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293431293431B000ILILM0A1COCQJY7QGWOMike S0051309910400For anyone suffering from lactose intolerance or even celiac, and looking for a sweet and delicious snack, look no further.I am lactose intolerant with 0% absorption and also suffer from IBD. These cookies are not only soft and delicious, but highly addictive and DO NOT bother my digestive system at all.

Only downside is that they are so good, you may find yourself eating the entire bag. One of the best snacks I have tried!
293432293432B000ILILM0A2NYJV50NHOMFZDumpling0051309910400Extreme Chocolate - THANK YOU FOR THESE!!!These cookies are amazing! I am on a gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and soy-free diet, which makes it almost impossible to find desserts, candy, or baked goods I can eat. These cookies are free from all these allergens, but more importantly: they are delicious. The Extreme Chocolate ones are crunchy at first, but then they get chewy and melty in your mouth. They feel rich and even buttery, and have a satisfying chocolate taste. Reminded me of brownies. I was very impressed and I would have enjoyed this product equally even if I weren't on a restricted diet. Superthumbs up and THANK YOU for this product!
293433293433B000ILILM0A3D84F30PL2Q64Jin Washington "honestone"0041307059200Too sweet for me, but the rest of the family likes itMy husband and two boys, 3 and 1, all like these little cookies so much that all of them took more than the serving size. I let them eat them freely because I'm OK with the ingredients. I didn't eat so many of them because they taste too sweet for me. They also have a strong spicy taste probably because of the ginger.
293434293434B000ILILM0A29DIYU9PIR5GEJ. Minton0051302566400Great cookies, great price, and they're delicious!!!Going gluten free is overwhelming, especially when you have trouble finding food that tastes good. All of my experienced friends told me not to eat any prepackaged gluten free stuff until I had been off gluten for at least a week or two. I saw these cookies on sale right before I started, so I bought them planning to wait a week or so, then eat them. Well, I couldn't wait! I was too curious. I tried one, and it was delicious!

They are about the same size, and very similar in taste to Famous Amos, only better. They are not as dry. The texture is great, not exactly crunchy, but not quite chewy. They have an initial crunch, a good chew, and sort of melt in your mouth, and are perfect for dunking in milk (taste fantastic with almond milk). There's no funny textures or aftertastes like with some gluten free sweets. I know a lot of people say they can eat a whole bag in one sitting, and I probably could, but I find them to be satisfying enough to just eat the serving size of 4 when I have a sweet craving.

The price here is better than in the store, if you get free shipping. At my health food store, they are $3.69/bag. I paid about $16.50 with tax for 6 bags here, and they arrived in 2 days!!! At that price, they don't cost any more than mainstream packaged cookies, which not common with gluten free stuff.

