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293551293551B00469SF62A3RHKETHH418KXhonorable_human0311347062400disappointment with thismaybe i'm just allergic to this brand or its the coffee convention or whatever. since this is slightly more expensive than my local brands, i had high expectation. but i was ultimately disappointed.

this brands make me feel nauseous, plus its stimulation is weak and wear off quickly making me frustrated.

i used it for a while because it somewhat works at first and eliminate wakefulness overtime headache i had.

i'm switching back to the hong kong brand dai pai dong, even though it didn't relief overtime headache, it consistently and reliably provides a happy mood which this brand failed time after time.

to be fair, maybe its just me and my metabolism.
293552293552B0017QN9ZYA3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis0031309392000Another memory from my youth destroyed by corporate America.This stuff used to have a nice rich BBQ sauce covering the 7 little babies
you see when you pop the top off this can, but now its all watered down and
has no flavor at all. Its just red goop, and very little of that.

What I will give props to this Armour product for is this.....its better than
anything on the Libby's label, and they used to be King Daddy of the Vienna

I know everybody doesn't eat these things, but they make a great little snack or
lunch on crackers with cheese and hot sauce. Just wish they hadn't changed the
original recipe.
293553293553B0017QN9ZYA1NZ41Q84WX3K0kelly0051300492800taste greatGreat product, hard to find in local grocery stores. That is why I went looking on the internet and found them at
293554293554B0017QN9ZYA18WB0BV78WHRGJoe0051280275200Just what I ExpectedVienna Sausages are an acquired taste, I purchased these because when I was a child, My Grand Mother used to buy Campbells Franks and Beans, These Barbecue Vienna Sausages remind me of the little Franks, I have not seen the Franks and Beans since I was young, I'm not sure if Campbells still produces them. Each time I heat up a can of these, It's like going back to a time when I still had my Grand Mother in my life and you cannot put a price on that feeling. Worth any price to me!!
293555293555B0017QN9ZYA1C8SJRMKGSUNAA. Kurtz0051269993600Excellent yummy protein source!My elderly grandmother needs to take in a certain amount of protein daily. We've tried every shake and food product on the market but these bbq vienna sausages seem to hit the spot! She eats a can a day and loves them! Just pop them in the microwave or on a pan on the stove for a quick yummy snack
293569293569B000G176CIA2ZSC81MXLBELXL. Shirley "Laurie's Boomer Views"3351280361600Two Different Varieties Of Lower Sodium Lentil From Amy's - Check Both Before OrderingI loved Amy's Lentil vegetable LOW SALTAmy's Organic Lentil Vegetable Low Salt Soup, 14.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)(as it is currently called) -Product ID B000G176CI soup so much that I ordered a second case. When I recieved it, I found that it was not exactly the same as the soup I'd been enjoying so much. Turned out what I ordered wasAmy's Light in Sodium Organic Lentil Soup, 14.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12). The LIGHT was very good, but the Low Salt(this one) was the one I prefered in taste,texture and ingredients. And it wasn't just the small difference in the sodium levels per serving - this one at 340mg, the Light at 290mg - you could always add a tiny bit more or doctor it up if you want with pepper, or Mrs. Dash no salt seasonings - this one just seemed more like a stew and had ingredients the LIGHT did not have. This one has tomatoes and spinach which really adds something extra.And really I found that it needed no doctoring up at all.

I liked the Light in Sodium and would recommend it as well to anyone looking to reduce their sodium intake. All Amy's soups are great and made with all organic ingredients. The Lentil soups are also a good source of protien and dietary fiber. They are also a good source of Vit A,and Iron. O Cholesterol, low fat and low sugar as well.

You can check the nutritional info(click on link on detail page) and also see all the ingredients and decide for yourself which you want to try, but I wanted to let everyone considering know that there are 2 different lower sodium lentil soups. I prefered this one.It was thicker and just had that little something extra.

