Amazon Fine Food Reviews

294061294061B000XZFZESA32CV92BSA1IRHSam23450051322352000Picky eaters, sensitive stomachs, tried everything, and Blue Wins!I've had dogs my entire life and have recently acquired a dog with a sensitive stomach and another with diarrhea problems. We've tried everything on the market, trust me! Blue Buffalo is a godsend and my dogs actually enjoy meal time and the afterwards;) I will never change dog foods again. This dog food has saved my Great Dane and Bull Terrier. I would recommend this to everyone and I do!
294062294062B000XZFZESA1H7CKOA2DQJU0Effie2811288915200This food made my dogs sick!!!My husband and I started feeding our dogs this food about six months ago based on good reviews on the internet. They never tolerated it well and were always getting diarrhea on and off. Last month there was a recall on this specific formula so we took our dogs off of it and their diarrhea was instantly cured and now they are doing great. I will never ever buy this brand of food again. This formula is hard to find online right now - I'm not sure they are going to sell it again. Sorry my dogs were guinea pig test subjects yet again for the dog food industry.
294063294063B000W8R77YA15JIXSYJJATHJBB5551327363200Yummm! Great SarsaparillaArrived in just a few days. I have a Soda Stream and do not care the Soda-Stream Syrups. I found this Sarsaparilla Syrup while looking for alternatives.
Recipe for Sarsaparilla in the Soda Stream: Fill water up to the fill line of the Soda Stream bottle and carbonate the water as you would for any soda. Using a measuring cup, remove 4 ounces of the carbonated water and discard. Measure 5 ounces of the Fee Brothers Sarsaparilla syrup, and slowly pour into the Soda Stream bottle. I always tilt the bottle so the water does not fizz up when the syrup hits. Screw on the Soda Stream bottle cap and gently mix up. I think the Sarsaparilla tastes best when refrigerated and served over ice!
294064294064B000W8R77YA2DAAZQRV6BJNPBlue Moon3331333238400BewareThe pricing on this item varies a lot. I paid $19.95; two days later, it cost $10.95. Now it is $16.00. Fee Bros sells it for $9.95. Shop around.

Also, where is nutrition info? May not be required, but, as a diabetic, I need to know the sugar content. On the positive side it has a nice flavor.
294065294065B000W8R77YA3P5GC1ECZO2W7Rhonda Jean2251331596800wonderful!like others here, i was looking for something different to use with soda stream machine. i wanted a more natural syrup with no artificial flavors or colors. this was awesome! I will be buying it again!
294066294066B000W8R77YA3UYVWM8JX7CFUtimoor2321342483200It's Imitation!I bought this product, and the Soda Stream Jet, just to experience the healthful benefits of Sarsaparilla. The word "imitation" does not appear in the product description.

