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293685293685B000G176C8AJP0B6QF0NJ8JEileen51011219017600Buyer Beware - good soup, crushed cansA very nutritrious and delicious soup from Amy's not offered in the organic sections of grocery stores in my area of the U.S. But about a quarter of the cans in the case were dented, and therefore, not acceptable for long term storage.
I wouldn't buy a dented can from a store, and therefore am dismayed that Amazon would ship damaged goods.
If Amazon is getting a good price on this product because the cans are dented already, the product should be advertized as such. I don't like being sent a case of canned goods with the cans in the middle of the case crushed. What's up with that?
I have been satisfied with the condition of other canned goods bought vie Amazon - but buyer beware.
It is not worth my time to complain and return.
But I won't buy Amy's soups through Amazon again, and in the future, will REALLY question whether buying ANY canned goods through Amazon is worth it - even if the price is right - considering that the goods may or may not arrive damaged.
Hey Amazon, Honesty is the best policy. It's not a "deal" if you send me damaged goods.
293686293686B000G176C8A3P4JLFAOJ5QXDRamona Bottari0241260403200Amy's Organic Fire Roasted Southwest Vegetable SoupWay too spicy! I love Amy's products but feel like there should be a warning about the heat index here!
293687293687B000G176C8A1SRYW1TWR5EKGA. Chamish0331217289600Needs "Doctoring" to make a decent tasting soupThe soup is not too great and tastes blend. I improved it to acceptable taste by adding a veggie mix, a teaspoon of "Organic" vegetable soup powder... then it was not so bad. But than, if one goes that far in improving the soup... why bother with the canned soup and not just make it from scratch.
293688293688B002W08VRKAQ52JX9ES6XYYChris S.1151323129600delicious New England-style baked beans!!!We absolutely love these traditional baked beans -- either this lovely molasses version, or the original version. My husband loves them enough to eat them cold out of the can, so he'll take them to work for lunch or sometimes have a late night snack (usually in the single-serving versions -- at least better for him than potato chips or candy bars!). We also use them as a side dish for pork and sauerkraut meals. In addition to just microwaving them in a bowl (or eating them out of the can!), here are 3 other great ways to cook them:

1) Put in an ovenproof dish and bake alongside anything else in your oven. They'll only get better. We put pork and sauerkraut in one open dish and these in another and leave them both in a 400 degree oven for about 50 minutes with excellent results (try putting sliced sweet onions misted with a little olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper into a third dish for an awesome vegetable side!).

2) If you cook pork chops, hot dogs, sliced ham or kielbasa in a skillet, add these beans to the skillet around the pork and let the flavors mix as both are browned and heated.

3) To feed a crowd, heat contents in a slow-cooker, add your choice of flavorings (onions, celery, carrots, brown sugar, mustard, ketchup, garlic, diced tomatoes, etc.) and/or meat (chunks of ham, hot dogs, kielbasa, whatever), and bring on the hungry hordes! Can leave on keep-warm in the slow cooker literally for days -- great for feeding a work crew that's cleaning up storm damage or running a charity event.

