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294151294151B000LKZ3GAA10QQ7QAW8MIEVM. Pascale0151299542400Horizon Choc MilkWe love the Horizon milk products. My kids use them for car trips and after sports practices. I loved the idea buying them from Amazon at a discount and FREE shipping. Normally they sell for about $1 each which I know for some is expensive but when you compare the ingredients of Horizon to soda or another drink targeted for kids, you can't beat it.
294152294152B000LKZ3GAA2TB4SA6IWGKLQMonika Khandelwal "monique"0141239148800Journey foodWe love this when we go on long distance journeys. It's tasty , does not need to be refrigerated n can be given to my daughter in her car seat. Only wish this was also available in Full Fat! 2% milk is good for adults but for children full fat would be better.
294153294153B000LKZ3GAA3CF5ABWQSGWP5Melo O.0141221868800Taste good....I like this organic chocolate milk. It is creamy and is better while serving cold. Fat is reduced as stated but it is not enough. It needs to cut more fat and sugar.
294154294154B000LKZ3GAAMYKSVF7W1ZQ2M. Haas0151200700800Quick ShippingOur granddaughter has to have this milk - by taste preference not allergies. It is her favorite and Costco was out and not expecting more for awhile. Amazon had it in stock and shipped it quickly. It arrived in the 2 days promised even with Christmas holiday. Our granddaughter was thrilled!
294155294155B000LKZ3GAA29Z359C0UM3PGZelda Deutsch3721289952000Tasty, but unhealth. Contains carrageenanMy daughter loves this chocolate milk, and always asks for it when we go to the coffee shop. I thought of buying it in bulk for car trips, but decided to read the ingredient list first. I'm not a super health-nut, but there are a handful of harmful ingredients that I look for on nutrition labels and one of them is carrageenan. It is a know carcinogen and hides in a lot of "health" foods. This chocolate milk contains carrageenan. Needless to say, I will not be buying it.
294156294156B000LKZ3GAA3QZAFXH5HHSUTGuy A. Blissett4911224547200What about the packaging ! ! !The product meets the technical requirements for organic certification ... but be under no allusions that the cows are frolicking about in fields (thankfully they at least aren't fed chopped up bits of other cows). Very important consideration for folks looking to do good ... the cartons are 100% NOT recyclable.
294157294157B000LKZ3GAA2LJJ4482V9LAWSunnyBeachLife1431250812800Good milk but don't buy on off!You can find this just about anywhere at a lower cost than here. What a major rip off. Amazon's price isn't just non-competitive, it's scary how much they're charging. Don't pay anything above $15 with free ship in my opinion. I mean seriously, more than $1 a piece is outrageous, it isn't worth it. Buy it by the gallon at your local stores.

**Also, just read a news article saying Dean Foods (mfg or Horizon) has become the milk mafia in squeezing out the local farmers and any competition. It makes me not want to even buy this product. Think carefully before you purchase and read up on all articles about Dean Foods. Very interesting.
294158294158B000LKZ3GAA1KSSF8RQYKL9Kdeebum25 "deebum"41011233878400would give it a zero if I couldFolks there has been a lot written about Horizon lately and it is not good. You need to google Horizon Dairy Scandal or something to that effect. Apparently Horizon, large producer that they are seem to be trying to cut corners with the "organic" labeling. Look it up please!

Our children are too important.
294159294159B000LKZ3GAA1E1WOZ3SC3O42sellquality515651186012800Great milk, terrible priceI love this chocolate milk--especially in my morning coffee. But $25 for an 18-pack is JUST WRONG! I bought an 18-pack this morning at Whole Foods for $15.99!
294160294160B000LKZ3GAA11DVJB4WMD8KAKevin A. McGrail "KAM"151711299110400Beware! The Formula has Changed.My kids have been drinking this milk for years in their lunches and loved it. We bought it by the 18-pack in both chocolate and vanilla.

Unfortunately, the most recent shipment was flatly refused by my kids who are not horribly picky. They wanted me to throw 2 cases out!

The worse news is that after checking with Horizon Dairy to see if we got a bad batch, we found out they CHANGED THE FORMULA! After confirming our UPC numbers, etc. this is the response we received in March of 2011:

"Thank you for your recent e-mail to Horizon Organic®. We appreciate your interest in our products.

