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293641293641B001706V82AMZ2MDBQ0FCABuzzj690051329868800Perfect for chocalate & ice cream lovers!For years I was able to buy this product at major local grocery stores, then they were the shelf just like that. What was I to do, as I could not eat my mint chocolate chip ice cream without Pirhoulines. I just can't do it. Finally found them on and ordered a box of 6 cans right away. I ate the "other brand" during my time going without, and they just don't compare. Pirhoulines rule!Pirouline Rolled Wafers, Dark Chocolate, 14-Ounce Tins (Pack of 6)
293642293642B001706V82A1ORP7LO1JVSF3Sara Starr0021326844800Great Taste. Poor conditionReview of Pirouline Wafers. I've received two orders. I love the texture and taste.

My last order was for a party. In each can at least half the wafers were in small pieces.
Inedible, let alone a treat for a party.

With regret I cancel my subscription.
293643293643B001706V82AEDI2TF8O9OHTdropondemand0041286323200Yummy!These are so good. purchased for my girlfriend coz she is a fan but i liked them too :)
293644293644B001706V82A15U96COJEDQHUG. Hogan "bitterstores"0051271289600very satisfiedI receivedthe product well in advance....the product was well wrapped...I will buy from this seller in the future...I was confused though...I thought it was 30 chocolate sticks..I was suprised to find 30 packs of wife will be eating these for a problem, it's a delicious product-well worth the price
293645293645B001706V82A17TJ7BIAZ8S2ZM. Zuccala0051265760000Pirouline Rolled Wafers Dark ChocolateI have bought several brands of Piroulines and thease are the best Dark Chocolate wafers I've ever had.
293646293646B001706V82AQ52JX9ES6XYYChris S.0051259193600Dark chocolate is the BEST! :)The dark chocolate ones surpass all other flavors we've tried. They're decadently delicious. You may want to keep some tins on hand for unexpected guests -- these elegant cookies look wonderful on a tea tray and make an excellent presentation with coffee or ice cream. Amazon offers them at a very reasonable price, given that shipping is free with Prime membership. What a great deal!
293647293647B001706V82A3TEV68TMKIVPEJ Leigh "grandma of 5"0051257724800soooo delightfulThese wafers are soooo good. They are crisp and filled with chocolate. They make a dessert by themselves and are especially good with a cup of flavored coffee.
293648293648B001706V82AJUIELD7MJHMKathena "athena"41011260316800Completely toxic to the bodyTaste delicious but loaded with hydrogenated oil.Hydrogenated oil is synthetically made trans fats that has been molecularly altered through the process of hydrogenation. The body does not recognize the new molecular structure of the oil and cannot break it down.
293649293649B000EMOCPIA322Y102ZD9L9JBloomman0051306713600There is no better tasting snack.Seriously, what else can I say. I love these things. Fruit Rolls ups are the best. Some people might tell you Fruit Gushers Fruit Flavored Snacks, Strawberry Splash, 6-Count, 0.9 oz. Pouches (Pack of 12) are better but they would be incorrect. Those are also tasty, but do not compare to the Fruit Roll Up.
293650293650B002J678AIA2OQ3BMXU9UVFCSEW1151300665600Hot!So delicious! Hot! Makes a perfect sandwich. And the seller was very professional and honest with an order glitch.
293651293651B002J678AIAAVQVAKC9F8RCChristiane Payton "Frexan"0051327190400Amora MustardI've waited years to find Amora mustard, a product I grew up with in France. I had just about giving up of ever finding it again. I received it 3 days earlier than scheduled (thank you, thank you) and I wasn't disappointed in the great taste. Nice, smooth, bold, HOT..everything I remembered. Thank you so much Touch of Europe!!([...]) I see more orders in my future.
293652293652B002J678AIA26YYOCOOHDQPCJanice L. Longmeyer0051298332800Amora Dejon MustardWas introduced to this mustard in France last year and just love it. Am glad to be able to get it through Amazon.
293653293653B002J678AIA164LGUBKQAPHVvalalb0051285804800The BEST DIJON MUSTARDThis mustard is the best, I use to travel to France often and always bring jars back!!! Beats any other dijon mustard.
293654293654B002J678AIASWKV8X4GSACYcpdr0051274918400amoraI love this mustard! Truly delicious dijon with just the right amount of bite.
293655293655B002J678AIA2Y9R85GS78UWIJane "BlueHeronKitchen"0051262995200Moutarde de LoveThis is the "Grey Poupon" of France, and I think it's better. You get a really cute juice glass from the deal, and even though the shipping is almost as much as the mustard, if you love delicious mustard, then try this. Use it as a basis for Julia Child's celery remoulade salad - you'll be happy you did. [...]
293656293656B000OQVHHAA3GG9MLOYMQE0Wholymoly0011317168000Don't knowI find it interesting that I am being asked to review the 2 BOXES of prime slices I supposedly received because that is what I thought I had ordered. Imagine my surprise when only 2 SLICES arrived. I wouldn't have minded that since they were less than $2.00 each, what I did mind was the $15.00 I paid in shipping for 2 SLICES!!!!
I contacted the company about the situation while stewing like a pot but never heard anything back for at least 6 weeks and by that time I was so PO'd, I
had thrown them in our back woods for the raccoons just to show them!! (I know, I know. I call that Menopause ratioanality.) So anyway I really don't know if my dog's would have liked them or not.
293657293657B002V024VKABUIK1CS9FRF7Daniel Jacobson2211268956800Gross and SugaryWow, this stuff was gross and sugary. It tasted like those bad soft candy fruit cubes. I couldn't even make it through the first bag and ended up giving the rest of the pack away to colleagues who similarly disliked it. Other dried pineapple on amazon from Kopali is vastly superior.
293658293658B002V024VKA15LK8DSFQZZ52Patricia R. Andersen "redheaded booklover"1151262563200as a stocking stufferThis is really a great idea - a package of 10 dried pineapple tidbits. You could use it for lunches or carry it with you when you need a little pick me up.
I bought this to use as a stocking stuffer for my hubby's stocking and he loved it. It's also much cheaper and tastier than what is generally available in the grocery stores, Try it, you'll like it
293659293659B002V024VKA9N3KLO3K2UK5Burqaj0021325203200Can't eat this!I'm usually very careful about reviewing ingredients so I was extremely disappointed to find that this dried fruit contained sulfites as a preservative. I have asthma and have an attack if I consume sulfites. This is due to an inherited genetic enzyme deficiency called G6PD, not an allergy. There are many people who are allergic to sulfites however or experience migraines when exposed to them. This needs to be posted in the product description.
293660293660B002V024VKA3PRI1NQY3F5DLShelbykins0021323820800Mostly sugar, not enough fruitI was thinking this would be a healthy snack for lunches, but I didn't realize how much sugar was actually in this stuff. It hardly tasted like pineapple. Save your money and look elsewhere.
293661293661B002V024VKAA2L819V3QBV8Neiderhouse0011319155200The pineapple tastes terribleToo much added sugar. Tastes too sweet but not in a good way. Tastes nothing like pineapple to me. I was able to get my daughter and her little friends to eat some. Probably because of how sweet they are. These are not naturally sweetened! Added sugar!
293662293662B000NMCRDIA33LZKI6F1M862John Phillips0051197417600The BestThis is my all time favorite candy. I like it better then the miniature cola bottles. Its also pretty hard to find here in the states, only some candy stores will carry it. Only downside to this is the packaging, I am only one man, and 5 pounds of gummi's is going to take a while to finish.
293663293663B001712A1SA2V5UBNAQBOAP2Sandra Hansen "shadowdaisymom"5611231632000MAYBE a step above StouffersSome of the beef tips were so gristly, I had to spit them out. I won't buy this product again. Of those pieces that were edible, the flavor was good.
293664293664B001712A1SANI7J5RDIMDQKAnnette M. Fiema2211241740800Not enoughThe steak with mushrooms was not nearly enough food for the money. Even at the discounted price, it wasn't worth it. Definitely not enough food for even 2 people.
293665293665B001712A1SA28ILV8F4HVA1WC. Powers0051240012800Superb!Omaha Steak products, although a little pricey, are worth the cost. The meats are superb, as are the side dishes. Haven't gone wrong with anything yet and I've been a customer for years.
293666293666B0060ETERAAL0NHKKXXF2EDDonna1121333411200Artificial flavoringThere was little information on this product, but I took a chance. So, it is mostly sugar, gelatin, water and *artificial flavoring*. I don't know if this is supposed to taste like real pandan or not. It was very sugared, and the flavor was very weak. I am not happy with it.
293667293667B000G176C8A1VZVEFVQI19L9Morela Aldona151541180310400Good spicey vegetarian/vegan soupThis soup is a little more than just "mildly" seasoned, as the can says; it's actually got quite a kick. (I like spicy food, so that's a good thing.) The ingredients include grill-marked onions and corn, big hearty chunks of potato, some black beans, and a little tomato. The stock has some olive oil but it's not overly greasy and actually quiet light. Overall, a great vegan soup option.
293668293668B000G176C8A2YYTFLAKG4447Jennafer Brooks "GeoJenna"3341231977600Best vegetable soup!!This is the best vegetable soup I have ever consumed. I eat soup EVERY DAY for lunch because I am trying to lose weight. This means that I have to pass up the yummy fattening soup like Wolfgang Puck's potato (YUMMY) but this soup is a fully satisfying substitute. It is low in fat and calories (The whole can has 9 grams of fat (probably mostly from the olive oil) and just under 300 calories) and it tastes GREAT. Other reviewers have mentioned the dented cans. Since we eat so much soup, we buy exclusively from amazon because of the price. We have recently encountered the dented can problem (not only from this product, but other canned items as well: chili, fruit, etc) but the occurence of the dents versus the number of items purchase is minimal. All in all this soup is a GREAT product. I give it four out five stars because of the dent issue, even though we still buy this product quite frequently.

