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292921292921B001E5DXH2A3VAVD6TP6IQ22k.arnson0051282521600Big Train Chai reviewThis is by far the best chai tea mix I have tried. Out of all the ones you can buy at the grocery store or the different ones you can get at coffee shops, this one is my favorite. I would recommend it to anyone!
292922292922B001E5DXH2A11UZ8EJO87LE9Wahyah Abx0051281484800Best Frozen Chai AnywhereWhenever I would visit my sister in Salt Lake, we would go to one particular coffee house because they had the best frozen chai either of us had ever had. I finally asked them what they used (so I could look for it here in Portland), and they told me it was Big Train. Good ol' Amazon -- they carry it! Now I can make them at home. It's the perfect chai, not overly spicy but definitely not too bland, either. The same mix makes hot chai as well, but it's incredible blended in the blender with ice (tip: I use milk instead of water). Try it; it's simply the best there is.
292923292923B001E5DXH2A3GBVWRD8FI8BWm337m31nm0n74uk0051281484800YummySpiced Chai must be the only Big Train Chai "spiced" enough to taste like Starbucks Chai. This stuff is awesome and I'll be ordering more shortly.
292924292924B001E5DXH2A2G0WW3TAGWFD2Sarah0051280534400My favorite chai!Big Train Chai is definitely my favorite brand of my favorite drink! I think I'll make some right now. :-)
292925292925B001E5DXH2A14UFS4TXGIB9OBlanca M. Shaffer0051274140800Big Train Chai LatteI have tried many chai lattes and by far this is the best one that I have tasted. It has the right spiced ingredients to satisfy the pallette. I highly recommend Big Train Chai Latte.
292926292926B001E5DXH2A6VB8CU92PF5ZD. Lake0051273363200My Favorite Morning Starter UpperA perfect taste for my mornings. I find that the spices
along with sweetness suit my taste perfectly.
292927292927B001E5DXH2AQML0RH81RX0FFrench Dette O "domestic diva"0051272412800Chai teaLove,love this product. I enjoy a cup every afternoon. I am glad that Amazon carries this product. I will probably join the subscription to recieve every 3 months so I have it on hand at all time. Everyone in my family loves it.
292928292928B001E5DXH2AL6E6JE6SACRML. Salmon "readyreader"0031271980800Sweet stuffTasty with a bitter aftertaste. Too sweet and too many extra ingredients compared to another brand.
292929292929B001LUQ3WCA379N6RE4XC51JD. Landes6651288137600THE BEST cat litter I have ever used!!!No smell at all. I HATE walking into a house that "smells like cat" and this is the ONLY litter I've used that doesn't create or cause that smell. I have 4 cats, and 2 of the ginormous Pet Mate litter boxes; I use one bag and pour half of it in each box. It lasts about 2 and a half weeks before I have to change completely change it out.
1 entire box of clumping clay litter lasted me only a week and its nasty and hard to clean. So while this is slightly more expensive it lasts a lot longer. I subscribed to the auto shipping and the price is only $2 more than a box of clay clumping litter.
I highly recommend this stuff! Your cats and you will love it!
292930292930B001LUQ3WCAU3MHPR8II6B8Kelly Lipareli4451297468800BEST LITTER EVER!I am sooo happy that I found an affordable way to get this litter! We used this litter for 2 years before moving from NY to KY. When we got here a few months ago we found out that there were no vendors for this litter within a few 100 miles, so we switched to fresh step crystals .... WE HATE FRESH STEP, I can not wait for my magical litter pearls to get to my doorstep! I have opted for the subscription, so we will NEVER be without this amazing stuff again! >^.^<
292931292931B001LUQ3WCA1YECPAH1NDGIGTB3351301961600Great for Multiple CatsThese crystals work well for two cats sharing a litter box (Scoop Free). We live in a small apartment and have found that one bag lasts around 1 month before it needs to be changed. Living in a small apartment the odor is eliminated with the Pearls.
292932292932B001LUQ3WCA1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"2231320883200THIS IS WONDERFUL AMAZING STUFF/WELL MAYBEI love my cat kritters. I have 4 of them. Two are adult and 2 are kittens. They make my day. Would not trade them for the world. BUT, there is one thing I do not like. I do not like cleaning out the kitty litter box. UNTIL I ORDERED THIS PRODUCT.
I have to admit that I do not use it "straight" but am currently mixing it half and half with Swheat. But I am working to the end of using only the pearls. The kids are currently getting used to the feel.
BUT ALREADY there is NO ODOR. (Well there is just after they poop, but no one can change that.)
But as soon as the waste is buried, the smell evaporates and is gone. I have never seen anything like it.
The two big guys share a box and the two small ones have their own. I just cleaned them out. (Trash goes out today.) The big box, which I normally hate to do, was odorless. I scooped out the poop. I scooped out the clumps of urine, including all the small break away clumps and was done. No more rumaging around getting out the odds and ends that had gotten wet and needed to be gotten rid of to get rid of odor. Done in 5 minutes flat.
On to the little box. Took the disposable plastic spoon and got out the clumps of poop. Got out the few urine clumps and was done. Two minutes flat.
Got the hand held battery driven sweeper and got the dust that hit the floor and was done. It took me 10 minutes to do a job that used to take 30 minutes.
And the best part was that it was just a job. It was not a gross out production. I washed my hands with disinfectant soap and came to write the review.
Best Kitty Litter Stuff I have ever used. I put it on for monthly delivery and am pleased with the whole deal, cost and all. It arrives at my front door once a month with no extra shopping and cleans up like a breeze. No smell. I certianly recommend it to all kitter people.

