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293701293701B0007SNZP2A31XEA7LNT4H5LMargie A. Faulkner4551245715200Finally Found it!None of the stores in my area carry Karo Pancake Syrup - for some reason no one can explain to me, it has disappeared from the shelves in the last 5 years. What a 'happy camper' I was when I found it through Amazon. Best tasting pancake syrup I have found other than the pure maple tree kind. Shipping was on time and items arrives well packed. All in all a very good purchase experience.
293702293702B0007SNZP2A20JCYBR8DIBXHsteve1151322352000Karo Pancake SyrupThis is the best maple syrup around.. It is not real sweet,and it is thick,and tasty. I have a hard time finding it. So when I found it on I ordered 6 bottels.. It's really good, trust me !!!
293703293703B0007SNZP2A3W43ERLDOJUQQslcgolfer1151315094400Makes no senseCannot figure out why the hell you cannot buy this in regular grocery stores. Every time I've ever seen it in a store it goes off the shelves very very fast. Why do you have to buy it over the internet. I like the product.
293704293704B0007SNZP2A10NYSU6ZND1FBgreyfeather0051350777600If It's Not "Green Label"...It's not PecanPie!Karo Green Label was the ONLY syrup used in my momma's pecan pie. And my momma made a "mean" pecan pie!
Disappointed to not be able to locate it on grocer's shelves.....I've used other syrup (Karo dark and Light) and it just doesn't live up to the GREEN.
293705293705B0007SNZP2A20C6R9SSBMY7BIU3KIDS0051346457600"best syrup"I know what everyone says about "corn syrup", but this is the best syrup for pancakes, waffles etc. Everything in moderation. I use a little of the syrup a lot of fresh fruit on the side. We have used this syrup for many years. You can't beat it. I can't find it in grocery stores anymore, so I feel fortunate to have found it at
293706293706B0007SNZP2A2GX0FDQ3YILF9C. Chimera0051343260800Love this syrupWhen I was little, this was always the syrup that my Grandma had when we were at her house. I hadn't had the Karo syrup in easily more than 20 years, so it brought back a lot of memories! Wish it was still sold in stores around here... very tasty!
293707293707B0007SNZP2AQR8NXXT9TZXFDan0051338249600Karo pancake syrupVery, very fast shipping. Very, very good product as well! This pancake syrup, from Karo; is rich with flavor and is thick compared to most pancake syrups. It has the best flavor of any pancake syrup that I have ever seen! Unlike most pancake syrups out there, Karo can be used for various recipes as well. (Sticky bun recipe on label for the ones I recieved.) Although you have to buy a case (6 bottles @ 16 oz.), it has a long, long shelf life (mine don't expire till Sept. 2014). I like to mix it with butter for a bisquit. It's listed serving size is: 4 Tbsp./ 1/4 cup, with 240 calories, 85 mg of sodium, total carbohydrate 63g, and 25 g. of sugar. We personally don't use but about 1/2 that much at any one time. Hard to find here, but there is nothing that can match it for flavor or value, to me!
293708293708B0007SNZP2A2SW2WV3UVUXMCDiane Chapman0051331769600Love Karo Syrup!!I grew up on Green label Karo Syrup and absolutely LOVE it!! I don't understand why it isn't available in stores anymore but I will definitely continue to buy it online as long as it is available.
293709293709B0007SNZP2A1G6A8RNJYJ8BEWitzerAZ "WitzerAZ"0041327708800Karo Pancake Syrup-It's a southern thang!I had received damaged bottles and had written a review complaining about the tops being cracked. I received a call quickly from customer service and 4 new bottles as compensation. They were prompt and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. I love this syrup and can't seem to find it anymore. I gave some to my mother also, as she loves it, too! Maybe it's a southern thing but it makes the recipes just taste better. There is not substitute!
293710293710B0007SNZP2A2XA42HM2L5XM6BJF0051318550400The Best Pancake Syrup!This is the best pancake syrup ever invented! We can't find it anywhere here in Eastern KY so I am going to order it here on Amazon. Mmmmm...I can't wait until it gets here.