Also - I found that buying them here by the case saves quite a bit as compared to the individual cans at my local market. You may though, want to try one can of each from your market before deciding on an entire case.

Remember to breathe, eat healthy and enjoy.....Laurie
293556293556B0017QN9ZYAH9QCF1GQWLA4W. H. Sparr "HeavySurfer"0141293148800GreatIf you like Vienna Sausages you'll like this product.
They are very versatile, and can be used in many ways.
The BBQ sauce is a little on the weak side, but adds a
different dimension to the sausages.
293557293557B0017QN9ZYA27NTHPTRXB766Sandra L. Thornton "typingterror"0251307750400Sent to our troopsThis product was sent to troops in Afghanistan who only receive their supplies via helicopter. With my wild imagination I had this vision of Vienna Sausages flying all over area.
293570293570B000G176CIA1Y3KTPGAIWWSCD. Friedrichs "Universal Research"7951194998400Wonderful and organicEasy to blend with electric blender if you want it smoother and often add herbs and other goodies such as smoked ham. You can create variations with each can instead of a whole pot of soup the same.
293558293558B001EO5SMGA2Y8IDC1FKGNJCL. A.2241229817600good GF breakfast cerealThis cereal is good for a GF cereal. It is lightly sweetened, almost a cross between corn flakes and rice crispies. The only bad thing, is the rice flakes stick in your teeth. Otherwise, it is a good GF cereal.
293559293559B001EO5SMGA30DFOQPTTU90TBarbara Freethy1151238112000Cereal LoverFor people that cannot eat barley or gluten cereals, this is absolutley the best. It has just the right amount of sweetness. Try it with blueberries! It is the best way to start the morning!
293560293560B001EO5SMGA180S4B0BIGODQRichard Lamar Hester1141212192000One of the Better Gluten Free CerealsI have tried many gluten free foods and I like this one. It does stick in your teeth but I don't find that to be a problem. S. Hester
293561293561B001EO5SMGA2WLJ3MSYMQYJLaura0041275696000Disappointed in the packagingWe like the product, but when it was shipped, the boxes all came smashed- which damaged the plastic and some of the product spilled out. Not sure I will ever order it from here again.
293562293562B001EO5SMGA30BHLLVZO72QTP. Morey0011202774400Taste like cardboardI just ordered this and it is not good. I am just starting gluten free diet so maybe all cereal taste like this. I will try to use the cookie recipie on the side of the box to use it up. There is no way my kids will eat this.
293563293563B001EO5SMGA2HD28UZ12LO40Mojave Bob0041188518400Good cereal, sticks in your teethThe one problem with rice products is that they stick in your teeth. But, it tastes good, and is lightly but noticably sweetened. And, since we cannot have wheat, barley, oats or rye, having a selection of gluten-free cereals is a real blessing. Thanks, Amazon! Keep stocking it!
293564293564B00028MJ2MA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"5551181001600Different, Not Berry-Like, Not What You'd Expect*****

St. Dalfour's Organic Strawberry Tea is a black tea with some very slight strawberry overtones---not enough to make it berry-like, but enough to make it different. I enjoyed it very much. I left the tea bag in as I drank the tea (the whole time, much longer than recommended), which turns most teas bitter, but not this one. So far, this has been my experience with all of the St. Dalfour's teas that I have tried, a big selling point for me since I enjoy my teas very strongly brewed.

St. Dalfour is a French firm that makes natural teas, including this organic tea. There is not a lot of information about them on their web site beyond the basics, but what is there looks good.

St. Dalfour's Organic Strawberry Tea is a nice variation on plain black tea. Note that black tea does contain caffeine.

Definitely recommended.

293565293565B00028MJ2MA1IFL2COBRB3WDJudith A. Noble "Careful consumer"4451165881600The absolute best tea availableNo matter how long you steep this tea, it is NEVER bitter.

