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292871292871B001E5DXH2A2GZYW11OWH1HHLikeYellowDoesOnBlue0051347840000Finally!I feel like I've tried every kind of spiced chai. Liquids and powders in every brand. Not only were none of them the same as what my hometown coffee shop uses, they werent even close. They were all watery, unflavorful, or tasted like actual tea. THIS is the good stuff. Perfect in every way. I use all milk in mine and it tastes exactly like Autumn should.
292872292872B001E5DXH2A3REWE2O3W0N9PJacob0051346544000Consistently good.I found and bought this Chai off and on for a while at the various local Home Goods stores, but it is much more convenient to get these large, 1.9 pound cans, and still save substantially over Home Goods.

The tea itself is quite good. Best "chai" for my tastes as brewed chai is too weak. I now drink it in place of coffee in the mornings, as well as a cold day replacement for hot cocoa.
292873292873B001E5DXH2A1CR0ZC0D93CK3BeanieZ0051345161600Best Chai Ever!So excited that I can get this chai in bulk on Amazon. It was the chai used in my favorite coffeehouse and I was beyond sad when they closed and I couldn't get it anymore. Now I can skip the lines in the coffeehouse and it's way more affordable. Thanks Amazon!
292874292874B001E5DXH2A1N5FBISFGUCSPP. F. Hornsby0051343174400Feel Kinda Guilty...I considered myself a chai snob. I brewed my tea from leaves! In a triniTEA brewer! Well, my chai supplier, Adiago, were constantly out of stock on their 16oz bags (funny how they always had 3oz bags in stock at a higher price though). So I started searching around. This brand name kept popping up in review forums and tea blogs. I look on Amazon and it's a powdered beverage mix??? No no no. That will not do! So I tried a few other sellers and the chai was bitter and inferior. Just various black teas with little to no spice. Ugh.

So I broke down and decided to order this. Price was good and I have Prime shipping so what the heck, I said. Two days later, I have these two huge containers and just "brewed" my first cup (basically, my tea brewer has been demoted to water boiler lol) and it is EXACTLY the taste I have been looking for. All I ever wanted was to duplicate the chai latte I got at my local espresso house. Not even Adiago tea tastes like this (though to be honest, Adiago makes great chai. It's just different.). If that's not genuine chai, then I don't care. You don't even have to add sugar or cream! I LIKE this stuff and I'll get it again.
292875292875B001E5DXH2A2MO6R89MXBWWVPinky0051343001600Big Train spiced chaiYummy and easy to make.
Iced or hot mix.
Keep one canister for myself and gave the other one away as a gift.
Great value.
292876292876B001E5DXH2A1PG93QIDD9CV7Alan D. Igo0021341619200Chai-YI-YI...!I know chai is sweet. But WOW on this one! I can agree with all here about the great flavors. But the SWEET! I have to be careful with sugar, but I slipped on this one. Sugar is the first ingredient on the list. It would be better for me if they would have put no sugar in this at all, and let ME decide how sweet it needs to be. I would have used a stevia extract, a natural sweetener more attune to those with sugar sensitive constitutions. I will be sending this to a church for their "bowl blessing" parties. I think they'll enjoy it.
292877292877B001E5DXH2A28811ZTPQ1WZchaps0051338768000Best powdered chai aroundI've been drinking this chai for 10+ years already - that's how I start almost every morning. Every cup is just as good as the last one.
292878292878B001E5DXH2A2WHVEFYI431UIC. Burke "CCrocker"0051338422400Best Chai you can buyI consider myself a Chai snob. This is the best Chai you can buy. It is delicious quality, always consistent, and is my top choice. It is a creamy powder, so there is a dry milk powder in it. I have seen this offered at commercial shops (that's where I saw it and started my search!). The Vanilla is okay, my husband liked the Chocolate, but I prefer the spice. I can only figure that if you like Vanilla chai, you will really like the flavor of this brand's vanilla chai. Worth the price but is a good value based on other buying options.
292879292879B001E5DXH2A15YL76BYHFUIOErin Gourlay "Erin G."0051338163200No longer hard to findI fell in love with this product when I lived in California and could get it at a local warehouse supply store. The closest I have been able to find it to me in North Dakota was at the Mall of America in Minnesota.

It's great to found it again and have my night cup of chai again!!
292880292880B001E5DXH2A1PJWQZYAUA0STmytwopups0051335398400Delicious!My husband is addicted to chai tea lattes, and paying $5.00 a day at the coffee shop is not an option. Big Train was a good choice. Very flavorful, much better than liquid chai tea mixes Especially good made with milk.
292881292881B001E5DXH2A1FSVX4IP6KNC8Michelle Denise0051335225600BEST Chai E V E R!!There was this bagel shop that served the best Chai Tea I've ever had. I found out what brand of tea they used and low and behold, found it sold on amazon ;)

Now, I was a little hesitant in buying it myself thinking that it wouldn't taste as great home made as it is from the bagel shop, but I thought it was worth giving it a shot.

