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293071293071B001IZM7QQA3RVH9HUN9J4LZMichael212151272067200Best SpaghettiMany whole grain pastas are difficult to cook, and come out heavy and/or sticky. Not this product. Easy to cook. Wonderful flavor and texture. Extraordinary. It is to white-flour pasta as whole wheat bread is to white bread: More flavor, texture, and health benefits.

I deviate from the cooking instructions slightly by bringing the water to a boil, lowering the heat, then adding the pasta* (and never return it to a boil). I usually cook for about 14 minutes, which is four minutes longer than the instructions, but at a lower heat. I add sliced mushrooms to the water while it is cooking. After draining the water off, i add freshly crushed garlic, 2-3 tablespoons of heart-healthy Nutiva hemp oil, and basil leaf puree (when available) or rehydrated dried basil leaves (when fresh basil is out of season). Add a glass of red wine, some vegetables & sardines, a dab of raw sauerkraut on the served pasta, and this is the perfect meal. And it's heart-healthy too. I don't add any salt to the water while it's cooking, but do salt the pasta to taste when served. Occasionally (rarely) i'll use a little tomato based spaghetti or antipasto sauce, but this pasta really doesn't need it. Most pasta sauces contain sugar, and more salt than if you just use a salt shaker and salt your pasta to taste. (Most people don't realize that sugar is metabolized to fat by the liver, and can be bad for the heart.) Hemp oil has nearly a perfect ratio of Omega-6 to 3.

I've been buying this pasta by the case for years now, at local grocery stores, when it goes on sale. Just noticed that Amazon carries it. Amazon's price is as good as most of the sale prices, so will probably start ordering it on-line and save myself the trouble of looking for sales and special ordering it from my local store. I just bought four cases last week.

