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293747293747B000BTBR1QA1K69BBLY0NVOWnowyat4551179446400The Magical World Of Toast...It's amazing how many wonderful things can go on a simple piece of bread. Peanut butter, hazlenut butter, almond butter... Then don't forget the wonderful Marmite, a yeast extract. Sigh... But Marmite, Marmite is for eating toast while reading "Moby [...]", or perhaps "Barnaby Rudge". A bit hearty. Nutella is for eating toast while reading "Remebrance Of Things Past" or "Dracula". Rather luscious. Like Marmite, Nutella goes a lot farther than the prescribed serving size. Spread thinly. Now, my children, go out and turn your whole wheat toast into a chocolate doughnut. Marcel Proust would want you to.
293748293748B000BTBR1QA3PFA5SJOI9DN4Jessica Heeder1151348617600Best Tasting Chocolate Spread!Nutella chocolate spread is great for people who are always running late. I have a tendency to turn off my alarm, or push the snooze button several times. So I rarely get to eat breakfast. I needed something fast and easy. So, I tried Pop Tarts, but they still took too long because, they had to toast. And that takes several minutes. When I had almost lost all hope...I tried Nutella.

I have found while using Nutella is that it is a great grab and go meal. Plus it is a delicious and nutritious. It is also great for any time of day.

Nutella is sold in a clear plastic jar, with a white lid and label. It comes in many different sized jars from small to go sizes to large peanut butter sized jars. But for the actual product inside the jar, their lives a rich, creamy, chocolaty, hazelnut spread. Its consistency is similar to peanut butter, so it is great on toast and bagels.

If you are someone who is allergic to nuts, you should stay away from this product, because it contains nuts. But if you are someone who is nutty for chocolate and hazelnut, you are in the right place.

Nutella is a long lasting product. After opening it, it can last for weeks to months before it goes bad. It's fast, it's easy and it is a great way to start your day.

The only negative I have to say about Nutella is, that it is messy. But it is because chocolate in general is messy.

But overall I am very impressed with the convenience of Nutella. It's the best breakfast spread out there so go get your Nutella and enjoy!
293749293749B000BTBR1QAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson1141273276800Two out of Three.From time to time my wife brings home a jar of Nutella. I like it, but only on rare occasion. The flavor is just too overpowering for me and I tire of it quickly. My wife loves the stuff on bread (toast) or crackers and she eats it with her afternoon or evening tea. She raves about the chocolatey-nutty flavor and can't understand why I don't see things the same way. Such is life. In any case, if it pleases her, I'm happy with it. Oh, I might add that the baby seems to like it too. That's two out of three.

Gary Peterson
293750293750B000BTBR1QA2MNB77YGJ3CN0L. Mountford2351164240000A chocoholic's dream come true!I know the description talks more about nuts, etc., but this stuff is actually seriously CHOCOLATE! It's a creamy fudgy chocolate spread with a hazelnut flavor (think fudge spiked with hazelnut liqueur). It's incredibly rich -- a little really goes a long way. I usually just spread it on graham crackers for a wonderful indulgent treat.

I'm hooked -- this will be in my pantry from now on. (No refrigeration necessary -- how convenient is that?)
293751293751B000BTBR1QA37MH7ICH80QOXKate McMurry "Young Adult Author"0031341273600Quite tasty, but not particularly nutritiousThis product is made in Canada. The ingredients listed on the label are: "Sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, skim milk, reduced minerals whey (milk), lecithin as emulsifier (soy), vanillin, an artificial flavor."

The label also states: "Made with over 50 hazelnuts per jar. Contains no artificial colors. Contains no artificial preservatives. Do not refrigerate or microwave."

It contains the same calories as peanut butter, 100 calories per tablespoon. It has 5.5 g. fat, 11 g carbs, and 1.5 g protein per tablespoon.

Though this product tastes good, it is not a health food, and it is quite expensive. A 13 oz. jar sells for around $4.00 in a supermarket.

