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293161293161B0001BGTV2A1F958T2GSWCEKYOLANDA VARGAS "Yolanda Vargas"1151295481600Dried Celery Leaf and StalkDelicious I love it it makes soups stews salads and more taste even better
and the price is way cheaper then what you'd pay in local stores, in stores
near you'd pay $6 and only get half as much as you do here I will buy
from this company again (^_^)
293162293162B0001BGTV2A1KNBW86O1OG5KVeronica Taylor1151242086400great for soupCelery is something I hardly use so I prefer getting it dry and not having a whole stock go bad in my fridge. This way is much easier, I just pour some out in my soup and it has great flavor.
293163293163B0001BGTV2A35W3JQYP0M655Ambergris "John Thomas"3451279065600Excellent Flavor....Buy Multiple Units.I have many reviews for Barry Farm products here on Amazon. Maybe a dozen or so. If they are not the largest distributor of dried veggies, spices, herbs, etc, than they have to be very close. I became familiar with Barry Farm products many years ago when I first started doing a lot of hiking. Their freshness, convenience, and flavor has made them a regular staple carry along on my hikes. This dehydrated celery stalk and leaf is one that I probably use the most for any camp cooking. Simply because there is not a soup or stew that I make that doesn't include celery at home. This stalk and leaf product is an excellent alternative to fresh celery that for obvious reasons is not a practical take along on the trail. This product is very flavorful, and a little of it goes a long ways. I would even venture to say that in the wilderness, or even at home, this dried celery has even more flavor than fresh any time. I think it may have something to do with the fact that this is dried from both celery stalks and leafs. The leaf being something that most of us don't bother with at home. Every time I have used this in a stew or soup I have easily tasted the celery distinctly in the most delicious of trail concoctions. As I said before, a little of this goes a long ways. A 2 oz. package gets me easily through three large one pot meals on my hiking trips.

The only downside to this and all Barry Farm items is the shipping. This celery goes for around $2.00 a package but costs around $7.00 to ship. All Barry Farm products are expensive in the shipping sense for a reason I have never really figured out. But it's very easy to make this and any other Bary Farm purchase easily a bargain by combining either 3 or more bags of this, or anything else from them. You can actually order 6 of these celery bags for around a dollar more in shipping than the cost for just one. I routinely order at least a couple of several products at once and end up paying close to the actual price per unit that way. I highly recommend this very flavorful and convenient celery talk and leaf, as well as combining the shipping on this and or all Barry Farm products. It will help make you some of the best one pot meals you are to ever enjoy...
293164293164B0001BGTV2AVBZ4JWNM6XBBsweetexas0051334016000Celery Leaf and StalkThe celery leaf and stalks dried, contain a wonderful flavor. I use this product in meatloaf, soups and many other meals. Dried celery is convenient for cooking and storage.Celery Leaf and Stalk, 2 oz.
293165293165B0001BGTV2A2YJBUKQ61HRBBMamaw0031304380800celery leaf and stalkI used this in a cooked dish that I make. I soaked them first and found that they tasted okay. They don't work as well as fresh celery, but they do work in a bind.
293166293166B002SV5NCOA24ALO22OE6FKBAngela1231329436800productThe product seemed larger in the advertisement than what I received. i would not have purchased for the price quoted I prefer one that is larger.
293167293167B0000DIYK0A3KLTB208G77THDoc Scratch818151322611200Excellent candy for an excellent host.Being omniscient, I knew this candy would be satisfactory long before I had even ordered it. As expected, my guest partook in taking a large portion of these and stuffing them in his hat for later consumption. Even after setting fire to my home, he returned to snatch the entire bowl as I was reaching for the fire alarm.
I highly recommend these candies for anyone aiming to be an excellent host, like myself.
293168293168B0000DIYK0A3N767A1XFAUQ2Fitzwilly Aircookie "Fitzwilly Aircookie"272841088208000What don't you understand about "Black Licorice"
293169293169B0000DIYK0A2B7BUH8834Y6MShelley Gammon "Geek"121451092528000almost too cute to eat... almostThere are two types of folks in this world - those who love licorice and those who hate it. I have never met anyone who is indifferent toward licorice. When you ask someone, do you like licorice, the response is almost always "I hate..." or "I love..." and never a "eh - I don't care."