* I add about 1/10 of the package of pasta at a time, letting the hot water soften it so it'll bend in my pot. I add each subsequent bunch of pasta in the same manner, but staggered from the other bunches. Maybe this isn't necessary for this product, but it is a habit -- developed from cooking other whole wheat pastas over the years -- to ensure adequate hydration of all the pasta & prevent clumping. I then stir the pasta about three or four minutes later, once it has softened up, to ensure none of the bunches have clumped (have never found this pasta to do so, but again habit). I add the mushrooms about half-way through cooking, and stir once more.
293072293072B001IZM7QQAQHC7FTN6B7IVS. High111151263945600Finally, a good whole wheat pasta.I purchased this after the review by Cooks's Illustrated that recommended it. It was the only one of the top-rated ones that was 100% whole wheat and it is delicious. I have tried whole wheat pastas before and have been completely underwhelmed. This one is wonderful - mildly nutty, but not enough to distract from the dish.
293073293073B001IZM7QQA1M04JVJ412EMPCharles Michener101051275350400This is the one!I know whole wheat pasta is better for you, but I've always disliked its heaviness and chewiness - its lack of buoyancy. Then I found Bionaturae. Forget all other newcomers in the "healthy" pasta sweepstakes. This organic supplier of the Italian fundamentals (pasta, tomatoes, olive oil, etc.) is really good. The whole wheat pastas are a game-changer. They'll have you experimenting with sturdier sauces that complement their delicately nutty flavor: try sauteéing broccoli with bits of sun dried tomatoes, capers, pine nuts, lemon zest, olives, then combining it and the pasta with nothing but a cup of pasta water (add some dried currants if you like). Out with the white stuff and in with this more nutritious, more delicious Tuscan brown product. You won't go back.
293074293074B001IZM7QQA38MWB84582MOJPasta Lover6651281052800Best whole wheat...hands downI strictly eat whole wheat pasta. And lately I haven't been satisfied. I too read on Cook's Illustrated that this was the best one out there and they are RIGHT! It is so delicious. My favorite is the spaghetinni.
293075293075B001IZM7QQAWBMGLP57SAGKCobe "Cobe"6651241136000Best spaghetti everUnlike other brands that barely use 50% whole wheat, these spaghetti are 100% whole wheat, organic and absolutely delicious. I always try to stay away from the unhealthy white flour but I never imagined that, on top of being nutritious, these 100% whole wheat spaghetti would have such great taste.
293076293076B001IZM7QQAT745M9Q42ZHOB. McCluskey "Pulling Leather"4441328659200Good Whole Wheat PastaI hate whole wheat pasta. I hate multi-grain pasta. I'm Italian, and I want pasta made from seminola wheat. And I want it cooked al dente. No more than al dente. Having ranted on about how picky I am about pasta, I have to tell you this is pretty good stuff. I will cheerfully eat this 90% of the time, and celebrate very occasionally with white seminola flour. Why be unhealthy if healthy tastes this good??
293077293077B001IZM7QQA5KP3XI8Y4ZSPG. Chang "go yankees!"4451296432000I like this even better than semolina pastaI have tried many different whole wheat/whole wheat blend pastas in the quest to eat healthier. With previous w.w. pastas, I often thought the flavor was not great, but palatable if used with a red sauce that masked some of the pasta taste. I would still use semolina pasta with white sauces or olive oil/garlic preparations. I tried this pasta after reading about it in Cooks' Illustrated, and it is as good as they said. My children, 7 and 9 years old, love this pasta. We use it in all of our pasta dishes; we even used it to make stir-fry Asian noodles and it worked very well. We have also tried bionaturae penne and fusilli, but did not like those products as much (we think it was due to the thicker pasta shape). I prefer the flavor of this pasta even to semolina pasta. Try it--you'll love it and it's good for you too!
293078293078B001IZM7QQA20DGN9AUG89KUArlette Hunnakko4451284163200Never Knew What Spaghetti Tasted Like Until Now!All my life, I simply ate the pasta that was prepared for me by my mom, friends or in restaurants; I liked it, but I didn't know any better. Then one day, I tried this Bionaturae w/w pasta that I picked up at an organic food store. I was blown away! So this is what spaghetti is supposed to taste like?!?! What is the tasteless cardboard I've been eating all my life?? Bionaturae is the only spahetti I'll eat now. Until recently, I was purchasing it at a local health food store which doesn't carry it any longer, so I'm getting it on Amazon which has turned out to be a fair bit cheaper. I eat my spaghetti with my favourite Italpasta tomato sauce and topped with parsley, dill, cilantro and romano cheese. YUM!
293079293079B001IZM7QQA1RJUXDK64O91ASandy P "saprater"2251337472000There's wheat and then there's bionaturaeI thought I hated whole wheat pasta...I really did. The way it tasted. The way it lacked any sort of chewy texture and just broke off at the slightest pressure. The horrible things it would do to my digestive system afterwards, causing pain and nausea. However, I am trying to slow sugar release from carbs so I stuck with it as much as I could, barely tolerating a half and half mixture now and then.

Then I stumbled across a website rating whole wheat pastas. I am ashamed to admit I never thought there was a difference. All of the dried white pasta tasted the same to me, so I thought whole wheat would too. What can I say, I'm a small town gal whose only access to pasta is what I can find on the Prego aisle. So bolstered by the reviews and affordable pricing of this brand, I placed an order.

