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294492294492B000FMMTHUA1TGUFOZZT92ZJCharles Valinotti0051345593600Piece of cakeWell packed- kept moisture out- overall very easy. Two day service was great- Would purchase again. Paying about 3 dollars more but well worth it. Not to mention, the size is difficult to find in warehouse clubs.
294493294493B000FMMTHUA12MWL2XMX7SLLMr. John P. Herman "cableboy"0051341619200Sugar Free ProductI always buy Equal as my wife is a diabetic. She prefers the blue packet over the others and this was more convenient then heading to one of the warehouse clubs. Same price so why not get it delivered and my local warehouse club doesn't even carry the large box anymore. I would have had to drive 30 minutes away. Amazon and sellers make it easy!
294494294494B000FMMTHUA3K47E8TKG4JUIMinnie0051276992000EqualI have been using this product for years now with great results. It has a great taste and mixes well in cold drinks. I have not had any medical problems related to this product as of now.
294495294495B000FMMTHUA1T6JYJ71DFVI0Theodora Heavey1251278633600Discount Store quantity at huge discountThe price per packet is a huge savings. The package and cost is similar to warehouse club stores without the additional cost of that membership. Excellent price, quick ship, and will be buying again. Thanks Amazon!
294496294496B000FMMTHUAHN34TYB15NWF! Metamorpho ;) "Reflective and Wiser Seer"3651290729600Ah Sugar........ Ah Honey Honey......I just want to state one thing before I begin. It has been said in certain circles that as a quid pro quo for endorsing a product, the manufacturer provides your beloved Seer with generous monetary kickbacks. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, I know that I gave into weakness many reviews ago and was supposed to get a kickback from that deodorant manufacturer. But the check bounced and some new Federal law went into effect preventing me from blatant profiteering. Well. at least my underarms don't offend anyone.

As most of you know, by reading my online bio, I need to jump start my day with a few cups of coffee. The jumping cables are hooked up straight from the coffee cup to my ears (the left ear is the negative side) and I get that special "buzz" that allows me to write my ever-evolving reviews and lectures.

But as I travel throughout the world, many heads of state ask me "would you like sugar with that good, kind, generous, selfless Metamorpho". I tell them no. Why? Because I have found a sugar subsitute that works better for me. Yes. It's equal!
I trained most countries to have it ready when I arrive (although Cuba and Venzuela have refused thus far). Anyway, equal comes in these nifty little packets that are easy to rip open and pour. Each one is "equal" to about a teaspoon of regular sugar (or so my tastebuds have surmised). I have been using it for years and have had no after effects. In fact, it has been instrumental in the growth of my third eye. All apprentice seers should know this.

There is no bitter aftertaste either. I really hate it when I'm in a restaurant and have to settle for sweet n low. I tell ya people, it ruins the whole dining experience. One word of caution for all you aspiring Betty Crockers out there. Do not, I repeat, do not try to bake with equal. It does not do well being heated. Unless you want that gingerbread man to taste like flatbread, I would avoid using it.

Equal works very well with all flavoured coffees and tea. It's also an ingredient thats found in all your favorite sodas. So, try it soon. Let me know. Your customer satisfaction survey will be arriving shortly.

Another stirring review by -- Metamorpho ;)
294497294497B000FMMTHUA1RTXQSNI2JPOKJ-Dawg "J-Dawg"1411331078400the sweetener seems to be of average quality.the sweetener seems to be of average quality. the cost is more expensive than at the local store. So if you have a hard time getting this where you live it may work out for you but please compare the price at the local grocery before buying. thank you for your time.
294498294498B000OZP7CMA2EMQ2LIM8LLMBSeattle Sam4441338163200It's coconut oil, pure and simpleThis is produced and packed in India, where the oil is liquid at 'room' temperature because the room tends to be really hot. When it is shipped to our more temperature clime, it solidifies and makes a joke of its container.

I set it in a dishpan of hot water until it reliquifies and then pour it into a mayonnaise jar or small plastic container from whence I scoop it as needed. My flatmate pours it into a Ziploc bag and lays it flat on a tray in the fridge to solidify, then breaks off what's needed.

Trader Joe's has organic coconut oil already in 16 oz wide mouth jars for $5.99.

