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293461293461B008MUOR9KA3HFRDFFRYN7GAPekelo0011346025600I second the other "Terrible" reviewWhen I went to my local QFC in Seattle, I was pressed for time to get to a memorial function, so when I found they only had this product and no powdered wasabi, I gave it a try. I was bringing a smoked fish plate, and I wanted to make a wasabi mayonnaise to accompany the other usual sides for this appetizer.

Interesting that the other "terrible" review said it tasted like it was blended with mayonnaise. Obviously, I WANTED it to taste like wasabi mayo, which I've made many times with excellent results, and why not? It's just wasabi and mayo!!!

When I whipped this batch up at the function, it tasted excessively salty, almost like baking soda, which rendered it unservable. Lucky I had other condiments so no huge deal.

I know I've used pre-made in the tube in the past, but this brand was truly awful. So, people, learn from my mistake: buy powder, add hot water, you're done-enjoy!
293462293462B008MUOR9KA12WAX77H5TQV9motochlo0041340150400decent wasabi in a tube.Eh -- it's wasabi and it's in a tube -- it tastes just fine. However, I prefer the powdered wasabi that comes in a little jar that you mix with water.
293463293463B008MUOR9KA2IUXC55PAOY06David E.0051337472000A.O.K.Tastes just like the wasabi in stores and restaurants. You get about twice the amount
of product for the money than in the stores. Grocery shopping by internet has a future.
293464293464B008MUOR9KA1UREQAF6VT8M1Leah Burgoon "I love bacon and bread."0041309996800Wow! Strong!I've never had Wasabi before and I was surprised by the intensity. I got some on my hand and licked it off...It hit me like I'd inhaled toxic fumes. It was difficult to breathe for a few seconds and it left my lungs feeling kind of hollow. It was hard to believe that it didn't taste a lot more spicy. Yes, it was spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. It was more of a surprise. If you've never had this before, prepare yourself.
293465293465B008MUOR9KA32WN2CIA4LO9HMelody A. Luse0051300579200WOWWow is this stuff ever the greatest. i like to mix it into my miracle whip and eat it on my hamburgers. love it, love it, love it. Wasbi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
293466293466B008MUOR9KA1D5LPG3IJ6AK0MJ0041290643200Great TasteThis is the best pre-packaged Wasabi I have found. It has a great texture too. I only buy this now that a friend recommended it and I tried it.wa
293467293467B008MUOR9KA2PML0A8FBIIGZDuff C. Sease0051235174400WasabiI love wasabi and in particular the S&B brand. Finding it online at a great price was wonderful and the seller shipped it quickly. I will return to this seller again.
293468293468B008MUOR9KAA7202XJHX45NJadxia Lauron "aka Jade Lauron"3711233187200Not Hon-WasabiThis wasabi-flavored product seems more horseradish than wasabi. I doubt there is ANY real wasabi in it, more token flavoring.
293469293469B008MUOR9KA5S8J4ZXZEDZSne_plus_ultra_151111236038400No wasabi in this wasabiI have looked up the ingredients and there is zero wasabi in this product.

Horseradish is the number one ingredient.

Horseradish wasabi is "wasabi", not WASABI !!!

If you've only eaten sushi with wasabi paste, you've probably never had the real thing.
293470293470B002DZF7QCA3JYRNE8U09U52Tucker4451303689600Essential for cats with herpes virusEvery time my cat has an episode with not feeling well due to stress I can bring her out of it using this supplement - give to my other cats upon their sneezing and watery eyes.
293471293471B002DZF7QCA3NHQL0DGSR31HC. Roll3351292457600Veterinarian recommendedOne of my cats has feline herpes. This stuff is about the only thing that keeps it under control. I bless my vet for recommending lysine. And I can usually find a good price on this particular product.
293472293472B002DZF7QCA343BCXOPTM49Murphy S. Maclean4551265587200LysineI use this product frequently for my cats to boost their immune systems. It's great to be able to obtain this product via the web in a quick and easy method. I've used this seller in the past with great success.
293473293473B003WEHLLWA1TMT4C4WSA1G9Debbie Faver0051329696000Yumm and cost effectively Yumm.This is truly a cost effective way to buy these treats. However, If you are the sort of person who cannot allow candy to sit around their home without eating them until they are ALL gone, do not buy this delicious stuff. (I don't feel superior to you guys who are candy addicts. I cannot buy ice cream for the same reason.) These treats are wonderful as long as you don't have to eat them in one sitting.

Lasted me for six months until my daughter visited....I'm not sure how many I had left when she arrived. Sigh.

