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293311293311B000ILILM0A1VABWDOUQLULZS. K. Harrell0031263600000FairIf you like a fairly strong ginger cookies, these are great. They snap, they are spicy. They are a tad sweet, and I find that of Pamela's Simplebites line, judging on mouth feel alone, these are the most obviously gluten-free. They aren't silty like some gluten-free products, but they do leave behind a slightly chalky residue.
293312293312B000ILILM0A1VABWDOUQLULZS. K. Harrell0041263513600Quite goodWhile not as good as Pamela's Chocolate Chunk mix, these ready-made treats are tasty. They are a bit sweeter than they are chocolate, which is a turn off for me, though the dough has a rich vanilla flavor. They would be much better made with dark chocolate. If you're looking for a ready-made chocolate chip cookie that's gluten-free this one's the best there is.
293313293313B000ILILM0A1VABWDOUQLULZS. K. Harrell0051263513600YumThese cookies are delicious. They're dark, not terribly sweet, and go down far too easily. They taste just like an Oreo, but better.
293314293314B000ILILM0AIJG66AHTNTOBleepers0041262131200INCREDIBLE FLAVOR, BUT.....I purchased these along with Pamela's gingersnaps. The ginger snaps were not that great to me: too sweet and sandy tasting. The extreme chocolate mini cookies were delicious! The flavor was extra-chocolately (I love dark, slightly bitter chocolate, so for me, I was in chocolate heaven) and I COULD NOT STOP EATING THEM: ate one entire bag in less than an hour....YIKES....:-) With this said, I could not give this product a 5-star rating, because I noticed the next day that my stomach was burning very much. I don't know for certain if the culprit are the cookies, but my diet was not different aside from the cookies, which admittedly was an overindulgence on my part, so perhaps this is why my stomach was on fire. I have eaten overindulged in other foods which have not given me the same result as these. Also, they were a little too crumbly and dry,(sandy) but the taste was so spectacular that these cookies earned additional points; otherwise, I would have rated them 2 stars. So, for those with sensitive stomaches be forewarned, you may experience burning, esp. if eaten in excess. After nearing the end of the bag of these cookies, I noticed that I became satieted with the flavor/taste. I don't know if this means that I won't feel the need to eat the entire bag of the next bag. If I do, I will try my best not to eat more than 10/12 cookies a day. And, finally, these cookies also stuck to my teeth. I had to rinse with an anti-cavity rinse (twice), floss, and brush my teeth (twice) with toothpaste.
293315293315B000ILILM0A12T4M4FAX7WE4J. Turner0041262131200if you miss ginger snaps because of an allergy, these are greatMy son has a gluten allergy and his favorite cookies before were ginger snaps, so we were wondering how we were going to find a substitute. These are perfect. Crispy, crunchy and great ginger snap flavor. He loves them. I even sneak one now and again to enjoy with my tea!
293316293316B000ILILM0A3S1LHDKWADMNWDawn "Dawn"0051261440000My favorite ready made chocolate chip cookie!Pamela's makes great gluten free products. If you are looking for a gluten free chocolate chip cookie that really tastes good, I highly recommend these Simplebites. They are crunchy and each one has just the right amount of chocolate chips.
293317293317B000ILILM0AQ6IN7Q1LQZ8WDelbert W. Beal0051261094400Mini Chocolate chip cookiesWE love these cookies, even my daughter who doesn't have to eat gf. They are crunchy, and flavor is good--don't taste gf. Highly recommend.
We will continue to purchase these regularly!
293318293318B000ILILM0A2MXQ8HR34VLVDorm Room Shopper0051260921600Awesome!These cookies are probably, no definitely, the best gluten free cookies on the market. It is impossible to simply eat one, I dare you. They are very similar to Chips Ahoy cookies.
293334293334B000ILILM0A1UGR05IRAXVCWWendi0051237075200The best gluten-free chocolate chip cookies on the marketI feel like I have tried all of the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies on the market, and these are the clear front-runners for me. Njoy Life usually has wonderful stuff, but their chocolate chip cookies don't hold a candle to these. These are also better than Pamela's shortbread chocolate chip cookies and her chocolate chocolate chip cookies. I saw someone compared them to Chips Ahoy, and I would agree with that. Whoever said that you can't taste the chocolate chips must not have tried many other GF chocolate chip cookies, because there are many worse tasting ones out there.
293319293319B000ILILM0A8IW8LPW286XFKristin Allen0051260921600One of my FAVORITE dessertsWow. The biggest problem with these cookies is that I eat too many. But at least I'm not roaming the kitchen anymore looking for something crunchy and/or chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth. Very chocolatey, crunchy, just the right sweetness. Doesn't taste gluten-free.
293320293320B000ILILM0A1LSYMNIV4YPYEJ. Bullard0051252713600Cookies to loveLiving without gluten for over 15 years has meant living without a lot of "normal treats". However, these cookies are not giving up ANYTHING. In fact, other family members ask to eat from my stash of Simplebites. I'm a permanent customer.
293335293335B000ILILM0ALZ8BIVCAFB4TE. McKinney0051233532800Even better than "normal" cookies!These are fantastic - very hard to stick to the "4 cookies" serving size! It's nice to have a treat that doesn't taste gluten-free!
