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294451294451B001SAXVFMA3DWJ14SQ74DC5Ecologist_10151265241600Best American coffeeWe had always bought Community Coffee in Mississippi. It's great to be able to get it anywhere now.
294452294452B001SAXVFMA27D8IVRVDWES6kdhess "Always Learning"0421320883200Coffee snobsMy husband and I both worked for cafe's and I can definitely say that we're coffee snobs. We bought this during a great (Kindle) deal for I think $25. We thought, if it's bad then at least we didn't pay a ton of money. We have been trying to pinch pennies. Well, it's okay (good for those who don't care much about where there coffee comes from) if you have a good coffee maker (one that gets the water really hot), but if you have a crap coffee maker than your going to get crap coffee. Someone had loaned us a cheap Coffeemate coffeemaker and the coffee was awful, but once we got a new coffeemaker we noticed a difference. I gave this two stars because its better than Folgers.
294453294453B001SAXVFMA2FZ61NQO00H8Hlaura r dominguez0521307750400Misleading reviewsI bought this coffee thinking I was getting some great deal for premium coffee after reading all the five star reviews. Wrong! very little flavor, bland taste. Not sure why all the great reviews? Waste of money.
294454294454B0059JP3X6A2NP3Y8F5VBN0MVanessa Chamblee0041347494400Fruit Stripe Gum Sugar FreeShipping time was great and product was what I wanted. Cost was pricey but this is my favorite fum and I have trouble finding the suger free version in stores.
294455294455B000FLUZ9UA2EQOIMSP1DBXYcherry0041277769600delicious but got stale quicklyin our home we love all things bacon. even though this sounded strange i decided to give it a try and i'm so glad i did, the smoky flavor was delicious. my only complaint is that it go stale very quickly. it comes in a plastic bag tied off with a twist tie, so my suggestion would be to transfer the popcorn to a ziploc baggie or tupperware right away.
294456294456B000FLUZ9UAQ0H7L8P5WPQLHayduke0111267488000The Second Worse Popcorn in the WorldThe second worst popcorn in the world! The only thing worse is the Double Cheddar Gourmet Popcorn. Same stale goo covered alien space food. Tried to contact Cornzapoppin no response again! Better stuff available, Garrett's of Chicago is a far better product that arrives with crunch, and at a better price.
294457294457B002MAX09OA1UR1ZMVJ7YUP2Jennifer4451280188800With a little help these are amazing!My muffin top pans and mix arrived today so I whipped up a batch! Based on other comments I opted to jazz it up a little by adding a little Cinnamon and nutmeg, and a dash of vanilla and banana extracts, then topped with finely chopped walnuts. They turned out amazing :) Without adding calories I boosted the flavor and I am extremely happy with these tasty muffin tops :) I baked them for 22min at 325, and they were perfect :)
294458294458B002MAX09OA1A9PD00UVHHVIJuanita A. Floyd "Life is too short to read b...2231275955200Pretty GoodThese muffins are good. Not awesome, but OK. They really dont' taste much like banana to me. Just sweet. The next time I make them I maay try adding some fresh banana of my own to pump up the flavor. Easy to make.
294459294459B002MAX09OA1XNJ35XHHCC6RMandy0051314662400Can't tell it's good for youI added a few mashed bananas to the mix at they were delicious! I was even able to get my boyfriend to eat them and he does not "do" healthy food.
294460294460B002MAX09OA2D4ODIUEX9ZVYNecmiye Eren0031309305600Meh. For another 10 calories go for the ones with sugar.Not bad, but these muffins have a slightly strange consistency and taste that lets you know you are eating sugar free. A little gummy is the best way I can describe it. I love the other healthy but "with sugar" mixes, so if you're not diabetic I suggest you give yourself another measely 10 calories or so and go for the brownie, corn muffin, or bran mixes.
294461294461B002MAX09OA3T2K7UVUGRDPUDrOz "DrOz4u"0051306108800Great base for sugar free muffins!!!This is a great base for muffins as other reviewers have pointed out, they did need a little help to get some more flavor kick. I added 4 squirts of Starbucks sugar free cinnamon dolce and 1 squirt of sugar free vanilla during preparation. You can add chopped walnuts or pecans and a ripe bananna just make sure you save some of the nuts to sprinkle on top.