Very deliciious.
293566293566B00028MJ2MA1EK6P6P9UTOQ9Bruce A. Mcshurley "Purchaser"1141265760000Strawberry TeaAmazingly good!!! Had is from somewhere else and found it on Amazon. Good price.
293567293567B00028MJ2MAUYUCBW0MEXS4Paul Schanen "Cannonman17"0051338681600One of my favorites!I am fairly new to tea. I was a heavy coffee drinker and after reading multiple reports and articles about the benefits of tea along with a desire to cut back on my caffeine a little bit I started to try a bunch of different teas. In the past year I have tried perhaps twenty different types, green, puerh, black, herbal, etc. For the most part I seem to gravitate towards the black teas, I suppose their caffeine is waht I like though it is nowhere near that of coffe. With coffee I would drink a full strong pot and then shake like a leaf and crash hard when the caffeine wore off, the nice part about this stuff is that you can drink it more or less all day long and you never get shakey and I never crash from it afterwords either!! It keeps me feeling alert, is mild tasting, and arromatic. It doesn't taste really of strawberries so much as it smells like them, but it is a very good tea. After buying this one box I came back and bought a bulk pack of six boxes and have already burned through almost half of those. Good stuff!
293568293568B000G176CIA1ER5AYS3FQ9O3K. Corn "reviewer"5551285977600Healthy, gluten-free, no cholesterol and very filling. Ways to offset bland taste. A staple in our house.This soup is not only high in Vitamin A and C but is great to have on hand for a quick lunch or dinner, either alone with supplemented with bread or crackers and a salad. It is also completely gluten-free.

Imagine this: you're hungry, don't have anything on hand, don't want to out and buy groceries. With a 12 pack of this on hand (currently averaging $2.50 a can but a deal because it is so filling), you simply need to open the can, heat it and add whatever you want to offset the low sodium - unless you are on a low-sodium diet. I'm NOT on a low-sodium diet and don't mind the lack of salt. However, if you want a stronger or saltier taste, you can add a bit of regular or garlic salt or salt substitute. I also prefer to add a dollop of sour cream or low-fat yogurt and that makes a HUGE difference. With some crackers, I'm set for lunch or even dinner.

Look below for the nutritional content and other benefits but don't overlook those impressive amounts of Vitamin A and C. Sure, you'll need more for your daily requirements but this doesn't have that horrible preservative taste of other canned soups and my whole family loves it. I sometimes add a bit of chicken or vegetable broth and add some lightly sauteed onions or celery. But none of that is necessary. Good to have on hand for power outages, blizzards or times when you need food and the stove won't work. It can be eaten cold in a pinch.

Other pros:

1. No trans fats, MSG or preservatives. NO GMOS, no bio-engineered ingredients.

2. Tastes a bit bland by itself (low sodium) but add some pepper, a bit of salt and a dollop of sour cream and yogurt and it is elevated to a far tastier soup.

3. Great to have on hand for emergencies or when you're rushed for time and need a quick meal. Perhaps hearty eaters would want more but I find a can to be totally satisfying and hearty enough to keep me full till dinner or eve as a dinner entree.

4. My whole family likes it but they do prefer salt. So take a chance on this and see if your family likes it. If they do, having this on hand could be a major time saver and you'll know they aren't getting trans fats.

5. Relatively high vitamin content compared to other commercial soups.

Nutritional content (daily values): Vitamin A- 45 percent, Vitamin C - 20 percent, Calcium - 6%, Iron - 15%, Fat - only 4 grams (no trans fat and only .5% of saturated fat), no cholesterol, 340 mg sodium, 24 grams of carbs, dietary fiber 32%, protein - 7 grams, sugars - 5 grams.

