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293281293281B000ILILM0A2P4NIUKSBF0TNSuzzanna "suzzanna"0051298419200I can't believe they're gluten-free!!!These cookies are delicious. No one would EVER know they're gluten-free. I'm used to giving up taste, texture or both when I buy or make gluten-free foods, but these are as good as any packaged chocolate chip cookie. In fact, they're better than most I've tried. They're not dry and hard like a lot of packaged cookies. I highly recommend them.
293282293282B000ILILM0AC00E8NN5SO95Barbara Burch "Myshist"0051297987200These cookies make going gluten free a bit easier.I am at the beginning of my gluten free journey and have largely been dismayed by the taste of most gluten free foods purchased to date. But these cookies are AWESOME! I love the strong gingery flavor and while they feel quite hard to the touch, once you put them in your mouth and chew, they break apart very easily and practically melt in your mouth. I wanted to eat the whole bag during the first sitting and enjoyed them so much that I nibbled on them throughout the day until the bag was empty. YUMMY!

I didn't order these through Amazon, I purchased them at my local supermarket. I always worry about the age of mail-ordered food and the conditions in which they were stored. Plus, I can see that given the hardness of these cookies, if shipped they probably would be mostly crumbs upon arrival.
293283293283B000ILILM0ANCKIQC3FD607graphics guru0041293148800TastyFor gluten free they are pretty good. They are a bit dry but that seems to be a problem with gluten free in general. I like the Simplebites line but I wish there were more varieties.
293284293284B000ILILM0A20HDTP0OT6KLGLaraNH0011292544000These don't really resemble chocolate chip cookiesI know allowances need to be made for being gluten free, since it's hard to get good texture and taste from gluten-free, but these chocolate chip cookies don't compare at all well with their namesakes. There's a weird flavor that overwhelms everything else--not sure if it's the rice syrup or what, but whatever it is, that plus the texture which is pretty gritty and chalky at the end makes these cookies a one-time purchase. They're so bad I'm throwing them out instead of eating them. The gingersnaps are tolerable. Not great, but definitely more edible than the chocolate chips.
293285293285B000ILILM0A3SLP5NQCXUV8Swilbel0051292371200Favorite Gluten Free CookiesThese are my mom's favorite gluten free cookies and ordering them from Amazon is the most economical way to purchase them.
293286293286B000ILILM0AOTFS0GD0F9AKJRW "sc fiddler"0031292371200Pamela's Products Ginger Mini SnapzI use Pamela's pancake mix and my family loves it, so I was eager to try her ready-made cookies as well. Have to be honest and say that I don't really care much for the Simplebites Ginger Mini Snapz. They are so HARD! Way beyond "crispy". I think part of the problem is they're just too thick. A thinner, wider cookie would have been better. On the plus side, though, they are very gingery.