B&M is a famous maker of baked beans, very hard to find these days, and we're thrilled to be able to obtain their products through Amazon. An old family favorite. Hope you like them as much as we do.
293689293689B002W08VRKAORQRPO2WN4GZD. McConaghy1121321488000Not as AdvertisedI ordered these beans, but the ones I received were B&M Homestyle. They do not taste the same! My family does not like the Homestyle variety. This has happened twice -- the first time I thought it was a mistake and let it go. After we tried them, however, we donated the remainder to a food pantry which is probably what I will do with these too (non-returnable due to being a food item). I think that B&M may have consolidated their line and doesn't offer both anymore, but the Amazon product descrition is misleading in any case. Just because my family didn't like the flavor though, yours might. In general we love B&M products and living in Arizona, they are hard to find, so finding them on Amazon is a bonus.
293690293690B003DYNHV4AD6OMM864N8KYDebra3421314057600Less Than You ExpectThis box is only 10 individual units, not the 12 I was expecting. Perhaps I'm just blind but nowhere do I see a case = 10... I know - shame on me for assuming... I love the convenience but not if it is so much more.
293691293691B003DYNHV4AKYQ59VS0B38QDrSusan "DrSusan"1251285372800tuna for castMy cats LOVE this product..they eat all of it..they like the juice, the size of the pieces and the smell..they will only eat this and the chicken with tuna....they don't like any of the others....can't wait until this becomes a subscribe and save hard to find it in the store and at a low price...
293692293692B003DYNHV4A2W9WG84PZBUXQDarlene Torzon "Docdar"0151313020800Are you kidding me?Why would any pet owner (who is mobile) order from PetCo? -- Or shop at PetCo for that matter. Their prices are always higher. With the shipping this item prices out at $1.50 per pack. It's always $1.25 at Petsmart (sometimes less)
293671293671B000G176C8A3TMTQLSW6T7K2hypersona2331208822400Great Product/Price if you dont mind all of the cans being DentedIve enjoyed this product for some time now and decided to get it a bit cheaper from Amazon than from my grocery here in NY. Apparently they offer the cheaper price since all of the cans are dented, which is not from shipping. Cans in the middle are also dented. Every last one. Would be 4-5 stars if not for this. Ive read articles relating to health risks posed by dented cans, even if not fully punctured.
293693293693B003DYNHV4ARKF8GB54FV65Becky0151312156800Great Treat for my catWe have a bunch of different appetizers in our cabinet and my cat loves them all. They are just meat or fish and water and provide a great protein supplement in conjunction with our cat's regular diet. Or Vet suggested that we add these once in awhile to add some protein to his diet.
293694293694B003DYNHV4A1PU9GCX6AB40DLynnster1331301356800Good, BUT.....Great supplemental food, BUT...

READ THE LABEL: "Fancy Feast Appetizers are intended for SUPPLEMENTAL FEEDING ONLY. This product may be fed daily along with a complete and balanced cat food diet."

DO NOT FEED this as only food source for your cat. These DO NOT contain a very necessary ingredient, TAURINE. Feeding cats fish or meat without necessary Taurine, over time, can so serious harm to eyes/heart & more. Do some research on Taurine! It's in all cat food, by law. I don't know how Fancy Feast got away with omitting it. They assume all cat owners read not true.

I love cats so here to give a head's up to those who intend to use this as the main source of their cat's diet...
293695293695B003C5JX44A1G93KNNVTW3VKBrenda Guthrie1151331424000Delicious!!My husband wanted some honey with the comb in it. The morning after we recieved it, he made bisquits and we drizzled this honey over them, this is the best tasting honey. Delightful.
293696293696B002O013A0A3HVNDIUBRLWYRSandy1151297900800Good ChewsI have tried several brands of chews for my dog. Some she didn't like to chew, some stained the couch, some had lots of not so good ingredients. Rawhide Brand retriever rolls are the best! Not only are they marinaded so that all of the chew is yummy and they have only natural ingredients but they are a great bargain. AND they are packaged in all recyclable material.Rawhide Brand® 4" Natural Rawhide Retriever Roll in an Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Package, 5-Pack
293697293697B001GM54H0A1KZWQG22KNSGBLauri H. "Lauri"1141340582400Nice looking topiaryIm not crazy about artificial plants, but at a weekend home you don't have a lot of options. This topiary fits the bill by adding a touch of green without being cheesy. It is good quality and looks as pictured. Pleased with the purchase.
293698293698B001GM54H0A2C4FPIF11H32TAAlyOops "A. M. Lee"003134904960022" Curily Topiary Plant IvyTopiary plant arrived in timely manner, packaged in original box. I had ordered two, so it came as two boxes taped together to create one package. The top ball arrives squished on one a bit lopsided...not as perfectly round as pictured and you are not able to "dress" it. Although it is supposed to be round, there is definately a front side and back side. The stem also is not staight up and down. If you turn it to make the stem look straighter, the back side shows. It looks OK from far away, but not very good close up. The wispy style was as pictured and the measurements were accurate.
293699293699B002T0X0W4A252LR57T3PFCOjem0051302307200They aren't kidding about the crunch...Great - great - great! These may seem expensive at first glance, but keep in mind they weigh next to nothing. You get a lot of biscuits for your money. The bag arrived in great shape, so far not one broken biscuit. Our dog just loves them and I always get a kick out of giving her something that crunchy to eat - can't seem to get her to chew with her mouth closed. :) I'll be back for more!
293672293672B000G176C8A3Q2JMJNMVCGFIshog0031351036800bizarre burning aftertasteI remember once cooking a can of beans over charcoal before letting all the lighter fluid burn off. There was an odd aftertaste and burning in the roof of my mouth that gave me no illusion that i was eating some uncombusted lighter fluid.