We find that if we have this soup before a larger meal we don't feel inclined to eat as much. If you are trying to lose weight, this is a plus. Each can is around 360 calories unless you want to stretch this to 2 servings. I don't prefer to do that but if you have toddlers or very young children, half a can should be plenty. I'm sold on this wonderful soup!
293571293571B000G176CIA1P5R4VSSEP9HEEve1151213574400Really liked this soup!!Great tasting low sodium soup. I am always looking for low sodium products, and I really like how good this soup and some of Amy's other low sodium products taste. I will be ordering this and other Amy products often. I have tried the spicy and medium chili, chunky tomato soup, and the lentil soup without vegetables. These are going to be regular pantry items in our home. If you require low sodium products in your diet, these items taste great and are high quality. Enjoy!!
293572293572B000G176CIA37TEHEPYF6FMAN.S.1151208908800great for lunchThis has become a staple for my daughter's school lunch. We both love this organic and low salt product.
293573293573B000G176CIA3MYVJFWHCLEOVDr. Essie W. Bruell "tempeh"1151207958400Amy's Organic Lentil Vegetable Low Salt SoupTasty, flavorful, well-seasoned. I didn't miss the salt. This is full of fresh-tasting vegetables, and nothing is mushy or over-cooked. I have given some away to friends who also enjoyed it.
293574293574B000G176CIA232J59B28B3VIK. Katsivalis3441206662400mild flavorThe lentil soup has a mild flavor which can be spruced up with any spices. My only dissapointment is that the packaging is poor and over half the cans came severely dented.
293575293575B000G176CIA1VO8P7RBER80Zohio "veghead"2351207526400great soupI thoroughly enjoyed the soup. It tastes great. The fact that it is dairy,soy, gluten-free ia a big plus!
293576293576B000G176CIA1NXRRS70GEFS5Ashley0051350950400If Bliss Came in a CanAs a vegan and rather lazy person I am a fan of anything that doesn't require me to exert effort for more than a minute. Not only does Amy's soup mean that I don't have to cook, but it's delicious. Seriously, if I went to a restaurant and they served this, I would be pleased and offer an amazing tip.
293577293577B000G176CIAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0051350864000Nice Aroma. Low Sodium. Good Nutrition Specs.Today I undertook an expedition to a nearby Costco and picked up a stock of things for the pantry. One was a case of Amy's Organic soups and tonight I had a big bowl of Lentil Vegetable. It was good. Nice aroma, right out of the can as it was opened. Also smelled good in the microwave. The taste was a little bland and seemed as if it could use a little salt. That's okay. Prepared soups almost always have way too much sodium and the content of this soup was acceptable. It was a good soup and was loaded with fiber and had a goodly protein content. Nice soup.

Gary Peterson
293578293578B000G176CIA2OJ01J75ZJTEOH. Friedman "soulhealing"0051343433600A great meal-in-a-can soupI have enjoyed this soup for years, and find it both very tasty and filling.

In fact, when I have it for lunch (with just a couple of oat crakers), I don't need to eat anything else, so it's helping me to lose weight!

I never feel weighed down by this soup, nor have the salt reaction that I have with saltier soups, but instead feel really well nourished.

Highly recommended!
293579293579B000G176CIA2KJIFIE245JAADaniel Czyz0031338249600Pretty good, not spicyI tried this out looking for low sodium soups and found it to be pretty good. It is not that spicy, and has a large amount of carrots in it. (Wish about 3/4 of the carrots was more lentil's)

I add some jalapenos or tobasco to it when heating it up to give it a little more bite.
293580293580B000G176CIA1JJRQD7AHMOQETK0041332892800One of the best Amy's SoupsI don't remember what I paid for this in the grocery store (I didn't buy it on Amazon, I'm just reviewing the soup itself) but it was more expensive than most soups. I got it at Big Y and it was almost 4 dollars, which is REALLY pricey for soup, organic or not. Other than the price, I really liked this soup. Amy's has always been very hit or miss for me and most of their soups are really bland and need added ingredients. SInce soup is supposed to be easy I'd just rather a soup I can simply heat up without having to worry about adding anything other then maybe some salt and pepper...this soup worked for that. I found it to be more flavorful then other Amy's soups and it was also really filling.

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