We tested the new versions of Horizon Organic 1% Flavored Milks thoroughly and received strong consumer results, specifically related to the improvement over our prior formulas.

While we've received positive feedback, we're sorry you're not completely satisfied with our new recipe changes.

We value you as a consumer and hope we can help you find another Horizon Organic product to meet your needs.

Thanks again for contacting the Consumer Affairs Department."

Buyer beware!

294161294161B000LKZ3GAAQLL2R1PPR46Xgrumpyrainbow111251187740800greatSince I've started buying groceries at amazon I have discovered "taste great" is a pretty subjective thing. That's obvious since everyone has different tastes, but even so I wonder about some of the great reviews on some things. So I bought this because it was on sale with the 20 dollars off deal and didn't actually expect to enjoy the milk. I bought the regular milk and this chocolate. Well, I'm pleasantly surprised to say it actually does taste great. The milk does have a very very slight different taste from milk you would get in your supermarket, but in no way does that take away from the milk. I drunk it when it was over room temp and then when it was cool. It tasted better cold, but it wasn't bad warmer either. So I guess Horizon can consider me a convert to their milk and I will certainly buy again before the sale is off.
294162294162B000LKZ3GAA1F1WMLDFZ63VIBoston Mom6611305590400Beware of the new formula/taste!My kids have been big fans of these milk boxes for years, both chocolate and vanilla. However, once we get through what we have on hand, we won't be buying any more. My kids *HATE* the new formula--my daughter actually cried when I told her that this was the way her favorite chocolate milk was going to taste from now on. I will still sometimes pick up a carton or two at Starbucks (where they are still somehow selling the original formula), but it's way too expensive for everyday. We are sad to see our favorite convenience snack go...
294163294163B000LKZ3GAAWZHLN6S4MNEYAnne Pandian "Anne Pandian"121521223856000Marginally organic with traces of soyI bought a case, not yet knowing that while it qualifies as organic technically, the company does nothing to go above and beyond like many organic companies do. I bought it because the prices were so much better than Organic Valley.
My soy allergic son had an allergic reaction to one sip.
I called the company, and they do run soy on the same line.
I drank the rest of the case myself over time and only buy Organic Valley for my kids. Not only do I not want another soy reaction, but Organic Valley actually makes it a rule to treat their cows with respect and gives them a good life in addition to following the organic standards. Horizon does whatever they can to be right on the margin so they can charge organic prices.
Still better than conventional? Maybe. But even without allergies, I like my milk to contain just milk, not traces of something else.
294164294164B000LKZ3GAA3LTAA1ZVU70ZKBon "Bon"4411306627200HorribleI'm giving this one star because the price increased by $7 and I was subscribed to this and they shipped it to me for that amount with no notification! I was subscribed to both flavors. That's b.s. If you're going to change the price, cancel all the subscriptions too! Its some scam
294165294165B000LKZ3GAA2DNR5QVO8U9ZIArt4451193184000Wonderful alternative to Juice BoxesMy children love these handy boxes of milk. Although these are still hard to find in the 18 count box in many chain grocery stores, I go out of my way to order them online. They do not need refridgeration and are great for lunches, car trips or any place and time you want to offer your children a drink that is good for them and tastes good. They are pricey, but you are paying for the quality of real milk in a convienent on the go package.

Wonderful product.
294166294166B000LKZ3GAA1WT0LI1YJJDZWMeena Hunjan4451191110400Great TasteI have to say this organic choclate milk is one of the best . My kids absolutely love it. But a bit pricey for $25 on amazon can pick it up from costco for $15
294167294167B000LKZ3GAA8V7VMD2XHCFXA viewer3311337904000It contains carrageenanThis milk contains carrageenan. Carrageenan is a type of sugar which is found in seaweeds, and generally used to make the milk thicker and creamer. Although it is largely used in food, there are growing concerns about its safety (see: [...] and the body of scientific work published by Dr. Joanne K. Tobacman)

There is a big dispute going on about carrageenan's safety. However, for me, it suffices to say that carrageenan is "the" drug of choice to induce inflammation on mice ears, whenever scientists want to test for anti-inflammatory agents.