The motto "Don't Squeeze Use Fee's" makes it seem even more deceptive. What would I otherwise have had to squeeze? Imitation sarsaparilla?
294067294067B000W8R77YA2OV6KI5Z7GNAHDnL_Zee0051341273600My favorite root beer drink mix!Yeah, it's a bit pricey compared to others, but for making drinks, this is the absolute best root beer I have ever tried! Real, old fashioned root beer -- not the mostly-sugar snow-cone topping that tastes like candy. Just add a shot of this stuff to a glass of water with carbonation to taste.
294068294068B000W8R77YA39DMS9FK4KLVNTC0041335139200Great with Sodastream or other bubbly water!The soda mix showed up intact - no leaks. Similar taste to root beer. This works great with the Sodastream as an alternative to their mixes. It does foam up the carbonated water if you don't pour it in carefully. It does contain high-fructose corn syrup.
294069294069B000W8R77YA2ZC7J16Z3VCUTLarisa0021331424000did I do something wrong ?I ordered Fee Brothers Sarsaparilla for my sodastream, based on reviews..I don;t know, but I just made it the way I usually do with syrups-added to the bottle, the taste was terrible, like medicine-I cannot drink this. Please, somebody help...
294070294070B000W8R77YAJ6TJ1TDS2Q1SArthur B Bailey0051330819200great productmixes well with soda water, coffee and as a flavor for ice cream. Also works with certain alcoholic drinks. Altogether is a great product.
294071294071B000W8R77YAKGRQ4DV5DZZRFlo0041329004800Really pretty good!I got this flavoring to use with my Sodastream. It tastes really good but it has high fructose corn syrup in it. I wish it was made with real sugar instead. I would like to purchase it again but it was out of stock and when it came back it was more expensive. I do recommend it though. It is pretty darn good if you like root beer!
294072294072B000W8R77YA22Y8218E6YSBRK. Stephens1231341964800DisappointedWhile this has a nice flavor, I was disappointed that it is imitation Sarsparilla and not the real thing. Also, would like to see a nutrition label to know the calorie and sugar content.
294073294073B000W8R77YA3T16UOIS7PMRKEllis Goodson "Steel Belted"2851235606400Great serviceArrived on my doorstep, very well wrapped and protected, a day or two after I oredered it.
294074294074B002AQP2U0A31U19NU1140RUlt36651281225600Great!!!!!I enjoy pancakes, but when I began to adopt new ways of eating - I began to search for a "healthy" pancake mix. This pancake mix sealed the deal once I tried this product. In doing so, my daily intake of fiber begins bright and early in the morning. One thing I would recommend, or at least I like each morning when I cook fiber one pancakes, is that you put one pack of Truvia when you mix up the recommended 1/2 cup. If this is done, your pancakes will not only have the already great taste, but it makes that great taste delicious.
294075294075B002AQP2U0A38Z1ABD125NDPJSNikita "Janet"5551257724800I was impressedI was pretty impressed by this pancake mix. I'm always looking for high fiber products and some don't seem to taste as good as I would hope. This mix on the other hand, was great. The pancakes turned out nice and fluffy. I'd definitely buy it again.
294076294076B002AQP2U0AHL3DKOQWO0WTErin Libranda "JANE4girls"4451266105600Easy BreakfastI love the Fiber One pancake mix. All you have to do is add water, no eggs, no milk. Makes it great for camping too.
294077294077B002AQP2U0A2N5FYSZ8QRMSAus "us"2251285718400Yummy & NutriciousMakes perfect pancakes and waffles everytime. Healthier than most. Daughter who is 5 has always loved it too....
We add blueberries too and milk, yummy.
294078294078B002AQP2U0A2M263V0XH4BDJH. Haddock1131330214400Tasty and fast shippingThese waffles are tasty, healthy, and shipped fast. It is a complete mix with low calories and offers good amount of fiber without tasting grainy. Shipping was very fast - got it in two days. My local grocery store was stocked out of this for a while.

The taste is kind of bland and the texture is not as fluffy as I hoped for, so I substituted the oil with eggs (1 egg for 2 tbsp oils) or egg whites (1:1 volume substitution) and added a pack of Truvia no calory sweetner (which you can buy off Amazon with great price). It turns out much tastier and healthier. Also, the milk and added fiber may cause a lot of gas, so if your body is sensitive to such ingredients, be cautious about it.

Otherwise, it is a good product and I would buy again.
294079294079B002AQP2U0A2MYQ7FEVH7D57B. Jane Dye "Bev"1151328572800Buttermilk pancake mixThis is a great pancake mix with home made taste. The buttermilk style is difficult to find in local stores.
294080294080B002AQP2U0AGC6OXZH5N1S7B. Stutzman "MBIMusicMajor"1151310083200Super DeliciousThis is the best pancake mix that we have used... plus it has a ton of fiber in it! We use it mostly for waffles which turn out great. Buying it on is actually cheaper buying it in the store.