The kids love them, the husband (who is not gluten free) loves them, and I love them. What more could you ask for!
293435293435B000ILILM0A3D2XJB9C3Y4AWL. Seibert0051302220800Tastes great!!I love Pamela's products, and Amazon is a great place to get a good prices!! I like these ginger snaps because they aren't too gingery, they're just right.... :)
293436293436B000ILILM0A3VMVPF0ECPIU6A Best "desert girl"0051302048000Best chocolate cookies ever!They are dangerously good. I cannot buy them anymore. I just eat them all! They are my favorite chocolate cookies in the whole world!
293437293437B000ILILM0A2HFUG052W6NPPGluten free goddess "Kathie"0051300752000Life saver for my 15 yr old son!Thanks Amazon and Pamela's! My 15 yr old son eats gluten free and loves these cookies. He can eat an entire bag when he gets home from school and it was driving us in to the poor house buying them at the local grocery store. Thanks to Amazon and the auto ship program I am saving almost $2 a bag by ordering them this way! They are great tasting cookies....they taste like chocolate chip cookies should taste...with or without gluten!
293438293438B000ILILM0A3ET0LZXOBQZQ5VW "ValiOcean"0041298592000Tasty Gluten-Free ChoiceVERY good. Yes, it has a different texture than that of wheat-flour cookies, but it is still really tasty and has the cookie crunch that is so appealing. Try them. Dip them in milk. Just like you would everyday cookies.
293439293439B000ILILM0AQ37KM17DXAUSChristena C. Nelson0051298592000Gluten Free yet YummyI can not eat gluten, so finding snacks is difficult. I like buying Pamela's Ginger Snapz in bulk from Amazon. Saves money, time, and gas. They are so good, once I ate a whole bag!
293440293440B005BGR7O0A31E1VB2S15NTFTerry0051350345600Good stuff!I bought this sample size to try this food out before purchasing a large one after hearing about it from several sources. My dogs LOVE it and I find it very easy to use. It seems to have helped my beagle's problems with his skin which caused him to constantly scratch. It's a little expensive to feed to 2 dogs, but I think that the quality is worth it.
293441293441B007UWNBYSA1JAJOPA2LXRY9Celadon181851342137600What's inside the jar?The price point of this product makes it immediately attractive. It's only detractor, the labeling, fails to mention the various qualities that a health concious consumer needs to know when comparing the more expensive alternatives. After some research, a manager at the Trader Joe's-Bollinger helped unravel this dilemma by providing the following information. Trader Joe's Coconut Oil is: non-hydrogenated, cold pressed--no heat is used at any time during the processing, raw filtered, unpasturized, and is strained. Hope this helps!
293442293442B007UWNBYSA6QG9LM5WL0AQC. Irish "Read On!"6651343952000Amazing!I happened to pick a jar of this up at Trader Joe's and when I went to the check out to buy it, one of the ladies began to tell me some of the many benefits of coconut oil. I bought it to try on my dry skin. What I didn't know was that it has many benefits. She told me her mother in-law suffers from Alzheimer's and she takes it and it helps her memory. She also told me it's good in coffee, on toast, scrambled eggs and can be used instead of normal cooking oil.

When I put it on my face, the very next day, amazingly, the pores on my nose were smaller and almost invisible and I have large pores on my nose! I don't know how it did that, but it did. It also helped on my dry skin areas. I put in on my hair and just rubbed it in and left it and the next day when I took a shower, my hair was very soft.

There are many uses for coconut oil and using it on your skin is only one of the things. The average daily recommendation is three tablespoons, but you should work your way up to that and not start with three because your body won't be used to it. Coconut oil helps aid good cholestrol and can help with memory loss and it has a lot of other amazing properties. Using this simple, inexpensive oil can really help with a lot of common problems and it tastes and smells really good.
293443293443B007UWNBYSA9ZZQLR8ELABJSarah E. King "Sking"4451334707200Love itI've been wanting to try coconut oil for awhile now because so many people swear by it. I kept forgetting to pick some up when I went to Trader Joe's but one day they had a whole display of it for only $5.99. I was looking for a more natural alternative to lotion for myself and my baby. I am so pleased to have found this. It makes my skin so soft and smells so sweet. Today I doused my hair with quite a bit of it and pulled it back into a bun, after a couple of hours I showered like normal and my hair is so soft! Another great thing about it is that about once a day I give my toddler a spoonful to make sure he is getting enough healthy fat for his brain development! Can't believe I can feed it to him and use it as a moisturizer. If you go online you can find so many different uses for coconut oil it really is amazing.
293444293444B007UWNBYSA2N0N35M99PNF0Kristian Erik Megahan "Taurelindale"2241346630400Amazon is overpriced on this oneThe product is very good. It has all the qualities that the savvy consumer would be looking for, plus a good aroma (though not pungent, or "loud"-- if you're looking for such).

In store price of TJ's coconut oil is $5.99. Came to Amazon looking for it; glad to find it... and then WALLOP... floored by the Amazon price. It's nearly 3 times as much at $17.95!!!