The fact that it can induce such a powerful inflammation process, plus all the recent scientific work showing evidences that long term use of carrageenan is harmful to our gastrointestinal system , are enough for me to avoid using it myself. Imagine then, using it on my children!!!

I wrote to Organic Horizons asking why they used carrageenan on their milk for children, and I got an answer saying that "silk soy milk" was safe, and bla, bla, bla. Apparently, their customer service representative didn't even bother to replace the "silk soy milk" for "chocolate milk". They probably receive so many of these inquires that they don't even bother to personalize the answers any more.

Well, I am not buying this product anymore and decided to post this review because I think more people should know about carrageenan and decided for themselves, whether they want to consume it or not. I believe carrageenan shouldn't be used in food anymore. Especially on those claiming to be organic and targeting our CHILDREN. I am switching to Organic Valley.
294168294168B000LKZ3GAA3EXY3B6LFX94JKate Howell3321306972800Horizon has changed it's qualityI was an avid fan of Horizon's chocolate milk until the recent change of last month. Everything about their product has been cheapened: the carton, the price, but most importantly, the taste. It used to taste like creamy chocolate pudding. Perhaps they use less chocolate, but the taste is no longer there.
294169294169B000LKZ3GAAK8YK2EWOLB6AMorgan's Mom3321212192000Shelf-stable milk is AWESOME--not so much the chocolateI LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shelf stable milk. Whoever made it so that milk could taste good and not have to be refrigerated is my personal hero. And I love chocolate milk. But the Horizon Organic Chocolate milk doesn't tast good to me. The regular milk is great, and even the vanilla is OK, but the chocolate just doens't taste good to me.

As far as the price goes, $[...] is outrageous when Costco carries the chocolate variety at like $[...] (or less). Whole Foods has a great price, too, but the closest one to us is like 100 miles away.
294170294170B000LKZ3GAA5S6T102WSSK1J. Schmidt "bantu"2211318636800Too Expensive!You can buy this exact product at Costco for $13. The last time I was there 2 weeks ago, it was $12.79!
294171294171B000LKZ3GAAGSU4NLCSGBKES. Rizvi "Veiled and loving it"2251312934400You can find this cheaper elsewhere!This is a great item and I buy it regularly for my daughter for when we go out and she needs milk. It beats carrying a cup of milk that you have to worry about spilling or getting bad - especially in the Houston heat.

However, the price is awful, including the Subscription rate. You can find them for a $1 each at local grocery stores and often Babies R Us will have the 18-pack for sale. I just bought an 18-pack for $14 from BRU a month ago.

So I recommend Amazon lower their price - I love Amazon, but overcharging is just wrong! And you can definitely find this item cheaper.
294172294172B000LKZ3GAA1DMBOTU5P681J.E.N.2221286928000Blah...didn't like it try before you buy in bulk.I bought a 3 pack of these because of the reviews and I thought.....blah.... the organic milk is kind of watered down and bland plus where's the chocolate milk flavor? For being high in calories and sugar (180 cal. 27 G of sugar) I was expecting some major chocolate flavor but not so. My suggestion is to buy a smaller pack before you buy in bulk to see if you will like it. I wanted to like them but I didn't.
294173294173B000LKZ3GAA3RB0WZB5EW8AASunshine_682241235865600We love this milk!!!We love Horizon organic milk (and pretty much all their products)! My kids love all flavors of this milk, including the regular ol' white milk. They tell me they know when they are not drinking Horizon milk by the taste, like at school. Due to the higher sugar content in the flavored milks (vanilla, strawberry and chocolate), I usually water down these flavors with white milk a litte in their cups at home. They don't seem to care either way and drink all their milk at meals without being nagged. We love the convenience of being able to toss these packages in the cooler too for road trips or take a stock pile without keeping in a cooler for longer trips.

