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293791293791B001DR0LU8A2MGHZ5M83HB7EB. Butler1151331596800Great product, fast shipping!This is a great quality product at a great price, and the shipping was unbelievably quick. Tastes great, just like sugar but without the side effects, and it even has health benefits of its own. Highly recommended. Very satisfied and will buy again!
293792293792B001DR0LU8A2C9T12UA659SUM. Atallah1141323475200it tastes goodI'm not sure if it helps teeth, but it tastes good.
I used it to sweeten tea, yogurt and other things.
293793293793B001DR0LU8A3QVG8XW5BEEQHSharon K. Kirby "grandma"1151319328000sugarMy husband uses this sugar since he is a diabetic. He likes it in his coffee and tea. It dissolves easy. It is better than using anything that isn't aspartame.
293794293794B001DR0LU8A20303DEQ2NIF4Loretta M. Lankford1151311033600XylitolAmazon made it so easy to compare prices and order the Xylitol. Quick ship as well. Very pleased with entire transaction.
293795293795B001DR0LU8A3AZMDIDZ798MWR. Hobbs "Student on a budget"1151271116800Best SubstituteI love this product for a substitute for sugar. No one can tell the difference.
293796293796B001DR0LU8A1XURL0P01JA50Karen1151266105600Great Service and SellerThis is a wonderful product I've been using for years. I received excellent speedy service - thank you.
293797293797B001DR0LU8A2W4MPQCBKS9AZMoeRoe from MA1151263254400Daaalish!My local health food store charges over $16.00 for a 2.5 Lb bag! To use in iced drinks I put it in a little water then microwave it and pour it into beverage. If you use too much it will cause a problem as the first person (from Maine) mentioned. Three heaping spoons in 16 oz would be too much if you drank the whole thing in one sitting. Two heaping spoons in 12 oz and your okay. Tastes great!
293798293798B001DR0LU8A2DVPPN7Y03734Saha3411338595200Chalky tasteThis xylitol in packets is very chalky in taste. I hate it! So far, I have bought Now, Epic and Natrazyle xylitol, and the Now has been the only one not worth buying again.
Do yourself a favor and buy something else.
293799293799B001DR0LU8A30ZZL908FQSW7Donna3451326412800A sweet delight!I bought this product with the intention of using it as a replacement for splenda in my baked goods. I bake with the more unconventional flours (almond, coconut, sometimes soy) in order to maintain my low carb way of eating. I love the flavor of these baked goods, but I found that I do not like the after-taste I get from the splenda. Xylitol, although more costly, seems to be my answer. I find that I do not need to use as much of it as most recipes call for either. This is a great product, worth the price.
293800293800B001DR0LU8AMO1CR5KN8T4PT. Arnall "Terry Arnall"3451230336000Nice ProductJust was I was looking for to get me off sugar.

293801293801B001DR0LU8A3NJI70WKIOVITjust somebody ordinary2351321574400use this for nasal irrigatiinI use xylitol for nasal irrigation. Xylitol kills bacteria and is very soothing to the nasal passages. Clear makes some xylitol packets for this purposes but it is far cheaper to buy this product in bulk. I like the now foods brand as it is pure xylitol and of good consistently.
293802293802B001DR0LU8A1JHVWSXTG7BVSHumberto A. Atayde Luna "Humberto Atayde"2351241827200I LOVE XYLITOLI am not into sugar substitutes because of the potential health risks so when I use sugar it is sugar not a substitute, when I found out that this really was a natural thing I tried it and loved it. It looks like cane sugar, it tastes like cane sugar and it really sweetens twice as much (or more) as cane sugar. I have been using for a year now and are very happy. A bit pricey but worth every penny. Diabetics will love it.
293803293803B001DR0LU8AQDKKTFH5XREMI. Finicle2341208476800Good for on the go, even though you will pay for the packaging.I brought some of these packets with me today so that I could sweeten my tea at work and realized that I made too much coffee for the amount of Xylitol that I had originally put into it before I took off for my commute.

The packaging has to be 'special' because Xlyitol is pretty 'humid', in that regular paper packaging would not be optimal.

I write this because, although it's perfect for on the go, and the packaging is pretty much 'unavoidable' in regards to properly storing and transporting it, it was a pain in the butt to open one to two packets whilst driving (I had to wait for the next stoplight or I would've veered off of the road in my struggle to open the dang things!).

