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293851293851B00020HHM2A15QRUAQB1QWVD1969GTO0051331510400Excellentthe tea is very good with honey and I have seen a difference. I have lost 3lbs since taking it.
293852293852B00020HHM2A2ECZDJE7AEM67vohnvest0041331251200Bad taste, but helps you fall asleepI bought this to help me fall asleep and it works although it tastes and smell really bad. Make sure to put this in some sort of a glass jar to prevent your kitchen from stinking. I found that if i added cream to this tea it would help the taste but its still pretty bad.
293853293853B00020HHM2AMA4VS04DUD6BSydnie0051330387200Awesome TeaI drank this tea at least 4 days a week during the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. I wish I did it the entire last trimester and everyday! I had a 6 hour natural labor and delivery and I only pushed for 15 minutes. My contractions, even at their most intense, only felt like strong menstrual cramps. I brewed my tea double strength and then drank it with lemonade. Delicious and refreshing! Even on it's own as a hot tea, it's pretty palatable. My last trimester was in the summer though, so I always drank it iced. I also used Evening Primrose Oil suppositories for the last 5 weeks. I really believe that these two factors are the main reason why my labor and delivery was so fast and EASY!
293854293854B00020HHM2A3PA1Q5C43YY52Andrea Rivers0051329523200Good TeaThis is a good tasting tea at a great price. If you don't normally like raspberry flavor, this isn't really raspberry flavor, if that makes sense. No heavy flavor.
293855293855B00020HHM2A1WAJOTHDPH97PMaria H. Magoun "Rusalka"0051329091200Fennel Seed Tea BagsI do like herbal teas in general and this fennel seed tea has a very pleasant aroma and taste to it.
293856293856B00020HHM2AL1EKHJ4UZF8Zsmilin290051328400000It works!I have used this product for quite some time on and off. It is easy to use, drink a cup before bed and
excellent results in the morning. It is very beneficial for those times when life gets you out of sync.
293857293857B00020HHM2AFU4E0FKGUQ7AW Everett0011327968000Weak, wimpy, worthlessThis tea is weak at best when compared to other rose hip teas I have tried. The bags have no string and tag. The bags are the limpest and often fall apart while squeezing. The only brand of tea I have ever had do this. I drink 4 to six cups of tea a day of various types and this is a very lame tea.
293858293858B00020HHM2A1RFM786MYBG8GMswalleye0051325808000Distinct Odor but I Really Like It ..This tea has a strong pungent smell that my husband hates (he says stinky socks) but call me weird I really like it. I like parmasean cheese too though and that stinks. Anyhow, I find both the aroma very relaxing and find that after a cup I am tired and ready to go to bed. I am not even sure if it is the aroma or the actual tea that is knocking me out but for some reason it is so right for this body.
293859293859B00020HHM2A3SL4RPY4KDNAQTara0051325376000Excellent TeaExcellent Tea. I enjoy a cup every now and then. It's really aromatic as well. Shipping was fast and hassle free.
293860293860B00020HHM2A3SZXHW69DXMUCShannon Ballard "pashaneight"0051325030400teaWorked great. A Good must have for breastfeeding mothers. Helped in restoring my breastmilk supply and only took two to three days. Will buy again!
293861293861B00020HHM2A2BUEYP4GNZ5P8MrsLenaC0021322524800Fenugreek teaThe taste is not great, but it's bearable. I could not get used to the smell, the unfinished box is still sitting in my drawer and I've no plans to stock up in future.
293862293862B00020HHM2A2APZJZT4OAKBYApril Hamilton0051320624000Delicious Herbal Tea!Love this herbal tea! It's so delicious! It tastes just like Oolong Tea from the chinese restaurant minus the unhealthy tannins found in actual tea!
293863293863B00020HHM2A334MQCA8RFELBDa Calico Cat0051319328000Yummy teaI love this tea.. It was recomended to me by my Dr. to help during pregnancy.. Doesn't taste too bad with some honey, and makes me feel more relaxed.
293864293864B00020HHM2A2YNIKQDLZR2WWLaura Steenhagen "Laura"0051315353600Great tea for pregnancyI have used this tea for 2 of my 3 pregnancies. It's a little hard to 1st get used to the taste but now I love it. It helps strengthen the uterus. I started drinking it in my 3rd trimester and drank it for a few weeks postpartum as well.
293865293865B00020HHM2A17X91STB6652ZMichael E. Califfsr0051314835200Hetrbal Teas,ChamomileThis is an outstanding product!! The test is great and lives up to it's ancient name Roman Apples. Altogether a warm comfortable taste and calming nature.