A few important tips, make sure you shake well before opening and serving; and if you want to keep the milk for being squeezed out when little hands are holding, raise the flaps on either side of the package before poking the straw through the top and handing over to the child. I learned this from a pre-school teacher with juice boxes and it works well for these milk packages also.
294174294174B000LKZ3GAA2DQ0784JC3G0CF. Michelle "Faith M"2231211760000Great product for kids in need of.../for a packed lunch. Please, go to Whole foods and get it there for less...on sale right now for $12.99...sorry Amazon, you may be convenient but please remain competitive!!
294175294175B000LKZ3GAAQE2DZVSAJW0AM. Felloni4531191888000Great product, but the price stinks!!I buy this exact product at BJ's for $12.99. My kids LOVE it, and I love that it's organic, but the price is ridiculous.
294176294176B000LKZ3GAA2UL2N3YJXHQEJGirly (all woman, all the time, except when...6851203206400Great Alternative for School LunchesI really am glad that I stumbled on the $10 off promo and tried these chocolate milk cartons. The kids like them better than juice, and I do too! Even putting 100% juice in the lunches is not as good as these. With the school lunch periods getting shorter & shorter, I want to be sure that the kids get nutritionally dense foods - not just a short term sugar rush. These help immensely. I really recommend the product, and will continue to purchase it.
294177294177B000LKZ3GAA2TUUAXHHZYFP5Karen Gelfand1131315872000organic chocolate milkMy kids love chocolate milk, and we only drink organic. The aseptic cartons are great for packing in lunch boxes. With the discount for recurrent purchases, the Horizon 18-pack price was a bargain at first. But more recently the price went up, and now I can get it cheaper at my local Sam's Club.
294178294178B000LKZ3GAA2SN1C0KVT7K4KJKLineberry1141285891200Not to shabbyMy husband and I have a terrible habit of letting milk go bad so we don't buy it anymore unless we need it for something specific in the next 24 hours. As a result, we often end up with boxes of cereal we can't eat and Mac & Cheese we can't make.

We tried buying the powdered milk, but could never get the consistency right for drinking so we only use it for baking. My husband likes Silk soy milk, but I've never been a huge fan. On a whim, I typed "Milk" into the Amazon search and this product popped up in several varieties. I had never heard of milk that didn't need to be refrigerated and had a shelf life of a year. I had to try it.

I bought the white milk and the chocolate milk, that comes in handy for those midnight chocolate cravings! The chocolate milk is pretty tasty. It doesn't taste exactly like the Nestle or Oak Farms chocolate milk I'm used to. It doesn't seem as rich, but it was an easily acclimated taste. I've used the white milk on Frosted Flakes and to make Kraft Mac & Cheese so far with great results. The mac & cheese had a nice tang to it.

If you are used to drinking Organic, Reduced Fat Milk, this product will probably taste no different to you. If you don't usually drink this type of product, there is a slight taste variation, but is quickly overlooked.

It is a bit more expensive buying milk this way, but if you are anything like we are, the added expense is worth it for the convenience of always having unspoiled milk available and being able to grab one on the go. We've probably thrown away hundreds of dollars of spoiled milk over the years.

We also buy the single serving cereal bowls and these milks are the perfect size to fill the bowl at the office.

294179294179B000LKZ3GAASPZBFGF4AS8HMarco Polo1151256083200I love this stuff!My youngest daughter will only drink chocolate milk. Even then, she doesn't drink much. These are perfect because of the small amount, the ability to store in the pantry instead of the refrigerator and the organic part makes me happy (no bovine growth hormones or lactation hormones to increase the milk production.

I am lactose intolerant but once a week I brave the side effects to drink a box (it is that good!)

Consider the auto-ship program to get a discount on the price.

Although a bit pricey it winds up being less expensive because there is no waste due to spoilage (no science projects in the fridge.

We have started buying the Horizon brand white milk as well. In addition to the healthy aspects of the organic milk it tastes better too. My wife was concerned that we were spending a lot more for organic milk and she did not think we could tell the difference. We did a blind taste test, and both my daughter and myself identified the Horizon brand five times out of six as the milk we liked better (the sixth time she tried to fool us by giving us the same milk in both glasses!

You will save space, save money, and drink more of a healthier milk
294180294180B000LKZ3GAA250AXLRBVYKB4Nathan Beauchamp "ConsumerAdvocate"1151255564800My wife's favoriteThere are little things in life that while more expensive that they 'should be,' are worth every penny from a satisfaction standpoint. For my wife, these little chocolate milks from Horizon fall into that category. At about a dollar a pop, they're not really a good economic value vs. a carton of milk. However, they are exactly the right size for a snack, don't have to be refrigerated, and of course taste fantastic--all things that she values immensely. So I buy them for her and it makes her happy and because she is happy I am happy. That's worth every penny!

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