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292831292831B001E5DXH2A2NFXSADG5INI2Janie "Cat Lover"0051214438400Absolutely The BestI first tasted Chai from a Dunkin Donuts and I tried unsuccessfully to find a good product to have at home. Every mix I tried was awful. Then I decided to try Amazon and I found Big Train. The reviews helped me to try it out and I am so glad. I love this is without a doubt one of the best chai's out there. The spice is just right, it is creamy whether you just add water or froth it up in a latte maker. I usually have a nice relaxing big cup every night. Kudo's Big Train!!
292832292832B001E5DXH2A3ILXDO5TZWKKTD. Williams0051198108800Great Tea!!!Years ago I had this product in a coffee shop that I ran and am so delighted to find it on the open market to still be able to purchase, as I do often.
I had many customers exclaim that this product was the best that they have ever had and I tend to agree, there are some others that are good, yet I find myself going to Big train time and again.
Great Job- keep it up.
292833292833B001E5DXH2A1UWTXIQ3T165FS. Mojica "Amazing Mama"1241287532800Not sure about trying yet? You can buy one for $11 at Smart & Final in CA.Tip: If you are picky about your Chai and apprehensive about buying two HUGE cans you can buy one can for $11 at Smart & Final in California. I did buy it but haven't tried it yet, I will update about the taste later. I am a Tazo Chai Tea fan, so we will see.
292834292834B001E5DXH2AA4PBJYRGCI5CRobert Pawlak "rjpawlak"1221267315200Almost great - but too sweetLet me preface this review by stating that taste is surely a subjective judgement. That being said, I think this chai mix is too sweet, and the sweetness overpowers the taste of the spices. If they'd tone down the sugar a little bit, they would have a real winner here.
292835292835B001E5DXH2A2ORQHE69VCV5WJ. Olson4711235174400Not greatMy husband has chai tea for breakfast every morning. I bought this because it was cheaper and had good reviews. Don't like it much--leaves an aftertaste.
292836292836B001E5DXH2A10CRI1J0FWT53Kathryn Labbe0131297382400Tastes good but it's not what I thought it was.First, let me state that this chai tastes amazing! However it is very misleading on this site when it says 99% caffeine free. On the canister it says there's 65 mg of caffeine in every 8 ounce serving! That's more caffeine than 8 ounces of Mountain Dew! I bought this in bulk (2 canisters) because I thought I could drink it at nighttime in the place of hot cocoa (14 mg of caffeine) but now it's going to take me forever to go through all this since I can only drink it in the morning! If I knew about the caffeine I probably would've tried the single packets..
292837292837B001E5DXH2AFICYS20MYPXRupset0141294876800disappointedLove the product. But upon recieving the 2 cans thats are said to be 1.9 lbs, Im not sure if they were or not. Both the cans were only 1/2 full. Very disappointed.
292838292838B001E5DXH2A3J1JT23OLCXNHGordon W. Sheill0341322956800cancelling a recurring orderI cancelled an order for BigTrain Chai in October, 2011. It was a recurring order. Amazon shipped an order in December.
When I tried to verify the cancellation, there was no way to access past orders to cancel them online.
292839292839B001E5DXH2A2EK830V86CILGMusic Fan8851203897600Love this Chai!This is a perfect product for me, being the Chai lover that I am. I ordered some before Christmas, was a bit unsure how it would be, but I loved it so much that I am now a repeat customer.

This tastes as good or better than the expensive chai you can find at Starbucks or like coffee shops, and of course it is much more affordable. It's creamy, even with just the water added and the spicy taste is perfect! Very highly recommended. Please Amazon, keep this product on your site forever and ever...
292840292840B001E5DXH2A2WNXS3CNAQS01Sapere Aude111251198281600I'm Hooked!I had some of this spiced chai at a friend's house a few weeks ago, It was so delicious I found myself buying a 12oz bag from the local boutique she bought it from. Now I'm sipping my last cup from the bag so I came here to find more! I'm thrilled to find it's sold on amazon in a larger size and is significantly cheaper than the boutique's prices.

Yum Yum Yum.