I give Parachute 4 stars instead of 5 because they really could pack it in wide mouth containers for export.
294499294499B000OZP7CMA2FO8KY6GGUZ3PNikk Nikk4451268956800great for cooking,skin,and hair!!!!!!!!!!!I use this stuff for my skin,hair, and for cooking. I add about a table spoon to my stews and rice. Shouldn't cost you more than $11-12 anything over that is a rip off!
294481294481B000FMMTHUA1Q7EJU5I1M68XBearNecessities3351330128000Best tasting SweetnerHaving tried other sweeteners I find that this one has the least after taste of them all. I saw that this one had topped the Consumer Reports taste test but unfortunately is not on sale in the UK so bought it here. Great service from Amazon as always
294500294500B000OZP7CMA1FGBLMQJ04BZPMonica1131345420800Great price, not so great tasteI use coconut oil on a daily basis for everything from frying to making my own mayo. I purchased this oil because it seemed like a great price, and it is inexpensive. However, it has a strange flavor. I was expecting a strong coconut flavor, which is fine, but in reality it's a strong chemical/coconut flavor that overpowers other flavors unless the dish is highly spiced. I've tried this oil in at least 10 different recipes with the same results. There's a weird taste that can't be overlooked. I'm disappointed but I won't be purchasing this again.
294482294482B000FMMTHUA3M7N23BZBO2F4charmedone7032251336867200Product & Seller Both FantasticThis will be my third time purchasing this product from this seller. I've bought other nonrefrigerated items from Amazon (Clif Bars, rice cakes) and from those experiences & other reviews I've read, I always worry about getting stale food. But here, I get consistently fresh Equal packets in every order.
294501294501B000OZP7CMA1POF98FRAX74Nromikshay1151339459200Don't believe the negative comments.I grew up in the Fiji. My grandma used to make coconut oil from scratch and sell it for extra income. I find it odd that people use coconut oil for cooking. To be honest, the only people in Fiji who used coconut oil for cooking were the ones who could not afford cooking oil. Food cooked in coconut oil tastes awful. If you are one of those people who have used coconut oil for cooking and did not notice any after taste then you did not use pure coconut oil.

Coconut oil is good for external use like hair and skin. You can also warm it up and dissolve some camphor (cinnamomum camphora) into the coconut oil for psoriasis.

All points aside, I am really happy with the product I received. I got an extra 200 ml for free along with the big 33.8 oz. I opened up the smaller 200 ml bottle and the oil came out of it easily. I applied a small amount on my hands and I know for sure it is pure coconut oil. I recommend this product and the price is right too.
294483294483B000FMMTHUA1JELQ2BC10FIDFlowerdragon2251297641600save gas, buy amazonSame item at Costco, but I don't have to fight the traffic and the crowds... just wish this was a Subscribe and Save item... I am always looking for places to get Equal in quantity and Amazon had this big box...
294502294502B000OZP7CMA19NR5UVKBQENKDeb0041347321600Great stuff - when in liquid formLike everyone else, the product is great. Love it for my hair, skin, etc. (don't use it for cooking). HOWEVER, getting it out of the bottle is another story. I softened it by sitting the bottle in hot water then poured about half of it in another container that I can just dip my fingers into. Sometimes, you have to scrape a handfull out and let your own body heat melt it so you can apply it. Other than that, very pleased.
294484294484B000FMMTHUA25UB8G63YCBOLNicholas J. Del Castillo "ndelc"1111348963200Tasted differentThis may sound crazy but the Equal I received tasted different from the grocery store. It wasn't nearly as sweet. I usually put two in my coffee and I had to start using 4 to get it to the same sweetness. At first I thought I must be imagining it but then I bought some more at the store and tried them side by side. There was a definite difference, but I can't guess why that would be. I'll stick to buying at the grocery store.
294503294503B000OZP7CMA24ZL2QO17GSC9itzkaren0051345852800Love it!I love this. Very economical. Using my Prime account, it's shipped free. I love the coconut smell and taste. I use this in tea, coffee, baking, frying, etc. I made triple chocolate brownies and used it instead of vegetable oil and they were fabulous. I make the best popcorn using white popcorn, coconut oil, salt, and a couple of pinches of sugar. I love the health benefits of using coconut oil. I also make a body scrub using it and sugar and essence of orange. I wash my face in it and people always ask if it causes breakouts. No, it doesn't. The sugar exfoliates my skin and the coconut oil leaves it silky smooth. I shave my legs with it. I'm going to make body scrub gifts for Christmas. This stuff is awesome.
294485294485B000FMMTHUAJH56SEX96IH4David Bland1151338508800Great price, great sweetenerI love Equal in cold drinks and this is a great price for 800 packets. What more can I say?
294486294486B000FMMTHUACBTOEVL2CTAQB. J.1151313971200Equal Sweetener - 800 packetsThis is truly a godsend. I use this to sweeten everything and the most I could find in the stores were boxes for 200 packets. This makes it so easy that I don't have to go the store every month to buy a box at $4.00 or $5.00 a box.
294504294504B000OZP7CMA14738H3YYX7ZCJohn Popp0031344643200Excellent, but frustratingExcellent quality, little or no imparted flavor, and in general exactly what's wanted. Price is right. Frustrating to use. I will continue to purchase, and continue to complain.