All-in-all a great product. Even after having a 'sweetened' cup of coffee, I don't have a 'fuzzy' mouth, like sugar would normally do!
293804293804B001DR0LU8A29PQCXM5T7M8HRobert A. Nelson "My Blog=http://robertnelson...0041350864000Great ProductOn my 1st review of this product I thought I was reviewing something else and commented with something that was fine for Automotive Belt Dressing, but totally off the mark for Xylitol. I am pleased with this product and will certainly consider buying it again.
293805293805B001DR0LU8AP6B8H5DYET4BTradesman0031349308800Packets are only 2 grams each, half the size of others.Each packet contains only 2 grams of Xylitol. Others (e.g. Xlear) are 4 grams. Other than that, they appear to be the same - I just use 2 packets instead of one. Also, these packets have an inner plastic lining making them difficult to tear open with your fingers. Keep a scissors handy.
293806293806B001DR0LU8A3KZ4ODZOJAXZ7Lady Paleo0051348272000Excellent AlternativeThis product is perfect for someone who eats no sugar. Xylitol is a wonderful alternative to sugar. Unlike sugar there are actually health benefits from consuming Xylitol.
293807293807B001DR0LU8AR7OO7L1VEFXMRod Hays0051341705600My second bag from here.It is a proven fact that sugar increases insulin levels which can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, premature aging and many more negative side effects.In addition, xylitol does not promote an insulin response by the body. In contrast to sucrose, or table sugar, whose glycemic index is 100, xylitol's glycemic index is just six.The key to xylitol's benefits is that it helps to break down biofilms. Brushing with xylitol , chewing xylitol gum, or sucking on a xylitol pastille several times a day has an anti-biofilm effect, according to researchers. Without the protective biofilm, bacteria just can't adhere to the enamel and release corrosive substances that cause cavities. Additionally, the bacteria that cause periodontal disease have no place to hide in the gum recesses.
293808293808B001DR0LU8AOZ05RSSXUL4EJ. W. Hanlon0051340064000XylitolGreat product just don't go overboard using it too much because it may cause diarrhea in some people. However, this is an excellent alternative to sugar; and, it tastes just like sugar!
293809293809B001DR0LU8A24M844DDE7WIVAmericium Dream Documents "dr.addn, Ph.T"0051328313600I trust now foods to do xylitol right. I once worried about something so sweet
actually having some sugar in it;
but if Now Foods is doing this right,
then there are great reasons to soak teeth in xylitol:
not only does it kill germs,
it feeds enamel at the same time .
. it's also a form of energy for bones
but eating more than 50g is hard on the liver .
293810293810B001DR0LU8A13TWC219W3BPPC. Crawford4731236729600Can't taste it much....It certainly doesn't have an after taste like Aspartame or Splenda or other substitutes, but it also doesn't sweeten. I have put up to 6 packets in 32 ounces of tea and to no avail. It also has a horrible tendency to all settle at the bottom (requiring constant agitation before drinking). Not a fan. Trying Stevia liquid drops next...
293811293811B001DR0LU8A1OH6QJXRJTZV3cityoftheangels2441274745600Xylitol is good but Z Sweet has fewer side effectsXylitol was recommended by my doctor to help combat a familial tendency towards diabetes. It is very much like sugar in taste and form - and offered a terrific way to deal with my preference for sweetened tea and coffee. (Several of my doctors specifically recommended that I do not use Splenda or any other artificial sweetners.)There are some gastrointestinal side effects to Xylitol however.

A product called "Z Sweet" was introduced to me as an alternative to Xylitol ... Z Sweet uses Erythritol mixed with a bit of Stevia (though there is NO licorice aftertaste at all). Erythritol seems to have all the same advantages as Xylitol, but has fewer side effects. The taste is nearly identical - though I prefer the Z Sweet combo. If memory serves, Z Sweet/Erythritol is not dangerous to dogs.

If you find Xylitol useful in your life, as I do, you might want to know about Eryithritol (or Z Sweet) in addition.
293812293812B000G6Q88GA2KHE353KJDQY6lmacbeth08 "LMac"1151152057600Finally, breakfast without bite!I purchased a smaller quantity of this espresso at a local retailer, and have been prepariing it in a regular coffee maker. To my astonishment and delight, there's not a hint of bitterness to this highly caffeinated libation. Make no mistake, this is a STRONG cup of joe, but very pleasing to the palate and well worth the price.