In addition, if you are interested in buying sustainable products, palm oil is associated with the slashing and burning of pristine rainforest. Virtually all of the palm oil used in the world is produced in nonsustainable ways in Indonesia and Malaysia.
293752293752B000BTBR1QA2CV12QOHGV93ED. Rose "Major Consumer"0051339286400Delicious SpreadI could eat a jar of this stuff. It's hard to believe it's good for me because it tastes like candy. I think it's cheaper in the grocery store. I am happy I purchased it to bring my order up to the free-shipping level in order to acquaint myself with this yummy product.
293753293753B000BTBR1QA351UDIPN3YRSVHeather0051219363200Nutella is addictive!One spoonful (the best way to eat it) and you'll be in heaven. Maybe you'll want to put it on graham crackers, bagels, or bake up some Nutella cupcakes.
I love it on top of ice cream, too. One jar will not be enough.
293754293754B000BTBR1QAX4XF75JI0BYCS. Gale0051187308800Delicious and ChocolateyThis is a terrific Italian treat! My favorite way to use it is to frost shortbread cookies, and for making chocolate covered strawberries! Yum... so good! It has the same calories, etc. as peanut butter - but why eat peanut butter when you can have Nutella??
293755293755B000BTBR1QA16Q1LYIDE2WDZZoe Paris1241164412800SO GOOD!This is a must for those who love chocolate and hazelnut. Hazelnuts are not nearly as popular in the USA as they are in Europe. When I visited my family in Europe, I really loved all the chocolate and hazelnut desserts there and was sad to discover it's hard to find such things in the USA. This spread is delicious but after you have eaten a real chocolate hazelnut torte (a cake-like, layered brownie type thing I had) nothing is quite the same. Either way, this is great on crepes, cake, waffles and as one other reviewer mentioned, graham crackers! Another interesting treat is to have it on fruit or make a peanut butter and chocolate sandwich.
293756293756B001DR0LU8ATFA4TVG4C8HUD. M. Wilburn17718051230768000Great Sweetener but learn about the productI wanted to share that my own experience with finding xylitol was nothing short of a miracle. I can enjoy food in moderation that I was denying myself. I say moderation, because xylitol can cause soft or even liquid stool if you overdo it. It's not safe for pets because they get severe hypoglycemia quickly which can kill them, especially puppies and kittens. What I do is mix this with stevia drops and I can then use that concentration for coffee and tea all day without ill effects. I feel I need to address some reviews that people have on xylitol, not necessarily from Now foods specifically. I am concerned about people buying a new product without checking what it is and then giving it bad reviews for effects written clearly on the bag. It would be different if the manufacturer was being deceptive but honestly, don't feed your kids something if you don't know what it is and then want it taken off the market. For some people this is a miracle food. Research any food you are going to put into your body or even bring into your home. It is not a manufacturers job or governments job to tell you what to eat. I'm not saying this to be mean, it's just that we've become way too passive about our own responsibility.
293757293757B001DR0LU8A1SO1PGDNVMLXCkalyson626541218326400This is a great product - (Dog owners be careful)Great product, great company. High quality xylitol made from corn, not birch.

However, this stuff is very toxic to dogs. Don't let them have any of it, not even small quantities. If you want a sweetener like this but without such toxicity to dogs, get Erythritol. Same sort of thing -- a sugar alcohol, but not dangerous for animals. Also, it does not have the same digestive effects (gas, bloating, diarrhea) that Xylitol does. It is maybe a little less sweet than Xylitol, however.
This does not mean it is bad for people - for example, chocolate is fine for people but also toxic to dogs.

Note: When I do buy it, I use this company. I've ordered Xylitol and Erythritol from them and they were VERY high quality. When I tried it from EmeraldForest, I found some products had a horrible, strange smell and faint aftertaste. I called to return the items and was treated very badly by their customer service. EmeraldForest is getting some of their products made in China (not all - their xylitol apparently not), and I wondered why it has that horrible odor. Kinda scary. Also, their customer service is very bad. If you check their terms and conditions, you will see something sort of unusual for an online merchant: "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone...". When I tried to return the odd smelling product to them citing their money back guarantee, they went around about it and then finally agreed, but said then they would never sell anything to me ever again (!). Wow.

