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292891292891B001E5DXH2AO8X5R93CFWKOP. Adler0051321401600Very Yummy!This Chai does taste very similar to the Tastefully Simple Chai but it is a fraction of the cost. Even children love it! It mixes well with water, milk, soy or almond milk. I love the rich taste. Just 1 tip - I rarely use the full amount of the little measuring cup that comes with it. If you do, it is too rich and sweet. (Just my opinion)
292892292892B001E5DXH2A1CH17LZFZPV55K. Bender "big reader"0051320192000So Good!This is my absolute favorite instant chai. Sure it's better when I make it from scratch, but my recipe has 27 different ingredients and I just don't have that kind of time every day. I discovered Big Train Chai after snooping around and discovering that it is what my local coffee house uses (with the addition of steamed milk). It seems to be a popular item on the menu, so I guess I'm not the only one who likes it!
292893292893B001E5DXH2A3VW48FPALKBFKJennifer Sharkey0031319241600DisappointedI love chai and have a cup every day - summer or winter. My favorite that I've had is the Oregon Chai Concentrate, but decided to give Big Train a try since it had so many good reviews.

Upon having my first cup, I wondered if there was something wrong with the chai I had received, either that or my opinion on a good chai varies wildly from everyone else! It tastes kind of chalky, especially when you get to the bottom of the cup. The flavor was also kind of strange, nothing like the sweetness that you would get from Oregon Chai. I was wishing that I had ordered the vanilla flavor...perhaps that would have agreed more to my tastes. I know there are a lot of people that prefer the spicy flavor over the sweet flavored chais. Perhaps this brand is tailored to the spicy chai lovers.

I've had the two cans for a few months now, and have been drinking it as a last resort when I am out of my other chai. I have ordered the vanilla Big Train chai to see if that has a better taste. I'm also getting a hot drink maker (similar to a Mr Cocomotion) that will hopefully mix the chai better, eliminating the chalky texture. I will update this review after I make it with the drink maker!
292894292894B001E5DXH2A2822J7C2FVLF0beth0041318809600MMMM GOOD STUFFI trusted the other reviewers and I can tell you I wasn't disappointed. This is delicious Chai and it dissolves wonderfully. I can save money now and make it at home as I was spending about $4.00 for one cup at the coffee shop. It's good stuff!
292895292895B001E5DXH2A19QJT4PLQ0EFKLMsunshine0051318377600YAY!!!I got hooked onto chai lattes during my stunt working at a coffee shop. They carried the vanilla spiced chai by Big Train. I was deciding between the vanilla or plain spiced chai and took a chance with this one and I'm very glad I did. I don't like super sweet drinks and this one works for me --though Im not sure if the vanilla one is sweeter and by how much.

Still tasty even when mixed with water. 2 cans is a lot for one person.
292896292896B001E5DXH2A12CNI85E8EV9jbt32440051316736000Yummy!The spiced chai is super yummy and makes you feel cozy on a rainy day! I've been buying it for a while, but I do get confused because sometimes it contains caffeine and sometimes it doesn't. Even when it doesn't say decaf.
292897292897B001E5DXH2A2M9SFY5GG8AN2J. Duval0051316217600Tastes Like ChristmasI love Big Train Spiced Chai Tea. I drink it every morning. I have for the last 10 years. When I had to switch from coffee because it was too harsh in the morning, I got hooked on chai. I tried them all, but Big Train is the best. I add a little Nestles French Vanilla Coffee Mate (fat free) and it tastes like Christmas every morning! The best part is that Amazon delivers through its Subscribe and Pay program every other month at the best rate anywhere.
292898292898B001E5DXH2AGOKTEBTD4MBUJoyce Muir0021314662400JUST OKAY!!!!I have been drinking MOCAFE SPICED CHAI for quite some time and LOVE ITBig Train Spiced Chai, 1.9-Pound Cans (Pack of 2). I have heard good things about BIG TRAIN so thought I would give it a try. Wished I would have been able to purchase smaller container than the 1.9 pound cans (Pack of 2) as I am very dissapointed in it. Too sweet!! So much so that I cannot taste the nice spices. The MOCAFE IS JUST THE RIGHT COMBINATION OF SWEET AND SPICE. My spouse does not drink coffee or tea but absolutely loves the MOCAFE.
