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293581293581B000G176CIAQIFK9506N3P6T. Sullivan0041329782400Like the soup, hate the dentsI don't like most canned soups because most of them contain far too much sodium. I try to avoid sodium both for health reasons and because I don't like the salty taste. I like the taste of this soup, but like a lot of other reviewers I was disappointed that so many of the cans were dented.
293582293582B000G176CIA2US632HO05TBYThomas N TILLS "Tom"0051325116800great soup, great for you, cans UN-dentedI loved this soup when I got it in the store. Once I saw it was on amazon, thought I'd try stocking up and saving a few bucks. I did read about others who got dented cans, and was hesitant, but figured I'd try it and see. Amazon must have cared about customer feedback because the cans arrived in a box packed with air pouches, AND the soup itself was enveloped in very sturdy taped bubble wrap. I would have been surprised if I hadn't seen the dented can reviews, but it made sense that they did something significant to address the issue. Great idea!
293583293583B000G176CIA3OZHAIFQESR7CK. Battis "deal breaker"0031320192000Item great, packaging horribleArrived in a box that was smashed apart. I might take a video and post this box. It was torn open on the sides, just horrible. A lot of the cans are dented to a point of almost to a breaking point! Its crazy . Shooting for a return. Second time I bought cans, second time dented. There wont be a third time.
293584293584B000G176CIA23GB02H58T2R5H. Howard0051316304000Low Sodium Soup With TasteChoosing lower sodium products from organic providers with taste is becoming easier. It is comforting to realize there are food producers that are interested in their clients health. Amy's products have been consistently high in the quality department. Keep-up the good work!
293585293585B000G176CIA2OTV3T544ESLAvallerino0021308441600Soup pretty good but packaging suckedWhile I enjoyed the soup itself, I must join the other reviewers who complained about DENTED CANS. Yes, 9 out of the 12 cans in my last shipment were slightly to moderately DENTED. Ugh! Is Amy's unloading its dented cans on unwitting Amazon customers? Anyway, folks, this item is not eligible for return but a very accommodating customer service agent just gave me a refund. I will not buy this item from Amazon again, due to this DENTED CAN issue. I will pay a little more and get it from one of the other online health food stores that will ship me an undented can.
293586293586B000G176CIAVJMU9I6QW1TQJP0051296259200AMY'S LOW SALT LENTIL SOUPI ordered the following Amy's Low Salt Products: Lentil Soup, Pea Soup, Minestrone Soup, and Medium Chili. All of them are great. If you are just now switching to Low salt or no salt you may find them to be bland until your body adjusts to the lowered salt intake (that could take months or up to a year). The biggest complaint most have is the dented cans. My Minestrone and Chili came in without any dents, the Pea Soup had 2 dented cans and the Lentils had dents in every can. These dents are not caused by shipping. All of my shipments came in with the packages totally intact with no signs that the outer shipping box had been roughed up in shipment. These dents are caused by Amazon or Amy's warehousing. The cans are not in boxes, they are shrink wrapped so when stacked the cans are actually bearing the weight. Too much weight and the cans begin to buckle and this buckling will look like dents. You can also get this same effect if the warehousemen are slamming the 12 pack cans down hard on top of each other. This happens when workers in the warehouse get tired and become careless, are untrained, or just plain don't care about their job. If you want to feel better then stay on a low salt diet, if you have ankle swelling then get on a low salt diet and get checked for congestive heart failure. If you have high blood pressure get on a low salt diet and then increase your intake of magnesium. Backing off your salt is not easy as it begins to change the way you taste food but if you stay with it and get off the high salt diet you will begin to taste food and not just the salt. Have you ever eaten at a restaurant where the cook's salt intake is so high that the cook can't tell if he has too much salt in the food he is preparing? I have more than once and it just destroys the meal. Instead of buying 12 cans now try the Amy's Low Salt by getting it at your local health food store one can at a time then if you like order from Amazon and save. Right now they have a 25% discount code when you order. Write it down and use it as it saved me a few bucks. Hope this review helps you.
293587293587B000G176CIA2DZ7NEAGOXIPDJ.M. "jzig217"0051292630400YUMI love all of Amy's products. As a vegan with food sensitivities that is always on the go, I really appreciate the fact that Amy's offers a large variety of organic foods and labels their food well (gluten free, vegan, non-dairy, contains nuts, etc.) so it's easy to tell whether or not I can eat their products. I love soups, but canned soups tend to have an entire day's worth of sodium. Amy's low sodium varieties have a more reasonable sodium content, but are also flavorful and don't make me think I accidentally ventured into a retirement home for lunch. The Lentil Vegetable is absolutely delicious and incredibly filling. It's a great option when I want something light that will keep me full for several hours. Amy's low sodium soups are a staple in my pantry and I would recommend them to anyone that is health-conscious.
293588293588B000G176CIA3N94EX7EQNWWNM. Carr0051290729600Delicious Healthy SoupThis is one of my very favorite soups from Amy. I began buying it the supermarket but now, buy it by the case through Amazon. It's great! I try to eat healthily and since this has Lentils and is low sodium, it's perfect. Thank you, Amy and thank you, Amazon!
293589293589B000G176CIA2OSKE3H4RA994John G. Zocco "JOhn Z"0041290211200Too bland, needs to be spiced up.I am all for healthy soups, but the taste of this one is far too bland. I added some sea salt, peppercorns and roasted seaweed to make it palatable. The end result is pretty good, thus the four stars, otherwise it would've gotten one.
293590293590B000G176CIA3HVO3WRHOVXNWNancy B. Kramer0051280448000healthy and deliciousThis soup makes a great lunch or light supper. It makes an easy and inexpensive lunch for work or school.
293591293591B000G176CIA36UAYETRDGQUKAdeola0011273190400TastelessI love the regular version of this soup, and accidentally bought a case of the low-sodium version. No amount of added salt improves the overwhelming blandness of this product.
293592293592B000G176CIA16BL38YXR9NEKJ. Molinari "Karaoke Junkie"0051260316800ORGASMICALLY GOOD!This soup with reduced sodium is the desired path to soup nirvana. It's the best lentil variety I've ever sampled. It's less at Stop N Shop but you have to carry home 12 unattached cans, so the free delivery to your door via Amazon is enticing and desired. I'm not a vegetarian but I do adore hot soup during the winter. Amy also markets a strictly lentil soup which they sell at Costco, but the reduced sodium content with the vegetable addition is much better.
293593293593B000G176CIAGAIMDE2FN4Q2Ray5811292976000Certified organic but still has chemicals! Be aware!Biphenol A is still being used in the lining of the cans. I used to eat those all the time but stopped when I found out about the chemicals in the cans...kinda defeats the purpose if getting organic food. Maybe they could use glass jars as an alternative?
293594293594B000G176CIAFT57LXSRM8OODanica1251288828800Amy's Two Lentil Soups: Both Called Light in Sodium, None called Low SaltI have had both of Amy's lentil soups and liked them very much, but I am writing this review to correct a misunderstanding contained in an earlier review by another customer (July 29, 2010).