***Update- We didn't have any muffin cups the other day so we put it in a loaf pan after lining the pan with the nonstick aluminum foil and it turned out to be the moistest banana nut bread we have ever eaten and sugar free so it is great for Diabetics.
294462294462B002MAX09OA1GM5ZLT5Q1P79elizabeth c.0011302912000AwfulSince this comes in a 3 pack, I made three batches over the course of a month and a half, and each time we ate these muffins, they made me and my boyfriend bloated and sick feeling afterwards.
294463294463B002MAX09OA280UAWZEEJMAILily "Susan"0051301356800Really goodI had seen these in several magazines and didn't know you could order them from Amazon. Discovered that, ordered them and they are just as good as the ones in the stores. Do pay attention to baking times as they give the times for full muffins - I made muffin tops.
294464294464B002MAX09OA1PXX9STGCA95Kwackieworld "wackieworld"0051299283200This is greatThis is a great product the preparation is easy the taste is great and the Amazon terms make it a solid winner.
294465294465B002MAX09OA30YRYKGY0W0HXR. Feldman "FH Dad"0051284940800ExcellentI highly recommend these muffins. I add one or two ripe bananas, in addition to some nuts and chocolate chips. I'm sure this boosts the point value from 1 to 2 points, but it is worth it. They are very moist and the chocolate is a delicious addition with the banana. They do not have a sugar-free taste.
294466294466B002MAX09OA233H2J16V56W8Claxon,Bill2541274054400Sugarless with carbs?Delicious sugarless entry powered by sugar alcohols.With no cane sugar why do the contents show 21g carbs per 2 oz serving(fat 2.5g, sodium 125mg,) roughly the same as their regular offerings?If no break in the carbs without sugar (and you are not diabetic)why would you buy a product with fake sugar? Real sugar of any kind imo is unhealthy(even cane,fructose) and the sugar alcohols in here are miles better than splenda,aspartame. Simple to make and easy to recommend but where do these carbs come from?Your move.
294467294467B00434DRAYA1T9UVJT2M0V48Charles L. Arnold0051340755200shipping and searchingService was good but unpredictable. I ordered three boxes. The page said there was only one in stock. Then there were no boxes, and they would take three weeks to restock. I ordered from to tide me over. Then there was a box in stock after all. Then the others would ship much sooner than three weeks. This was good, but now I have mucho.
I am growing to like the Twinings tea. I like black tea, and organic tea, but I need to enjoy the taste. I am lazy and want tea bags.
I like the taste to be full and smooth, in other words, not too bitter. And no thin finish. Taste keeps me away from Newman's Own, and from those silky pyramidal tea bags.
I liked Celestial Seasonings organic black tea, but it was discontinued. I liked Topco Full Circle organic English Breakfast, but my local store stopped carrying it. I like 365 organic black tea, but I am a hundred miles from Whole Foods.
Twinings is a good replacement for those. Bigelow is too. I use double tea bags for iced tea.
294468294468B000EMM99YA5RU4LNG9DNUYRahul G "Poor Yuppie who lives in DC"4541154217600College Student Foodthis is one of the many ultimate college student foods. its easy to make, requires almost no external ingredients and comes with its own bowl so even if you live in a dorm you don't need any flatware.
294469294469B000EMM99YA18F20V24B5WLFbutler1141225584000Be careful when orderingI love this stuff and buy it at the grocery store when on sale. Amazon's price, especially with a subscription, seemed like a good deal so I placed an order for the carton of 12. Also ordered another flavor on the same day. The other flavor arrived fine but with this one - I only received one instead of 12. I emailed Amazon and they said they would promptly send me the rest. The next day I received again only one. I called them and after getting through their language barrier, they said they'll refund my money. They said it was a problem with the distribution center and that I should order a different flavor!