292899292899B001E5DXH2ASSE21U0POZ7Tniczorek0051311897600Delicious!I usually buy this from the coffee shop at work. What a money saver to make my own. I just mix it like hot chocolate and it tastes as good as the stuff with the steamed milk. It was extremely fresh, too. I have made this a subscription so I can drink it every morning. Love the low caffeine, too! The other chai I get some mornings has caffeine which sometimes upset my stomach.
292900292900B001E5DXH2A1FK4O0HP0FC5OTravel Froggie "Travel Froggie"0051311724800DELISH!!Love waking up to a nice cup of Chai!! It is creamy and not to sweet, this is by far the best tasting powdered Chai mix around.
292901292901B001E5DXH2A2A3660CSYYZPRjacqueline0051311033600Yumm!I have bought and tried lots of different chai tea brands: Tazo, Oregan chai, local shops etc. Tried this at a local shop and asked them the name of their chai as it was creamy and not overtly sweet and not too 'chai-ish' ( I know that isn't a word! ) When I looked it up on the Big Train website and was disappointed as I found they did not sell to the general public. I was glad to find it at Amazon and at a good price.
292902292902B001E5DXH2A2524C1GBZCL0Bmickey0051310601600Relax at home with a cupI sometimes go to a coffee shop for a special drink. Now I can enjoy at home! I make it with skim milk. I will buy it again. Thanks for a good product!
292903292903B001E5DXH2A2TZ3DNHB2EJV9Cynthia Trantina "good times"0051308441600almost favorite ChaiThis is a terrific deal! The Chai stays sealed compared to the bag of the same Chai that wouldn't be as fresh. My favorite way to have this Chai is with warmed milk and just a few splashes of water into the milk. I add in the chai mix when its all warmed up! yummy for sure!
292904292904B001E5DXH2A2AGPTIMHIOCU3paige0011308268800Big Train Vanilla Chai is better!Before you buy this, try Big Train Vanilla Chai. It's exactly like the chai served at Borders long ago. ( WAY better than this spiced chai, which has a weird aftertaste.) Vanilla chai would be absolutely perfect if it were guilt-free. A whopping 23 grams of sugar per cup, plus artificial flavor and coconut oil, put it in the "only an occasional treat" category. Still, I love it enough to sneak it. :-)
292905292905B001E5DXH2A38B2ZDB7CLXHISketchy Bibler0051306800000Best "at home" chaiThis chai is delicious hot or cold. The recipes on the side are helpful, but I honestly never follow them. To make a steamed "frothy" chai, I heat up a glass almost full of milk in the microwave and some water in the kettle. Use a whisk to beat your milk with the powder, then top off with a bit of hot water to bring the temp up. My boyfriend likes this chai as well- this isn't a deep, smoky, intense chai- it's more of a sweet, light chai flavor with chai undertones... Good for people fond of chai and those who don't like theirs quite as intense. This is by far my favorite chai to make at home. A scoop or two into a blender with some ice and milk makes a cool drink, or a quick bit of whip work makes a frothy hot drink. The price is also great- 2 big cans for $20. We're about half done with our first can, and we have a few chais a week in the house.