I'm sticking with NOW Foods at this point.
293758293758B001DR0LU8AWBMGLP57SAGKCobe "Cobe"303051297468800Can't live without itHaving suffered from Chronic Candida Albicans for over 10 years, I finally came to terms with the idea that I CANNOT have any type of sugars or sweeteners, not even natural sugars from fruits. Being a fruit lover who used to eat lots of fruits on a daily basis, I started looking for a safe way to have sweet stuff without feeding the microorganisms that have been for so long attacking my system. After a lengthy research of more than a year, I found out that though most sweeterners FEED bacteria and Candida Albicans, Xylitol DOES NOT. I started using Xylitol regularly and found out, to my surprise, that my worst Candida symptoms were GONE. The symptoms would recur every time I had fruits (darn!)or something made with refined sugar or other sweeteners like Splenda or Stevia, or even the Aspartame that is used on Diet Drinks. Whether I liked it or not, it became clear to me that I could not eat or drink anything sweet, that I could neither have any fruits and that I could not drink any diet sodas. I have intensely and extensively "tested" Xylitol for over a year and I can AFFIRM without a doubt that it is the ONLY sweetener I can use without getting my symptoms back.
I buy chocolates made with Xylitol on a regular basis and I use this brand of Xylitol to make chocolate bread and all kinds of cookies. I also make healthy chocolate ice cream with Xylitol, unsweetened cocoa powder and soy milk. If it were not for Xylitol, I would not be able to put anything sweet in my mouth. One of the most recognizable and annoying Candida Albicans symptoms was that I had to get up every one or two hours every night to urinate (!!). It was a nightmare, but it helped immensely when it came to "testing" what was good or bad for me. Conclusion: If I stay away from all types of sugars, natural fruits, fruit juices and sweeteners, and only use Xylitol-sweetened stuff, I feel much better in every respect and, very importantly, I can sleep 6 or more hours in a row without waking up to go to the bathroom.
293759293759B001DR0LU8A2SUWSNZP5OJ7TT.S.282941223942400xylitolAs described by other reviewers, I just wanted to add in response to an above revie, I have successfully used this with a yeast recipe. All you have to do is proof the yeast in the beginning with a teaspoon of real sugar to make it foam and then you can use xylitol as the sweetener in the recipe. This will add about 4 grams of total sugar to the recipe.
293760293760B001DR0LU8A1SQ7NX5805BXUCharles White161641222819200Most of the sweet, none of the yukI can taste artificial sweeteners from across the street. Hate the stuff. In a restaurant I sent a Coke back three times because they kept bringing me Diet, assuring me it was the real thing. After the third time I suggested they check their hoses. Sure enough, they were switched. Hate the stuff. One sip and my mouth says, "Yuk!" for hours. This doesn't even get into the fact that aspertame isn't fit for human consumption.

Enter Xylitol. I bought a box of packets to use at the office where I drink coffee. I find I need two Xylitol packs to replace one sugar. No matter. It tastes fine. I detect no aftertaste. And it's actually good for my teeth and blood sugar level. This is something I can like!

My only complaint was the shipping packaging. The box of packets was stuffed into an envelope which, of course, arrived flattened. Packets were all over the inside. I reformed the box and reloaded it. No biggie, but putting a rectangular cardboard box in an envelope isn't the best idea.
293731293731B002TUU1RGA3NRLUEOT3COWPRoma753bc0051346803200HeavenlyI absolutely loooovvveee this scent, I always get compliments about how nice I smell when I wear it. Only bad side is it is only a body spray, so the scent is 't very long lasting (as compared to an actual perfume). If Degree ever turns this into a perfume, count me in!
293732293732B002TUU1RGAXJ1QYBUL86ONHarpswellWoman "HarpswellWoman"0051312156800Very good inexpensive fragrance!I found this at a Rite-Aid free with purchase of Degree Classic Romance anti-perspirant.
It is more like perfume upon application than a light body mist, but it has a very nice scent.
It is perfect after showering for enjoying a lingering fresh, clean feeling combined with using the anti-perspirant. I don't usually like scented anti-perspirants, but I will give this a try and update my review later on. The body mist was a nice freebie and it's in a 3 oz. size, so it's perfect for airplane trips.
293733293733B0018CIB4QA3JUNLB5YDI8V0RayJ0041345680000My Chis seems to like theseI'll give this 4 stars but it would probably be 4.5 but alas Amazon doesn't allow this.

They are 4-6 inches long, so I simply cut them with scissors as these are not very thick.
They 7 lbs dogs eat through them in 5-10 minutes.

I prefer the bully sticks I purchase which keep them busy for up to an hour at times, but these are a change of pace and I'm sure the dogs like the peanut butter taste.
293734293734B000LQOJNMA2VOKQWDKKJCC3Lou Novacheck1151172707200You don't know fine coffee ...... until you've tried Dallmayr. I tried just about every brand and type sold in Germany while living there, and Dallmayr is the only type I'd buy for the house. The others are good, certainly, but nothing beats Dallmayr. It took me a while to run across it, since there are other, larger-selling brands. But for me, you can't beat the taste of Dallmayr.
293735293735B000LQOJNMA16TKHHC1LRQQ1djjohnson0051312761600The Best of the BestDallmayr Prodomo is without a doubt THE BEST COFFEE I have ever had in my life..I recommend it to all who love a great cup of coffee....You will not be disappointed....
293736293736B000LQOJNMA3F7UDB1JE5V21M. Russell0051218412800Dallmayr Prodomo Gourmet CoffeeVERY Fast shipping! Carefully packaged and as described. I would absolutely recommend purchasing from this seller through Amazon. Thank you.
293737293737B000EY3OKKA171SWWRMFEUG4Esther D. Schilling101051155686400Beaver Honey MustardI had used this product for quite a few years and then it disappeared from my grocers shelf. I've tried all the other honey mustards out there, but since I like a sweet honey mustard and all I could find was the spicer mustards.

