poor taste. Mine went in the trash.
292749292749B0041QGIRIA2T68P9I05KBFTRusy3451291507200It was the most amazing coffee !!!!I tried this one and the Organic Blend before I knew that John Weaver was the master roaster at PEETS coffee for 20 over years and left them to start his own label. This coffee is simply AMAZING. I cant say enough.
292750292750B0041QGIRIA21KHP7ND0BFNJTennis player2351310774400Weaver's Coffee is the Best Coffee in the World!I got a few bags of Weaver's Coffee as a gift. I usually never do reviews but here I am chugging a cup of Weaver's Peru Organic and I just had to write something about this amazing product. My husband and I are now addicted to this coffee. It has no bitter after taste and is super smooth. Excellent value. So glad I can buy it at Amazon.
292751292751B0041QGIRIA35EGMC3CTX5KERob and Mary Katzenbach2351285545600The best gift ever!What do you give those who have everything? *Weavers Coffee* Christmas 2009, I gave a dozen friends Weavers Peruvian Coffee. They absolutely LOVED it; so much so that they're purchasing Weavers Coffee & Tea on a regular basis. Try it... You'll LOVE it too!
292752292752B0041QGIRIAGTO21BHY08LFscottls1 "scottls1"1421303430400Weaver's Peru Organic was a disappointment!This coffee left an Awful Arcid aftertaste in my mouth, and now I have to use up 2 bags (if I don't toss them).

The Cafe Altura Organic Peru beans taste Much better to me (I don't like their highly-rated Sumatra), and a better price too!
Cafe Altura Organic Coffee, Peruvian Dark, Whole Bean, 32-Ounce Bag
292753292753B001HTMXL2A3CNADT6B3KQ9ACrossword0051297296000Newman's Own Organic California CranberriesWe were pleasantly surprised with this product. The cranberries were moist and delicious. Have used other products from this company and they have all been good. The delivery was good. We highly recommend this product and will order again.
292754292754B000ED7MIGA39UW4FVJ5XMFireRaven99951298332800Great product!This is one of the few aluminum-free, non-GMO baking powders on the market. It works great and is equally as effective as Rumford. I love that I can buy it in bulk from Amazon.
292755292755B000ED7MIGA27OPNET5OKMH9Peggy Sue Leggett4451255824000natural baking ingredientsthese baking products are excellent. I'm thankful for this also because i do a fair amount of baking during the holidays, and it's much more cost effective to buy it here.
292756292756B000ED7MIGA2MNKUTHYVNY5YEvelyn L. Clark "evie"3351249344000baking powder-non aluminumI like high quality ingredients to bake with and this is a large enough pkg that I can share with my daughters at an affordable price.
292757292757B000ED7MIGA1TW5TBQHER12DLadyoftheIvy1151321660800Aluminum free!This is a great baking powder, and it's also nice in that it's aluminum free. I'll fully admit I'd not noticed the inclusion of it in other baking powders I've bought, but then, I never looked at the label of them until I purchased this one. It works well, and this is a great way to get it in bulk if you do a fair amount of baking, or even just a fair amount of pancakes/waffles. This (as opposed to their baking soda) is the product Bob's Red Mill ought to put the "Aluminum Free" label on, given that a lot of baking sodas are now aluminum free. I generally store it in the fridge when not in use, and store the extra unopened packages in the freezer until we're ready to open them. It's a great way to get baking powder for all the baking, waffles, and pancakes around our house!
292758292758B000ED7MIGA2SQAWW4A5U6E7Edith L. Clark "Edith"0051348790400never lumpyThis baking powder has no aluminum and it always does a good job.The product stayes fresh when stored in a glass jar with lid. I have been using this product for almost a year.
292759292759B000ED7MIGAHJ0U4V74OVIPBill King0051335398400Aluminum causes alzheimers...Gave up smoking? Good, now give up aluminum. Pretty easy to do because this brand works just as well and is cheaper.