292906292906B001E5DXH2ATCVZOI186VMOMiss Kitty0051305936000A litle bit of heaven in a cup!Big Train Spiced Chai Mix, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3) This is the most delicious chai I've ever tasted. Much more economical to buy a can than go to a coffee shop & pay per cup. I love it:)
292907292907B001E5DXH2A282XABZ9J36WTArt Critique "Art Critique"0031303516800Too sweetToo much sugar almost nullifying the taste of tea or any other spices. Is there a way to take off the sugar? :-)
292908292908B001E5DXH2ALGF8699T05EHJ. Pytel0041301270400Chai that's economical and deliciousI was searching for Cafe Escapes K Cup Chai for my Keurig that my daughter and I enjoy for a quick cup of hot on a cold morning or a leisure sit and relax moment after work. The problem is it's hard to find in the stores and expensive. I remembered buying a powdered mix in BJ's one time and liked it so I searched for the powder and came up w/ a choice of two one of which was the Big Train Chai. After a month of drinking this I found it to be a suitable replacement for the K Cup especially if you have one of those instant hot water dispensers in your home or office. It's quick, flavorful and though a few more calories than the Cafe Escapes brand it's a healthier and an so much more economical choice. I'd give it 5 stars if it was a few dollars cheaper. I recommend you give it a try if you're a Chai fan.
292909292909B001E5DXH2A33JPMX0F132JMD. Johnston "dmj"0051299283200Best Chai TeaI have been buying this chai tea since November and will not try anything else after tasting this. In my opinion this chai is better than the ones I get at the local coffee shops. I mix 1 scoop powder with 1 cup hot water and 1/2 cup of frothy milk, for the perfect chai tea.
292910292910B001E5DXH2A25TADIWK4Z1FVCaro_Bu0051299196800Yummy ChaiI consider myself a Chai snob - it's true. This stuff is the best, very smooth and delicious, worth every cent. I like the spiced chai flavor so have not had vanilla or other flavors, but if you like those flavors in others, this would probably be better than what you've had. Just Delicious!
292911292911B001E5DXH2A171VTBFXB5DQNana0051299110400Very GoodVery Good, however I'm only one in my house and I had to buy to large cans, it is way too much for one person.
292912292912B001E5DXH2A1LH367Y6HEEQ7cookie0051298851200creamy and deliciousI love BIG TRAIN spiced Chai. I do not drink coffee, so I look forward to a cup of chai when I start my day!!
292913292913B001E5DXH2APJN9CCR4HUCQM. Sloan0051296518400Best Chair Tea EverI was so happy when I found this tea at Amazon. I drink it almost every single morning. You can buy it at Costco, but you can only get it during certain times of the year. I ran out of it and I have been searching for it everywhere. You can't find a better chai tea than this. It is absolutely delicious!
292914292914B001E5DXH2A825NE2Y6HJGBrandy0051294444800Spiced chaiBig train spiced chai is my favorite. Used by a local so cal coffee shop, even better made at home. Not to mention money saving vs how much the coffee shop charges.
292915292915B001E5DXH2A20CJEXL92PE4HMargaret G wilson0051288915200Spiced Chai hits the spot!I love this made with 1/2 cup steaming milk and a little boiling water. Warms my cold mornings right up.
292916292916B001E5DXH2A3M1E1H6T7HY5KRob0051288656000Best Chai out thereBest in taste with the possible exception of buying one at City Brew. Far better than Starbucks.
292917292917B001E5DXH2A1QY4OAXKSNZCTJ. Rowles0051287792000Good hot or coldI have tried others, but I keep coming back to big train. My favorite recipe is to make it into a Chai milkshake.
292918292918B001E5DXH2A3A7TGSEYBQ261purplevalk0051287792000FANTASTIC CHAI TEAThere is not a better tasting or easier to prepare Chai tea out there. Company is so wonderful and has the best products.
292919292919B001E5DXH2A1GBP3SJLRQUKXamyjon0051287360000Best Ever!Have tried a lot of chai mix. This is by far the best. I make mine hot with soy milk and 1% milk. YUM!! I have a cup in the morning before work and at night before bed. PERFECT!!!
292920292920B001E5DXH2A3E3625HX24UH6michelle0051284336000love love love this tea!MMMMMM.... this is the BEST powder chai tea mix EVER! I mix it with water (keeps the calories down) and it's so stinkin' good! Previously I purchased this from Costco (great price) but they no longer carry this item. Amazon has the best price and quickest shipping on this product. If you love chai tea and are tired of spending tons of money only to find out it tasted gross, stop looking- this tea is so so so good! just writing this review makes me want to go drink a cup!

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