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294181294181B000LKZ3GAA7Z56RMD7HX74Fur Princess1151238630400A lunch box favoriteMy six year old takes these in his lunchbox. I put them in the freezer for about 2 hours in the morning before school and they stay cool until lunch time. I like the fact that they are shelf stable - makes them good for trips, too.
294182294182B000LKZ3GAAH6FF8PRYQNP1DJDoDo "Photography for life!"1151236729600The best out there!I like chocolate milk, but ever since I came to the States, I couldn't find something that does not taste manufactured. When I discovered this brand at my local Walmart, I thought about giving it a short, and man!! It was perfect, tastes just like the one I had back home! Tastes like CHOCOLATE milk! not some watery chocolate icky stuff. This is the real deal!
294183294183B000LKZ3GAAL8SQ4ZFQXUNVK. Pope1151236556800kids love it and it is easy to carry aroundThis is a great product. It doesn't need to be refridgerated until it is opened. The kids love it, I love that it is organic, and it is easy to carry around or pack in lunches.
294184294184B000LKZ3GAA2CNJHGUEWG51IPamela Johnson1151235606400YummyMy two daughters LOVE this chocolate milk. We were introduced to it at Starbucks. You can buy it at some stores such as QFC and Safeway, however it can cost a small fortune. I like to send this milk with my older daughter for her lunch because it does not need to be refrigerated. I include a standard straw because the small straw can colapse into the container. (The small straw is useful for poking the hole for the regular straw.) I found the monthly service on Amazon to be the best deal for a pack of 18.
294185294185B000LKZ3GAA26FFJ52629G6PD. Runski "D. Runski"1131227484800It's good when it "good"My daughter loves to get these at Starbucks whenever we go to get me an overpriced coffee. I feel good about giving them to her because it's Organic, however, there have been more that a few times that she has gotten a rancid one that had not even yet past the expiration date! I know these don't have to be refrigerated... but maybe they should be? Anyway, these are great, but give em a sniff test before handing them over to your child.
294186294186B000LKZ3GAA1WXJ1I42UOQ2VAuburnTygr1151221782400OH HOW I WISH I HAD TRIED THIS MILK SOONER!!!!A co-worker has tried many times to get me to use organic milk. Due to a severe illness as an infant I was taken off dairy products (doctor's orders) at 6 1/2 months and according to family I refused to drink milk again. I use milk in cooking and try to eat cereal and oatmeal with milk to get my calcium but couldn't use 1/2 gallon before it ruined and I really hate to waste food.

I began reading about shelf stable milk and liked the idea IF and only IF it tasted like real milk. I searched Amazon and debated several days before trying Horizon Chocolate Milk. Chocolate Milk is the only milk I will drink and again I can't drink 1/2 gallon or even a quart before it ruins, although I try. When I saw the additional discount offered I decided if ever I was going to try it, now is the time. IF it tastes like real milk and can be stored without refrigeration until ready to use it would be a win win situation for me. Well......

UPS brought my milk today and not only did I try it, I asked my teen-age son who LOVES milk to give it a try. He couldn't believe it when I told him UPS delivered it from Amazon and that it didn't have to be stored in a refrigerator until it was opened. As for me....I LOVE IT and can't believe I waited this long to try it. It tastes better than the chocolate milk I purchase at the store. As far as price-I can't give an accurate price comparison as this milk is not sold locally in my small hometown. I've seen other posts mentioning price and I think the 15 I paid for it to be delivered to my door is an excellent price. I can already appreciate the convenience of having the 8 oz containers that I can toss in my office refrigerator, a lunch box or just grab on the way out the door as a quick breakfast. Being able to open only what I plan to drink is just way better than I can describe. I would give it more than 5 stars if possible.