I get this feeling here, there's a burning in the roof of my mouth but not my tongue. Maybe I'm just imagining things, but I'm not getting any more of these.

I got this at a supermarket. I eat a lot of amys. I recommend french country vegetable, italian vegetable, low sodium lentil vegetable, no chicken noodle.. pretty much anything with the word 'vegetable' in the title have the best flavor, except for this.
293700293700B0007SNZP2A1RTI1LJGFKO8SKim6751204934400Good Stuff!We cannot find this pancake syrup anywhere in our local area. This is the reason we purchased it on Amazon. It is so good. We think it is the best syrup out there. We shared it with our family and friends. We are nervous to order anymore because we like it too much. You will not regret this purchase.
293673293673B000G176C8A2H4KWZKUOKWDLY. Lola Alejandro0041336176000Nice and Spicy Organic Vegan soupI love the fire-roasted taste of the vegetables. I'm a raw vegan during the day, and this soup definitely gives me the cooked food fullness that I look for during my evening meal. If the taste is too spicy for you, try the new French Country Vegetable - it's not in every store yet and I don't see it on Amazon either, so if you see it in a local store grab a can and try it.
293674293674B000G176C8AUIXKL2FI38SVhmfost0051331164800Yummy Soup!!!Just ate a can of this Amy's soup for lunch and I have to say - it was the best canned vegetable soup I think I've ever had! It did have some kick to it (which I liked!) I didn't order this from amazon but wanted to leave a review anayway for those that always read the reviews before ordering. This soup is definitely worth trying!
293675293675B000G176C8A2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans0031330732800A soup with lots of veggies but the smokiness is a bit too much for meI'm a huge fan of Amy's products and was excited to try Amy's Organic Fire Roasted Southwest Vegetable Soup. Like most of the Amy's line, the manufacturer does not skimp on the important ingredients. This soup is chock full of vegetables. It is thick and has a nice texture and vegetable diversity. While the soup is heavy on vegetables and lighter on broth, the broth that is in the soup is somewhat oily. (This tends to be an issue with many Amy's soups save their chili options and a couple of pureed vegetable options).

So why the three stars? It comes down to personal preference. My problem with the soup is attributable to one ingredient and that is the chipotle pepper. Chipotle pepper can add a smokey component to foods and it was definitely present with the Fire Roasted Southwest Vegetable. I had hoped that the chipotle essence would be subdued given its low spot on the ingredient list, but it wasn't.

This is a filling soup and when paired with a slice of crusty bread, you have a meal. Adding some brown rice would yield an even more filling soup for the more hearty appetite. I did not find the soup to be hot but for reference I eat a lot of spicy Indian curries.

This is a vegan product.

Ingredients: Filtered water, organic tomatoes, organic roasted potatoes, organic fire roasted corn, organic black beans, organic fire roasted onions, organic carrots, organic fire roasted bell peppers, organic celery, organic green chilies, organic extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, chipotle peppers, spices, organic black pepper, organic onions, organic balsamic vinegar.

