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292981292981B0087ACS5AA2CTSKSFZURV1Enursecarcar3351325116800I'am addictedLove this, great hot or cold. I use lemon in my tea. Here is a hint, slice lemons in 1/4 inch slices. Place on a cookie sheet and freeze, allow them time to freeze solid. Then place in a plastic bag and place them back in freezer, just grab what you need. Maintain their color and look so good in the tea.
293008293008B0087ACS5AA345TEOPA65GXAJay Bunting0051301184000Pleasant surpriseI was pleasantly surprised with the taste of this tea. Great lemon flavor that is not in any way overpowering. I highly recommend this product. Great taste!!!
292982292982B0087ACS5AA2T63MZY7GHOUBKAT2241302480000Pretty good but beware if you don't like artificial sweetenersThis isn't bad but I can really taste the REBIANA (SWEETENER FROM STEVIA). I dislike the taste of artificial sweeteners and didn't realize this product was artificially sweetened (though the first ingredient in the list is evaporated cane juice, so I don't know why they needed to add the Rebiana).
293009293009B0087ACS5AADLU70CUK1QOERaffeer0051281744000My favorite ice tea - so farThis is my favorite ice tea so far. Just the right mix of lemon and regular tea. I add the pink sweetener and it's great.
It's fun to experiment so I'll keep trying new ones but I am very satisfied with Half and Half.
292983292983B0087ACS5AA3LGC1PVFD7358A. L. Snyder "NotCordelia"6821278028800Celestial Half and Half lemonade tea for Keurig brewers.I purchased a box of 16 of these half-and-half (black tea and lemonade) k-cups at Bed, Bath & Beyond. They had a $9.99/box sale, and it was too good to pass up--especially since my better half loves lemonade iced tea. Sadly, it was a bit of a disappointment. It was barely different from the "Perfect Iced Tea -- Sweet Lemon Tea," and didn't have the bite of lemonade. I wasn't expecting perfection--I realize that lemonade in any form is asking a lot from a hot beverage machine, but it was still a bit of a let down. Also, I prefer to sweeten my drinks with Splenda. (I don't need 13 grams of carbs from a glass of iced tea.)

That said, my Keurig Limited Edition remains the best coffee machine I have owned to date, and the Coffee People "Donut Shop" variety is my favorite every-morning k-cup.
293010293010B0087ACS5AA3P4MYBOE786HFJoe Gress0111325116800Zero stars - this stuff is not good at ALL!!No tea flavor at all. Tastes like watered down lemonade. I drink a lot of tea and this stuff is so bad that I am returning the opened box for a refund.
292984292984B0087ACS5AA62ELZVUP25DE#VALUE! good....I first tried this k-cup as a sample. I was hesitant at first because most teas for the Keurig brewer are either bland, weak, or both. The sample I tried came in a pack of 4 different iced tea flavors from Celestial Seasonings. They were are suprisingly very good brewed over ice. But, this one was by far my favorite. It has a nice blend of "teaness" and lemon-y sweetness. A pack of equal or splenda really brightens up the flavors. I was instantly hooked and ordered a big box of this stuff on Amazon right after trying this drink.