After using this for almost 6 weeks, I have to amend my first review of this product. Yes, it is amazing and keeps the smell down, but it was not as great as I thought. Initially, I had used it for my two kittens. Their poops are small and they urinate and leave small little domes and both were well covered. Then, I began using this Pure Product (not mixed with any other product with all four of my cats, two of whom are regular cats, one is 16 pounds and one is 11. One is female and one is male. Now males are nice things, but when it comes to male cats, urinating IS a BIG deal. My cat seems to save it up for a one or two times a day process, so when he goes, it is a flood. And Male urine is more pungent than female cat urine. There is too much of it to make the usual nice compact valcano shaped product that the kittens leave. He simly wets down one whole end of the box and it smells to bad to mix with the other and is also too saturated to do so, so one twentieth of the entire box has to be thrown out after Mr. T. uses the box. That automatically means the box cannot be used by him more than 20 times. Then, in comes the female. She does leave a compact volcano shaped urine package, but the poop is huge and has to go. If nobody bothered to cover anything, I could scoop out the poop and lift out the urine and be done. Worked with the kittens. But no, with the addition of two humongo cats, the box is throughly stired and within 4 or 5 days, at the MOST, the whole 7 pounds is used up and gone. I cannot afford 7 pounds of the litter 6 or 7 times a month.

Also, with the addition of the two big cats, litter bits were everywhere and walking on that litter is like walking on sand in your house. It tears up the tile and gets in the carpet. Ugh. I spent a lot of time cleaning the laundry room where the boxes are when I used this litter.

So overall, I have moved this from a 5 star to a 3 star item. I can't afford it, with bigs cats added, it does smell, and I cannot afford enough to cover 4 cats for the month. So, I have moved it down to three stars. Sorry about that, but REALITY HIT ME!
292933292933B001LUQ3WCA2IK7IPOZBY9Z1E. Bailey1141276300800Works like crystals, looks like clumpingWorks really well! My cats like it because it feels like sandy clumping litter but it absorbs liquid like crystals. I use a bit less than they say and I change more frequently just because I prefer that, but it works great either way.

Take note: it has less dust than clay litter, but it still is dusty. My husband has asthma and the dust from this litter seems to bother him when I change it. I dump he litter into the trash outside and fill the box outside and let the dust clear before I take it in the house and it seems to be OK then.
292934292934B001LUQ3WCA2P27J6LR34B98Candace0141306972800It would get five stars if it did not come with free dead insectsI have been using this litter through subscribe and save for several months and I am delighted with the product. However, my latest shipment of two bags of the crystals included one huge dead beetle, a dead cockroach, a kernel of corn (cooked), a feather (grey and white), and several indistinguishable insect body parts (mostly legs, brown in color). Rather surreal and even comical repeating it now, but nonetheless disgusting and entirely unacceptable.
292935292935B001269FPWAW1X82RDC2M3BMrs. Frisky0051236902400Great Bacon!!Terrific Bacon! They offer many varieties, but this peppered version seems tastiest. Great, prompt service from Burger's Smokehouse - and pricing that I appreciate: shipping charges are included in the quoted price. No extras to consider!
292936292936B0079KNRU4A28CAC7AAFWAXFmoonglow0051344902400The Perfect ChipThese chips are delicious. They're crispy and fresh and perfectly salted. Everything's better with salsa, but these chips taste great even naked!
292937292937B000H7KV96A3DUQ96SQRTZR7Love to shop "Grit"2351190937600Great Pita ChipsI started buying these chips at the grocery but they became so hard to find that I was delighted to find that Amazon carried them. These Pita chips are very tasty and fit into a South Beach Diet nicely. Great with Hummus.
292938292938B0082H1SV8A1WX42M589VAMQMir0051349308800Lovely sugar-free chocolate of the crunch variety. Even finicky hubby likes it!I can't speak to or review the vendor, as I buy these at Whole Foods, but dang if this is not a nice sugar-free chocolate bar. I was skeptical that I'd like stevia in a bar, but even my super-taste-sensitive husband enjoyed this bar.