Beware: the IMAGE of this box shows the non-dairy mix. But you will get the dairy mix (buttermilk) in the mai.
294081294081B002AQP2U0AH34Q0NYD4SSPDeborah K. Anderson1151301184000Great tasting pancakes!This is a very good buttermilk pancake a all-in-one mix; just add water. They are light & fluffy. I like to add vanilla, cinnamon, mashed banana & chopped nuts as well!
294082294082B002AQP2U0A1I0ADH0CRB30IGinny "Senior Citizen"0051350086400Pancakes From AmazonMy husband and I really enjoy these pancakes. They are so easy to prepare. The directions say "add water" but I add milk instead. We have them twice a week. I have them delivered through "Subscribe and Save" every month so we don't run out. You will love them too.
294083294083B002AQP2U0A2F9PWCNDR84DNchief brody0051349568000Fiber oneThis product is great . It does not raise youre blood sugar like regular pancake mix does .
It is very , very hard to find in stores . I only found it once , this is why I had to order it on line . It is so worth it . It has a good taste and is healthy for you . Would order it agagin and the free shipping is also a major plus . You can keep it in the freezer to help keep it fresh , if you don't eat it alot or have a small family . Good suff. So is the Fiber One bread and cereal .
294084294084B002AQP2U0A1TVOMMSXDG4EQKT0051340236800Fiber 1 for Breakfast or anytime!These Fiber 1 pancakes are delicious!!! Light, fluffy and they help keep you full. Easy to make!
My husband loves them too! Breakfast, lunch or dinner, they are satisfying!
294085294085B002AQP2U0A3J3CQCCTD1S47Kathy "an ordinary girl"0051339459200Good stuff!We love pancakes but, let's face it, they're not the healthiest thing for you to eat. These we can eat guilt-free! They are very tender and, of course, extremely easy to prepare since you just add water. For awhile I added blueberries to the batter and those were good, until one day I forgot to add them so I put the blueberries in a saucepan with a little bit of sugar substitute and water and simmered them till they burst. This was much better since the pancakes cooked through with less time on the griddle and ended up much tenderer than when putting the fruit in the batter.

It has become increasingly difficult for me to find this product on the grocery store shelves, so I was quite happy to find it available here on Amazon. Amazing service!
294086294086B002AQP2U0A9GIP838MQSMUNarrator "JJ"0051304553600Great StuffTastes great and is easier to make than other waffle mixes. You don't have to be so damned exact when measuring this stuff , which is great for me. I love eye-balling it and then making as many waffles as possible then eating all of it quickly!
I love Fiber One products because of the health benefits of Fiber but this by far is the least Fibery tasting of all the products they make.
294087294087B002AQP2U0A3NIQK6ZLYEP1LMichael Valdivielso0051287792000Yummy!Made me some pancakes just this morning using the Fiber One mix. Added some melted butter and sugar free syrup and made a great breakfast. Nothing like making your own pancakes on a warm stove while trying to wake up. Just follow the directions on the box and you'll be fine! Also got to break in my new Dexter-Russell 4-by-2-1/2-Inch Pancake Turner, Stainless Steel and Walnut. Now all ready for winter!
294088294088B000FBM46WA1CF1EH4GG3R7PAlexander D. Jennings "Big Trader"8851178323200Deliciously different little wafer cookiesI'm a recent convert to Bahlsen cookies, and these little wafers are a standout among a product line that's hard not to love. The crisp. toasty, slightly nuttly wafers surround a very light, not-too-sweet creme layer; the combination is an incredible, multi-dimensional treat that would pair nicely with coffee or milk. The only thing I would think that would make this product better is a resealable package, but the wafers aren't going to last long once opened anyway. The package size is good in the sense that it's enough to share with one or two other people, but if you eat the whole thing yourself it's not an utter disaster ;)
294089294089B000FBM46WA16IWM0NZWOP6XTPW4451201046400Great, healthy snackThese crackers are a great way to get whole wheat into your diet & into children's. They are low in fat & sugar, and they taste great. I haven't met a child yet who doesn't like them. The ingredients are good as well.
294090294090B000FBM46WA2PF32UUERJXB8Susan Swan "reads-curled-in-covers"4451187913600DEEEEEE-FREAKING-LICIOUS!1. I love Amazon's grocery/makeup/cleaning products subscription service. It is only beta now, but I truly hope they will continue it.

2. This cookie is amazingly delicious. I like sweets that aren't too sweet, with just the right hint of sugar. These are cookies just like that. Like Creme Brulee -- barely sweetened, but if it is done right, the sweetness makes it the best food in the world. I'm not saying these cookies are Creme Brulee, but maybe they approach the creme brulee of cookies.

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