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293070293070B001200A9SA2A41N9UCG3Z4CTor0111341446400Cats got very sickOur Vet suggested that we changed our cat food to no-grain wet food. So we changed it slowly to grain-free 95% Chicken/turkey EVO by progressively mixing it with their old food for a couple of weeks. However, as they started eating mostly this food they got very sick and started vomiting after every meal. Our cats are not picky with their food as we have changed their food numerous times without any issues. Yet after they got sick they stopped eating this food all together. We changed the food back to their old type as soon as we realized what was happening and within a day they started eating again. If you decide to try this food, especially if your cats are not used to eating such high levels of protein, etc, you should monitor them closely and make the change very very slow.
293041293041B004WJATMEA2SYSQ7CQXQXW8Terry Dunavin0051346457600kona coffee is the bestsingle serves or a little highter but to me worth it because i can make one cup at a time
293042293042B004WJATMEA2C07SP1PFYEGMdoug0051345420800Coffee PodsThe donut shop blend is a nice flavored coffee, and is not too pricey. We use our single cup Bunn machine a lot, and the single serve coffee here is nice.My Caf�©(tm) Pourover Commercial Grade Tea & Coffee Pod Brewer, Black (BUNMCP)
293043293043B004WJATMEA13BTFPBWTFUKTWoodsy0051344384000Kona coffee podsIve normally ordered the senseo brand for my pod coffee maker (grindmaster) but it is no longer available so thought I would give the kona a try. Love it. It makes good smooth but strong enough coffe. Probably wouldn't go back to the other. This is a little more expensive and each pod comes in a foil pouch.Downside...ordered extra bold to try also and pods don't fit, too thick.
293044293044B004WJATMEAM752PZ7B7PQQL. Peck "cool books"0141341619200Reunion Island Kona coffee pods....I had been buying the Senseo Kona pods for our Senseo machine, but they recently stopped offering them. We enjoy the Kona blend flavor, & these are a good substitute.....a bit pricy tho. One concern I have is that each pod is individually wrapped in a shiny foii pod holder......don't think they are bio- degradable..... not good. Will continue to look for a more sustainable solution.....have a coffee duck so may go back to that.
293045293045B004WJATMEA1XV5MRDFQQBOFRaoul N Smith2911324166400This is not a Tassimo productThis was advertised by Amazon as a product that can be used with a Tassimo coffee maker. It can't! The coffee is packaged in a round tea bag. This is incompatible with the Tassimo coffee maker!!!
293046293046B004WJATMEA1YY5HCHL3LILRStev1831334793600Not as good as it sounded.Foremost the flavor of the coffee was not as good as I had hoped. Secondly it is not what I wanted. My intention was to by K-cups and Amazon offered me these in the search. These are the small flat pods not K-cups.
293047293047B004WJATMEAPEWY5GGVEK1ER. Lewis "christian mama"0711332201600Not what I thought it would beI was searching for k-cups on Amazon. This came up in my search. Price seemed good and it was not clear that it wasn't k-cups. now stuck with 3 boxes. Not worth return charge. Please do a better job in your search process.
293048293048B0060L4NLAAGK6N2LF3K6VRFoolmeonce0021324944000DisappointmentRip-Off Enough product to make 2 Cups of Cocoa in a small glass Jar...It would be different if the container itself was useful maybe? Buyer don't just "beware" Just don't. Fool me twice.
293049293049B0060L4NLAA230MV9ZCXEH2Hlovelav33450051320796800Great Hot ChocolateI love lavender and chocolate. Pelindaba's hot chocolate mix is just the right blend of flavors. They use very nice chocolate - not the cheap stuff!! This is a great way to spend a winter evening. Make a cup of lavender hot chocolate and pick up a good book. They ship very fast and have great customer service.
293050293050B000LRG16EA18AYRYL1TY8VPJ. Anderson2251261872000Extraordinary!Zergut Ajvar is an extraordinary product! Full to the brim with sweet peppers, easily spreadable with an amazing consistency of texture, superb on Kavla thin crisps any time of the day. Don't be afraid of the 'Hot' variety - the mild is way too mild and the 'hot' just right even for those like me who don't like 'hot' spreads. It's also great on homemade tacos. Basically calorie free - you'll be hooked instantly.
293051293051B000LRG16EA2ZEW2KJ76TSMAbryzguru0051328054400yum yum yumajvar is pretty much the best stuff in the universe. got hooked on it when living in italy and taking frequent trips to slovenja and croatia. get this with some cevap spice mix and make cevapcici. every time i'm in croatia/slovenja i bring back a few bottles of podravka. when i run out, i order zergut b/c it's better.
293052293052B001QKHSQ2A1SO1PGDNVMLXCkalyson181911264377600Poor customer serviceI ordered some xylitol and erythritol products from this company and found some of them had a very, very strange, foul smell. I called the company with my concerns, worried about possible contamination. I waited politely while the receptionist asked the CEO if I could have a refund (even though it is listed on the web site as refundable). She came back and said, yeah, they'd take it back this once, but they would never accept another order from me again. Next she started to chastise me for ordering more than one thing since I'd never ordered from them before.