For those of you who need the morning perk but like it sweet, try this:

8 oz brewed Lavazza

4 oz very warm milk

2 tablespoons Ghirardelli White Chocolate Mocha

Blend the milk and the white chocolate together FIRST, then pour and blend the mixture into the coffee. This has salvaged more than one otherwise miserable commute for me!
293813293813B000TIOQBWA2G0773XS6R763Linda S. Blyth4451259280000middle eastern cookingReceived my Sumac on time,in good condition. Price is reasonable,taste is wonderful!Sumac is indispensible for making Fatoush,and not always readily available at the market. Thank you! Linda
293814293814B004X8W256A3AMIRFW8ML2IBMazie Lane6651320019200Hard-Red Spring Wheat is Superb for Artisan BreadsI purchased this along with a 45lb bucket of Hard White Winter Wheat, and a 25lb bag of Great River Organic Milling's Soft White Wheat. Using my Victorio's grain mill to grind the wheat into a fine flour has produced some of the best bread we've ever baked, or eaten, hands down. To give it a decent shelf life, and to keep it safe from weevils or grain moths, I've packed it in a 6-gallon food-grade plastic storage bucket with a mylar liner, and a dessicant packet inside. This price is great for organic hard red wheat. We're beginning to experiment with cooking our breads in the Global Sun Oven (also purchased here at Amazon), for those times when the power might not be available in an blackout or an storm-driven outage. Since my grain grinder is a hand-grinding model, power outages won't be a problem in baking daily breads.
293815293815B004X8W256A3OMSKBS10TBEKTheraP "TheraP"5551315526400Unbeatable!If you make bread and have a machine to grind the wheat berries yourself, this is a great deal! You get totally fresh flour (after you grind it) and if you make bread once a week, 50 pounds of wheat berries will last a year. If this is more wheat berries than you'd like to buy, get the 25 lb. bag instead of this size. (Just be sure you have some secure plastic containers to keep the wheat berries in.) At this price (and with this quality) it's an unbeatable deal!

If you don't yet own a flour grinder, I recommend the KoMo machine made in Germany. It's costly but it comes in a beautiful wood cabinet. And if you eat granola, you can grind your oat groats (the whole grain product) on a daily basis - giving you something both cheaper and tastier than rolled oats (which are very processed).

Great River is an excellent company! They sell already-ground flour too - in addition to the "raw materials" on this page. (But there's nothing like fresh-ground for flavor and nutrition!) I first tried their whole wheat flour and now I just stick with the wheat berries and grind my own.

Thank you, Amazon, for free shipping too! :-)
293816293816B004X8W256A1LPYTI993HQM3K. Puhala4451335916800Finally, organic wheat delivered to your door!I've been milling my own wheat for a couple of years, and have not been able to find organic wheat in my local market for a decent price. I was so amazed that I could order this from Amazon. This is a great value for 50 lbs of organic wheat. I make all of our family's bread from scratch, and this wheat is delicious for bread.
293817293817B004X8W256AB1UD87DX3PJEBittersweet2251344384000Nom Nom NomI think this was the best purchase decision I made all year. When my kids were little I never let baked goods from the store in the house and every night ground flour to bake with but drifted away from that as they got older and flew the nest. After years of buying fairly adequate bread, crackers whatnot at the store I decided to go back to making my own. I bought a Wondermill Jr. hand mill and based on previous reveiws here I ordered this Great River Organic Milling Hard Red Spring Wheat.

The other reviewers were correct this is absolutely fabulous wheat. It has a very high gluten content and makes a very dark flavorful satisfying loaf.

I would especially recommend this to anyone new to bread-making. I don't think you can make a bad load with this some good yeast and a bit of elbow grease. I used the SAF Instant you can order buy the pound just like the big bakeries do. It's just plain good yeast.

The best thing about this wheat is you can make each loaf for less than a dollar =))

Oh...this wheat is not good for pie crusts pastry kind of things...the gluten content is too high and will make anything like that tough. This is to make glorious bread.
293818293818B004X8W256A1XIF2HZIHG3MRFreeBe2251343088000Great grainGrain is grain but so far this grain has been clean from rocks and turds and other foreign matter. It also made the best tasting whole grain wheat yeast waffles ever.
293819293819B004X8W256A1KYQ2MC354R0FBlessed "in His arms"2251340323200Incredible!Makes absolutely incredible bread! We've gone through 100 pounds of this wheat already this year. I make this bread and bring it to birthday parties, and it's more popular than the cake!!
293820293820B004X8W256A2F77OI75MMKH2bag lady0041350345600pleasedI have been pleased with the Great River Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat berries. My UPS person is probably not pleased with the 50 lbs bags. I will use some berries for food and the rest to create hot packs to keep my tootsies warm all winter.

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