Amazing detail in these tiny Scotties - almost looks like the Monopoly playing piece in edible form. These nice bite-size bits are a bit easier on the jaw, since you're not ripping a bite from a thick licorice twist or whip. Not only are they convenient, they are adorable and a fun item to have in a covered candy dish for company!
293170293170B0000DIYK0A1169Q2WW86H1DDaryl Sarock3341182643200Awesome!I've searched high and low for a black licorice to repalce the the greatest, yet now defunct, diamond licorice drops that Hersey's/Heidi used to make.(why do they keep torturing us by keeping those off the market?)These are not as tough on the teeth, but have the same, albeit subdued taste. Overall, my new favorite. The Gimbals version is the best by far, amazingly fresh and sealed in an airtight bag.
293171293171B0000DIYK0A6S332MAF61Y3James Church2251235260800Finally a source I can depend onI'm not normally one to tout a product unless it by far exceeds my expectations. Licorice is one of those things that either you love it, or you are appalled by the idea of black tarry things. I absolutely can't live without it. I have spent numerous wakeing hours pouring through web pages, and candy stores trying to find a constant reliable source to purchase it, and not just any will do. It must be of perfect consistancy, color, and flavor. The Scotties fit in all categories. I can order and expect consistantly quick delivery and quality. Thanks for being my new, (and only) source. Keep up the great work.
293172293172B0000DIYK0A38YOOK8RJJC8AC. Phillips "Crispyds"1151284940800They're right!They ARE the best little Scottie Dogs you'll ever eat. I'm a huge licorice fan and these are phenomenal!
293173293173B0000DIYK0A39LUTGRX6YCRRK. DiLoreto1151242518400Yummy and CuteMy mom loves Scotties and loves licorice, so this is a perfect gift for her. They always arrive fresh and cute.
293174293174B0000DIYK0A27YBCMQV2Q7WHSB0051348531200Licorice Scotty DogsMy husband loves these Scotty Dogs. This is the second time I have purchased them from this source. Always excellent, soft and fresh tasting.
I will be purchasing the same again.
I highly recommend them to any one that loves really good licorice.
293175293175B0000DIYK0A1L2TE1P835XAVThe Papa0051342137600last bagWe have been customers for several years now. My wife is the one who loves your Scotties!! The last order of a 5 lb. Scottie said there was NO flavor in this order! "Like they left our the licorice flavoring!!! She thought maybe it was her tastebudsthe 1st day, but she has a few nearly everyday. Every dayshe tries a few & she's right! Did you folks have a bad batch day?? Has anyone else had the same experience?? We ordered the last time June 24,2012. Shes been soo happy to have discovered your product and has tried many brands and so far YOU have been the best!!!!!
293176293176B0000DIYK0A2V4TUYSCZX9C5D. Burke0051328054400Just like the Vermont Country Store Scotties!I have been buying these each time I went to Vermont and visited the Vermont Country Store and now I can purchase these delicious delights on Amazon! These chewy candies have a deep licorice flavor and I haven't found any licorice candy that can compare to the rich flavor.

I purchase the 5 pound bag and split it with a friend whom is also hooked on this delightful treat.

