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292951292951B000LKU0C2A3N652JFUS0GGJFrances E. Giles "Frances"111141207353600Natural Value TunaNatural Value Tuna, Solid No Salt Tongol in Water, 6-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) Excellent taste and very good value...higher fish to water ratio and more solid pieces. I gave cans to 4 or 5 friends who shared same/similar opinion.The Amazon discount made this a deal too good to pass up. Would buy again in a flash.
292952292952B000LKU0C2ALSAOZ1V546VTA Research It Maven "Just the facts please"5551247097600TONGOL tuna (also called longtail tuna) lower in mercury!If you're used to paying the price for "Albacore Tuna" thinking you're getting the best tasting tuna out there, think again! This "Natural Value" brand tuna is high quality chunk tuna just like the fancy albacore brands (except the price) and tastes GREAT! At only $1.71 per can it is an AMAZING VALUE! Also, tongol tuna is naturally lower in MERCURY than other tunas, like albacore. You'll be sold on this brand if you try it! (FYI: The HIGHEST mercury levels are found in SUSHI grade tuna!)
292953292953B000LKU0C2A2E3WMF9RWW2X2K. Duvall4451251590400good tasting tuna.Well, it is canned tuna. No added salt which ups the health factor. My kids love eating it straight from the can. We have tuna once a week. Good value buying from Amazon compared to my local markets too. I have never found bones in any of the Natural Value tunas we have tried. Good solid product at a great price. I like having lots on hand in case of emergency too.
292954292954B000LKU0C2A1FEP94TP15RG0J. H. Baker4511247443200NOT solid tuna at all! Grated style low quality Tongol Tuna!Contains only Tongol Tuna (wild caught) from Thailand, and spring water, so IS low sodium. However, it is NOT solid (or even chunk) tuna as described! You get what you pay for, and this tuna is a good example of that because it is cheap (about $1.70 a can) and looks it. Tastes ok but is really more like the grated tuna we buy our cat than the grocery store tuna we buy ourselves. Not recommended! For real quality tuna (albacoare) try Crown Prince Natural Solid White Albacore Tuna in Water, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12) or Crown Prince Natural Solid White Albacore Tuna In Spring Water, No Salt Added, 6 Ounce Tins (Pack of 24).
292955292955B000LKU0C2A28T90BH3G6WD0Clarence F. Prine1111323907200dissatisfiedThe shipment before this last shipment was heavily dented. We complained and received a replacement, however, the replacement was also dented and padding was put between each can on both shipments. After the last shipment we refrained from complaining again and tried to salvage what we could. We are very disappointed since the shipment before the last two was perfect. We are reluctant to order tuna again from the same source.
292956292956B000LKU0C2A3VAF3TK0S7JBQSandra Tilley0051328227200TunaEveryone should try this tuna, it is the best tasting tuna. Mix a little Veganaise with it (grapeseed veganaise). It make a wonderful sandwich.
292957292957B000LKU0C2A10DCJZGNVJVCXSite Vortex "Webmaker"0131299628800Not All That ImpressedMaybe it's just me, but this tuna is not all that impressive. It's not really bad, just not premium. It also seems to have quite a bit of "Natural" salt (140mg. per 2oz serving) in the tuna meat, compared to Safeway bought Starkist and Bumblebee "No Salt Added" tuna (at 35mg sodium per 2oz serving). As a another reviewer had noted, the tuna is a bit more like the lower grade tuna that you buy on sale. This Natural Value, Tongol Tuna does not look like Chunk White at all. Go to Costco for their Kirkland Tuna for the best quality and deal, even with the(180mg sodium per 2oz serving).
292958292958B001SB0U1YA1MVBEVD6DXHXCTexan at heart0051325894400Delicious! Why make it yourself!Love this stuff! Great at Thanksgiving or with your favorite roast chicken dish. Just the right amount of spice! Chunky style. Excellent product.
292959292959B006K329NCA2M7FXJ9DCE2TMD. Trueblood "DantRN"0051340236800My favorite drinkHad to start ordering these to auto ship a case every month. They are that good. Kinda tastes like coffee candy in a can.
292960292960B0019ZCY7WAFXX6R2DYJ0M0Scottie Lover1151223424000Perfect for "dentally challenged" dogsMy 10 year old Scottie has had many tooth extractions and finding a safe and healthy treat for him has been a chore until i came upon this item.
He loves the taste and I don't have to worry about him choking. I will continue to re-order.
292961292961B0019ZCY7WA3IO33WVJ6VVQ7Stelly460051344211200Dogs go wackoI have been giving my 7 year old German Shepherd this product for years. He is crazy over them and they are a healthy treat.
292962292962B001ETCS8SA2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"81051269561600Great Way to Try Different Coffees Without a Major CommittmentI enjoyed this selection purchased from a Manager's Special Sale immensely! It's an economical way to experiment and try different coffees without a major committment; like buying a whole bunch of something you don't like.

