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293521293521B004DIUSO8A2F6G2C5E87KYOKatie1151318809600Thank youAfter receiving the gum I purchased, I was not happy with it. I left a negative review and VABeachWholesale fully refunded my money as a result. I appreciate VABeachWholesale compensating my dissatisfaction. Now, I am very pleased with VABeachWholesale. Thank you.
293522293522B001DXQACUA2WI4Y0FXS2BVJManuel Feito "MFG"0111261526400DARTSyour pictures are unrealistic your description it is very dodgy, your dart are bad quality
293523293523B003712VVAA1NHI39C5KIYHKJerald P. Hobby0051343865600Got Garlic? You betcha!My lovely wife and I enjoy hot sauces. We also love garlic. I mean, we LOVE GARLIC! It's really surprising how most hot sauces do not have garlic, or have only a hint of garlic. This sauce is hot, but not too hot. It's garlicy .. but you can NEVER have too much garlic! Simply put, this stuff is great. It's versatile enough for anything. This is the sauce we order and reorder.
293524293524B000BTBR16A25UZX9E66ZQ1RD. Eckman1241332115200Not as sweet as some but very good on saladsI'm no expert, so I can't comment on the qualities that experts grade. I just love using balsamic vinegar on my salads and grade by how it tastes to me. And to me, this balsamic vinegar tastes very good, even though not quite as sweet as the best I've ever tasted. At the price, it's definitely worth trying.
293525293525B005SW6FNGAQJSWV6G5AICDDeering240051343952000Delicious--but must be brewed right. :)I previously posted that this tea was weak upon brewing. The brewing chef at the Tea Attic's contacted me the next day with correct brewing directions. (Thanks, Lynn!) ; Absolutely delicious--definitely going to order again. I do think Tea Attic should put instructions on the tea containers for newbies like myself. :)
293526293526B00469SF62A2QNNI8MWIMFR3DB "Truly yours"7751303689600Smooth and full of flavorThis coffee provides great taste which is neither too strong or bitter, just like I like. I have been drinking it for 3-4 years now. The best of instants. I also drink Folgers, but prefer to pay double for this one.
293527293527B00469SF62A1L17Q83Y01I0Wkal3351326499200outstanding coffeei was introduce to this coffee when i was in Poland,i wasn't a big instant coffee believer until i had a cup.
i got goosebumps.
now that all what i drink, even at work i have my instant coffee
it is very tasty and the aroma is just amazing,
293528293528B00469SF62A1TCF6UBQNI27Tdubbie3351324252800At last a great instant coffeeWe discovered this wonderfully satisfying product by accident during a visit to Israel and have been ordering it ever since.rrom
293529293529B00469SF62A2XNXR7ZLXDTLMRobert2251349136000Best Instant you Can Buy.I've tried several brands of instant over the last couple of years. I'm not a heavy coffee drinker anymore so I don't bother to brew it. But I've enjoyed coffee in the past and was a fan of Melitta, Peet's, and otherwise good brands of coffee. When it comes to instant most are drech. They're nearly undrinkable. I even bought expensive Star Bucks instant and it was the worst I've had. Horribly bitter with a pronounced chemical taste. That seems to be how most instants are. I'm not sure how Jacob's does it but this Instant tastes like fresh brewed coffee. It has a very neutral taste, but very good and clean and inoffensive at the same time. I enjoyed this coffee so much I've convinced other friends to try it and they've enjoyed it as well. Best instant I've had and even better than a lot of fresh roasts as well.
293530293530B00469SF62A3AOU2HCZ1V5Y8AJ2251331596800Very smooth!As a coffee purist I had to be hauled into the instant coffee world kicking and screaming! Have experimented with many brands, many do not even taste like coffee. Jacobs Kronung is the absolute best. The smooth coffee taste was such a pleasant surprise.
This will be my brand from now on.