If you are looking for other good tasting soup from Amy's some of my other favorites are as follows: Light Sodium Chunky Tomato Bisque, Curried Lentil, and Black Bean Vegetable. Hope this helps
293669293669B000G176C8A1LZJZIHUPLDV4vegancompassion "anattanupassana"81151193702400Vegan Organic Kosher ChoiceVegan. Organic. Kosher. Nice southwestern style soup. Goes well with organic tortilla chips and any of your other favorite Border-style foods. Prominent black pepper and chipotle flavor notes with yummy pieces of fire roasted veggies in a flavor rich broth. Approx. 280 kcal, 8g protein, and 9g fat per can. Add more of your favorite beans or cubed tofu for even more protein. Also really like Amy's Organic Tuscan Bean and Rice Soup, 14.1-Ounce Can (Pack of 12) and Amy's Organic Chunky Vegetable Soup, 14.3 Ounces (Pack of 12). Another wonder from Amy's kitchen. This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews for more great choices. Check out "Vegan Grocery Favorites" and "Vegan Grocery Top Ten" in Listmania. Your "helpful" votes count and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others.
293670293670B000G176C8A1EC4PR3HJ18PBS. MCCANN "Shimcc"1151264204800looks good and tastes good.When I pored it into the pan I noticed all the fire roast marks on the corn. I thought that was kind of interesting. This soup has Alot of flavor and good sized potato chunks. It is organic with no bad additives so I give it 5 stars.

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