There are two Amy's lentil soups. One is "Organic Lentil Soup - Light in Sodium" and contains 290mg sodium per serving, the other is "Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup - Light in Sodium" and contains 340 mg sodium per serving. Please note that the first is Lentil and the second is Lentil Vegetable.

There is no Amy's soup, lentil or other, called "Low Salt". That is an Amazon error. Look closely at the product pages for "Low Salt" soups. You will see that Amazon's product heading reads "Low Salt" but the product photo is of a can labeled "Light in Sodium". If necessary you can also check Amy's website. There are no "Low Salt" soups listed.

Here are the ingredients for both soups. I copied them from Amy's website, so the upper case and misspelled words are theirs, not mine.

Organic Lentil Soup- Light in Sodium:

Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup - Light in Sodium:
293595293595B000G176CIA1T0SIPZW3RFDAJeannie D "JD"1251226966400Mmmm Mmmm Better!Amy's Organic soups are great! I like that low sodium soups are also being offered. Keep up the good work.
293596293596B000G176CIA9E051IOBPM43Huy M. Hoang-nguyen0221318204800TASTE NOT GOODI bought this at costco for $10 b/c (pack of 8), its organic and I like to eat soup before bed.

There are 2 kinds, beans and pasta soups. Both are not good, trust me. Taste like old soup sitting for a long time.

