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293011293011B0087ACS5AA3RNE1BJ13S7LJchristine a. melanson0121313107200Funny tasteThought it tastes funny. Not like iced tea, not like lemonade and no where in between. There are much better flavors out there
293012293012B0087ACS5AAIKCB9QYCIEKJAcho0111305590400Terrible.I know that taste is very subjective, but I'm a big tea drinker, and also love the lemonade/iced tea combination. This product tastes terrible to me. It's acidic without the tartness that I enjoy in lemonade, and the tea just tastes "off" to me. I won't buy it again.
293013293013B0087ACS5AABNH3NB315QHCdep4110111302480000The flavor is terriblewish I would of tasted one before i bought this half & half.
just to sum it up, it tasted like chemicals. The southern Ice Tea on the other hand is very good.
293014293014B0007PLQU6A15GU2ZC5T4GPFNoor S. Khalsa "N.S. Khalsa"2411270166400DIfficult to deal withThe company messed up my order, then would not respond to my request to return the item.
293015293015B0041PS9EOA1A5Y7FG7093WGAlexandre Bredikhin0051326412800just like my mom's!The caviar is just what my mom (who used to be from Greenland) used to feed us, the kids, when we were little - buckets and buckets of this stuff, I hated it then but now that I am a smart engineer I think it did me a lot of good - my brains grew very large thanks to it, so I give it 5 stars!
293016293016B000LR7SDYA3F1YQ1AZQ6B72L. Bly "Gift Giver"4451233964800Great giftThis is a huge amount of salmon that is delicious, great packaging, and a great gift.
293017293017B000LR7ZXWA1GI27X80UI0V1Cathy Stoddard "country mom"1151243814400devine cheeseThis cheese is wonderful. Great on pasta or with crusty french bread, grapes or olives and a glass of red wine.
293018293018B004XT7Z1GAA1AR5OX42JZR. Price1121317772800Is this rubbing alcohol?I was looking for a good, alcohol free rum flavor to make daiquiri sorbet. This is not it. It smells like isopropanol, and, although I've never sampled rubbing alcohol, it tastes like what I imagine the flavor might be. My wife made the face of a disgruntled canine when she sampled the sorbet and exclaimed, 'what is in that!' When I followed the same recipe with an alternate rum flavor, her face illuminated like that of an angel and she stated, 'that is delicious, although could be a bit more tart.' Furthermore, I contacted the company to obtain more information prior to ordering the product, and they never responded. If you want an alcohol free rum flavor that actually tastes like rum, I would recommend looking elsewhere.
293019293019B004XT7Z1GA240N297Z3X5TQK. Nath0051319760000Excellent ExtractI have been using this rum extract in Eggnog cake for years. It is without a doubt the best for baking. All the products are top grade extracts!
293020293020B0055I90RQA1URJ7Q6DTCAT4Ben0051330819200paste no longer availableI love this version of this paste, but Simply Beautiful no longer sells this version..... They only have the tomato and coriander style
which is not as good as the tomato and paprika version....
293021293021B001JAVWACA3QA67VNJACLEMRev. Aj Vollkommer "andrewjv"1111271030400Worse than cough medicine!What a disappointment! The beautiful jar and packaging was wonderful. I kept it along with the other two varieties (peaches and apricots) on the stove top until Easter for a big Easter surprise. When I opened the cherries and took a spoonful or two out to taste I was expecting something sweet and delightful. Instead I had the most horrible tasting experience in a long time. The taste was sour, bitter, and foul. There was absolutely no sweetness to the fruit itself. It is as if while sitting in the jar all the sweetness of the cherries had disappeared. As for the vodka, I have never tasted vodka like that. It was as if the vodka itself had spoiled. Even if you put this on ice cream or add sugar to it, it is like trying to sweeten anti-freeze. This is one of the most disappointing purchases from foreign grocery items that I have ever made on Amazon.Com. I will probably just keep the Apricot and Peach ones for decorations and not even attempt to taste those.
293022293022B001ELL2JWA2UDVM254SSLNCsmoked5551244505600Best Cayenne Pepper I've Found. Don't Let The Other Reviews Fool You.I've used 6 different kinds of cayenne pepper so far, 5 of which were organic. My uses include spicing up foods, as well as an ingredient in the lemonade made while doing the Master Cleanse (it's NOT a diet! :) (by the way, Shady Maple Farms Grade B maple syrup is the best I've found as well). This was the tastiest cayenne pepper BY FAR and for me, worth the price of admission.
293023293023B001ELL2JWARP5W9GDNT757D. Large122111189296000Poor packagingThe Post Office called me today to report that they have cayenne pepper all over the floor of their building and it's coming from the box addressed to me. Actually they called to find out what was coming out of that box! According to Amazon website this is not a returnable item. If that holds true, I've spent almost $18.00 on a product that I'm not getting. Frontier Organic Red Pepper (Cayenne), Ground, 1.76-Ounce Bottle (Pack of 4)
293024293024B001ELL2JWA11ZSVQGNB0LGFJ. Candy31011214352000Why buy this?Why buy this product? You can get a variety of ground red pepper (and turmeric, cumin and everything else) in bulk elsewhere for significantly less. For example, I buy red pepper, turmeric, marsala, coriander, etc in bulk at an Indian market for next to nothing (when compared with the product above). A 7oz bag of red pepper is $1.99, which is a typical price for bulk spices in that volume.
293025293025B004VMFVOIARTHSLN5BW5PWR. Mercedes Parker "Spicy Raw Vegan"2251342656000Addicted to raw!I love this with almond milk and fresh fruit in a bowl for breakfast. This was the first item that got me hooked with all their other products. Great for carrying on business trips especially since its hard to find good quality vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan food.
It's sweet because of the fruit and agave, yummy!

