Amazon Fine Food Reviews

293611293611B000RAA9EUA31BUPIW71TAWHBobRedCo.1151302825600My Dog Likes Natural Planet Better than Steak!Over the past few years, my dog Gracie has been sick a lot with chronic urinary tract infections. When she starts to get sick, she stops eating her current food. Eventually we went through every type of canned and dry food at the supermarket. Then I started feeding her actual human food. She liked ground beef, steak, and chicken well enough, but she wasn't thrilled by it. I got a sample of Natural Planet Organics dry food and she gobbled it up as fast as she could.

Now that I'm feeding it to her, it doesn't look like she's getting tired of it -- like she did with other food -- and she's looking better and healthier than she's done for a year. If I give her a choice between Natural Planet and raw or cooked chicken breast or beef, she chooses Natural Planet instead.
293612293612B000RAA9EUA1JB7XV3BT2MYZMr. Larry G. Jones0051322438400Toby loves it!Our little Toby likes this food. It is organic and uses free range chicken. Price here is very good. Try it, you'll like it!
293613293613B004LWJFG8AX9QZGAJOZ96OLotus4421336953600Too Much Sugar!The full list of ingredients was not anywhere to be found so I mistakenly assumed the product was just plain dried organic cranberry and got excited about it. But it turned out that it was cranberry + sunflower oil + sugar. Everything is organic but - alas! - sugary. And there's waaay too much sugar in it, even soaking couldn't help at all. Very frustrating.
Cranberry is a rare berry that is low in oxalates, I'll be happy to buy it on regular basis, but they just spoiled it with sugar.
293614293614B004LWJFG8A48E82VYNB12OSteve Loves Amazon0051338854400TastyThese were tasty and fresh, no problems of any kind. Not cut up like a cheaper brand I had been buying.
293615293615B002XUV9XWA1TM8FSOH4G18Pkatrina dawn miller "Katrina Dawn Miller"0051345852800WonderfulAfter giving up diet coke about a month ago, I started drinking different types of green tea. Arizona green tea with ginseng and honey was the first flavor I tried. It tastes really good and only has 70 calories. I prefer green tea with an added flavor. This tea is one of my top 5 favorites.
293616293616B004L0362YAXL4LOOBZ56WOC. Anno "Cindy"1151325289600Great for Strong Coffee LoversIf you love strong coffee this is for you. My husband loves it. It is definitely BOLD. I prefer a medium toast and I can certainly tell the difference.
293617293617B004L0362YAIJ3MRA36U6PGGlacierLily Spencer1151323820800Best Decaff I Have FoundI love strong coffee, but because of medical issues can not drink much of it. Dark Magic is my favorite decaf.
293618293618B004L0362YA3QMTK0J90R931stager1151319328000best robust decafIf you like a really strong cup of coffee, you will not be disappointed in this one. We have tried many, many decafs. This is the best we found.
293619293619B004L0362YA17401HEZBANMVDebbie0041350086400Dark MagicGreen Mountain Dark Magic DECAF Extra Bold Coffee for Keurig Brewers is excellent tasting coffee. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars would be the price. If it were less expensive it would be great.
293620293620B004L0362YAH8XQYESGLLBFpfellis0031341273600coffeeNot rich enough. I use four ounces of water to be drinkable. I like a much darker roast. For regular coffee I like Starbucks French roast. Does Starbucks not make a Dark roast decaf?.
293621293621B004L0362YA3I026QO4V5ADYnight book owl0051339632000Best Decaf on the marketFull bodied and robust this decaf lives up to its name. Taste much like the very best European coffee. You wouldn't think it's Decaf.
My favorite blend and I tried them all after I got my Keurig.
For a little lighter touch but still flavorfull try the Donut House Decaf.
293622293622B005S6XH2YA13PB2Z6LUZSGPIoana5651306281600Green Tea Fat MetabolizerHave used this product for several years and found it to be the single best supplement for use in losing or maintaining weight and correct metabolism levels. Keeps the appetite under control with a proprietary blend of natural herbal boosters and nutrients that, when used with a healthy diet plan, has a dual action effect on weight loss. And lastly, it is priced well.
293623293623B005S6XH2YA2XFQK6FDDDA6SAmber Sirabella1151337385600Green Tea Fat MetabolizerI love this stuff! I think it really works, we are getting more & more people hooked on it too.
293624293624B00401UKA0A39G12JD41N65DJeanne Lynn4451324857600Delicious Cotton Candy in a Bag!I bought this 12 pack of 2.5 Charms Cotton Candy for Christmas stocking stuffers. It arrived fresh and flavorful. I couldn't resist eating one of the bags right away. The 2.5 ounce bags contained a good sized portion of cotton candy. You have to be careful when you order this though. I almost purchased the 1 ounce bags of the same product at a higher price! Make sure that you are ordering the larger bags.