293711293711B0007SNZP2A37P1KGWH7UWRHCheryl0051316995200Fabulous - Why is this "not" available in grocery stores anymore!!!I was so excited to get my delivery of the Karo Pancake Syrup. We opened it immediately and made waffles! The syrup tasted just like I remembered it from years ago. I can't understand why this is not available in grocery stores anymore! Thanks for making it available online!!!!
293712293712B0007SNZP2A2XRSYBW1KOGA5mrspeanutsr "slwdaniels"0051309996800Best Father's Day GiftMy husband grew up on this syrup and has to have it on pancakes, waffles, biscuits, etc. He has been complaining ever since we moved out West that they don't sell it. I think this syrup helped make this "The best father's day I ever had." I first I was taken aback by having to order so much but with 3/4 of the bottle already gone, I don't think I'll have to worry about the remaining 5 getting stale. It was well worth the price and the shipping was very fast. I would definitely recommend this seller again.
293713293713B0007SNZP2A35P18UH8B116HLight Bulb1251236038400It's too bad......we have to pay so much for shipping this item. But what are we going to do? Switch to another syrup? I think not.
293714293714B0007SNZP2A1TTGWDFZKI6SGCarole D. Cheek "Carole Ann"1251233619200Mad about this productI used to buy this product in the local grocery store. Now they don't carry it, so I have to search the internet for it. We love it because it has just the right flavor and viscosity.Karo Syrup 16oz. 6ct
293715293715B0007SNZP2AP548R86DLUR7Dragonfly2U "Dragonfly"1251231632000Bring it back!!!!!Karo Pancake Syrup (green label) was the standard with our Sunday morning pancake breakfasts. I have only found in one store other than The Karo website does not even offer it for sale. Shame on them. Thanks for keeping the tradition alive and well in the minds of those of us that are still six AND member's of tKaro Syrup 16oz. 6cthe baby boom generation!
293716293716B0007SNZP2ALZNB1U8OIESCPat V. Esposito1251227398400The best there is?Karo Syrup 16oz. 6ct
I was raised on Karo pancake syrup.I always asked for Karo,didn't know that it wasn't the real name for maple syrup until I moved out of my family's home. For almost sixty years I have enjoyed Karo and have not found any syrup that I liked better. With the closing of Albertson's in Florida its no longer available locally.
293717293717B0007SNZP2A1T4FMDKJI126IM. C. Marks0151261872000Karo Pancake SyrupI really like this syrup and have used it for many years. It has become impossible to find in local grocery stores and I really appreciate being able to get it here.
293718293718B0009WDPLKA36XHPT4Q33KE4Rachel A. Simard1121284249600I love gummi bearsI really love gummi bears. I saw these online and I had to try them, I have never had pink or blue gummi bears like it shows in the picture, which made me willing to pay the considerable price for them. Well, there aren't any pink or blue gummi's in the bag. My disappointment abounds! I won't buy these again, not at the price I paid. Don't get me wrong, they were really good, I enjoyed eating them, but they weren't everything I hoped for and WAY overpriced.
293719293719B000BTD0IYAM1U5GQ229YGEchad anani0051348358400AuthenticThese bars are the closest thing to to original thick chocolate drink of Spain. Stove top preparation is the best, 4 squares per cup of milk.
293720293720B000BTD0IYA1PNAYPZC0QMBCRichi "d reader"0051299456000yummy choc. milkGave this as a gift and she absolutely loved it. Said it was the best choc drink she ever had. Great gift item.
293721293721B000052Y74ABLOQZIL42W7Ikone "kone"242451123113600A Dentist Recommends This ProductAs a dentist I see many patients that have dry mouth as a result of medication use or due to cancer radiation therapy of the head and neck area. I ALWAYS RECOMMEND BIOTENE CHEWING GUM FOR THESE PATIENTS. Biotene is a biocompatible gum that has natural salivary enzymes that help remove plaque from the teeth. Gum chewing also stimulates saliva release and any natural saliva that can be produced is of benefit.