I'm going to try to soften them up a bit. And perhaps they'll be good as a pie or cheesecake crust, but just for snacking, no, I wouldn't recommend them. Now to think of what to do with the other 5 bags. :/
293287293287B000ILILM0AUC7CVPGB2M1QChocolate lover0051292112000These are great!I'm a big fan of dark chocolate and really like the Extreme Chocolate Mini Cookies. I've also had Pamela's Products Ginger Cookies and they are very good as well, however the chocolate are the best!
293288293288B000ILILM0A2WW9SHR88HNEXNM Rose0051290729600Yummy!!!!For those of us who can't eat wheat, having a cookie, and a good cookie, can be a rare treat. These cookies are delicious. Wonderful! Yummy! Even our friends who eat wheat love them.
293289293289B000ILILM0ATGDKA0FK6QKCknitterspinnerweaver0051288656000The best store bought cookies ever!These cookies are awesome in flavor, texture, size and price. The best store bought GFDF cookies ever.
293290293290B000ILILM0AV8VAS2RTELQUgive2live0051288569600Wonderful!Great cookies! Being newly diagnosed with celiac disease (gluten intolerance), I was very upset that I wouldn't get to enjoy my favorite foods any longer. One bite of these cookies and I was sold----I would eat them even if I didn't have celiac disease. Very tasty and light. You won't miss the gluten.
293291293291B000ILILM0A124URARVE9S89S. Harding "Staceyque"0021286928000Guess I'm the only oneI got these on sale during celiac awareness month, I chose the chocolate chip. I thought they were pretty gross, and to me they had a funny chemical after taste, which I don't know what it could have been from since it's all organic ingredients. Ick. I wouldn't buy these for .25 cents a bag.
293292293292B000ILILM0A3P6AWCFCF4H92Suzanne E. Gamor0051286841600These cookies are GREAT !!!!These cookies are better than any cookies i have tasted. I am very particular about low fat, gulten free items because they do not taste as they should, but these are very GOOD.
293293293293B000ILILM0A1R4YO375TRB5YAntoinette Barrella0051286755200Delish!!!!THANK YOU PAMELA!!! Finally a gluten free cookie that is actually GOOD! A Celiac's dream come true.
293294293294B000ILILM0A2JZ4C3Y5V1322ram3260031286582400IT is okay but I like the chocolate chip betterThis is coming from a chocolate lover. I ordered the "extreme chocolate" cookies thinking I was up for a challenge. Well, they are good but not great. I can't believe I'm saying this but the chocolate is actually overwhelming. I'm saving the rest of the bags to make a chocolate crust for my cheesecake but I won't order this type again. I do agree that it almost tastes like the top part of an oreo but with more intense taste. My husband hated them and my 3 year old wasn't fond of it. On the other hand, I have been ordering the chocolate chip flavored ones. They are awesome! It has a perfect balance and a hint of vanilla. My family loves it and even my co-workers too!
293295293295B000ILILM0A3CF3KBO82RT58Dr. Michael J. Prendergast0041283904000my fiance' 's favoriteA bit too sweet for me (I prefer Mother's mini chocolate chip cookies), but they're my girlfriend's favorite. And since I just proposed a month ago & she said 'yes', I gotta learn to compromise, right? --I bought both brands
293296293296B000ILILM0A33GNK2H4F1EC0City Of Rocks0051280534400Tasty for a "cookie-free" cookieI've been struggling with food intolerance lately, and by far the worst offender is sugar. Be that as it may, for some reason I don't have a problem with these cookies although they do contain sugar in the form of evaporated cane. They taste wonderful with just the right amount of spice and taste great dipped in coffee or milk if you can have that. I'd never know I was eating wheat-free gluten-free, or as my husband calls it, a "cookie-free cookie," had I not read the package first. I like ginger snaps to begin with, and these taste great. They are a bit larger than a quarter, are crisp rather than soft, and have 130 calories per 4-cookie serving. No trans fats; 10g sugar.
293297293297B000ILILM0A1EHJAZIB50F3DR. Schutt "Beach Mom"0051275436800Happy 5-yr-old w/ Food AllergiesMy 5-year-old son has multiple food allergies. He LOVES these cookies! It is great for him to be able to take snacks to school that he can enjoy! I have eaten them, too. And they are actually good! I was feeling a little nauseous, and it only took a few to settle the feeling. I am glad we have found these great treats!
293298293298B000ILILM0A3RY016UBVNJTCSprout0051274918400Delicious!These cookies are DELICIOUS! I get them for my son who cannot have gluten or casein or soy and he really likes them. Actually, everyone in our house likes them!
293299293299B000ILILM0A11KJG9XN3FHFFL. Edwards0051274572800These are awesome for being GF!My kids and I love these, they are the perfect size. I love just about everything Pamela's makes. I send these to school with my kids for snacks when other kids bring their birthday treats that aren't GF.
293300293300B000ILILM0A29BLX4Z0SPYCRH. Claros0051271721600YummmmVery good!!! Spendy but worth it, Not soft Not too hard just right!!! I think these would make a GREAT crust for cheescake or some other type of topping like the other person mentioned!!! I will recommend them and will buy them again. THE only issue I had BUT this seams to be not only these might be an ingredient I am just not used to yet seems to give me heartburn bad after eating them, might just be me though and not the product.
293301293301B000ILILM0A72FC4UDUAYBPRehbeckha "Believer"0051269820800COOOOKKIIIEESSSI have only had one other ginger cookie that was better than this and I cant find them and dont know the name so I guess that means this may be my best pick.
293302293302B000ILILM0A32B402Z0ZZ7VHNakkun0051269388800great for kids of all agesMy kids love these cookies, even the one without gluten issues. They are small enough that I can give three cookies to my 2 year old without feeling guilty, and he thinks he scored! They are not overly sweet like some GF cookies are, which makes them a great snack for me as well.
293303293303B000ILILM0A16D7YGMSOUPVENLM0041269043200Really good and hard to findThese cookies are very good, as are all of the simple bite cookies by Pamela
293304293304B000ILILM0AGVIRMKHGS411Sandra "Your Find It Grrl"0051268524800Awesome Ginger Snaps!I have recently been put on a gluten free diet and have been nosing around at my local health food store for cookies that I could eat which did not contain wheat/gluten nor nuts/seeds. I happened upon this bag of ginger snaps and was leary - I have not had much success in finding comparable substitutes for the real thing.

These cookies blew me away! They are crunchy, spicy, sweet and all around as close to "the real thing" as I have encountered in a long while! I would recommend that you try just one bag first from your local health food store to see if it will work for you before committing to a case - but I LOVE them!
293305293305B000ILILM0A1MS9UQX4MX680mmarch "mmarch"0051268092800amazingthese cookies- and all of the Pamelas simplebites products - are truly amazing. I have been searching FOREVER for even a decent tasting gluten-free cookie and these are incredible!!!!!!!!! Possibly even better than regular cookies! You will not be let down. And do not be fooled by the regular sized pamelas cookies, I didn't like those so much but love these.
293306293306B000ILILM0A2YHBS6DM2EQT4Joanne L. Maedl "justjo"0051266883200Yummy!I had no problems with them being broken as others have mentioned. They taste great. I have yet to dislike a product from Pamela's.
293307293307B000ILILM0A1O1Y9LCE7FZKAS. Hildebrand "rosebud"0041265760000Best Gluten-Free Cookies So FarI recently began a gluten-free diet and have tried about 10 different types of cookies and bars, i even attempted to make some from scratch which ended in the garbage leaving me very frustrated. I couldn't handle the texture and taste of the rice flour or the mixes i purchased. I was about to give up on finding a good wheat cookie substitute and decided to try these, even though the packaging did not make them look appetizing at all. To my surprise these cookies tasted like the real thing. I am very happy and will continue purchasing these from now on whenever i feel like i need a treat and will not feel sorry for myself any more. Thanks Pamela!!
293309293309B000ILILM0APGI1V8JVIBFSP. Lane0051264809600Great chocolate chip cookiesPamela's Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies are wonderful to keep on hand. I am working a lot of over time and don't have time to bake. I take 2 or 3 of these in my lunch and/or dinner. I get my "chocolate" and "sugar fix" with no work and no fuss. When I have time, I love to bake my own cookies, but Pamela's fits the bill for me at this time.
293310293310B000ILILM0A2R5VI6PPEALEOL. Olson0051264032000Nice and cruchy!love them with coffee! Also good when crumbled in several desserts I make. very tasty!

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