I only wish I had purchased it for the holiday season. It would've made each day with a houseful a relatives a wee bit more pleasant, no really. A change of coffee to break the annual routine of hearing the same old family stories from the in-laws AGAIN is something to savor. When the in-laws arrive they take over EVERYTHING including the coffee maker. So I'll get a chance to have something in addition to their STRONG, hair-raising brand and coffee method.

Although not a coffee connoisseur, I like the different selections. I anticipate buying more to assist "counting the days" UNTIL the in-laws leave this next holiday season. See there really is a Santa Claus!
292963292963B001ETCS8SA9K1LUPNFV3BLRebecca3331305936000Overall Average QualityI drink a lot of coffee, and really enjoy a good quality cup in the morning. It was fun to try the different flavors/blends, but overall, we found this coffee to be about the same quality you'd find from a mass-market brand in the supermarket and were looking for something a little more gourmet. Cute for a gift, though, and admittedly fun to cycle through the 12 packets. Favorites were Turtle Sundae, Dark Chocolate Decadence, and Jamaican Me Crazy. Be aware that 4 of the 12 are not flavored, just simply special blends (i.e. Breakfast Blend).
292964292964B001ETCS8SA2FA3P2USPC23QS. Goldenberg5651265068800Coffee, yay !I love this coffee and buy several every year. My whole family and office looks forward to it !
292965292965B001ETCS8SATJN4KEHJBOC8KatyKatIL "KatyKat"2221331078400Nice packaging, but the coffee is lackingWell, this would make a beautiful gift, that's for sure.
Nicely packaged, pretty foil packets.

Now, the coffee - so far, we've only tried one of them. If that is any
indicator of the rest of the coffees, this was a big waste of money.

We just made a pot of the dessert-sounding Turtle Sundae.
GROSS! Yes, that's all I can say about it. The coffee tasted
like burnt cocoa, like you tried to make hot chocolate, left out the milk and used water,
and let it boil dry on the stove. I tried adding creamer. Still bad.