But! They are great, cost effective and yummy.
293474293474B003WEHLLWA2CZ4OA313WSKSalbert camus "alby"0051306281600Help! I can't stop eating these.This was a delicious but dangerous purchase. I have been limiting myself to 1 bar a day but it's very hard to stick to my plan. I love nuts, chocolate and coconut and Almond Joy has all 3 in a tasty combo. Quite irresistible!!
293475293475B003WEHLLWA2C8O554YMY2ZLBixby "Bixby"0051306022400My husband loves these!I bought him a box of these for an Easter treat and what can I say? He loves them, its one of his favorite candy bars and I got a supe deal!
293476293476B000F0JOW0AWLK6NSSV0YNAMidwest Mommy6651223424000Delicious Spaghetti!This spaghetti has a very subtle spinach flavor. The noodles are thin and green, making a festive presentation with some red sauce. 12 boxes won't last us as long as I thought!
293477293477B000F0JOW0A3GUX9OSWFJHOOMichael R Burke2241305244800TastyI bought a case of these noodles and was impressed with the quality. It is greenish in color and has a hint of spinach taste to it that I really liked. It is hearty and fills you up. In summary I really liked it and would buy it again.
293478293478B000F0JOW0A3PDTV47F38JO6L. W. Griner "crafty lady"1151296777600Best Pasta in the WorldI love this pasta! Walmart was selling it, but I guess they discontinued it. It was much cheaper at walmart, but I love this pasta. GREAT FLAVOR!
293479293479B000F0JOW0A242Q6K6OMF94DAnnette Weatherman "Rock Around the World"2351270598400De BolesDe Boles,De Boles, De dry Boles; De Boles,De Boles, De dry Boles; De Boles, De Boles, De dry Boles -- now here's the word of the Organic Spinach Lord: Good.
293480293480B000F0JOW0A2VZ3BW43PK6HDMatt Dawdy0321294185600Decent noodles but not Gluten freeThese noodles contain wheat -- which last time I checked has gluten in it, so I guess it is obvious that you should not buy if you are allergic to wheat.

The non-allergic people in our family ate the noodles and they taste like normal noodles but are green. Nothing too exciting.
293481293481B000V9ANVGA2P2ICQODE93P3K. Doe "Otaku Doe"2441231632000Butterfingers!! 'nough said.They are the Butterfingers that everyone knows and loves. They hit the spot and I got them rather quickly.
293482293482B007OTXW4QA1WG5SD91EWYXZJ. Labore0051348099200ExcellentThese are great and amazingly lacking in added ingredients. Crispy like a fried chip but they are not fried. Not dried or chewy like some dehydrated apples. I love all the flavors but the beet is my favorite. I hope they get the veggie variety on Amazon soon.
293483293483B001EO5NPIA10V3AEA4MZ97JGary Kean "beardedgman"0041320796800Great Decaf CoffeeI tried Jeremiah's Mocha Java Decaf a few months back and have made it my coffee of choice. It is rich and medium bodied. I use it in my pour over machine and also use it in my Bodum French press. Either way, it makes a delicious cup o' jo'.
293484293484B0014EQHTYAFTOBK4M64RVVD. Weathers0051323993600Great Gravy!It seems like some of the best products are either discontinued or hard to find. This one is hard to find. I use it to marinate prime rib roasts/steaks while cooking it all in a crockpot. My family says it is better than what they eat at nice restaurants. I am very satisfied with this order.
293485293485B000LPHKB6A24SIBBO66BRMOEric Chilingarian "Eric"1151215129600Cost of shippingThe cost of shipping a small and light package containing tins of seasoning, which amounted to over $50, is exorbitant. Had I known that I would be charged that much for an order costing less than $40, I would never have ordered from that supplier.
293486293486B000LPHKB6AT2WSOHFQ13IURichard W. Davis0041207353600happy with service and productMy daughter got me started on this seasoning and it is very hard to find in our area. I found it here and bought a whole case. I am very happy with the service I received from this co.
Cavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning, 8-Ounce Shakers (Pack of 12)
293487293487B001ZRTGKMAKUIADJSTN947Gulmar0051281225600great product with little competitionThis is a great product, and I've seen very little competition for it. I have yet to see anything for Salsa Piquin in the market.

My problem is that it runs out of the shelves as soon as it is put up.

I now have at least 5 friends trying it - and now I can't seem to find it locally.
293488293488B001G3P1G8A10QWUWW7ANVSSher-lynn0021282003200Didn't work for me.Sorry, I saw absolutely no benefit in taking this product. I never felt better or worse. Lost or gained weight. It took it for several months and quit because it obviously wasn't doing anything.
293489293489B000TUKUFGA2XBM9AI9MK341B. Slevin0051234656000Fantastic!Can you say sugar high? LOL That was the point in ordering a case. I sent it to my husband who's deployed overseas. He loves them!
293490293490B0019IADCCA2AXWQVA5V9GPJA. Benenson2221283904000Hershey's has gone downhill, Dove is far betterI have a mild addiction to Dove Promises Dark Chocolate candies - but I had run out and couldn't find more at the store, so I got the closest match I could find, which where these Hershey's Bliss candies.

Sadly, there's really no comparison. Whereas the Dove chocolates have a deep and satisfying chocolaty flavor and silky mouth feel, the Hershey's seem comparatively bland and waxy - almost not like chocolate at all, but instead some kind of cheap ersatz copy.

My guess - and this is only a guess - is that this might be due to Hershey's recent switch to using vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter. If so, it was not a good move. Maybe it lets them keep their costs down, but true chocoholics don't mind paying more for quality!

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