So, I ordered the 2 pack and I'm pretty much almost done with the second can!
This Chai is great and suuuuuuper easy to make for yourself!
You can just add hot water and you're fine! If you want a little creamier taste you can use hot milk instead!

I might just have to subscribe and have this Chai shipped every month! :)
292882292882B001E5DXH2A277NKR4WZTMMYG. Tank0051334880000Yum Yum The Best You Can Get!We have tried em all....make it with water or make it with milk if you like it really rich. This is as good or better than the ones I have had at a cafe and coffee shop. Fully endorsed by the whole family!
292883292883B001E5DXH2A62ZO18OJYE3GTrogburn0051334707200Exactly what I was looking for!This Chai hits the spot perfectly and for a great cost combined with the simplicity of only needing to add water. Yes, I will admit it is not as smooth as a Starbucks Chai Latte if you just make it like I do with nothing but hot water and no frother, etc. However, for how easy it is to make, how cheap it is overall, and how quickly Amazon gets this to me, I will take this any day of the week. I have saved soooo much money already from drinking this instead of my daily habit of visiting Starbucks previously.

For those wary of buying in bulk like this, it is well worth it, and trust me you will drink it. I have gone through 4 cans already and am about to order my next 2 cans. I keep one at home, and one at work. Never know when you need that Chai fix ;). The flavor is perfect for me; it has the right amount of spices and a pretty creamy taste for being a powder mix (much better than most hot chocolate/etc mixes in terms of smoothness). I am tempted to try the other varieties that Big Train sells as well now... like Vanilla.

Overall, I am very impressed with this product, and will continue to order it as long as they sell it. 5 Stars, 2 Thumbs Up!
292884292884B001E5DXH2A173SLEWKMAKFSMolly90051334534400MollyThe spiced chai I bought is wonderful, the flavor is so rich, smooth and creamy. Definately worth the price. I like that it is in a big container. By far cheaper than buying it in a coffee shop.
292885292885B001E5DXH2A25BS5E58DYB6Rsmall town shopper0051334102400Excellent ChoiceThis product has way more flavor than the watered down Chai drinks at Starbucks or Panera. I make it with half water/half soy milk.
292886292886B001E5DXH2A3CMQVNHF5168JErica0051334102400Big Train Spiced ChaiThis is the best Chai tea ever! It is amazing. I believe it is the cure to anything. Sore throat, stomach ache, heartache, bad day, you name it... Big Train Spiced Chai will fix it. It is so yummy, I just love it!
292887292887B001E5DXH2A37YPJCTN8N1OPKen Ballard0051330560000Big Train products are awesome!We love Big Train Chai! The flavor is so good, and it's so easy to make, we usually add a bit of half and half to the mix, and have one of those battery powered Ikea milk frothers, that add a bit of froth to the drink.
292888292888B001E5DXH2A1XTVUDTVR0V7IBruce Bayuk0051322179200Big Train ChaiExcellent product and a great value. I recommend this product to anyone who loves Spiced Chia. I will continue to purchase this product from Amazon.
292889292889B001E5DXH2A2OHKLJX1RJA7VTedster0041322092800not unlike heroin, in some respectsThe stuff is delicious, but quite addictive. Probably the caffeine. It does have a TON of sugar in it, though I suppose that's the point of chai, more or less. Still, it would be nice if Big Train would make an UN-sweetened version of the same product, i.e., basically the same spices but with no sugar added. Then one could add their sweetener of choice. Lately I've been using stevia in place of sugar where possible. It's pretty good.

Trader Joes used to sell an unsweetened chai mix that was just the ticket, but dropped it a few years ago. But I digress.
292890292890B001E5DXH2A4TBUMJ9T09NOshone0051321920000I Love this stuffAre you a Chai drinker? If so this is great. Great price and value for the dollar! I was paying $2.50 a cup at work and found this on Amazon. Thank you Amazon.
292861292861B001E5DXH2A3BGCIONBIRWU1MJH1151322179200GUILTY INDULGENCEThis product if fabulous. Anyone who is a fan of Chai Tea Lattes should give this a try. It is better than any Chai Latte I've had from any coffee shop. Creamy, rich, indulgent!!!
292862292862B001E5DXH2AP53ZR2OZ8LVQHolly Golightly1151288569600Has something changed??Let me begin my saying that this is my FAVORITE chai mix, and I've tried about as many as there are out there. Whenever I am out and about and order a chai (or a chai latte) I always ask what the brand they're using is, and if they say "Big Train," I'm good to go. I've been drinking a cup of this mix every day for the last four years, but...