And I needn't tell you that they are also helpful in "keeping things moving" if you know what I mean, lol !
293177293177B003YVMUFKA27VBMB8NNKEJUA. Patterson3351308441600My dogs really like itI needed a grain free canned dog food (to mix with grain free dry food) for one of my dogs because of allergies but I also wanted diet bacause I use it to entice my dogs to eat their dry food and the canned makes this easier, so smell and flavor is important. The quality of the food is very good and they seem to really like the flavor of the diet chicken and sweet potato. I mix it with the Natural Balance LID Lamb and Brown Rice. So far I am really pleased with the quality of the food and my dogs seem to like it.
293178293178B003YVMUFKA12U2TXEHS6XZAPablo J. Fernandez2251328054400Ended huge health issues! great productWe rescued an abandoned dog that was in very poor health condition. We had to give him a bath everyday because he smelled, and he was constantly licking, digging, scratching, it drove us crazy, not to mention scabs all over. The vets were no help, told us to keep his hair short and give him the pills he prescribed, after a few months of this it didn't improve and we were desperate.
As luck would have it, we found a relative that happens to be a graduate in Animal Science and told us that the issue was related to food allergies, and recommended this brand. We balked at the high price but decided to try it for a month.
What a miracle! Oddie (that is what we named him) rapidly healed, and by the end of the month was almost 100% cured. People can't believe it is the same dog, he is much happier and his coat looks beatiful.
I highly recommend this for anyone, it truly has made me wonder what junk is in the "main stream" food products for pets. Well worth the extra cost.
293179293179B003YVMUFKA2QX0N9DN1V1NIP. Wingenfeld1151337990400fantastic productMy geriatric Bouvier Des Flandres is 12 years old and becoming increasingly finicky with his eating. This product not only is palatable but has encouraged him to eat, again. It is also low in fat which is what he needs due to a history of pancreatitis.
293180293180B003YVMUFKA6LED509IALBTJennifer Milligan0051347062400My old almost toothless dog loves it!My 12 year old Toy Fox Terrier who is missing all but 6 teeth also has a sensitive stomach. The wrong food will make him vomit or go on a grass eating fast. The ingredients in this food are quality, and the limited ingredients are easier for him to digest. I have also been told that grain free is easier on aging kidneys and liver; both of which have been a problem for my old dog. This is his favorite flavor, but the Venison is also yummy (to him, I've never tried it)
293181293181B003YVMUFKAMLIRJ3CL48W2Anne Bellone-Couvertier0051337558400Vet Recommended FoodOur Vet is very much into quality nutrition for our pets and recommended this dog food. Right away you can see the difference from a good quality food as opposed to the bargin brand. The food is so clean and doesn't stick to the can like the cheaper ones that are filled with grease and fat and all kinds of other horrors you need to know about. Do you know that our dogs and cats have been eating diseased animals, in addition to eating the remains of their own species who have been euthanized. Did you know that the makers of dry dog and cat food spray used grease on the food to make it more palatable? Well, they do. These things and more are what we've been unknowingly feeding our so dangerous that the incidents of cancer amoung our cats and dogs is running rampent. Quality food may cost more, but I'd rather pay a little extra than have one more of my pets die from cancer. Do yourselves and your beloved pets a favor, feed them a good quality food. Others besides Natural Balance include Royal Canin and Blue Buffalo, plus more. The higher priced foods in your grocery stores (Iams, Science Diet) are on the list of BAD foods. Do a little research, you'll be shocked by what you discover. I highly recommend this food.
293182293182B003YVMUFKA10GKM76NOQLGEnachoboypeter0031334966400TRY FIRST BEFORE BUYING THE CASEHad to stop giving to my dog, still to mushy for my Jack Russel Terrier. Some Pedigree dog's can not digest properly even though it is for Limited Diet's. You have to try first for just a couple of days.
293183293183B003ZI7HL4A3URI2LGMX2QDBmsjr "mary"1151326758400outstanding butter rum coffeethis is a really delicious butter rum coffee. I have been trying, to no avail, to find one that was as good as the one the Fresh Market discontinued and this one is it!!! Thank you so much for making this great flavor.
293184293184B003ZI7HL4A1KP2XIA49UTWYSheridennm1151324857600delish!I really love the flavor of this coffee. It smells and tastes great. Comparable to any high end flavored coffee.
293185293185B000LKXNG2A1R5SQAWC1D745Terrence Walsh202051179187200Converted me to organic foods...sortaI really hate that I bought this stuff. I originally bought it to try the Master Cleansing diet. After I read the book it sounded like a bad idea so I put it on some pancakes instead. It was so good I'm not sure I can ever go back to that flavored corn syrup they sell in the stores. Now my pancake habit is sure to cost me both extra dollars and extra pounds. I'm not sure why anyone would buy grade A...grade B tastes incredible.
293186293186B000LKXNG2A2D2XOBXVF2V07Bobbygeorge161651188518400Hooray for Grade B!I was a little hesitant to order ths, since Grade B is described as having a "stronger" flavor than Grade A, and often used in cooking. I am delighted to report the flavor is NOT to strong, and is perfect on pancakes and waffles. This syrup is of excellent quality at a good price, and I will continue to order it. I pity those folks out there who think Log Cabin or Mrs. Butterworth's is what you're supposed to use on your pancakes.
293187293187B000LKXNG2A1LSGIV91BUKP3Jacob George "jkg"121251182902400Good flavor, great bottle!Flavor was good, bold enough to stand up against whatever it accompanied. The great feature is the no-spill feature of the jug. Not once did a drop of this stuff dribble along the edges or make a mess... pours great!
293188293188B000LKXNG2AKMEY1BSHSDG7J. Arena5551190505600Grade B? No way, I give it an A+!I confess that I was once of those shoppers who picked up the store brand of maple syrup, because -- hey, what's the difference. Syrup is syrup, right?

WRONG! Once you taste Shady Maple Farms Organic Maple Syrup, you'll toss those drippy, leaky, off-tasting supermarket syrups in the trash.

Try a little of this on oatmeal, and you will be in heaven!
293189293189B000LKXNG2A1DPZ2MW5V23SXJerrice Pratt3351251936000Very high qualityWe have been using this brand of maple syrup for over 6 years. The B grade has more minerals than A grade. We use this syrup when we fast occasionally; I use it in cooking muffins weekly and my husband loves it on bread and even uses it to sweeten his cereal. We have tried other maple syrups but find Shady Maple Farms Organic Maple Syrup to be superior. I also love ordering this product from Amazon because the shipping is sometimes zero and often very low and therefore is cheaper than buying in local retail stores. JJ, Fairview, TX
293190293190B000LKXNG2A1OD0MT3I6ZVC7K. Carroll2251231977600great syrup, fantastic capThere are a lot of good real maple syrups available, but this is the best syrup bottle design I've ever come across. The cap pops open and has a nice spout set into a "well" - somewhat similar to the design of a no-drip laundry detergent bottle. Any excess syrup goes back into the bottle, and it doesn't build up around the edge of the cap. No sticky caps - even on the last pour.

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