I purchase Amy's Kitchen soups at my local co-op for about 2.50 a can. If your store does not carry this and you only want to try one can, consider You can use my code LEK375 for a discount.
293676293676B000G176C8A3NCCXHTF1H61BWill B. Tellin0051328054400FEAR no moreGreat tasting healthy gluten-free soup,but I hesitated buying because of the fear of multiple damaged cans. My package came with bubble wrap completely encaseing the entire tray. After careful inspection I found 12 perfect cans. No reason to fear damage from this experience. By the way, delivery was super fast. 5stars.
293677293677B000G176C8A1YJCBU7CB4PGWChris0051326585600Good as ingrediant for a full family meal also.We boil some tri-color vegetable rotini add this soup to the drained pasta and add a large can of pre-cooked ckicken. Makes a tasty casserole. Add cheese as desired. Buying by the case saves $0.50-$0.75 per can over our local supermarket price. Sometimes I add more vegies too depending on how many are eating.
293678293678B000G176C8A3AJZG4N0UDN2GKaren Henderson "K Henderson"0051323734400Amy's SoupsGreat tasting soup. Great for a quick meal when you are too busy to cook. Love that it is organic.
293679293679B000G176C8A2OOQ59V7YWYL1Gloria M.0051296777600UnbelievableThis soup is delicious plus it's low in calories and fat. All of Amy's products are exceptional. I just wish Amazon would offer her frozen entre's. I can't find them in our local stores. Trust me, you can't go wrong in ordering any of her products.
293680293680B000G176C8A1XH6JZ8658P14Janina Castillo0051294704000Surprised by the wonderful flavor of Amy's Southwestern Vegetable SoupI'm fairly discriminating about what I consider a praiseworthy vegetable soup. I happened upon this one in the organic section of the supermarket & was pleasantly surprised with the flavor & spice. Not overpowering but spiced enough to give the soup & its mixed flavors a standing ovation. Not many 'canned' soups can taste homemade while still maintaining its flavors. Bottom line? A random soup pick has made an enthusiastic customer out of me. I'm hoping Amy's other soups can live up to this introduction...I'll find out when grocery shopping on our return trip.
293681293681B000G176C8A38KP1POQ191WTJudy Schinske "Veronica"0051283817600The best soup I have ever had!!!I was so scared to try this soup, I didnt want to feel bloated like I usually do after eating soups. This didnt leave me feeling bloated at all, but instead satisfied. It is the best soup that I have ever consumed, and I am telling the truth, THE BEST EVER!!! You will not be dissapointed with this soup, the vegetables are actally fire roasted. When I opened the can I saw vegetables with grill marks, it was fantastic. I love many amy's products but have only ever had her frozen meals. I love this soup and it makes me want to try her other vegan soups. There is just the right amount of spice and flavor to this soup that makes it mind blowing perfect. Its not too spicy but not lacking in the spice area either. The chunks of potatos are big and you actually know what you are eating. Everything is organic and no GMO's. I am going to buy more:D
293682293682B000G176C8A2UAVVDL68NSJKL. Jones1251249689600Great Soup!Great, tasty soup! Purchased at Amazon after comparing prices online and in local stores. Amazon was the cheapest. Shipping was quick and arrived in perfect shape. (No dents in cans as mentioned in other reviews.) If you love a spicy and flavorful soup, this would be a good choice.
293683293683B000G176C8A2EOLU5QN31PPYA. Dowd1241231718400Flavorful canned soup - imagine!As a gourmand, I generally rank canned soup somewhere between "an old shoe" and "wet cardboard" on the list of things I'd prefer not to eat. A recent renovation left me temporarily kitchenless and at the mercy of the packaged food aisle, where I opted for the organics hoping for a slightly less appalling
palate experience. While the rest of the Amy's soup series was a slightly uneven affair, the roasted vegetable, to my great relief, proved highly edible. Like any processed food, it benefits greatly from a little doctoring - fresh lime zest, chopped cilantro, creme fraiche or any combination thereof introduce fresh notes that nicely complement the smoky overtones of this soup, and elevate a decent comestible to a quite fine one. A few spoonfuls of leftover rice, quinoa, small pasta, baked tofu, etc tossed in can add substance, and easily stretch a can to 2 generous servings. If you're going to keep some canned soup on hand for those too-tired-to-cook winter evenings, it should be this one. Enjoy!
293684293684B000G176C8A2FRHIANA8FZQJEco-Friendly Feng Shui Designer0151236211200NiceAmy's Organic Fire Roasted Southwest Vegetable soup is very good--packed with flavor, not too salty, lots of veggies.

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