I explained that I had ordered it before from another company, but she interrupted me to say that I should test one item from each new company before assuming the items are the same. Well, in chemistry class we've learned that pure chemical substances should be the same, and it says as much on their own web site. While I was pointing this out, she hung up on me.

I had ordered a wide variety of this companies products - xylitol, erythritol, candies, gums, etc. Some were ok, but the ones that had the bad smell had me worried. I was very surprised when they did not want to stand behind their product guarantee and told me not to order again when I was only returning the items that seemed to be defective.

NOW foods offers the same items that I have ordered and they smell and taste just as sweet as sugar. They are also available here on
Try them instead -- I am sticking with them from now on.
293053293053B001QKHSQ2A1J5J9RTKCDP14Kim Williams7911264896000Product Never ArrivedZero is not an option so I had to rate this 1 star. Inquiry emails were ignored. The order was never processed. Quite a disappointment!
293054293054B0012DFMZ2APF7NNVPXMPA1Kaj Aagaard0011349568000UnflavorfulDo not waste your money. Has only the faintest taste of chocolate. Tried in beverages, homemade ice cream,and muffins and could barely taste any chocolate.
293055293055B0012DFMZ2A13OF6GQCM2E8LJ. Jackson0011349136000TastelessNot worth buying, tastes like alcohol, no chocolate taste at all. Smells faintly of chocolate but not worth using. I wanted to increase the chocolate flavor of my protein shakes without adding carbs. This purchase was useless.
293056293056B0012DFMZ2A1ARHAUVXWZ0FDChristine0051347580800the best chocolate extract I ever used!I have never used a chocolate flavor that has so natural when baked into a product. Worth your money to have. I bought 5 of them.
293057293057B0012DFMZ2A1MSNNS5U6YCDYS. M.0151329955200YummyI purchased this to bake with, but also to make all natural sugar scrubs with. It is yummy no matter what you use it for.
293058293058B001200A9SA1NCJ8E8SVN5FUDiana D. Backus "Avid Reader"161641255910400Low carb diet for your catIf you have a cat with diabetes consider EVO canned food since it truly does make a huge difference in their carb intake. My cat had been on insulin for several years and is now insulin free because of the change to EVO. If you are a responsible cat owner eliminate any food that has grain in it for your feline friend. You will ultimately save your cat a lot of health problems and it will be easier on your wallet with fewer trips to the vet! It's not easy to get some cats to eat this food and it might have to be mixed with a small amout of another type, i.e. Wellness canned or pouch works for us and it's also grain free. Always monitor your diabetic cat's glucose levels especially if you transition from grain based food to food w/o grain. This review if intended for use of CANNED food only NOT dry.
293059293059B001200A9SA3V6Q7MA4UVA6QKH2HB121251218067200Our Cat's Can't Get Enough!I heard great things about this cat food by word-of-mouth from several people we know, so we decided to try it out. Our cats, without exception, LOVE EVO cat food. We even purchased a small bag of their dry food locally and they loved that too.

I must say that we'll be buying this again and with the price of gas these days, Amazon is a great way to order this cat food and other items. Everything shows up on your porch and no need to search anywhere.

I did notice a negative review for this product. With cats things can be a big hit or a big miss. If you can buy one can locally to test things out with your feline friends to see how they'll take to it first, it may be best. Or you can buy a small case and if it doesn't work please donate it to a local shelter as I'm sure they'll welcome the assistance.

So far, feeding them EVO 95 percent meat, they still love it and ALWAYS show up at dinnertime two months down the road. We've noticed that our cats' fur is softer too, possible a result of the higher protein content of this food.
293060293060B001200A9SA2VMHF9DD3PKV8J. Yang6621260835200One of two cats ate some...I gave my two cats a can to test to see if they would like it. Well it failed. When I saw that the ingredients had gravy, I assumed that it would have gravy. But in case you're wondering, it's more of a pate type wet food. My cats absolutely love wet food with lots of gravy and I think they ate more of the dry food than the wet. Go figure...