Don't buy
293597293597B000G176CIAFN5RZ7NZ2JB9A. W. Cureton "i love mt!"0211289865600so blandI can't stand it when other reviewers give it five stars and then say "there are ways to off-set the bland taste". The soup should taste good right out of the can. It doesn't. I expect more from Amy's products...
293598293598B000QC495OAFSVOOZNI6KBUcc0051281744000Jack Links Original Flavor 100% Beef Steak Oz.This is the best Beef Steak that Jack Links have made. The taste is wonderful and when you have 1 you really want more. You can get hooked on this Beef Steak very easy.
293599293599B000UZXTW6A1ZANGEFD7IJT4Diane S. Sanfilippo2251326585600GREAT!! Ordering moreMy husband and I became 'hooked' on the marinated artichoke hearts that Sam's USED to carry - but all of a sudden they were gone and did not come back for any season... we waited... and waited... and I accepted that if I wanted more I would have to find them myself... and lo and behold I now believe that anything can be found on Amazon!
These are hearts of substantial size with few loose leaves... and the marinade is as good, if not better, than any of the expensive jars in the supermarket.
Will be ordering more now.
293600293600B000UZXTW6A2I0UHCXN3330Sjust me2251303171200nice marinated tini usually don't like tin cans.
these are nice artichokes and marinated.
not as small as some artichokes i've had
but the price is great and they taste very good
on many dishes. i placed them in a glass jar in
fridge / make sure you do the same. very nice.
293601293601B002HQP29EA3SPMSCSEOT54QCeleste Suliin Burris1151323475200Yummy English TreatI got hooked on these when the Air Force sent me to Europe. It has taken years to find them!
293602293602B002HQP29EA1GC62H6RI0LXXChi "chiana74"0011337472000Terrible! Terrible! Terrible!These Wine Gums are a travesty, whose only vaguely comparable aspect to Maynard's Wine Gums is that their title contains the words "gums" and "wine".

I bought these in a store in Ann Arbor, MI, and I wish I had never parted with the cash. Frankly, the manufacturer should be supported by the Chocolate candy industry as a useful tool in their marketing arsenal to ward people from ever trying anything that did not broadly contain chocolate, and towards their own advertised products.

They are effectively some kind of gum, that has been colored. Nothing more. They are flavorless, and seem more like they were the very first attempt to make Wine Gums while the company were just working towards the right consistency - an effort still clearly in progress. I'd brand these 'Wine Gums version 0.001'!

Maynard's - despite not being the gold-standard - are still massively better than these, and anyone looking to partake of true Wine Gums will find a better experience going with that variety.
293603293603B002HQP29EA1V9NBMRGZZJT7John A. Kantor1211327190400DisgustingNot in any way comparable to Maynards or Rowntrees. Bland, chalky, obviously artificially flavored things that are worse than the no-name gummy candies you get at Walmart.
293604293604B003KSO2YYA1ND87N7NSIEG6dobolina4441297555200HighLY reccomendedThe spice hunter is highLY reccomneded for grade A unwashed poppy seeds. hard to find in bulk but many chain stores carry this product if you cannot wait to order online. one to two pounds is perfect for anyone looking to spend an afternoon baking.
293605293605B003KSO2YYA2A7EVHNAQ9GZNBrad0051333065600*Highly* recommendedIt's hard to find high quality unwashed poppy seeds in bulk. The price isn't to high. They are very good for yielding many high quality baking goods. I highly recommend these.
293606293606B000144GXMAQW7A564ANEVOF. Flores1151195689600Very scrumptious chutneyKing Henry VIII chutney Gourmet foods
Most scrumptious chutney that I have tasted.
Price is great for shipping.
293607293607B001P245QWAQA5DF3RWKETQLindaE1151295913600Fusion Lime Fresco Sea SaltI was so thrilled with the taste and the million uses I get from this Lime sea salt. Its great on meats, chicken, seafood, salads. When you want to add a hidden secret use it like I do. It is fantastic
293608293608B004VA37A0A45T0I1AIIAVLOakey0051348099200Good morningWhat a nice cup of coffee this makes. We find it a little expensive but just cut corner on another item. Folgers Lively is our favorite after trying several brands only to find one we kinda like and go back for more and they don't have it in the stores. So far we can always find it on which is very comforting and often a little bit cheaper. It is brought to your door within days!
293609293609B004VA37A0A3D5CUR3IV0DAJdocette0051345248000Strong and smoothI am very particular about my coffee ...okay, a coffee snob. My former favorite coffee was Dunkin Donuts. Since getting my Keurig brewer I have been searching for the right coffee pod I had settled on Neumans Own which is a very good coffee, but then I was introduced to Folgers Black Silk. WOW! This coffee has it all. It is strong but not bitter. As in it's name, it is smooth as silk. In most of the coffees I have tried the coffee sort of flavors the water. Folgers Black Silk's flavor is deeply saturated throughout the coffee. I won't drink any other coffee.
293610293610B000RAA9EUA3M4A1S738WGYVDennis W. May5551207785600Great Dog FoodSwitched my dog to this healthy dog food and my miniature dachshund loves it. Coat and skin seems shiny and stools are small and solid. Totally love it so far. (2 months)

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