292841292841B001E5DXH2AVV8OCGGD7KRKGiGi91041255392000Good Stuff.I had a sample of this before I bought it. If you like Tastefully Simple's Chai then you'll like this. It is also a better deal. You get two cans (1.9 lb) for $20. The other chai you spend $10 on one can and only get 10oz. It is also cheaper to enjoy at home than to buy a cup on the go. The "hot chai latte famous barista recipe" is really good on the side of the can. The directions call for you to steam the milk into the water but if you just heat up the water and milk separately in the microwave and then pour them togeather (with the mix) you'll still get a nice froth on top. Enjoy.
292842292842B001E5DXH2AMXBNBL1TU5JTKira5551177459200Best Chai I've Ever TastedI absolutely love this chai. It's not too sweet like the chai that is commonly sold in grocery stores and coffee shops. It has even passed my "blind" taste test-- I had some at a small restaurant and asked the waitress what kind it was because I loved it so much. A few months later, I noticed that Coffee Plantation, my favorite place to order chai, uses it as well. Way better than Oregon Chai!
292843292843B001E5DXH2A1RJUXDK64O91ASandy P "saprater"101211292371200Not my cup of teaI just received my order of Big Train Chai...and right after this review, I'll be walking both canisters to the neighborhood dump. This will teach me (again) not to purchase in bulk without trying a small sample first. I had chosen Big Train because of the wonderful reviews. So it was disappointing when I made my first cup and sipped a concoction that tasted like powdered milk with a dash of pumpkin seasoning. Very cheap, instant cocoa mix. The blend of seasonings is more reminiscent of pumpkin pie than chai and has none of the peppery goodness that I enjoy so much. The one positive I will give is that it is a very fine grain and easily dissolves in hot water.
292844292844B001E5DXH2A2PXXQ724T1JLRS. Martinez4451288051200AWESOME CHAI WITHOUT DRIVING TO STARBUCKS!I have tried several chai products at home and was never successful at finding one that tasted as good, if not better than Starbucks & other local coffee shops...UNTIL NOW. This is seriously the best chai that you'll find for home. It's DELICIOUS & CREAMY with milk, but also mixed with hot water as directed. You wont be disappointed! Just opening the can...Mmmmm.... One word to describe this product is YUMMY...! Thanks sis' for sharing!
292845292845B001E5DXH2A2YH806SPQYRZVKathryn J. O. Connor "KJO"6751178928000I love this stuffGreat stuff
292846292846B001E5DXH2A3LSRCYWY2GD7DFausta2251295913600Love this stuff!I had this ages ago from a coffee shop, it was my drink of choice. I have tried the chai from other companies, and the taste just isn't there, and the price was high. To my delight, I found this 2-pack and snapped it up- I have gone through six cans now and have more on the way. It's a great drink for a cold evening, because it has no caffiene and is deliciously sweet. I like to make mine with milk, it makes it creamier and tastes like heaven. Buy some!
292847292847B001E5DXH2A3S9NM6RE08JZVJules "Scrapbooker"2231294358400Better than I thoughtI had purchased this for my niece who likes chai lattes. I got nervous about giving it to her so I opened one can to try. It tastes a lot like pumpkin spice to me. Since I like pumpkin, this was great. I did like to mix it with milk rather than water. My husband likes to put it in his coffee instead of creamer.
292848292848B001E5DXH2AINLB5M82KZFFhappy mom2251223942400great tastThis is the best tasting chai I've tried. Hot or cold, it's a great comfort drink and the best way I know to start my day in the morning.
You won't be disappointed!
292849292849B001E5DXH2A1Z0Q1F5FUQKU7Daniel E. Mabbott2251219363200The best chai EVER!!!I was paying $4 for this chai at 2 different local coffee shops. Found this little gem on amazon and am now saving a lot of money. It is hands down the best tasting Chai I have ever had. I have friends who come into town out of state and first thing they want to do is get this chai.
