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293345293345B000ILILM0A2DO5Q8DC5F53SM. Kirby0151277424000Great Ginger CookiesI love these little ginger cookies! They are hard and crunchy, perfect for dipping in tea. They have a sharp ginger taste, which they should. With so many "ginger" cookies you cannot taste the ginger. Price is good now, hope Amazon keeps it that way.
293346293346B000ILILM0ADOLOFIZEPR5JD. M. Lee0131251590400Better from the storeI first purchased these cookies at our local health-food store and fell in love with them. They were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside--heaven. I decided to purchase them on Amazon since it was more cost-effective, and I was pretty disappointed with them. They tasted old and crumbly. My advice is find a store that carries them and pay the extra money. It's worth it.
293347293347B000ILILM0A1CGZYGCOB2LJUF. Lightsom0141227398400Wonderful taste, gluten-free texture.The taste is perfect. Very deep chocolate, very satisfying. The texture is, well, gluten-free. A bit dry and powdery. That's a good thing, for not tempting me to over-indulge. But I wouldn't serve them at a party full of gluten-eaters.
293348293348B000ILILM0A39SCU7KSK7330FOREVER student of Life:D "Always learning co...01011260489600Was YUMMY crispy!! but not for me...I can taste the cinnamon, I think I taste clove. both Nana's And Pamela's has salt. O.K for me, I don't have a lot
I'm not allergic to eggs if I am then I NEED to get a different kinda Flu shot!
This reminds me of Nabisco's Ginger Snaps Ginger Snaps, 16-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) Use to eat when I was a kid :D
AHH another food that calls me!! YING-YANG

Found out It caused GI problems for me :..( going to stay with Nana's Bites :D
Nana's No Gluten Lemon Dreams Cookie Bites, 5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)
Nana's No Gluten Ginger Spice Cookie Bites, 5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)
293349293349B000ILILM0A2VM61X81MSHHWMy kid's mom52411165622400Buyer beware!I love Pamela's cookies so this review is not about the cookie but about Amazon. There are supposed to be 6 packs in 1 order, but I only received 1 pack. I have ordered other Pamela's cookies from Amazon many times and never had a problem. This was the most expensive pack of cookies ever purchased!!! I am trying to send them back and will see how Amazon responds.
293350293350B000ILILM0A2Y8YFXEZWW34YGluten-free Mom121351167782400GREAT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIEThese cookies are so crunchy and full of mini cholate chips. It is hard to only eat one serving. They do not 'taste' gluten free, they taste like regular chocolate chip cookies!
293351293351B000ILILM0A2K4ZBXN90KTKJCarol A. Kryder "GranCarol"141651171584000Crispy Ginger CookiesThese are the best gluten free ginger cookies I have tried. They have a snappy ginger flavor and are very crispy. They easily can be crushed in a ziplock bag with a rolling pin to make a delicious pie crust or topping for apple crisp. This one is a winner!
293352293352B000ILILM0A3HP9V1D67866VProfile not active7751168905600Finally, a GF ginger snap!Okay, so they aren't as chewy as the wheat version of a ginger molasses cookie. They don't quite *snap* like the wheat version of ginger snaps. Like a lot of gluten-free cookies, they're more crumbly than chewy. On the other hand, they do give a good kick of that ginger taste I have missed since I have began avoiding wheat years ago. I also like that these don't have corn in the ingredients list- just rice and tapioca for flour. So many of the GF alternatives use corn flour, which might work for Celiacs but doesn't always work for those of us who have intolerances that include corn. I am pretty keen on the idea that I could pulverize these in the food processor and use them for a graham cracker crust. I think they'd be phenomenal in a trifle or as a pressed crumb layer of a layered cookie. I've been pretty happy with the Pamela's line of GF products, and this one did not let me down. This product is going on my permanent Amazon shopping list.
293353293353B000ILILM0A2PSLDPJ1YN9WES. Harrell7851173657600Like Chip's ahoyThey have the same crunch that chip's ahoy have. The cookies don't taste gluten-free. Also, the cookies come in a reasealable bag, so they won't go stale.
293354293354B000ILILM0A2E27PODYFZBGCDonna6751168387200crunchy gingerA very crunchy ginger snap, with just the right amount of zing. A very versitile cookie, pie crust, toppings, or just eat right out of bag.An excellent wheat free, alternate for those missing the good old crunch of a spicy cookie.
293355293355B000ILILM0A3JE5AJV6PD7UNRobert Davidson6751167609600Gingery and crunchy!Great cookies - small enough to pop an entire one into your mouth, but if you want to be more decorous, it won't burst into crumbs when you bite through it. Great ginger taste - I couldn't distinguish between this and regular ginger snaps.
293356293356B000ILILM0AIJG66AHTNTOBleepers3321262131200NOT MY FAVORITEI was expecting something a little more snappy and a little less sandy. The flavor was okay (I personally love strong ginger flavors, which I am yet to find) however, they were too sweet for my tastes. I don't know, but it seems like Americans have a strong taste for excess sugar. It would have been better if there was less sugar and more spice, as well as less sandiness and more snappiness, imho. For those who like chocolate, try the extreme chocolate cookies, but be careful as they may cause burning of the stomache; esp. if many are eaten. Not my favorite Pamela's product.
293357293357B000ILILM0A11UDSPQ1EFTLARhonda3351253404800Loved them!!!These cookies were really delicious. Many gluten-free items seem grainy, but these were great. Would definitely purchase again.
293358293358B000ILILM0A2DVH6CLNVNUKCDon N. Mueller3351247443200Yunmmy CookiesI love this tasty ginger snapz cookies, so do all my non-GF friends.
Thanks again Pamela's.
Don Mueller
293359293359B000ILILM0A2VHP8HL0AQHFWRachel Saruth "My Daddy is the King!"3351243555200Better than nongluten free!These are AMAZING! I love ginger snaps, but was worried that these might not be as good as their nonGF counterparts. Boy, was I (happily) wrong! These cookies were so good, I had to put them HIGH so my kids wouldn't eat them all! Will definitely buy again! Thanks Pamela's for such great products!
293360293360B000ILILM0A31GX7SX4D58N3Sue Rogers "Sue"3351242259200My favoriteThis is my favorite gf cookie. I keep a few in my purse in a plastic bag at all times for whenever I need a snack or am somewhere where there is no gf option for dessert. These are spicy and crisp.
293361293361B000ILILM0A2912BA68NPCYGMarly3351242000000love themThis Ginger Snap would be my favorite cookie even if I weren't gluten intolerant and could eat
any type of cookie I wanted. The perfect amount of crunch...better than the Pamela's full sized
ginger snap which is a bit soggy, but more gingery...