Sorry! Have decided to cancel the automatic shipment with Jacob's Coffee.
Quality control must not be this company's strength. The taste remarkably declined this last shipment.
May as well buy one of the cheaper grocery store brands.
293531293531B00469SF62ANNUSIOHDKXZBMissTree1151343606400Almost as good as brewed...My son is headed off to college this fall and expressed an interest in switching from brewed to instant coffee, as a matter of convenience while living in a dorm. I recall the instant coffee of MY college days and was skeptical, as we have been enjoying high-quality, freshly-ground, freshly-brewed coffee for years, but I agreed to do some research. After reading online reviews, I ordered three different kinds of instant coffee: Jacob's Kronung, Starbucks VIA Columbian, and Starbucks VIA Italian. I also picked up a jar of Trader Joe's instant. While all four types far exceeded our expectations, the Jacob's is probably the best of the lot. We brought a jar with us on vacation this past week and both husband and son preferred that over the brewed that was available.

I'll definitely keep this as a Subscribe & Save item; in fact, I've requested an extra shipment in the interim so that we can send a couple jars to school with our son.
293532293532B00469SF62A1A38BYWNILN67ynu NY1151339632000German productDelivered as described. High class product. Highly recommended for people who like instant coffee, you will feel the difference between regular instant coffee and this Jacobs. Absolutely big differences.
293533293533B00469SF62A3BONKBH1O53JYRose1151337040000BEST COFFEE EVERMy husband wanted this coffee and I got it for him, didn't know that i'm the one who's going to just LOVE this coffee. it's the best I've ever had. you must try it at least once.
293534293534B00469SF62A2FQVYR74MMO3LE. Johnson1151333670400Just Like Brewed CoffeeThis instant coffee tastes just like brewed coffee. Do some comparison shopping (web-search "Asian Grocery") and get nine jars for the price of four on Amazon, shipping included!
293535293535B00469SF62A3PNG6VWY9E398Old EnglishMajor1151330905600Very good but what's with the price inflation????I bought 2 - 7oz jars in Nov., 2011 for $19 total. Now it's almost $27 with shipping and only 4 months later? It is very good coffee and I was ready to buy more until I saw this rapid price inflation. It was definitely the best instant I had tried--thought I'd found something I could just keep re-ordering and enjoying, but this price increase is unfathomable to me. Other coffees have not gone up in price so quickly. I'm afraid this price inflation will continue as Jacobs "catches on" more in the US market, so I really don't want to get too attached to it. Going back to searching for another good instant.

I have read some surprisingly positive reviews at Amazon for Nescafe Clasico (of Mexican origin) and they say it's even available at Family Dollar for about $4-5 bucks per 3.5 oz jar. Sounds too good to be true, but it sure won't cost much to give it a try... For this review I won't rate Jacobs below 5 stars because my complaint is with the price--not the taste. It's a nice taste if you don't mind being taken advantage of by the distributor's greediness.

Well, I went to Family Dollar today and bought a jar of Nescafe Clasico and I must say it was really not bad!! Since I use cream and sugar in my coffee, it doesn't have to be the greatest coffee taste out of the jar, and I think I'll be just as happy with the cheap Nescafe as I was with the expensive JACOBS. Yeh, I know I'm a bit of a cheapskate, but the taste of the Nescafe was really quite good!
293536293536B00469SF62A3LAYCTGSO1IQRPurrrfectcat "purrfectcat"1151329696000I'm a believer!I'm a habitual tea drinker and only drink coffee sometimes as a pick-me-up in the morning for work. Hence, I'm not an avid coffee drinker and usually prefer Folger's with milk & sugar or sweet non-bitter Starbucks coffee with 1/4th cup to 1/3 cup of half & half, sugar & whip cream on top, so I prefer mild coffee. After reading the reviews and tasting it, i'm a believer!! The heavy glass bottle container is large but the amount of coffee in it is small to medium. The first time I made my coffee, I added a lot of it since I remembered everyone said it was mild but the result was that it tasted very bitter & strong, even with lots of milk.