Dark chocolate with crisps. Nicely sweet (not obnoxiously so). No weird stevia aftertaste (like some stevia products can have). Beautiful packaging (gorgeous illustration).

I've had this one and the coconut one (also delicious), and this is now my fave sugar-free chocolate brand.
292939292939B000HTRLI8AN318QN5HSWYICaroline C. Strickland "in love with handbags"5551263686400DELICIOUS!What can you say abou Niederegger Marzipan except that it is absolutely the best marzipan! The product arrived fresh and what a treat! The only problem.....logged on to order more and they are temporarily out! Please keep this item in stock!
292940292940B000HTRLI8A1FRZYAJ4JKNA0Ralf Loserth2241305417600This stuff is just really good.This is not the typical marzipan you find in stores during the holidays. It's not quite as good as baking marzipan but then again, that's not what it's for. It's pretty close to the kind of quality you would get in Europe, and that's saying allot. It's moist and that's what makes it so good. Once open, put it into a ziplock so it doesn't dry up. Keep it in stock and I will keep buying it.
292941292941B000HTRLI8A1X8M5P2EWKMIRMs. M1151321574400Mmmmmm.I enjoyed this. Tasty marzipan log covered all around with a layer of chocolate.

It arrived in perfect condition. Amazon's delivery system has been perfect each time I have ordered.

Thanks much - was a treat!
292942292942B003URSE44A1DZH3JO00BKNPCrystal "A woman from PA"2251294531200Good stuffOk, not exactly healthfood. But they are so good. They have a sweet bbq taste, not too spicey. Howver, as one reviewer commented, some will be broken via delivery, but I don't care. I will be ordering more soon.
292943292943B003URSE44AEDBD4JGDGTR3m.cano1241300406400Just can't stop eating them!!!I love them. They are so tasty and they are great to keep at work when you want a quick snack.
292944292944B003URSE44A2DV1X83JJW8C6Jonk0151342051200Good source for Pringles loversThis product is not well-reviewed so I'll throw in my 2 cents. If you want pringles in this type of packaging, this is a great way to buy them. I find this size is great for taking to work, they stay fresh and the larger tubes are kind of awkward and unsightly in the cubicle. Here you can get a pretty good deal, you can get the flavor you want, and they get delivered straight to your home! They arrived in good shape. Some broken chips but not really any worse than you find at the supermarket half the time. I probably ate them all in a month. I would re-order but I have this nagging head in my voice saying Pringles are bad for you. If you are capable of defeating your conscience better than me, I recommend these Pringles!
292945292945B001EO5WJKA18L1CVUIQRE9LMary McKinney "PRINCESS MERI"2251196726400ROCK CANDY ON A STICKRock candy for grown-ups!
A Delicious snack!

Although these are pure sugar,
it is pure cane sugar. Sugar
in its natural state has
nutritional properties.

An occasional treat or
use to sweeten coffee, hot cocoa, etc.

A great stocking stuffer for
kids of all ages!
292946292946B001EO5WJKA1N7FNLNF5E7XHS. Marine "BE YOUR GUEST - PARTY PLANNER"0041232928000rockin swizzle stixThese white swizzle stix were bought as part of a blue and white theme sweet sixteen. They were perfect and enjoyed by all.
I just don't know why they are so expensive.
292947292947B000VK9VQIA13HRSMJ5TOWEZIrishFire0031347235200Tastes like Sleepytime ExtraMaybe I got a bad batch? This smells amazing and I was super excited to try it. I've brewed 4-5 cups now at varying temps and steep times, and I get the same result every time. It . . . well, it tastes lightly like wet dog smell, like a small dose of valerian root. Like sleepytime extra.

I like sleepytime extra, but nothing about that flavor reminds me of any of the earl grey green teas I like. I thought this would taste more like those, but with less green flavor.

Again, I've only tried one tin, so I may have gotten a bad batch. The flavor wasn't bad, but I was unimpressed, even disappointed.
292948292948B000VK9VQIA1QNLI1864XYH0Hannah C0031344902400Damaged tinIt smelled great! Unfortunately the tin was damaged and I found mold growing along the rim of the tin. Had to return it. I am sure I would be pleased with it if the tea were fresh.
292949292949B000VK9VQIA2KCYQ3GPU97O7D. Loiacono0051340236800Great Smooth FlavorI just started drinking tea other than Lipton Tea bags as I'm trying to cut back on my coffee and I have to say this tea has a wonderful taste. It is not harsh, its light and smooth taste. I also make my own tea and use half Lipton tea bags and two - three of the Grey Earl and it gives it a wonderful taste. If you want something that is light and smooth and smells great too, this is the tea for you!
292950292950B000VK9VQIA38S7IRMROBB9CBostonFrankG0051306713600A Different Earl GreyI'm not usually a fan of white teas - I find them too weak. But this was just the right mix of Bergamot and tea. A very good mid-morning or afternoon tea when you want something a little milder but still flavorful.

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