Crumbled it's great for a pie crust..but generally I just eat a few after dinner with coffee or tea.

I've made mini ice cream sandwiches for my grandkids..I put
softened ice cream between two cookies, roll sides in mini chocolate chips, then put the little sandwiches back in the freezer. Good for adults who want portion control or tiny treats without going overboard.. I've made mini s'mores with them too... Once the package of cookies has been opened, I keep them in my refrigerator. Keeps them crunchy and fresh tasting.
293362293362B000ILILM0A1ZP3V0G8K9BADianna G "Go FLY"3351232668800FANTABULOUS! SNAPPY COOKIESThese are the best ginger snaps we've ever had...gluten free or not! Very crispy, robust ginger taste and enough clove spice to know what's in the cookie. All 6 packages arrived uncrushed. We haven't found a broken cookie yet. My husband is a meat and potato kind of guy, so gluten free food is torture for him. These? He says they are fantastic and place another order quick!
293363293363B000ILILM0A1ARLGGVISR4B7Cookie Monster3351228953600Extremely Good CookiesI think these are the best gluten-free cookies I've tried. The other Pamela's mini cookies are also very good. There is a recipe on the back for a cookie crust for desserts. I tried the ginger snap crust and it was a little too much ginger for the delicate tasting filling. Next time I'll try using less crumbs and sprinkle a little for topping. Haven't tried the chocolate cookies for a dessert crust yet - I ate my 6-bag case too fast!
293364293364B000ILILM0A36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"335122826240026 - 28 cookies in bag. Whole family loves this perfect Ginger Snap cookie. Awesome flavor & Crunch. Dairy ,Wheat, & Gluten freeHas about 28 delicious cookies in bag. This is the perfect ginger snap. Came fesh and crispy just right. Tastes better than the nabisco wheat ones. Awesome taste. A great natural cook that you can taste all the flavorful ingredients.