Great milk (organic), delivered to your door, stored without refrigeration-I couldn't ask for more.
294187294187B000LKZ3GAAC0RCLETAF7CJtracy "tracy"1151221350400Great Item, Not Great Pricevery handy for school lunches and nice that it has a good shelf life - but you can get this case of 18 cheaper at Whole Foods or even your local grocery store. My Whole Foods has them on sale for $14.99. Hey Amazon, why the crazy price? Trying to make up for the free shipping?
294188294188B000LKZ3GAA3J0C6Z8F4B2EWIvangrozny1141220572800Good product, but buy it cheaper elsewhereAll my children love this chocolate milk. However the price on is ridiculous. I've been buying this product (18 packs) for $12.00 from BJ's.
294189294189B000LKZ3GAA2WZIB46IO9A77A. Lieberman1151216252800Great product-price very highMy kids love love love this chocolate milk, and who wouldn't with it's high sugar content? It's quite portable and a delicious treat. Better than other chocolate milks because it doesn't have the antibiotics, pus and germs found in regular milk. If you live near a Costco, you can buy this same 18 pack for under $[...].
294190294190B000LKZ3GAA3NYG9SNDKC2MTLeigh1151206403200Good for child, bad for walletI love the milk, but I can buy an 18 pack in BJ's wholesale club for $12.99. Thats like 1/2 price. I'm a little disappointed Amazon over this.
294191294191B000LKZ3GAA2FJSUBXM96OEPThe Witz1141197331200I like these individual boxes butthe price thru Amazon is ridiculous. If you go to Big Lots, you can sometimes find these for $.33 a carton.
294192294192B000LKZ3GAA3CK5V0KJP7HTYC. Soetarman1141190851200taste good, kid's favouriteI think it's a bit pricey, but
- taste good,
- organic
- my kids love them
so it's worth the price, especially if it's on sale
294193294193B000LKZ3GAA16UYT4DEUXBA5marly "marly"1151188777600Great milk but horribly overpricedI always purchase this milk for my son's lunch - he loves it, but how can you really go wrong with chocolate milk?! My only complaint is that this product is horribly overpriced on Amazon. I purchase the exact same product (18 count) for under $12 at Costco. Plus if you factor in shipping cost -- yikes, you could easily spend $3 for each little box. Before you do that, I would suggest buying organic milk at the grocery and adding a dollop of Hershey's syrup.
294194294194B000LKZ3GAA1PCUHX84CILAGcreedling3451187827200Very tasty!I love Horizon Organic products and accidentally stumbled across these in Starbucks. I had a $5 gift card and instead of leaving a just little on it, I purchased a Horizon Organic Chocolate milk along with my coffee. I thought "I better go straight home so I can put this in the fridge for later" WRONG! I was so happy that they don't have to be refrigerated! Then, I was even happier when I tasted it--- soooo good! Now when I have a chocolate craving after dinner, I reach for one of these instead of a candy bar. Yes, they're still 180 calories, but I feel better about having one of these than candy, cookies, or ice cream. They are a bit expensive, but with Amazon's current sale, and shopping around locally, I've found them for an ok price. I also emailed Horizon Organic and they're sending me 3 coupons. (I don't know for how much off)
294195294195B000LKZ3GAAX8KKN5A1PG9ECintiBonnie "bonnie8"3451186185600Great product but overpricedMy kids are great fans of this milk and I love having this healthy option to pack in their lunches. I have nothing negative at all to say about the product ... we use it all the time. However, the price per container is about $1.20 in most stores and discounts are available for buying by the case. The Amazon price (at least as of 8/4/07) is really excessive.
294196294196B000LKZ3GAA2PF32UUERJXB8Susan Swan "reads-curled-in-covers"2351187913600Yeah, it is a bit high, but it is SO WORTH IT!I love these milks. They are UHT processed, an "ultra high temperature" process mainly used in Europe. In fact, in France, it is hard to find any milk which isn't UHT. UHT allows the milk to be stored for a long time without refrigeration. How great is that? It's wonderful. It has a slightly different taste, but you get used to it in about two days. My kids love this milk, and I buy it in all flavors. They drink at least two a day. So if you can't get your kids to drink milk, try this. It is delicious, smooth, not gloppy and thick like American grocery story milk (that stuff is repulsive).
294197294197B000LKZ3GAA1S0REJJJF8PEXDion0051346716800Yum!My grocery store was selling singles of these so I grabbed one to try and was pleasantly surprised. It has a nice, chocolatey flavor and smooth texture without being too sweet. A major problem I have with other chocolate milks is either your can't taste the milk-y-ness, or it's so chocolatey it's weird, or it's SO thick you kind of wonder what they used to make it. The portion sizes are pretty weird too, I'm not a calorie counter but a couple months ago I glanced at the side of a chocolate milk drink to discover the whole bottle had over 500 calories! Because of this I don't by "pre-made" chocolate milk and I'll just use powdered mix or syrup to make my own at home where I can control the quantity and the flavor.

I really just bought this on a whim, not because it's "healthy" or "organic". I liked it so much I went back and bought an 18 count case. At my grocery store it was on sale for 14.99 but the regular price is 18 something. It's a little pricey but it's delicious and I don't have to worry about using it up too quickly because of the long-life packaging. It's totally great for throwing in my lunch or for a quick snack. The amount of milk is just right.

I am also the type where drinking too much milk can kind of give me a belly ache, but this is just the right amount where it doesn't bother me, or maybe the organic nature has something to do with it? I don't know but it's definitely a positive!
294198294198B000LKZ3GAA3NQURON58CDC3Tucson Mom0051320019200Best milk for lunches, travel, etcThis milk is awesome to keep on the shelf for packing lunches or taking trips. We just slip a few in the fridge the night before and they're chilled and ready to go in the morning! If you haven't tried aseptic packaging give it a try! It's great!
294199294199B000LKZ3GAA1AL4QPRX5EI0TGabriel P. Owens0051318464000DeliciousBest way to buy. Not sure why US can't have more shelf stable milk, like the rest of the world. Cheaper than whole foods.
294200294200B000LKZ3GAA376OKZKJPCJPTCarolyn Begle0051317254400Best chocolate milkI love this milk because it's organic and low fat, and tastes delicious. Since it's in aseptic cartons, I can just throw a few in the fridge at a time and keep the rest in a cupboard.
294201294201B000LKZ3GAA3QOIUTFLYHXQ1Oscar0041310947200Nice FlavorMy kids love these. I am trying to get them to develop good eating habbits along with me. I dont get an argument when I offer them these.