I sure hope some of the other flavors are better. I'll update my review
as we try the other flavors, but I don't hold out much hope right now.
This was a Christmas package, but sealed in foil, it should still be fresh enough
to taste good. If this was their best going in to the foil, then avoid at all costs.
292966292966B001ETCS8SAQ2DIOHFRKHR3Happy coffee bean1151335571200Treat yourself!This is our daily treat. Every day we wake up to a new flavor and not to mention the fragrance that flows through the house.
292967292967B001ETCS8SA10M2FEBRH8KJMMoni1151329436800coffee variety packMy household enjoyed a different kind of coffee each morning and approve of the brand and would purchase it again.
292968292968B001ETCS8SAX0BAPXQ1POV9Colorado Native1151312416000Excellent gift!I've tried giving other brands as gifts to my folks, but they like this the best and know how to gauge the water:coffee ratio. However, I do wish there were more "Christmas" flavors included in this pack. But the service was excellent. I recommend Amazon to others as they have always been gracious with returns--no issues--and pay for the return postage. This is greatly appreciated!
292969292969B001ETCS8SA1A882NH38EHLGM. Corbin1151295913600excellent flavors!I purchased this coffee for a Christmas Eve gift for my parents and they loved it! All of the flavors were excellent! A must have!
292970292970B001ETCS8SAJ6F5IKUUNGMECheryl L. Wendt "Amelia"1151294704000Good Product , Good SellerI am very pleased with this product. It is very good coffee and I recommend it highly. I want to say I had some dealings with this seller and they are Very good at responding to my concerns and dealt with me fairly. I recommend them and this coffee.
292971292971B001ETCS8SA1LWBTW2RIGAHPRex Power2341290988800Good coffee, nice gift.This is a good selection of coffees, for those who like the more traditional flavors to those who like the different flavors, and all of them are good. The packets come in just the right size to brew a good pot of coffee.
292972292972B001ETCS8SANGC8M7ZJTMQRLuz Sanchez0051302307200Great CoffeeI love this coffee, is smooth and dellicious. I was however looking for one called crhistmas cookie, do you still have it? thank you very much, L.
292973292973B001ETCS8SAAGTVPQXA9NA0MrsH0051294099200Great variety, all year roundNot just for Christmas - I enjoy having these little variety packs all year. Fresh each time I open a packet, and I can choose from a variety of flavors based on my mood! A nice mild coffee.
292974292974B001ETCS8SA3JZISQ6PMXBGPB Happy0051285545600Great offer for taste testerI have loved trying the variety included with this package. I have my favorites, but they are all very good. For a coffee lover this is a wonderful gift for others of just to treat yourself. I did.
292975292975B007221CAQA24FC67HKRG9LEDDB0051350345600British treat!My mum used to mix this cordial when I was a child. My daughter loves the drink as much as I still do. the blackcurrent is flavourful and there are no artificial colours or preservatives.
292976292976B007221CAQA2VQIQW94BTZKREric Hansen0051335398400Great juiceI'm a big fan of Ribena, having discovered it on a trip to Ireland. I was really excited to see that it was available on Amazon. If you like black currant juice, this is the stuff to buy.
292977292977B00267AGNGA37AMK3UVPVPMKyaelleah0051339286400by far, best dark chocolate ever!!i am a huge dark chocolate fan. this is by far the beat dark chocolate ive ever had. u can taste the roasted chocolate, with no lemon notes at all. 10 stars
292978292978B001U2R2VMA3LDKPBIJTKCVDCaptain Awesome "sam"0051283558400ahhhhhhhhhhhthis is a lovely tea. found it for a good price at my local market. i drink a lot of yogi tea, meditative time smells great. hints of sage and lavender..very calming for me, a stay at home mom of three under the age of three. another great tea by yogi.

ps this is not a fake review!! i am a real person who loves all the yogi teas i've tried so far!! you can check my other reviews to see. sad that some companies are putting fake reviews on here. shame on yoU!!!
292979292979B0087ACS5AA19RMPL69DOI3DJ. Price "Working mom in a hurry"7751294358400Love it!!!This is the first and only iced tea I have purchase since owning my brewer for the past year. I put off buying iced tea due to the expense and thought how much different could it be from those cheep container mixes you find at the grocery store. Boy was I wrong. For starters my favorite ice tea is the half and half lemonade, and I find that these deliver the right amount of flavor, sweetness and that freshely brewed flavor I would expect from a Keurig brewer. I find myself hiding my k cups from the rest of my family and complaining when the ice tray hasn't been refilled. Keep in mind everyone's tastes are different and I tend to like my drinks sweet, I find the smaller tea cup setting on my brewer to work the best for this, without having to add additional sweetner or sugar.
292980292980B0087ACS5AA16WPA6JV83YXTSandra Trolinger "trolsgirl"3341327363200Close enough to my favorite coffee shop drink to make me happyI love going by Starbucks during the hot summer days here in Texas and ordering a shaken black tea lemonade sweetened with light ice. When I got my Keurig brewer and was checking out the drink selections for iced tea I came across this one and had to try it. I was pleasantly surprised that the taste is accurate for the ratio of tea/lemonade and the sugar was sweetened just enough. My son and I love them and he is the one that discovered that the 6 oz. water setting is best for the maximum flavor. These are a staple in my household and I love my Keurig brewer and will be saving money by drinking these at home instead of going to my local Starbucks! They are on 70 calories per serving and you get 25% of your Vitamin C intake for the day too.

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