294470294470B000EMM99YA3NIWSCJCXVUJMSarah Rowe2351170720000Unique Taste--Perfect for work/schoolI work full time and so I don't always eat good. I bought these on a whim and I'll admit--I didn't like them at first. But then the taste kind of grew on me. They are a perfect thing for lunch---just add some hot water, stir, microwave and serve! Perfect when sided with Baked Lays
294471294471B000EMM99YA1OA2ZW406NQXMMary Santos0051216252800YummyWhile I am sure this is bad for you, it is one of my favorite comfort foods, mostly because it is easy to make and has a great flavor.

I do not care for the other flavors of Bowl Appetit because I do not find them half as flavorful as this one. This is really high in salt (50 pct of your daily intake) so better go light on salty items on days you eat it.

All you need to make it is water, a utensil for stirring, and a microwave. Can't get much easier than that!
294472294472B000EMM99YAH6C5VU11HWKDzhivago0041207353600Good occassionallyThis product will never win any culinary awards, but it does deserve something for convenience. Because it needs no refrigeration, I can keep a small supply of these in my desk drawer at the office and pop one in the microwave if I am working late and get hungry. It may not be the healthiest diet, but its a lot better than the junk in the vending machine. I would give it 3-stars for taste, 5-stars for convenience.
294473294473B000EMM99YA1A52WV9X2CGUWlizzie-j "lizzie-j"0051200700800Great for lunches!!These are great for a quick lunch at work - just add water and microwave for a few minutes, great taste too.
294474294474B000EMM99YA3E0TV5DU0J0EDA. Celis0051178928000yummythese are great lunches for on the go. just add water, mix and microwave. awesome for the office
294475294475B000EMM99YA22Z9R91N8L7IQT. Coleman "Rio Grande Tom"0151236988800If You're A Garlic Fan...The best part of this is the garlic. Next, it's a tasty, filling little snack, side dish, lunch or whatever you want to make of it. And certainly quick and easy enough to fix. I'm impressed.
294476294476B00473PTHUA3F42LVNWIDH8MJeffrey Skydell "JSkydell"0051346025600OMG this makes delicious chickenI made this marinade with chicken, and marinated it overnight to really infuse the meat with the flavor. Cooked it on the grill, and basted the chicken as it cooked. The smell before the barbecue was "making the natives restless". Once placed on the platter I realized that I had not made enough chicken for the "gusto with which the picnickers" were eating!
294477294477B00473PTHUA1I83A9GYXUBATTyler0011327276800The Worst Banana-flavored SteakThought the marinade smelled a little funky and I told myself "there's no way the marinade can taste as strangely as it smells"...sure enough it tasted like bananas and melted plastic. I consider myself a marinade connoisseur, and this is easily the worst marinade ever sold. I can't believe this product is marketed on such a huge scale as poorly as it tastes (NOT like Southern whiskey if you've picked up on that). May God have mercy on the folks at Weber. Use Allegro.
294478294478B00473PTHUA2J74TCGODIEYFBart Hayward0051316390400Weber's marinadeWe love all the marinades made by Weber. We can never find them in the stores though so we order on line. We use it for steaks and chicken and they come out tasty and tender.
294479294479B0045TVADIA21EF6BTHWMXCNMaddie Coleman0051326412800Good Stuff!Love the Hungry Jack s.f. syrup. Has a great taste and if you compare calorie info to any of the reduced or even "regular" syrups it is a no-brainer. I started using this when pregnant with my first son. I ended up with gestational diabetes and I tried several different sugar free syrups. This is by far the best of the sugar free available by a long shot. After the pregnancy I could have switched back to regular syrup but honestly I like this better. It isn't as sweet but it is sweet enough and I love the fact that it is only 20 calories for 1/4 cup.
294480294480B0045TVADIA29WVRKG0IC9OLGavin J.0051323561600Great taste and value- too bad it's no longer available on subscribe and saveThe syrup tastes really great with no aftertaste. It enhances the flavor of pancakes and waffles. Unfortunately, it is no longer available on the subscribe and save option. With that said, when buying make sure you consider shipping costs to ensure you get good value for the amount spent.

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