they are a bit pricey but for good health.....
294202294202B000LKZ3GAAKL092IZS0W8ZDanieltaylor0051306886400Best Milk EverI love this milk. It is the perfect serving size and the price can not be beat. Since my local grocery store no longer carries this product, I had to have it delivered to me and it always arrives promptly. I highly recommend this product!
294203294203B000LKZ3GAA1XTSJ7SMYAZF1Barbara A. Snow "Snowdyer"0051306540800Lunch Box WonderThis milk is great for lunch boxes because it does not need refrigeration.......and kids love them! At least I know if the kids don't like the lunch, they will drink the milk! They make great snacks after swim classes.......easy to take with you in a hurry. Great for Grandma snacks too!
294204294204B000LKZ3GAA1XYVWFRAK6GDNkc7ljj0051304899200Great DealI purchased this while it was on sale. I have used Horizon milk for over 4 years and find it to be an excellent product. The 8-Ounce aseptic cartons make it possible for me to send it to school with my son. As always, Amazon does a great job of bring products that you really use to your doorstep.
294205294205B000LKZ3GAA6FLMG694CPRLGreg de Leon0051304208000An adult fan, for sure!As I have said in other reviews, I enjoy eating healthier yet have little time to eat at work. I have been trying to move myself away from fattier, oily snacks during my day and sugary sweet drinks to wash them down. I thought Sun-Chips were pretty good, and buying chocolate milk from the Cafeteria filled it in. I wanted to do better, though. I have now been drinking a lot of Vita Coco to help fill the void, but it can be so expensive and sources which are decently-priced are endangered. This was a questionable purchase at first, since I have been drinking skim milk for 15 years now, so I am used to and prefer the cold, crisp, lighter flavor. I am glad I went for it!
-Love the packaging! Does seem to keep flavor better than traditional small milk cartons.
-Smooth and rich flavoring. Chocolate is richer in flavor than vanilla. My wife says the vanilla has an after-taste, but I disagree. So it is apparently subjective. I have yet to try the strawberry, but if I were a betting man, I would say the same is true for it.
-Better sugar and fat contents than generic milk packages. I have read other reviews that criticize this, but I am not sure what they have been drinking instead. All regular milk has sugar. It is really not that much.

-You might be of those who think the sugar content is too high.
- The flavor is different than any I had had before. Any new flavor can be a tough adjustment. Sometimes, that adjustment never completes (I think this one is worth it, but I adjusted very quickly).
294206294206B000LKZ3GAA1E519Q89SX0WYKatherine Shea-Ortiz "katherineskye"0041303257600Great Milk-Great ValueI pack these into my daughter's lunch every other day as her dairy and her treat. Would love to see a lower sugar version of this product. The box fits well in the pantry and the straw is easy to put in (a big issue with little hands!).

Will continue to order, especially when they are on sale!
294207294207B000LKZ3GAA21EFY9QM7JBJIamazonMommy0051302566400A+My kid loves this stuff and its convenient and i love it doesnt really spill easily. i read online at a milk website taht horizon isnt very as open as u would think an organic company is, but i am not buying this for organic reasons 'really' mainly cuz it is a good product, a good price , kid loves it and is cheaper for me than buying her milks at restuarants or drive thru's and its portable and REAL MILK
294208294208B000LKZ3GAATOA985K6UGWSMelindatonix0051302134400great for kidsMy son loves drinking chocolate milk, and i encourage him in order to get an adequate amount of calcium and vitmain D for growth. I think these are perfect for him because the size is great and its organic! i dont want him to gain too much weight from all the sugar and overdoes of growth hormones. It is also extremely portable and i can store them anywhere, not just the fridge. I would sometimes treat myself one after workout as well and they taste great!

Although it is a bit pricey, but considering the fact that they last for a long time and they are organic and individually packed, it is totally worth it when it saves you space, money and gives you health! AND the auto ship program offers a great price too.
294209294209B000LKZ3GAA1DC9CYTZBSFAWA. Chou "BBMomMom"0051301270400Great tasteI like the taste of this chocolate milk. It's not too sweet and the size is perfect to take to work and have it as my breakfast.

The design of this container is terrible for toddlers. Opening from the top fits the straw perfectly but this is bad. When my daughter drinks it she would try really hard to suck on the straw. When the air is gone and container is flat she would squeese it trying to get more milk.
294210294210B000LKZ3GAA3173BUN91R8RFChris St Pierre0051299369600Excellent ProductMy daughter loves this milk and I love that its good for her. Easy to serve and the price is better than the grocery store.

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