The second time I made it, I only added barely 1/4th teaspoon and got great results with the coffee IMMEDIATELy turning dark brown and NOT tasting bitter, exactly as the other reviewers said - very mild, not acidic or caustic. Instead of Folger's, I'd definitely give it as a gift to someone else who loves mild good coffee. When I run out, I'll definitely buy more!
293538293538B00469SF62AL0I8X5J1KBDBY.T.1151316304000The king among instant coffee brands for me.I am not a huge consumer of instant coffee. I don't drink it. The Jacob's Kronung is an exception. When I feel like coffee, and no time or desire to brew a fresh cup of coffee this coffee fits for me.
293539293539B00469SF62A10M2FEBRH8KJMMoni2351308873600Jacobs instantSent Jacobs instant coffee as a gift to mother and sister since they enjoy this brand instant best. It is very aromatic and tastes like brewed coffee.
293540293540B00469SF62A2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"0051350777600Smooth and Flavorful CoffeeThis smooth and flavorful coffee gets compliments every time I serve it. Guests cannot believe it's not fresh brewed. It saves me from brewing and wasting coffee when only a few cups are needed. I also like the glass jars which will be re-purposed!
293541293541B00469SF62A3UG5M0RG1O1OTE. Villamarzo0051350777600Jacobs Kronung Instant CoffeeThis is a great coffee, flavor is strong but smooth and no acidity, just the way I like it. Can't beat the price for two 7 oz jars. I highly recommend this coffee.
293542293542B00469SF62AAPWSD8UMMEKCsisi_20110051350604800I love this coffee!This is by far my favorite brand of instant coffee. Some Jacobs Kronung with some half&half cream is a great cup of coffee. I love the flavor of this coffee and the aroma is great.
I've tried many American brands and most of them taste like soil to me and I just couldn't find any American brand that I liked. So I was really happy when I saw that Amazon has Jacobs coffee in stock since it's not available in any of the grocery stores in my area.
The shipping was really fast, and it comes well packaged - each container tightly wrapped in bubble wrap in the box so it doesn't get damaged during shipping. I've ordered from this seller several times and I've always had great service.
293543293543B00469SF62A389L03U9NK1JABeth0051349827200CoffeeI mix this coffee with milk and a little sugar, and I can't see myself drinking any other coffee again. Suits my tastebuds.
293544293544B00469SF62A3DCFXKLI0H109Steven Anschel0051347926400Jacob's Instant CoffeeThis is by far the best instant coffee. We first tried it in Helen, GA and then started purchasing it online. Amazon has the best price I could find.
293545293545B00469SF62A1OPSRZO9M8A2OLoc Nguyen0051346630400Great taste instant coffee A+++This coffee will make you wait every morning to enjoy it. The flavor is smooth, yet dark enough. I am not an instant-coffee person but this product changes my mind. My colleagues like this product now and ask me where to get them. I will recommend this coffee to all my coffee buddies.
293546293546B00469SF62A3O5U2W71GCAI8AGOGO0051345939200Good!As a Chinese, american-style coffee is not my favourite, but I can smell the aroma of the coffee. I believe I will love it after getting used to its style
293547293547B00469SF62A29RS33N281XNJTwain Mark "Jon"0051345248000great cup of joeI'd heard about how good this instant coffee was and decided to shell out a little extra and try it. It makes a really good cup of coffee for being an instant variety. Costs a little more than Tasters Choice, but probably worth it.
293548293548B00469SF62A1W95LGKNQTCTUchar0051329177600coffeeI buy this for my husband. He likes to have a cup in the afternoon but hates to make a full pot. So he had this at a friends house and loved it. So i found I could buy from Amazon and the rest is history.
293549293549B00469SF62A3MRFI71UHO6X2CySciborg1351315958400love it, you too ?great, love it, you too ? got to try it, guess every coffee is different, and how we like them too. but, if rich, strong, but not acidic, or caustic. did a great job on the freeze dry, or however.
293550293550B00469SF62AKMEGQ2D4VS55C Boyle0231340582400just ok, but their other version is betterThis wasn't really awful, but I actually thought it wasn't worth drinking and gave away both the nearly full jar and the unopened one I got. I didn't think it was an improvement over Nescafe's "smooth" instant from Target, and it cost far more. However, I like Jacob's Gold much better, and it's often cheaper. Get that one instead, or do what I did and get a little of each and see which suits your prefs better.

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