What gives, Amazon? I'll be driving the 2 hours to TJs.
293445293445B007UWNBYSA27SXLL7FD9HCMAndrea2251346371200Love the product, but Amazon is selling for too much!I love, love, love this coconut oil! It has a great flavor and I use it for almost everything! I even made a deodorant out of it (2 tbsp each of: coconut oil, baking soda, cornstarch, and shea butter (optional, I do not add the shea butter) It really works!). Now, I have only purchased this in store so when I saw that Amazon was selling it for almost $18 a jar I was VERY disappointed!!! In store it is only $5.99!!! So buyer beware, it is an awesome product, but the price on here is ridiculous. Enjoy!
293446293446B007UWNBYSA36R9KK9XD193Cyvette1151347580800Great OilWow, this is great stuff, I have been using Barleans extra virgin coconut oil, and it is not as smooth, I am not sure if this is because it is extra virgin whereas, Trader Joe's is not, if anyone knows why this is please let me know - I like the consistency of Trader Joe's better. By the way, if you have a Trader Joe's in your area you can purchase the same size jar for $5.99 vs. $17.00.
293447293447B007UWNBYSA7PC82NBDMJ4HSherene A. Wallace1151345507200skin moisturizer & hair moisturizerI brought my coconut oil at Trader Joe's so ofcrs the price was cheap 6 dollars and change . This is the best quality coconut oil I have ever used! It make my coarse thick hair so soft on contact and when rubbed it into my skin it does leave that greasy constancy like other coconut oils.
293448293448B007UWNBYSA3NNHPGLMP6B7Bkerrchau0051345939200smells amazing and worksI went to Trader Joes for the first time since my city doesn't have one (1hr away), and the first thing I picked up was this! For $6, it was a steal. Other places online call sell cold-pressed organic CO for at least $8...sometimes even up to $18. I've used EVOO on my skin but this coconut oil is so much better. It doesn't leave my skin as greasy (I have really dry skin), and it smells fantastic! I couldn't stop touching my face.

Eating is was good too. I added a tsp of coconut oil in lime water with stevia and blended it with ice like a slushie. The coconut oil solidified but it was fun to chew. Very good for your digestive system! After taking some coconut oil, you'll feel regular.

Trader Joes, come to Greensboro!
293449293449B007UWNBYSA1W9IZS79SSKVUMyNaturalTrans04120051339977600More than just a cooking oil!I love this product! I use it on my hair, face, and body. I love the smell...kinda reminds me of sitting on the beach with a pina colada! I will definitely continue purchasing this product online until Trader Joe's opens near me.
293450293450B007UWNBYSA360CJXS14UMJYunachica0111343952000Poor quality bad productI purchased 2 jars of this "organic" "virgin" coconut oil because the price seemed reasonable. It has a very faint coconut smell and doesn't have the same consisitency as other quality coconut oils I have purchased. I use coconut oil in cooking and as a body lotion. This brand made my skin break out very badly. I will not purchase this brand again.
293451293451B0013L5KSCA1ZHDSHQFZ12RYJoeShmoe6751235692800Great Cleanser TeaI really like having a different flavor of the tea to go with the original tea. This tea makes me feel lighter and healthier while the original helps to lose weight. Plus, drinking the tea every day reminds me what I'm working towards!
293452293452B0013L5KSCA2BY5Z02OC1WJFRobert Hutchison "Hutch"5651255996800Good stuffTHe Cleansing tea helps me in many ways. I do believe it helps in the health department. It does help me wake up in the morning, and my attitude is better as I believe I am treating my body well.
293453293453B0013L5KSCAW2GGKXKHVKNEvenessagoodas0011350950400Not worth it.This product does not work at all, so don't waste your money and buy it. I regret buying this. I give this a -star, don't waste your time on this. They actually have products that work. Try some nopalina flax seed plus. It actually work in a few hours.
293454293454B0013L5KSCA1UYMIZ9Z0CK8Chapamommy0051336176000NiceThis Tea is pretty good! If you enjoy a good lemon/honey flavor tea, then this will be one you will enjoy. I'm still iffy about the cleansing part, I think I need to drink it more. I will have to update in a week or so to give it an honest opinion about the cleanse and slim part. However, if you drinking to enjoy the tea, then you will be happy with your purchased.
293455293455B0013L5KSCA1ALBGZEIX1OOLerin0051334361600Great ColdI make this by the pitcher and drink it is very tasty and I enjoy it. Not sure about the slimming quality, but I like it none the less
293456293456B008MUOR9KA3QNQQKJTL76H0buru buru piggu353951243123200Not real wasabi, but so what? Still great on sushi!Several reviewers point out that this product is made with horseradish, not real wasabi, and gave it a low rating because they perceive it to be "fake". Yes, horseradish is much inferior to real wasabi in taste qualities, but I think that is missing the point. Very few people outside of Japan know what real wasabi tastes or even looks like, so the point is moot. If you are looking at any kind of prepared "wasabi" product, chances are almost 100% that it will be Western horseradish (seiyo wasabi) and not Japanese wasabi. Don't expect to find 100% pure wasabi in a tube.