293866293866B00020HHM2A1ATV7O231DXISJuneBug17830021312329600Not my cup of tea..Supposedly increases milk production? Yeah, I didn't see a difference after drinking this for a good 3+ weeks. Aside from that, it doesn't smell or taste very good. Very herbal medicine-like.
293867293867B00020HHM2A2DZQ4IV1GK7WHK. A. Brennan "Zoot"0051311120000Fragrant chamomile teaI wanted good quality, fresh chamomile tea. This one is fragrant which is a proof of freshness. Chamomile is wonderfully calming and soothing.
293868293868B00020HHM2A1WZY9GOEE7IAZalidep0051309219200Very Good!The tea taste is very good, I've taken it yesterday for the first time. I'm taking it because of my pregnancy, many friends told me about its precious toning for the uterus.
293869293869B00020HHM2A1189A19X4J6CPCyrus "Cxy"0051303344000Best pure St John TeaBest one if you are looking for pure St John Wort Tea, all the other St John tea have other items in them hence you effects like high blood pressure get this instead it is better then a regular anti depressant and works right away
293870293870B00020HHM2A1I9PCPMT3GSKGEldood0051296864000Yum!Thought this tea would have been more bitter, but it is surprisingly pleasant to drink without sweeteners! Less bitter than a black or earl grey tea. The pack of 3 is a wonderful deal as well. Had to get creative with storing so much tea in my cupboard, but for the amount you get, the price cannot be beat. Highly recomended!
293871293871B00020HHM2AJ106JEO96BXIgrandmom0051296172800Time for tea!This tea is lovely for a refreshing iced tea, a comforting hot tea or mixed into a light Sangria. 'Hard to find, but worth the effort.
293872293872B00020HHM2A1YFI21CFKYV5IArlene Allen0051266537600Delicious licorice-flavored teaI drink this tea because I love the taste and now, I still enjoy it, even though I was informed that it has some medicinal value, as well.
293873293873B00020HHM2A34PRWLV61Y355Pseudonym0051264291200Fresh tasting, good valueThe health benefits are uncertain, but this is a nice variant of another favorite, Celestial Seasonings' Cranberry Apple Zinger. The Alvita tea is tart, light, and refreshing - and Alvita has a long history making healthful products that are also surprisingly good values.
293874293874B00020HHM2A2VTVPQVTZ8W1ANikki3551294358400Fast ShipmentI ordered Valerian Root tea. The price was a great deal, and shipment was really fast! I would recommend this seller to anyone, and I would definitely do business with them again.
293875293875B00020HHM2A1QRA8XPFUEKW5Veronika1381251325548800Great for your healthArrived on time. What a deal !!! So glad I could find this product on amazon ! I used this when i feel like im getting sick
Thanks !
293876293876B00020HHM2A3V9M50SZJ2A2DLadyFingers1251319328000Served its purposeI do not really like tea but I needed to drink it for medical reasons. Shipping was really fast and the price was good. I am sure those who like Sage Tea would love it.
293877293877B00020HHM2A26KCYEWGTQEBVP. Vanbeek "Love my Tonks!"1211312588800Suggested by Dr. OzThis tea was suggested by Dr. Oz on his show about how to sleep better. I suffer from insomnia
so I bought the wheat germ, Chia seeds and Valerian tea he said would help. Haven't used the wheat germ yet, the Chia seeds we are absolutely loving, especially on top of a crisp salad, but the Valerian tea tastes so horrible I can't even force myself to sip it while holding my nose! It has a real earthy, almost "manure" like taste. The woman he had try it on the show sipped it and said "Oh, that's not bad!" So I took a chance. I swear, they must have paid her to give it a tasty review. It's vile and I already threw all three boxes of it in the trash!
293878293878B00020HHM2A2EMM13TIU7IMLI. Santos1211298592000Not even close...This was a waste of money, the item was late, package was torn up,and the tea was terrible, not a good product in my opinion and bad handling.
293879293879B00020HHM2A1J7RSVCF7F7B3P. Rivera1251296086400It warmed me upI did a little bit more research online before taking this tea...One time I bought Senna tea out of the blue, just for the heck of it...and decided to drink it one night and the next day I was exploding downstairs.

So I decided not to do the same with this one. This tea should be taken carefully. It is used as an immune system booster. I think drinking it four times a week is good enough.

I really enjoy the warming up effect it has. Although it is suggested to drink with a meal.
293880293880B00020HHM2A2G0DMUKJUFQLDAmelia S.1251261353600Good StiffMy father has been drinking this tea for years. Its so good for you. Especially men.

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