Can anyone recommend a healthy wet food with lots of gravy?
293061293061B001200A9SA1108V3NFRZHQKDon H "Don H"3351323475200Please support this product! It save my 2 year old cats life!The EVO 95 has been the one thing that has stopped my cat from bleeding when he uses his other words, it stopped his colitis/internal allergies and he's been a healthy, active, loving cat since. I couldn't get over the difference simply changing from a diet of hard/soft mix...which I was first on Royal Canin for him and then tried SD z/d...then went to this. It worked...period...and my male cat now doesn't have one. To those bashing the company, quit the hysteria! IT WORKS...and now both my cats are on it and doing well. I lost two cats last year, and mine are doing well on this diet...and I'm thankful to have it!
293062293062B001200A9SA3UW565E5ZLG6Ijaneinmia3351279324800yum?I can't really say that the food is yum, because I'm a vegetarian and won't eat it! However, all three cats go exuberantly wild whenever I serve it to them, and, like a good mommy, I'm happy that it is so healthy.

On a more superficial note, due to my visceral dislike of touching meat, I'm pleased with the fact that the chicken/turkey and turkey/chicken (what??) slide very easily out of the can.

The doggie likes the dog variety even better.
293063293063B001200A9SA1YDWC0UO7TM6NMr. Smith2241306368000Good, but warm up firstGreat food for my cats. Gives them lots of energy, doesn't smell too bad in the litterbox. Only thing is that it congeals when cooled and the cats won't eat very much if it's put out cold or cools off after it's put out. I've found that adding extra water to it and heating it in the microwave so it's warm to the touch greatly increases how much my cats will eat per meal. (which ensures I only have to feed the cats 2x per day, and don't have to leave the food out all day to rot just to avoid being my cats constant personal chef.) For what it's worth, I feed each cat about 3 tablespoons of this food, 2x per day. So one one big can lasts one day for me. I have 2 18-month old indoor cats, about 10 lbs each. It's enough to keep them maintaining and not gaining weight, and have lots of energy throughout the day. They do welcome their mealtimes though, and if I'd let them, they'd be a lot fatter than they are!
293064293064B001200A9SA2HTVVOK47QP7NLucylou "Review addict!"22212558240003 Cats would not eat.I normally purchase the smaller can of Evo, but the 95% my cats would not touch.
293065293065B001200A9SA697WSC7EN7VHO. Hassanain "meems"6911217894400my cats hated this foodI don't know why but my cats wouldn't even try to eat this food. I tried everyday for weeks and it simply went to waste. I'm sure it's healthier for them than the others but they just wouldn't even taste it let alone eat it.
293066293066B001200A9SA2QJHUMBOYTG39Imo Gene0051341360000Quality Ingredients, close to natural dietVery good ingredients. lots of meat from good protein sources. No grains, low carbs. Not all of my cats like this cat food, however it is just 2 out of 17 of my cats and I feel this is great value for the quality ingredients.
293067293067B001200A9SADIB7EPJY37N2Kmyers1251346198400Cheapest grain free canned food anywhereI feed 1/2 can of this to my kittens at night, and they eat Blue Buffalo Freedom grain free during the day. (BB is much cheaper at Pet smart than on here.) I found after extensive research that this canned food is the cheapest grain free canned food per ounce, either on Amazon or in pet stores, at the current price of 24.99+4.99 shipping. My kittens have been eating this food almost since I brought them home, and they are growing wonderfully and absolutely love the food. They start meowing frantically every time I head towards the kitchen in the evenings, because they love it so much!
293068293068B001200A9SA1N129NOYUI6X0Sandy Gruneberg "sanidy"2431254096000okay cat seems to upset some of their tummies. it's still better then the store stuff but my favorite so far has been Paw Naturaw Organic Chicken Blend. it's expensive but it makes their coats shinny and it seems to be the best.
293069293069B001200A9SAAZ3WR2C9DWSFM. Carter "DVD guy"2451238544000If you want a dry cat food, this is the best.My 2 nine month old cats have been on this cat food since they were kittens and they love it. All the ingredients are top quality and perfect for growing kittens. As they get older I will still feed them this, but might mix it with another premium dry food lower in fat, since the fat content in EVO might be a little too high for adult cats. The only ingredient I'm not 100% happy with is the potatoes they use as a binder. But I'd much rather have them use potato than the rice or corn most other dry cat foods do.

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