Has something changed in the formula? My recent shipment came in and it's just awful. I could smell something was 'wrong' when I opened up the container. I can't quite put my finger on what exactly is different, other than to say there is something almost chemically about it. I made my first cup with the mix about a week ago and blanched; it was disgusting.

So, I threw out my milk, thinking maybe that was the problem, but no...something is definitely different. I can't afford to just buy another order, so I've been drinking my other mixes, wondering what to do with these cans of mix that is just disgusting.

If anyone out there has had a similar reaction to their chai as of late, please let me know. I was just in Washington D.C. for the rally and ordered a chai latte at a wonderful little cafe (and it was Big Train, Spiced Chai) and it was just HEAVENLY, like mine used to be. So...why does my mix taste so terrible?

Please help, I love this brand and don't want to have to switch to something else if something has changed in their formula.

UPDATE AND EDIT: (In case no one reads the comments, I thought I'd put this here) Over the next few months, as I continued to order Big Train, that problem began to diminish until that strange taste was gone. (It took two more orders until I got a batch that was as good as it always was). I suspect something went on with that particular batch wherever it was made, but now, it's every bit as great as I remember it being. I would absolutely recommend this chai - it combines all of the great spices traditionally found in Indian chai and gives it (what I think of as) a British twist with the sugar, so it's perfect as is.
292863292863B001E5DXH2AHM2K51THGQ3mieek4621266364800It tastes fake...Based on the reviews and the word 'Chai' on the container, I decided to try it... I am disappointed... The taste reminds me of the latte freeze you can buy at Costco... or the taste of the Starbuck's Bottled Frappachino's and powdered Nescafe latte. Its really sugary and not at all spicy. It has a fake non dairy milk taste to it... If you are hoping for a taste similar to Oregon or Tazo Chai Concentrate... this is not the way to go... I might drink it if I run out of Chai flavored tea bags or hot cocoa or palpable water... but I have a feeling it will be living on my kitchen shelf for a very long time... I tried all the variations on how to prepare it, listed on the back of the container, and none of them inspired me to 'want' to drink the stuff...
292864292864B001E5DXH2A145THF0IG2CQ5Sono2331330214400Too sweet needs more spiceThe cans that come in are big, 1 can is estimated to make 25 servings.

If you have a sweet tooth and want a mildly spiced tea latte than this is your kind of product.

If you're accustomed to Starbucks concentrated Chai Tea Latte, than this will prove to be way too sweet.

In the end:
I got caught up with the overwhelming amount of 5 star reviews only to be disappointed.
292865292865B001E5DXH2A218P0UTH1S697Tswinst0051350345600Best Chai!I only use this Chai. It is the BEST! This is the best priced option I have found. Great hot or as a chai smoothie in the morning. You can't go wrong with this one!
292866292866B001E5DXH2A1A3QPDHLUJZAL. Mungarro "Bargain Hunter"0051350259200the best CHAI TEA!If you know Chai Tea, you'll know this is better than any other! From N. CA to S. CA from the East Coast to the West Coast, this is definitely the best there is!
292867292867B001E5DXH2ARFN9WVXY3D2WGary T0051350000000Great ServiceThe spiced tea from Big Train is an excellent product. We had already known that from a previous purchase and hence no hesitation in buying it in two large cans.

On this particular order, the cans got damaged in shipping and were returned to the supplier by the shipper. Apparently, there is no straightforward way for Amazon to be made aware that the product was returned to the supplier. Once I contacted Amazon via e-mail and advised what happened, I got an immediate response and the product was immediately reordered and delivered in short order. I was concerned that this might end up being one of those situations where no one takes responsibility, and the buyer is the one who ends up losing out. Not in this case.

We will enjoy our spiced tea throughout the cold Chicago winter.
292868292868B001E5DXH2A20B063XORM0EGNan0051349568000The best chai aroundI am a spiced chai addict and I have tried many different brands of chai mix. Big Train Spiced Chai is the best I have ever had. It is sweet and has the spiciest drinking pumpkin pie. Starbucks doesn't,t come close! I love this stuff! I have 2 cups every morning and I even take it with me on vacation so I don,t have to go without it! Now my best friend loves it too and wants a cup every time she comes over. Just talking about it makes me want a cup right now!!!
292869292869B001E5DXH2A25H64OFHIODZNT. Tyler0041348531200Almost as good as vanilla - 90%I asked a barista at a local java shop what kind of Chai they had behind the counter. He said "Big Train", I've been buying it ever since. Easy to mix, GREAT hot or cold.
Vanilla > Spiced.
292870292870B001E5DXH2A5H6OF1HR04VFKevin H.0051348099200Great product.Makes PHENOMENAL chai tea lattes if you've got a milk steamer. Add a few shots of espresso for a dirty chai and you've got a 4$ drink for under a buck. Can't beat it.

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