We buy an ocasional store cannister in order to get the easy dispense can and then repack the empty can with these.
292760292760B000ED7MIGA2CQPQKS3J6JJRK. Robertson0051334880000What a service!I love to bake and Bob's Red Mill is a great product! Finding it on Amazon prime two day shipping was a treat worth dancing about. In the past I have ordered a five pound canister of Rumford. It is a great product too, but this comes in one pound packages which reduce the clumping that can occur when products like this are purchased in bulk. I will be looking for more such items in the future. You can easily give as gifts too.
292761292761B000ED7MIGA1KW2B3AH0VNDXmomii0051334016000Bob's Red Mill - Thumbs Up!This baking powder does not include aluminum. I never knew some baking powders used aluminum. How many years have I been putting metal into my baked goods? Yikes!! That doesn't sit well with me.

I've lately become aware of the way our food is being grown and processed in the US. The use of genetically modified or genetically engineered wheat, corn, soy, canola, etc. is frightening!! My friend, Patt, calls it "Franken Food". Our gov't does not require manufacturers to label ingredients that are sourced GMO or GE (European and Asian gov'ts require it). Consumers need to be self advocates for their own health and the health of their families. That's why I love and Bob's Red Mill. The prices are competitive and the variety is endless. Thanks for providing options for families!
292762292762B000ED7MIGA224LVYAM7C7U2jlw0051332460800GOD SENDI am on auto delivery for this product because it's the only chemical free baking soda I can find. It works wonders for all kinds of ailments, house cleaning, the list is endless.
292763292763B000ED7MIGA302BITH4LWRJLAysel M.1241334793600Why did I buy so much?Somebody explain to me why did I buy 4 pounds of baking powder when I only bake maybe 5 times a year? Oh right, because the four pack was less expensive than buying one pack elsewhere. Thanks, Amazon!
292764292764B000ED7MIGA2Z31Z0GPSVDT8Karen0211343347200what a mess!!!I recieved this baking powder and it was inside a box then that box was inside the outer box with other items and the inner box the baking powder was in which was a bob mills box was flat and powder was everywhere. It was a total mess all 4 packs was leaking out the baking powder. the holes in each bag all was coming from the seam of the bags. Amazon said it was done in shipping but how in the world when it was inside 2 boxes total.
How does all four bags come apart from seam. NONE was salvagable. A total loss and I had to clean powder off the other items that was packaged with it. I contacted amazon and they said a refund would be given. I had ordered it on the subscribe and save program but after this NO WAY I want to try another order. I am very disappointed because I love Bob Mill Products.
292765292765B000ED7MIGA2X0OMXYOJ76R3Goli0211340928000packaging problemI just opened the outer layer of the box and got baking powder everywhere! The plastic packages that contain the powder are broken. I can't return it due to Amazon policy.
Few days later: Amazon sent me a new package for free. This one was in good shape.
292766292766B000ED7MIGA25GNLA9Q8F6MTtimes2come0311347753600Bought the wrong stuffI bought the wrong stuff and its non returnable.Thats bunk!!!Anybody interested in it?lol I'll have to pay a little closer attention next time!
292767292767B000ED7MIGAJ093GM4BY8EQRahsaym10431336694400Wrong product order, but kept it for it's quality.I wanted to buy some baking soda, and not baking powder. I kept it for future sake baking but I think a warning, or a visible statement for the customers not make the confusion. For example: "*Consumer aware: THIS PRODUCT IS BAKING POWDER, NOT BAKING SODA!!!" or something like that. ///
292768292768B000ED7MIGAZQ0FITILSXT9ML2821297814400Damaged packagingThe outer box and the inner packing box were both in good shape when this arrived, but all four bags in the inner box were torn or had holes in them. The contents were spilling out of both boxes when it arrived. On a positive note, Amazon refunded the purchase price promptly.
292769292769B005A1L2XIA13DSYOVSATG27DaneEaster2251313884800HeavenlyThis is the best gluten free organic shortbread available. It's a pity it is so hard to find! As usual Amazon insists I fill up space writing "a minimum of twenty words." Good grief. These are damned good cookies! Isn't that enough?
292770292770B005A1L2XIA2B5MDB4TOF5HWEmily1151340236800ADDICTINGThese cookies are almost too good... it's a shame there are only 9 in a box! Probably one of the best gf cookies available.

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