So glad I did! This pasta is fantastic. The taste, the texture...oh so good. Others mention a nutty flavor, and there is a slight difference in taste, but what I love about it is the texture. I can twirl spaghetti on my plate again and not worry about half of the strands breaking off before it makes its way to my mouth. And there's no discomfort or nausea afterward. I'm never going back to white pasta again. Cleared out my shelves and donated unopened boxes of Barilla and Dreamfields to the food bank. Bionaturae is here to stay.
293080293080B001IZM7QQA1QTE49P9886ZIS. McNeilly "StephMomOfThree"2251316044800How Pasta Should Taste!I LOVE this pasta! I love that it's whole wheat but tastes better than the regular Barilla I used to buy. I'm SO happy we discovered this brand from America's Test Kitchen product reviews. Thanks, ATK, for reviewing this product and thanks, Amazon, for carrying it!
293081293081B001IZM7QQASV3B7HDZ117RR. London2251297641600Amazing!I've tried many different whole wheat pastas and most have been very disappointing. This one is the real deal, my kids didn't even know it was whole wheat and the texture was as good as any type I've eaten. I'm ordering more right now, for myself and also as gifts, it's that good!
293082293082B001IZM7QQA3K5M5946CFZATM. Johnson2251262649600best tasting whole wheat pastaTastes 85% as good as traditional spaghetti. Does not have the unpalatable graininess of other whole wheat pastas. Finally, after trying this pasta, I'm switching to whole wheat spaghetti.
293083293083B001IZM7QQAA16S919LWB0SRichard Abrams4551285200000best pasta aroundMy wife and I now eat wheat pasta exclusively. It tastes better and is healthier. Bionaturae is the best wheat pasta we've tried
293084293084B001IZM7QQAACLC5APUW8JHJerilin1151343865600Made me eat whole wheat pasta for the first time!!!I am going to start this out by saying I HATE (before trying this product) whole wheat pasta. I cannot stand to have a crunchy grainy texture to my pasta which before now I was unable to avoid with whole wheat pastas. I LOVE this stuff-it has a completely smooth texture that is the same as traditional white flour pasta and then a little bit of a unique tasta to it which I would describe as almost a little nutty or something but it is not very strong and adds flavor to your dishes. I had absolutely no problems with stickiness on my pan or the noodles sticking together too much-highly highly recommended. If you have been going nuts trying to find a whole wheat noodle that is edible this is it!! I absolutely am blown away that this is a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT whole wheat noodle and if you put it next to a traditional white flour noodle I would probably pick this one every time.
293085293085B001IZM7QQA2IH2H5NLHA6DDK. benford1141338508800Best Whole Wheat Pasta!I had tried whole wheat and brown rice pastas in the past and found them horrible. I read the recommended whole wheat pastas and this one top the list in all aspects. I mixed half semolina and half of the Bionaturae Organic Whole Wheat. It was outstanding is all I can say. It did not break apart, could have used about 2 minutes more of cooking overall, but let it sit in my homemade marinara sauce and came out perfect. I only use the best pasta which is DeCecco for semolina. I am so happy with this, so now we can eat more pasta while keeping our glycemic index in check. Thank you. Forgot the most important thing, my husband was very pleased with this pasta!
293086293086B001IZM7QQA55UU9GHETXQTLL1141332288000Excellent for a whole-wheat spaghettiOkay....I'll admit I'm a non-whole-wheat-spaghetti lover. Sorry. But, I have to admit, that this is the very, very best whole wheat spaghetti I've ever had and, I suspect that, as time goes by, it's going to make me a whole-wheat spaghetti lover, as well. It has a kind of "nutty" taste, quite good, and the consistency is really nice. I do recommend it.
293087293087B001IZM7QQA13K065NGMBFNYWhit Downer "Dr. Downer"1151322438400Best whole-wheat pasta out there!We first heard about this brand of whole-wheat pasta on the PBS show, America's Test Kitchen. They tested several brands of whole-wheat pasta on the show, and determined this to be the best tasting whole-wheat pasta, the equivalent of the best of the regular pastas. As whole-wheat pasta is ostensibly easier on the endocrine system of the body, it is healthier for you than regular pasta, so we thought we'd give it a try.

And I love pasta.