I make my own in large batches and yes these are high quality non-animal based ingredients....can't really compare that to animal based products... I supplement good quality products such as these with what I create and prepare at home.
293026293026B004VMFVOIA3V6BML651RXEKsrbeers2251341100800Delicious healthy snackVery filling snack. Great if you are on a special diet, or just want to eat healthy. My whole family loves them (including two kids under 4). They are a little expensive, but considering the ingredient list, I think the price is justified. Would recommend them highly.
293027293027B004VMFVOIA3PKW196TH4MG8T.B. Grant1151343001600Sweet, Raw and OrganicVegan/vegetarian friendly

Serving size per container: approx. 4
Calories: 210
Total fat: 7 grams, 11%
Saturated fats: 1 gram, 5%
Trans fat: 0 grams

Cholesterol: 0 grams
Sodium: 45 grams, 2%
Total Carbs: 34 grams, 11%
Dietary fiber: 4 grams, 16%
Sugars: 18 grams
Protein: 6 grams
Calcium: 4%
Iron: 10%

This eight-ounce bag of Goji Berry Granola is the perfect snack for those of you who like the combination of sweet and spice. In the first initial bite, the taste of cinnamon pops in your mouth. And the sweet combination only adds flavor to the flavorful granola, berries (goji), and seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, flax), and nuts (pecans, almonds).

Chockfull of seeds, nuts and granola, Two Moms in the Raw Granola is a nice alternative to candy bars and other high sugar fructose snacks. For a quick on-the-run breakfast, or afternoon snack, I recommend this unique, healthy snack. Will purchase again.

T.B. Grant
293028293028B004VMFVOIA25JHPMR7IZTXFNateJ1141331769600Good snack, little staleI first purchased this product in a coffee shop and it was delicious. Like a granola bar, but hearty. I order in bulk from amazon, and the bars seemed a bit stale. They were not expired, but tasted less fresh and harder than the original I purchased in the store. Love the product, though.
293029293029B004VMFVOIA35FI3VAX8TRUPT. Grahek0051342224000Healthy ConvenienceI took these on our recent vacation and they were so handy while we were stuck in the airport. It is nice to have something healthful to eat while surrounded by processed food options. They are super filling and delicious. If you haven't tried them yet, it is called granola but it is really shaped into bars which I think makes it easier to eat.
293030293030B0049EF1RAAKGQ6RM68SQY1Catherine Diane "CDI"1151321920000REALLY GOOOOOOOOOOD!and so easy:) I made it with chicken broth instead of water. There was NO "gravy mix" taste at all!
293031293031B00022EWLOA2HTFGCUL7BMT8S. May "sam"1151194566400Good for Paleo dietsWorks great as a replacement for flour! Can do anything with it! Great for us Paleo's!
293032293032B00022EWLOA1MV5NKVZ0AKIRT. Steggall0011322870400Very strong smellI'm not sure why but this particular brand has a very strong offensive smell. I have used different brands before and it barely had a smell. This brand has a terrible smell which affected the taste of the food. Very disappointed especially because the shipping cost more than the actual arrowroot flour.
293033293033B00022EWLOA18KO67V2GN4RJane Elizabeth George0051302739200Great for Gluten Free BakingI use this arrowroot powder with tapioca flour and sorghum, rice flour or glutinous rice flour for GF's great!
293034293034B00022EWLOA39LU7I7RZDJOOL. Lemley0051282176000GF Arrowroot Bread RecipeThis flour makes the 'BEST' Gluten-free bread in the world. Here is my recipe which is a variation on Betty Hagman's recipe:

Arrowroot (or Corn Flour) Bread '
* 1 cup arrowroot flour
* 1/3 cup Parmesan cheese
* 2 tablespoons brown sugar
* 1 cup cornstarch
* 2/3 cup potato starch
* 1/3 cup tapioca flour
* 2 1/2 teaspoons xanthan gum
* 1 1/2 teaspoon salt
* 1 teaspoon unflavored gelatin
* 1/2 cup dry milk or nondairy substitute
* 1 large egg
* 1 teaspoon cider vinegar (non-gluten)
* 1/4 cup vegetable oil ( I use Spanish olive oil )
* 3 tablespoons honey
* 1 1/2 cups water (scant, at temperature suggested by your breadmaker manual)
* 2 1/4 teaspoons (1 packet) dry yeast''

* In a medium bowl, combine flours, starches, Potato Buds, Parmesan cheese, brown sugar, xanthan gum, salt, gelatin and dry milk.

* In another bowl, beat the egg slightly and add the vinegar, oil, water, honey.

* Place in your bread machine in order suggested in the manual. Add the yeast to the dry ingredients as directed in your manual.
* Set on white bread with medium crust.

Well worth the cost. Far better for those of us that suffer from Bowel disease. I am a sufferer of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's disease. The bean flours, Sorghum, millet and flax seed meal all send me into horrible flares or give me terrible discomfort. This is the only one I can tolerate. Betty Hagman saved us all.
293035293035B004WJATMEA3QEHZYAN9ZQKOAmberhawke5551326153600Reunion Island is a fine coffeeReunion Island SWP decaf is a nice, bold tasting decaf coffee. Drinking it you would be hard pressed to tell that it is a decaf and not a regular coffee. Just note that this is for pod coffee makers, like the Bunn MCP, Bunn My Cafe, Opod, Senseo and others. This is not for K-Cup or T-Disk makers like the Keurig or Tassimo. Some single-serve pod coffee makers may have a hard time with this coffee, as it is a 10 oz pod, whereas the standard seems to be 8 oz or less. This pod is problematic in Senseo makers, as they have a shallower pod holder. These will work fine in the Bunn or Opod makers.
293036293036B004WJATMEA3EW6KCSQ9HC4IK. Walsh3351339113600Good coffee, works with SenseoThis is tasty coffee which works well with the Senseo coffee maker as long as you make sure it is seated properly in the pod holder and the pod is dry.
293037293037B004WJATMEA49NKSU3XUX5ORhianna Boisvert3351333670400Wonderful Coffee!I agree with another reviewer - this is excellent coffee! I have a Keurig also and bought an EZ-cup from Amazon to put the pod in, which works beautifully! I now visualize myself back in Hawaii, sitting on my lanai, and drink my delicious Reunion Island Kona! I just discovered Reunion Island coffee, but will be a steady customer. Highly recommended! Mahalo!
293038293038B004WJATMEA23K3Q77DIGS4GClover2251339891200PerfectionI buy my coffe pods in three-packs. I suffered through my last purchase because I mistakenly bought a coffee I thought was from the Blue mountains of Jamaica but was really just flavored coffee with a Jamaican theme, Ack (think cat with hair ball)! So, this time I made sure it was NOT a flavored coffee. I am glad to say this coffee is just what it says, coffee. It smells good and tastes like fresh coffee.
293039293039B004WJATMEA3FCMRX66N99ANNina Pietras-Stevens1151340236800Reunion island CoffeeExcellent coffee! I wasn't sure about trying this brand because I've never heard of this company. It was a hit in our house. We are very happy they sell pods.
293040293040B004WJATMEA29CBOGHV264ZXHeidi5751326499200Excellent CoffeeExcellent Coffee..I bought it by mistake...I have a Keurig coffee maker.They didn't fit.I was going to send them back to Amazon.But,It work out in such a way. that I was able to keep them!!!So,we just made a hole in their little filter and poured the coffee into my Keurig filter.And talk about NUMMY!!! Such good coffee!!!I will be buying more from this seller and in the Kona love love it! :)

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