My 8 year old said his first cookie put wings on his head and he flew up to heaven they were so good.

Needless to say they are awesome. The perfect crunch cookie that is my whole family's new favorite.

If you like molasses cookies or gingerbread you will love these.

Do not know about the other reviewer, but mine did snap.
293365293365B000ILILM0A2JK61AUH60C0Zsweet tooth3351172620800YUM!!!!!!!These cookies are amazing! So many "healthier" cookies taste like sand. These remind me of "Famous Amos" cookies, but with much better ingredients.
293366293366B000ILILM0A30HHGQ1P5OXTZStephanie Adams5651255737600Foodgasmic.This is the cookie I always wanted: oreo flavor without that weird "creme" filling, crispy on the outside, moist and slightly chewy on the inside. Perfect.

They're so decadent, even my cookieholic self is sated with only two.

I bought my bag at a store, so maybe I got a fresher batch than some of the other reviewers. I found nothing to complain about here texturally. This is not "pretty good for gluten-free", this is fan-freakin-tastic. Finding these delights has made my life just a little bit better. Seriously.
293367293367B000ILILM0A1AFBACUB20VZ3srg5651173312000Yummy!These are fabulous! They taste great, have just the right amount of crunch, and you'd never know they are gluten free.
293368293368B000ILILM0A2WBJCUK776FKYHappyMom5651167350400ExcellentThese are some of the best melt-in-your-mouth gingersnaps I've ever tasted. You won't know (or care) that they are wheat-free.
293369293369B000ILILM0A2M687HYOW9JFWdream factory2251267142400Autism Diet CookieMedical studies have demonstrated that autistic children are more receptive to their therapy when on a strict gluten free diet. The problem is that children love to eat tasty chocolaty 'junk' food things. So how to satisfy their taste buds and maintain a gluten free diet? Alot of the gluten free stuff out there is non-palatable.

After MUCH trial and error we discovered this delicious chocolate chip cookie. We performed a blind taste test with all the Dream Factory tribe and this cookie stood at the top of the cookie heap. Flavorful crunchy. Microwaving for about 20 sec softens them up and brings out their chocolate flavor even more. Their small size (2" dia) is perfect for little hands.

Did you notice on the bags cover; the cookie on top to the right. The configuration of the chips makes a sad face.. . . Look.

Pamelas also makes a great pancack mix.
293370293370B000ILILM0A2YYSRBJQLU3WOGranny of eight2251245974400The best cookies ever, Gluten or Gluten FreeYou would never guess that these cookies are Gluten Free. They are delicious.I make sure that I never run out. I suppose you could say that I am addicted.
293341293341B000ILILM0A1WT4C5BZHW8KVFlo Smith1221235779200Not-So-Great, in my opinionI guess I'm weird. This is the only Pamela's product that I did not like. I love the full-size dark chocolate-chocolate chunk cookie, but the Simplebites had a bitterness I just did not care for. My husband (who eats gluten) liked them much better than I did.

I'll let all you 5-star folks have these; I'll have the Simplebites regular chocolate chip mini cookies, or the aforementioned dark chocolate chocolate chip cookies, thank you very much.
293342293342B000ILILM0A3C2F0J9YACVB1Faith Pavkovich1251181174400a very yummy treatI love snappy hard gingersnaps and these are just that. Try them with some melted white chocolate drizzled over them for a semi-homemade addition to the cookie platter.
293343293343B000ILILM0A2U3N8TS3Y98HGA. Ward "Audio addict answering to Alexis."0151331856000Chocolate cookies for grownupsExcellent cookies!

They require milk, however. They are not sickly sweet like a lot of cookies tend to be, they are truly cocoa flavored cookies.

I recommend them for chocolate therapy to get through tax season. You need very few to get maximum effect.
293344293344B000ILILM0A2VLQO1ZY057O2kimmyp "kp"0111298073600would give it no stars if possibleI took one bite and gagged. Tasted like chemicals. Left a nasty taste in my mouth. Threw the entire bag away

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