As others have mentioned, there is one big caveat to this drink. It is a caloric drink. So, if you are looking to restrict your caloric intake in terms of sugary beverages, becareful with this k-cup. There isn't a whole lot of calories (about 1/2 a can of soda's worth), but it's still there and considering how good this drink is, it's hard to just drink 1. Other than that, I think this is the best non-coffee beverage available on the Keurig brewer.
292985292985B0087ACS5AA3FLB2I0FYHWWAK. Pereira3451303257600Half and HalfHad this at the Marshfield fair in Marshfield, MA. They were giving it out. I fell in love with it. Now that I have my keurig I am sitting waiting for it to arrive. Nicely sweetened. NOT WICKED ICKY SWEET. Brew over is and Mmmmm enjoy...
292986292986B0087ACS5AAJZKIQO848M2PBirbru0051351123200Half and half Iced TeaHave used this product for a long time and still enjoy its taste very much. Really refreshing and sometimes I add just a slice of lemon.
292987292987B0087ACS5AA33T3RRIP9UTBCLarry Sonstein "computerman"0051349827200"Arnold Palmer" K-CupArrived on time and was as expected. Appears to be the least expensive per serving that is available, even on line. The larger version (54-count) was less expensive per cup, but was out of stock at the time.
292988292988B0087ACS5AA3S9Y7Q2X1J2D5Yoga_TT "BookFiend"0031347667200Pretty good for quick iced tea but the Southern Sweet Tea is better.First, what I love about this flavor is that it's iced tea that is ready in under a minute. Whenever I want iced tea, it's there and doesn't require a lot of work. That being said, I wish it was a little more lemonade flavored than just lemon-ey. Sometimes if I let the drink sit a little too long it takes on pretty acidic lemon flavor that isn't all that pleasant. I also stumbled across a sample pack of the Southern Sweet Tea flavor since ordering this product and I've enjoyed it much more. This flavor is a good try by Celestial Seasonings but it still needs a little work.
292989292989B0087ACS5AA1I4ME22L5P3D2B. McNally0041346716800Great Combo.I like my tea with lemon and I also regularly mix iced tea and lemonade so this just made sense for me to buy. It's very good and has a good balance of tea and lemon.
292990292990B0087ACS5AA2DPQ82V9HI4TJJane Krisch "Jane Krisch"0051345334400A++ ServiceThis is the best drink to have over ice on a hot day..Really any of the Ice Tea's have a great taste to them. You make them as sweet as you want or add no sugar at all. My husband seems to be drinking more than me in the Ice Tea world which I find hard to belive.. Time to play catch-up :)
Its also a great drink to offer company instead of coffee, beer, wine, ect...
292991292991B0087ACS5AAS03Z0FK07AMLE. Douglas0051342569600Perfect Summer Drink!!To start, I did receive a sampler of these as a BzzAgent but I am already purchasing more on Amazon since they were so delicious! It tasted fresh brewed and was extremely refreshing. Perfect blend of tea and lemonade and light enough to please most tea drinkers.
292992292992B0087ACS5AA3BFDEBT5IV4UNGroucho0011342483200This is a first for meWow, I've never not liked one of the coffees or teas that are made for the least until now.

Weak and flavorless and is the best I can say about this. You get neither a good tea taste nor a lemonade taste. You do seem to get a bit of a bitter after-taste though. This may be due to how much the ice cubes melt during production. Frankly it is easier and less expensive to have a gallon of a good brand pre-made combination drink on hand.

Brewed on 8 ounce setting as per manufacturers recommendation.

292993292993B0087ACS5AA3U4B12A1IQWIOSunshine4us0051339113600Best Tea Ever!I love this tea! Although I'm a sweet tea lover, this tea is not too sweet but sweet enough to satisfy your taste buds. I used to buy it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but they don't carry it anymore. It's not overly flavored with lemon--just the right amount. Out of all the teas and coffees I have, this one always runs out first.
292994292994B0087ACS5AAVS0WV2H6WNVZSuzukijack0051336435200Daily ritual now!After reading the reviews, I was a little skeptical about this iced tea. Being an "Arnold Palmer" fan, I used to make my own at home. A pot of brewed tea and store bought lemonade. It was great, but it took some too time to make, and the store lemonade had a lot of sugar. So, needless to say, when I got this, I immediately made a cup. I found that the 6oz. setting was the best. Everyone that has tried it, has really liked it, even the pickiest of my friends and family members. I don't know what the "chemical" taste that some reviews are talking about, nor the fake sugar taste. I like the fact that it's real tea, and that the lemonade side isn't too overpowering.