292850292850B001E5DXH2AEUBYLMR0695HJ. Stephen2251212883200DeliciousI bought the two-pack of this Spiced Chai mix on May 7th, and here it is almost exactly one month later and I've already run out and am back here ordering more. It's very good, much better than I thought it'd be. I have an espresso machine and using the steam wand to make a Chai latte during lunch has become a favorite part of my daily ritual. 0.3 litres of water, 0.1 litres of milk and 1.5 scoops of the mix in a glass steamed until hot is wonderful. It's also good without the milk and also good iced, though keep in mind you have to make it hot first then add ice -- the mix won't combine with cold water directly.

The flavor is very nice and reminds me a lot of Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie. It's not overly spicy, just very pleasant. The caffeine doesn't seem especially high either as I never feel wired after having a large glass. I highly recommend it, especially as a steamed Chai latte.
292851292851B001E5DXH2A1W2DZ9MUWFUE4art2tea22251211846400Love it!!I love big train products. You can only buy this at holliday time, now I can get it year round. This is my favorite chai it tastes like a hot cocco only spicy, and without the chocolate. Great comfort drink.
292852292852B001E5DXH2A3PV6AIJQXKLLZSusan Jaramillo "susan Jaramillo"2251206403200deliciousreally good for chai tea latte's. i used to buy them at my local cafe, now i make them. You can mix with water or with milk. comes best when you steam the milk.
292853292853B001E5DXH2A265YYTJVZKE69Ginny2251205798400Delicious honey undertonesBig Train Spiced Chai is served at my favorite drive-through coffee stand. I was so tickled to find a retail supplier so Big Train Spiced Chai can now also be enjoyed at home. I especially like the true honey undertones that complement but don't overwhelm the spice flavors. Sweet without tasting syrupy.
292854292854B001E5DXH2AIO25EH09HWTVR. Davis "Rglazapple"2251204070400Excellent!I love the fact this mixes easily and can be stored in my cabinet. The taste is EXCELLENT. Very creamy and just the right amount of spices! Not watery or wimpy tasting --I ordered this just to try it out and was really impressed! I will definitely order more of this for myself,friends and family.
292855292855B001E5DXH2A3QAGCNHRRACTWSnooty1151329955200Big Train Spiced Chai Hits the SpotThis spiced chai is perfect for cool or hot mornings as it can be either a steamy or iced drink. I am not a coffee drinker so this has become my daily morning drink. I would and do recommend this to anyone who is looking for something other than coffee to drink. It has a sweet yet spiced flavor and after drinking this for at least 2 years now I have never been disappointed. Great product!
292856292856B001E5DXH2A1NEQAZWI9C9MZJ. Labianca1151327795200Best chai I ever had.This chai is heaven in a cup. My only complaint would be the amount of sugar that's in this mix. It taste so good though!
Amazon has it for a way better price than in stores. I even mixed coco in it to make spiced hot chocolate! You should try it!
292857292857B001E5DXH2A1FGEOJFISAAEBvee1151327190400Big Train Spiced ChaiLOVE this Chai tea, I have a cup every nite for my nite cap. I'm hooked. I'll probably order this tea again.
292858292858B001E5DXH2A2H4XIBYXGIS31Schatzy1151327017600Chai TeaBig Train Chai Tea is delicious....the packaging is perfect and easy (cannister, large packs or individual single serving packs). The Vanilla Chai is also very good.
292859292859B001E5DXH2A19VNZU8ELNHOZcoastiewife1151324598400I am sooo happy i found this!I used to work at a coffee shop that carried Big Train Chai. Saddly it went out of business and I missed drinking this chai. I enjoy all the flavors and was happy to order this. This chai is very low in caffeine as advertised. I am sensitive to caffeine so this is perfect for me to drink. I don't know where the person got their info about it having 65mg of caffeine bc that is simply not true. When I worked at the coffee shop, the distributor even showed us info straight from Big Train Chai and how it has less caffeine than decaf coffee. I make mine with milk and love it! I bought it as a Christmas gift for a friend who also misses this chai. She is going to be thrilled I found it on!
292860292860B001E5DXH2A2PDVAO4IM8FB0hoosierfan561151322956800Amazing PriceWe used to buy this Chai in a coffee shop for my wife and it was 10 dollars for a very small bag. This is a great deal. She drinks this everyday and still has barely used any of the first can. She loves the chai and I love the price.

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