Japanese routinely eat sushi with "fake" wasabi, so there is no stigma against it. Real wasabi is too prized and scarce to grind up in large batches and let sit around. Once grated, real wasabi loses its pungency very quickly in the presence of oxygen (within 15-20 minutes). When presented to diners, wasabi is offered as a small root placed on top of a grater so you can grind the paste yourself.

Few Japanese people expect real wasabi except at fine sushi restaurants. Everywhere else, it's this horseradish stuff dyed an unnatural shade of green, either offered as a tube or a ball of "wasabi clay" made from powdered horseradish. Real wasabi is notoriously finicky about its growing conditions and difficult to cultivate. What quantities not quickly snapped up by restaurants are sold to end consumers fresh as thumb shaped roots. Availability was sporadic and unpredictable in my supermarkets when I lived in Japan, and most people are happy with buying prepared wasabi substitutes like this for everyday use. S&B tube wasabi is commonly found in Japanese grocery stores and homes. It is also included as little squeeze packets in supermarket sushi sets.

If you ever have the chance to try real wasabi, do it! The taste is so different and hard to describe.. it has a sort of sweetness and pleasant pungency that horseradish cannot reproduce. Horseradish just gives you that powerful nasal burn. Real wasabi doesn't.

That having been said, S&B is an excellent sushi condiment when real wasabi isn't practical or available. I have used it for many years and will continue to use it. The paste easily dilutes into the soy sauce and coats sushi and sashimi well.
293457293457B008MUOR9KA1OIYM498SPS7BBrandonS852211328140800TerribleI know, it's not wasabi and it's not supposed to be. I get that.

However this tastes LITERALLY like horseradish mixed with mayo. There are wasabi alternatives that actually taste somewhat close to natural wasabi. This stuff is horrible, I picked some up today at Kroger's and am thinking about taking it back (I've never done that before in my life).
293458293458B008MUOR9KAWBHFGKLK3E1FSushi Fan 994521276819200Easy to use but...S&B Wasabi is very easy to use. It is packaged in a nice squeese tube. However, the so-called wasabi just tastes like horseradish made with green food coloring. If you are a picky fan of sushi as I am, it might be best to look elsewhere for the wasabi experience that you are looking for.
293459293459B008MUOR9KA1VYFEJM12ZP11Jana Taylor1141268870400Wow, that's hot.I would like to start off by saying I'm no expert on food - especially sushi. But I know I like sushi so much so that I learned to make it at home rather than go out to an expensive restaurant to get it. So I bought some wasabi because you can't really have sushi without it in my opinion.

Some reviewers don't like this because they claim it isn't real wasabi. That may be true - I don't know quite honestly. I just know that although the texture was a little creamier than what I got in a restaurant, it still did the trick. It was very hot and I really liked it. But use VERY sparingly. I made the mistake of putting too much on, I thought it wouldn't pack a punch and wow was I wrong.

This tube will last me quite awhile. I have made three batches of sushi and I haven't hardly put a dent in the bottle yet.
293460293460B008MUOR9KA3EYYPBAO6OFOZS. Evans3451186617600Best Wasabi Ever!!!This is the real wasabi if you love japanese horseradish. All others are mellowed or watered down. This is real flavor so use it sparingly.

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