We've made the Bionaturae a couple of times so far, and I can say it is our new favorite pasta. We've made it with a light tomato sauce, and second time with just some olive oil, garlic and parsley, all with the goal of really letting the taste of the pasta come through. The result? We agree with America's Test Kitchen; this is the best whole-wheat pasta out there! We will definitely continue to purchase this product.
293088293088B001IZM7QQA2AIB0TNI1FO5TCondie1151314057600The Main AttractionI have used 100% durum whole wheat pasta for many years, but have always purchased by price rather than brand name. Until now spaghetti was something to hold a good sauce. Now the pasta is the main attraction. Henceforth, as long as the price remains reasonable, I will always look for Bionaturae. It is the best of them.
293089293089B001IZM7QQA3AK6VSFIPRSJHLily1151307404800A WONDERFUL BUYThe spaghetti has a nice, nutty taste, unlike the chalk like taste of Barilla or many whole wheat products out there. It tastes wonderfully, absorb the sauce nicely, and are great for kids. Children won't discern the whole wheat taste. They will gulp them down and ask for more. It is important not to overcook the spaghetti. The result? fabuloso!
293090293090B001IZM7QQA1G1EGA46I1M0Paul Kragthorpe1151305590400Best whole wheat pastaSwitched from Ronzoni to Bionaturae, and we won't go back. Wonderful, nutty flavor puts this at the top of the whole wheat pastas.
293091293091B001IZM7QQAENJWE4QD5R2YHeather "Lady Heather"1151303084800Best. Pasta. Ever.This spaghetti smelled like baking bread while it was cooking. It has great texture, flavor, and it's difficult to believe it's whole wheat. BUY IT! YOUR MOUTH WILL LOVE YOU.
293092293092B001IZM7QQA2FWY7OWLFDRT3Melissa0051351209600sooo goodtastes so good. Worth the money. My boyfriend hates wheat pasta and LOVES this. cooks fast tastes great.I love this brand and started buying more of their pastas. Bulk is best.
293093293093B001IZM7QQA12VXFRQ9MUG9MK. Monson0051349308800Best Tasting Wheat Spaghetti!!!I was looking for a wheat spaghetti made with nothing but Durham whole wheat flour . . . that also had a great taste. Bionaturae certainly delivers. I am a huge fan and live the Subscribe n' Save feature too.
293094293094B001IZM7QQA2VN1FFB5P5UVMJacki G. Billings0051343260800Very GoodThis is very good pasta. You have to make sure you constantly stir it as it does have a tendency to stick to the pan. But this may not be a problem for some of you gourmet cooks. The flavor is very good. I am impressed.
293095293095B001IZM7QQA3DIZOJQ3LRGQ9Harlan0051338422400good stuffWe also ordered this in response to a recommendation by America's Test Kitchen/Cooks Illustrated, and found it to be a solid product. Consistency and taste are good, and it's an attractive price through Amazon.
293096293096B001IZM7QQA25HMZW72GMP75Kenton Rhodes "anon7136"0051337644800It's the BestI read several reviews from chefs and cooking magazines recommending this pasta. They were right.

It's the first whole wheat pasta I've eaten that doesn't have a gnarly wheaty taste (and aftertaste). It has a better texture than white pasta, but it has the same pleasant flavor.

I highly recommend it--even for people who don't like whole wheat pasta.
293097293097B001IZM7QQA3I819H018EVLJean L. Laird0051336435200bionaturae organic whole wheat spaghettiThis spaghetti is the best of all the whole wheat spaghetti I have tried. My husband thought he didn't like whole wheat until I purchased and prepared this brand. It has a nice taste as well as texture. I highly recommend it.
293098293098B001IZM7QQA22GW2GD8WTNOJWilliam Beene0051336003200Best Whole Wheat PastaThis pasta is so good
293099293099B001IZM7QQA377DC2CPICKNZwauwis "wauwis"0051335744000This Is Good StuffThis really tastes like conventional pasta. The only difference I have found is that this whole grain breaks more easily than conventional pasta. Also it seems to have less tendency to stick together.
293100293100B001IZM7QQA10MW96J8L0M0PBy Chance0051331164800Tasty Wheat PastaAs far as wheat pastas go this is the best, not rubbery or tough. Just be sure to cook it the recommended time.

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