I couldn't believe my luck when Amazon started selling groceries and they had my favorite mustard. I bought 6 bottles at one time. It's great on baked ham, on crackers with a sharp cheese and I love it in my baked beans. If you like a sweet honey mustard then this is just the product for you.
293738293738B000EY3OKKALEX9B1IGTA9EJ. burnett3451216512000The Best!W have been purchasing this brand for sometime and LOVE it! The kids love it too. It is a bit spicey, but better than any other brand we have tried. A+++++
293739293739B000EY3OKKA3HJHV83O2U8BLrobgman3451210982400Our Favorite brand of Honey MustardWe make sandwiches 3 to 5 times per week with mayo and mustard. We used to use Grey Poupon exclusively. While we still use Grey Poupon if the sandwich is roast beef, we prefer this honey mustard on our turkey sandwiches. Beaver also makes a nice tartar sauce which is also available at
293740293740B000EY3OKKAEV34C745C0FHJames L. Dooley0051327190400Beaver Brand Sweet Honey Mustard, 13 oz.Excellent product - highly recommend! For me, I like more mustard than ketchup, so I like on sandwich's, dips and on meat, pork and chicken. Hope this helps.
293741293741B000EY3OKKA1JVQVFOD1AFVUKaren Force "Karen"0051301011200Mustard Anyone?Living in Oregon this mustard has been a standby on our kitchen table. I use it for a myriad of things. It's great on turkey sandwiches, tuna sandwiches (I use it instead of mayo), I mix it with mayo for coleslaw, etc. We're now retired and are living part-time in another warmer state. I could not find our beloved Beaver Honey Mustard anywhere! Thank goodness for What would I do without you! I got on-line, ordered a case and all is well with the world again. If you like sweet & tangy with just a bit of zip for spicing up your foods, I highly recommend this product!
293742293742B000EY3OKKA1NFWANR67539Zgh430233731167264000Spicy!Yes, this is spicy honey mustard, not just honey mustard. If you like pungent, then you might like this.
293743293743B000BTBR1QA1E1Y7MVVJFAKPanonymous222511189209600Do not buy the U.S. version of this productDo yourself a favor and do NOT Buy the U.S. version of this product. This is a bastardized, truly corrupted form of the original made with (GASP!) peanut oil -- surely not to increase its tastiness but to fatten corporate profits. If you can find a local retailer, try and get at least the Canadian version or even better - original imported Italian or German. I grew up in Europe and have had many a jar of Nutella in my lifetime but this U.S. version has nothing to do with the original we so much love. How sad!
293744293744B000BTBR1QAPHRT0WTORE52Jamie Sebens "Jamie"7711272585600deceiving advertisingThis product is marketed (see Nutella website) as 1. Healthy -- yet the first ingredient is SUGAR! Also their FAQs say there are no peanuts -- seems more honest (and safe for peanut allergy sufferers) to say no peanuts BUT not safe if you have peanut allergies because it has peanut oil! And with sugar, hydrogenated oil and artificial flavor, who in the world (except the marketers) would call this healthy? Why would anyone buy a product marketed with such deceit? Ingredients listed are Sugar, Peanut oil, Hazelnuts, Cocoa, Skim Milk, Reduced Minerals, Whey, Partially Hydrogenated Peanut Oil, Soy Lecithin: an Emulsifier, Vanillin, and Artificial Flavor. This list is from Amazon, because I didn't find an ingredient list on Nutella's site.
293745293745B000BTBR1QACYR6O588USK' Groovin' guy "music historian"7751219104000The Original Hazelnut ChocolateWhen I was a young boy growing up in Italy, I would grab a spoon and eat this hazelnut spread right out of the bottle. Of course that's not the correct way to eat it and my mother would scold me for it.

Today, I eat it occasionally, spread on a slice of bread and of course one teaspoon straight out of the jar now and then can't hurt since I don't eat much sugar.

For anyone like me, having a jar of this in the refrigerator and being able to make a sandwich dessert I highly recommend it, if you have not already done so.
293746293746B000BTBR1QACVDL5QRCOPE1D. H.2251207526400I use this all the timeI love this chocolate hazelnut spread. I've loved this stuff since I was a child. I use it on bread, toast, banana's, strawberries and cakes. Even though it says not to microwave it, I always do, especially for cakes.

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