The cotton candy comes in big fluffy balls inside the bag. Each cotton candy ball is a different color. It looks like you are about to eat a rainbow. The kids loved eating this colorful and fun treat on Christmas morning! It tastes just like the stuff you get at the county fair. It's nice to be able to enjoy this in the middle of winter.

The bags of cotton candy were packaged in a nice durable box (inside the regular shipping box) to keep them from getting crushed during the delivery.

This is a great price for these delicious bags of cotton candy. I hope Amazon keeps selling them in the larger bags.
293625293625B00401UKA0A3BCHRYB7T6NXFcatlover0041345680000Cotton Candy in a BagIf you love cotton candy this product will satisfy you. It is a little packed so not as light and fluffy as when you get it fresh but still very good.

Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy, 2.5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)
293626293626B00401UKA0A186DNWX97WA5Aaron "student"0051336348800fluffy and tastyI loved this cotton candy. I would recommend this for people who have a sweet tooth for cotton candy. Very fluffy and it literally melts in your mouth. I would definatly buy this product again.
293627293627B00401UKA0AOWBXX260NFJJElizabeth B. Marshall1251286496000Mouth watering, melt in your mouth delicious!When I eat Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy I feel like a kid again at the carnival! Great product, great service & delivery, ya just can't beat the price either! I recommend buying a bag now!
293628293628B00401UKA0A3PRPDKYRUG6NQET1431329264000InconsistentFirst bag I opened, the candy was hard as a rock. Opened another, it was fine. Taste is alright. Dont expect it to be healthy either
293629293629B000144GXCA25GDO77BV9KVJDon Treply0051306800000If you added soy sauce, you should add this as wellThis one is very good on chicken or pork. Gives a nice oriental sass to fried rice or whatever. I haven't found it to break anything in a pan or broiler.
293630293630B000144GXCA1BH1VKHCYHGPRPORTIA HOLLIDAY0211321747200Salt lick!We bought and returned this to Whole Foods for $5.49. This spice has very little flavor other than salt. We got it b/c it mentioned ginger and nutmeg, but we would have been much better off going to the spice section and just buying nutmeg and ginger b/c this turned our beautiful Bell and Evans chicken breast into salt sticks. I had to get Bulls Eye BBQ sauce just to attempt to damp down the salt lavor in this spice.
293631293631B001PNF52YA12CBDHX1MJLGZwee lass "i dont like bugs"0051311379200acai juicethis is super juice- i dont wish to be on caffeine and this is done naturally- plus it is great juices. i love the taste. i use it to help my kidneys - clean them out and improve performance levels..k
293632293632B004E580PEA3GE5Z6I08HK2Oneedsmochoklat1121324166400Shame D'aimMy neighbor turned me on to this delicious chocolate/toffee candy and so we went looking for it on the internet. When we found it, we ordered four bags. The quality of the candy in the first bag was disappointing. It tastes all right, but the chocolate has begun to de-mulsify and has a white-ish, powdery look that gives it an unapetizing look. I wanted to put them out in a bowl for Christmas guests, but I'm afraid that many would-be consumers would think it spoiled and would not eat it. I'm keeping it in my private stash. I have seen this before in either old product or product that has been exposed to excessive heat and then recooled. My friend took two of the bags over to his house and I haven't discussed the quality of those bags with him, so I don't know if his bags contain the same degraded contents. I'm assuming that all four bags will have similar content. The price for this candy is in the premium range, so the value is not present, considering the degradation of the candy. I will not be ordering from this site, again.
293633293633B004E580PEA13YT544QI9JC2L.Beagle1151321056000This Chocolate Yum!I first had this candy when I bought a bag of it while I was in Denmark. I thought it was Danish chocolate but later found out it was from Sweden. I shared it with the entire tour bus of friends on our trip and everyone loved it. I bought a small bag first and then a large bag at the Copenhagen airport because I didn't think it would be available when I got back to the U.S. I was pleasantly surprised when I found it on Amazon because now I can have it whenever I want!
293634293634B004E580PEA1NUDE9H06JZXTsalismaili0051335657600Daim candyOne of my fav candies, but unfortunately it took a little longer than expected to arrive. Even though they were so many pieces, I finished them in 3 days! The packaging is really tiny, not regular size.
293635293635B004E580PEAAGXUCFRT40DZJ. Parker0051322524800Good service following initial problem.When I received the product it did not match what was on the invoice without any explanations. I contacted the merchant and letting them know of my dissatisfaction. I received a prompt reply and explanation and offer of credit for price of purchase on furture orders. I have not had the opportunity to puchase anything but the responses I did get were personal and not as if they came out of a template.