293336293336B000ILILM0AJEA4B0RKCWVCTodd L. Huelle0051232582400Yummy Gluten-Free CookiesI am a big fan of Pamela's products. This is the only store bought GF chocolate chip cookie my 5 year old will eat, and of course he has to dip them in milk. We always buy this product in bulk from Amazon. Quick delivery.
293321293321B000ILILM0A324KM3YY1DWQGdanitrice0051251072000Yummy Lil' Treasures!!Just recieved our first order of these (they don't carry them around us)...they are a big hit with the little ones and myself...definitely worthy of a try!!
293337293337B000ILILM0A15A9Y71074L0PH. Kent "Happy Mommy"0041227484800A great chocolate fix for those on a GF/CF diet!This is a great little GF/CF cookie that fills my need for a chocolate fix.
293338293338B000ILILM0A25ERF3H2D7PFXB. FRIEDMAN "Bruno"0051225756800DELICIOUS JUST AS GOOD AS THE REAL THINGThese chocolate chip cookies are excellent, and just as good as those loaded with Gluten.
293339293339B000ILILM0A11UPNFYDICF3CRobin M. Vaughn0041186272000Truly, good tasting !These were purchased as a healthy alternative, but were surprisingly delicious.There were some differences in the taste and consistency of the packages though. This was their only drawback. We enjoy Pamela's products for their health value and quality.
293340293340B000ILILM0AOQ92PUE4R431Michelle Camper0051178582400Great CookiesMy boys and I love these cookies! These are some of my favorite gluten free cookies...I couldn't stop snitching them from my kids (they are the ones with Celiac). The packaging makes them perfect for snacking.
293322293322B000ILILM0A324KM3YY1DWQGdanitrice0051251072000Some of the Best EVER!!These are some of the best little chocolate chip cookies ever...crunchy, and addicting!! You won't eat just one!!
293323293323B000ILILM0A2FC2LR2VN2VDJL. S. Ledbetter "Newly Gluten Free"0051249862400Gluten-Free Greatness!I love these cookies! If you are gluten-free, you know how hard it is to find products that taste as good as their "regular" counterparts. Pamela's Products usually do, in my experience. And these cookies are my favorite Pamela's product. I guess in my book that makes them the best of the best! And Amazon's price is reasonable, as well.
293324293324B000ILILM0AMQHAN4ZYL4NYMarilyn L. Mcleod "Grandma"0051249776000Best Gluten Free Cookies Out There!These are my all time favorites and they never disappoint. Each crunchy cookie is full of chocolate chips.
293325293325B000ILILM0AMQHAN4ZYL4NYMarilyn L. Mcleod "Grandma"0051249776000Great Cookies!This little bite size cookies are one of my very favorites. I love their crunch!
293326293326B000ILILM0A2YO68FXROSQYKJacque O0051249689600Yum!My 11 yr. old son has been diagnosed with Celiac this year and loves the flavor of these cookies. They are crunchy and just the right size to pop in your mouth! They stay fresh for a long time and transport well in a ziplock bag for lunch at school. We have tried lots of GF products and Pamela's are the best!
293327293327B000ILILM0AR5YCBPFBPMHEceliac mom0041247270400Pamela has done it again!another nice, conveinant product from Pamela's..i think i managed to get one or two cookies before they disappeared. a little pricey, but great for a road trip or lunch box surprise
293328293328B000ILILM0A1SXN5P55JORRWAngela B. Wade "rueyn"0041244937600Satisfying without soy, gluten or dairy!Very crunchy, clove and ginger cookie. The only problem I had is that they're a little TOO salty for my taste.
293329293329B000ILILM0A2DKDHC79WSYZEWendy M. Meyers "Mom of 1 Marine"0041243728000Very goodHUbby eats the GF cookies. He said these are really good. He does like the extreme Chocolate mini better but will eat these again
293330293330B000ILILM0A2EP47EDN74VIMJenni0051239667200Yummy gluten-free cookies, great price!My husband has to have gluten-free food and he LOVES these cookies. The problem was they were pretty expensive at our grocery store. Now that we get them on Amazon they are 1/2 price!!!
293331293331B000ILILM0A2XL6TZM34HFV3Review Man "Review Man"0041239235200Good but there are betterWe know all about gluten free foods, and while Pamela's products are pretty good I find that they're too sweet and usually more crumbly than other brands. Not that I wouldn't eat them, just that there are better products often at lower prices.
293332293332B000ILILM0A40QZCBHXTGCGCheryl Wedesweiler "author of SUMMER BORN and...0051239148800I can eat a whole bagThese are so good. The taste is great and the chocolate is organic, so I can eat a lot. I have to re-order quite a lot.
293333293333B000ILILM0A2H4L6IN6HCUYYLarry Jacobs0041238371200CookiesPamela min. chocolate chip gluten free tast good and it's the only cookie my son will eat since I have cut the Gluten out of his diet. Purchasing on line I fine best since I get a bulk order of 6/pks. This product is only sold at Whole foods and not always on the shelf/fare for me to drive too.

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