I drink this probably at least twice a day now, and will keep it stocked in my Keurig pod holder!
292995292995B0087ACS5AA3H514Q6HV6OIJCarolyn Davidson "chef carolyn"0051332115200great for summer timeI love this stuff . Everyone one who comes to my house and i make it for them is hooked .
292996292996B0087ACS5AADL1QVRB0FG9WAngelyn E. Gonzalez "millhouselover"0051328486400great varietyThis K-cup variety pack is great for trying to find which iced tea you like best. I enjoyed the raspberry the most. Great value and variety.
292997292997B0087ACS5AADK8FAFYKQ9LOvolnavy560051327536000from the view point of a keurig ADDICTAbosolutly LOVE it. COULD NOT WAIT to try it. This is the second cold tea i have made with my keurig . This is worth EVERY SINGLE penny
292998292998B0087ACS5AA1CI7ZJ4F3SJ1KJ. Hazeltine0041325980800Great tasteAs a big fan of Arnold Palmers, half lemonade half iced tea over ice, I'm pleased with this K-Cup variety. I add a bit of sugar after brewing it over a big cup filled with ice, and its a great alternative to soda or trying to mix an Arnold Palmer myself at home.
292999292999B0087ACS5AAVOFW4IP3ZVC9Nancy "mamabear"0041323993600really goodI love this iced tea, it is my new favorite. I think it tastes better than the Celestial regular iced tea, which is also good. I especially like the fact that it has only half the caffeine, something I'm trying to cut back on.
293000293000B0087ACS5AA248LR5K3NR36PDavid Schanzlin0041314316800Best taste yetI've tried all the iced tea flavors, and buy far like this one best. It could be a touch stronger, but i load it up with alot of ice so I'm sure that doesn't help either, 6 cup setting is my pick also. But all in all way better than a scoop mix brand iced tea mix
293001293001B0087ACS5AAEBK6CTXMBCFYSherry A. Merriman Budge "SamB"0051311033600Half n Half Iced Tea K-SupsWe keep trying different BREW OVER ICE tea products, but we ALWAYS try to keep this one onhand as it is becoming our FAVORITE!
293002293002B0087ACS5AA3SVIEUBDWSKACCKelleyGeaux0041309996800Better than I expected!I bought these by accident, but I'm glad that I did. I intended to buy the Southern Sweet Tea flavor, but clicked on the wrong product (I was shopping by image, saw the little ice symbol, and didn't even notice I ordered the wrong thing until it arrived). I decided to give it a try anyway, and I was surprisingly pleased with it. I will say that I think it needs to be sweeter (so I add some stevia or splenda), but otherwise I think it is pretty good. If you like Snapple or Arizona tea with lemon flavor, you will like the Celestial Seasonings Half & Half K-Cup.
293003293003B0087ACS5AA5L3L318Q55FIAlfie's Pal "Bichon Mom"0041307404800Surprisingly Good Tea from AmazonI was hesitant about ordering this the first time, but was surprised at how good it tastes. It has a true black tea flavor with just the right amount of lemon. I used it up quickly and have reordered it. Occasionally, I add a little sweetener but most people probably wouldn't feel the need to do so.
293004293004B0087ACS5AA1RON8JOYZZNQ9Elliot Ness "Untouchable"0051306713600Tea TimeThe ease at which you can make a cup of fresh iced tea is nothing short of amazing. Cost effective.
293005293005B0087ACS5AA13TMYJBVHX9WZmelinda the attorney mom0051306540800LOVE it!I use two pods on the "iced" setting and it is SOOOO good. Even when diluted with ice it remains sweet and has a wonderful flavor. This is NOT lemonaid so if you're expecting the crisp taste of lemonade, you will be disappointed. What it IS is the BEST lemon-twinged TEA I've ever had. And I live in the South, so I've HAD some good sweet teas!
293006293006B0087ACS5AA2EHF9TF8XG4UILoveMyBoys0031304812800Just OkayNothing spectacular. It wasn't as sweet as I'd expected nor as flavorful. It seems like I would need to use two just to get one glassful. I probably wouldn't order them again.
293007293007B0087ACS5AA2YUVCBNTKA2D3SusieQ220041302998400INSTANT SUMMERA very good blend of iced tea and lemonade. For those of you who enjoy an "Arnold Palmer" in the warmer months, this is pertfect for you! Add lots of ice and brew in the 8 oz. or 10 os. settings.

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