I will difinitely use them again!!

The candy was still delicious!!
293636293636B001706V82A1UCNZPB4GKSW1C. Braun5511294531200Arrived broken into little piecesAlthough these are great, as far as taste and lightness are concerned, I will never order them through Amazon again. I placed an order for several cans because they are not available in the area where I recently moved. Upon opening the first can I was thoroughly disappointed to find the contents to be broken into little pieces. Not one of the cans had any piece more than 1 1/2 inch long. Most of the pieces were under 1 inch. Unless you intend to use them as a crumb topping for ice cream or something similar, don't order them thru Amazon.
293637293637B001706V82A1TYT8WFJ70MVZGracie4441277164800Good Product if the product is FreshBefore you buy ask the expiration date.
These are usually very good wafers but the expire date
must not be past or within a few weeks.

Only buy if fresh.
293638293638B001706V82AU2EKRTHJ7753D. Miller "Fun Shopper"3331277164800Not as fresh as I had hopedI was surprised when I opened the first box of these Piroulines. They were not that CRISP CRUNCHY cookie I had anticipated. They are all wrapped up very well and sealed shut but still act as though they are stale. Sorry.The ones I bought at the grocery store were PERFECT!! so, I don't know what happened. I'll try again when they have more.
293639293639B001706V82A2AUZEQ4XUFVS6V. Wright "mmoon"2251243296000Fabulous!I had only previously tried the hazelnut ones in the Pirouline wafers, but since I adore dark chocolate, I thought I would purchase these dark chocolate filled ones for a new taste treat. They arrived today and I'm just so very pleased with them! Since I've gotten many tins in the store that contained a lot of broken pieces, I worried that these would be likewise crumbled and broken, especially after going through the mail. However, all of the tins were in perfect undented condition ( purchased directly from ) in a "Ready-To-Ship" box, tucked inside another box with plastic bubbles padding it, and the tin I opened to try held absolutely no broken cookie wafers whatever..not a one!

The taste is just wonderful, too, and the familiar flakey crisp of the wafer roll is simply perfect, but I was particularly pleased with the really rich semi-solid ( but still soft ) deep dark chocolate filling! They are to die for, just eaten alone, or dunked in your coffee. Since I have 6 tins now, I can easily share one with my sons or a friend, if I can bring myself to part with a tin, that is!
293640293640B001706V82A3MHWS59EISBP4bookladynan1151243123200Delicious!These wafers are incredibly delicious! Amazon sells them by the case, and I order them to have for gifts. Everyone who has tasted them raves about them--even if they say they don't like dark chocolate.

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