This is a great product for those with dry mouths and I highly recommend it.

Jim "Konedog" Koenig, DDS
293722293722B000052Y74A2DB720I9XRX7KK. Draper101031174262400Dry mouth patient reviews Biotene gum.I like chewing gum for my dry mouth, but Biotene is not my favorite: it is expensive, hard to find, and, in my opinion, not any better than many traditional chewing gums. You have to chew two and a time, and that costs about $.20 per use at the listed price, not including shipping. The gum is boring and small and doesn't retain flavor or the texture I like, so I don't chew it very long when I use it. I don't like hard gums like Dentine or bubble gum; I usually use a soft sugar free gum like Extra. It's cheap and comes in lots of flavors and stimulates saliva flow. I'm not a big chewer, I mostly suck on it, or let it sit in my mouth. Biotene may be better in terms of mildness, but I love flavored gum, and am not willing to shell out so much to keep buying Biotene gum. (I do like Biotene toothpaste , though.)
293723293723B000052Y74A2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin3341199318400all right by me !!!I have to start a course of chemotherapy; and my dentist recommended this gum to me to chew during the months I am on chemo. I am impressed with this gum because of its way of using natural enzyme protection to relieve dry mouth and protect your teeth from decay during cancer treatment.

Oh yes, it's true--the gum loses it mild mint flavor pretty quickly--after just about a minute! However, if you want to protect your mouth during chemo, it certainly couldn't hurt to at least chew this gum some of the time. It beats getting cavities. At 44 I still have no cavities and I'm not about to start now!

You do need to chew two pieces of this gum at the same time. One piece will be too small and you could accidentally swallow it, I suppose.

The two pieces of gum have a total of five calories, so don't be concerned about that. It is sweetened with xylitol.

Overall, this gum can save you from dry mouth and tooth decay during a course of cancer therapy such as chemo. It may work well if you need radiation therapy, too. It's not a fun type of bubble gum, (how I wish that it were) but it does what it sets out to do--protect your mouth from decay during a course of chemo treatment.

Ask your dentist if you have any questions.
293724293724B000052Y74A1VALQNGU3P9KRLMM1121303344000Not a fanThis stuff is expensive, doesn't stay soft & loses flavor quickly. I could deal with all that if it worked but I just don't think it works any better to relieve dry mouth than regular sugar-free gum.
293725293725B000052Y74A2BEAAU6N7K8GDSilne300041350345600mint gumIt's just as described. Its minty, helps with my mild-dry mouth and provides refreshment.
I'd recommend and/or purchase this again.
293726293726B002AS6M0WAY1SFAUFNOO0ZL. Casper0011337299200I love Droste Pastilles....BUTI opened the foil after I recieved them and saw that the chocolate was a bit white-ish. I was bummed. I tried one anyway but as I had expected it was gross. Expired!!
293727293727B002AS6M0WA2FKM9Z7TF456CMatthew B. Collum "Matty C"0051334016000Smooth and Delicious ChocolateThese chocolates were creamy and smooth. The small bite size circles allowed for quick treats and accompanied milk quite well. I like these a lot more than a Hershey's Bar.
293728293728B002AS6M0WA1DTIGA7OLCYLDiliamna1241325462400For $36...? You get one. Just ONE package?One package. That is what is stated in the information! It's a 3.5 oz package. And the current price is over $36...then there's the shipping. Wow.

I love these Droste pastilles. The chocolate is lovely and the mix of bittersweet and milk is just right. And they are in a pretty little package. But really!

Oh hey!! This would be a great way to fund your trip to Europe! At the airport in Amsterdam, just buy as many of these as will fit in your carry-on and then sell them on Amazon, $36 each, when you get back to the states. You'll be able to break even on your airline ticket on the profit you'll make!

************************* update *******************************
Okay, these really WERE $36 when they were offered for sale by another seller. Now it is a different seller with a much lower price, $8 and free super saver shipping. Still kind of high but not crazy. I am changing my rating to be fair to the new seller with the better price.
293729293729B007P2O4N0A3SWCA2NEHRL0ZXL0031346284800Not my cuppaMaybe it's just my crappy drip brewer, but this tastes, looks and smells weak to me, even when I add two extra servings of grounds. Might be better in a percolator or press.
293730293730B002TUU1RGA245X2G98F6C7ZTxJeepGirl "Traci"1151304035200My favorite scent of the Degree Deo & Spray!I cannot find this body mist in my local stores anymore. I can get the deo, but not the coordinating spray. I will have to order this!

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