The product is produced in India, where ambient temperatures maintain the oil in constant liquid state. In more northerly climes, such as my own in (U.S.) WA state, the oil is always congealed to semisolid condition, making the silly little container cap useless. "Thawing" of a quart container is clumsy, yet managing a handful of smaller containers is an unnecessary circus of busywork. For export to cooler destinations, the product should be packaged in a wide-mouth container permissive of product extraction via spoon or spatula.
294505294505B000OZP7CMA13U975DFXBU44Lexington Knitter0051343692800from "straw" hair to healthy hair"Healthy" also deserves quotes, I suppose. Same as fingernails or animal horns, as all hair is dead on a cellular level -- unromantic but true.

I have "thirsty" (those quotes, again!) hair, and conditioner doesn't always seem to help much. I also have skin sensitivities, so after one manufacturer changed a formula on one of my faves for the worse, I decided to try coconut oil.

The results are dramatic. My hair looks really nice, as shiny as it was in my 20s, it's soft again, and I'm feeling kind of like a dupe that I've been buying chemically formulated conditioner all these years. I agree with other reviewers that this oil, or at least the batch I got, seems to have something in it to keep it from solidifying (at least in a 70something degree bathroom) the way most culinary coconut oils will. It also doesn't have the same rich coconut flavor of my favorite brands, such as Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 29-Ounce Jars (Pack of 2) - but then it's filtered, and not extra-virgin. Probably for the best, because as nice as coconut is, I really don't want to go around smelling like cheap suntan lotion!

Disclaimer: using too much will obviously wreck greasy havoc on some hair, especially finer, lighter, european hair -- which I have, actually. I couldn't have used this at all back in the day when my hair was naturally on the oily side, but if you have coarse, frizzy, wiry, or even just really dry hair, you can probably find the right amount for you to bring back the nice texture and shine without getting overly heavy -- even if that means mixing it in with a bit of gentle shampoo.
294487294487B000FMMTHUA1PITQIJO2I9BZLoose Chippings "Loose Chippings"2351315267200The BEST!This is the best sweetener besides the real thing...SUGAR! This also tastes much better then Splenda in hot drinks. For some reason, Splenda and even Stevia products, just taste bad to me in coffee or hot tea. However, Equal, or aspartame, tastes exactly like sugar! I am so sick and tired of all the hogwash all over the internet about how this stuff is bad for you. If you are ever in doubt, go to and look up Aspartame and learn the truth; This is perfectly safe, even in large quantities. Plus it won't give your kids cavities like sugar can! So go for it!
294506294506B000OZP7CMAYMRN27MH5IJ0Marie Domina0051339977600Love It!I really like parachute coconut oil. It has a strong cocount taste which I like. I have tried nutiva coconut oil and it lacked that strong coconut taste I like. I will always buy parachute coconut oil as long as I am able to find it and find good deals on it. This oil even came with a smaller bottle as a gift. Great! Thanks!

The only problem I have with this product is the packaging. It should be wider with a twist off top so you can scoop the coconut oil out of the bottle. I am going to have to melt this oil in hot water everytime I want to use it. Inconvienant, yes. Will have to use up all of the nutiva oil and put the parachute oil in its container.

Other than that, I really like this oil.
294507294507B000OZP7CMAY15MC2219ZY7gerberia2621329782400Couldn't get it out of the bottle!I was excited to start using coconut oil in cooking because I had heard so much about the health benefits. However, when this tall blue bottle arrived, I could not actually get the SOLID coconut oil out of the bottle! Anyone have suggestions?
294488294488B000FMMTHUA34KHG6Q5U2V4PCapeLucy2351283299200Good price if you'll use 800 packets!Great breakroom item. I priced out Equal packets from different sources and found that purchasing Equal this way was a very cost-saving way to buy it. We go through a lot of coffee in our office and everyone uses different sweeteners. When buying smaller quantities at the supermarket, you pay a huge amount per packet. This is a much better way to buy -- if you'll use 800 packets! We do.
294508294508B000OZP7CMAPVAYU1AHYC7PJ Johnson0611331510400Price too good to be true...If the price looks too good, it probably is!! How in the world are you supposed to get the coconut oil out of this plastic jug?? Right now it's a solid jug of useless coconut oil. I guess I'll try warming it up slightly in lukewarm water, and then store it in glass containers, but don't hold out very high hopes that I can do this without having a ton of plastic tainted oil.
294489294489B000FMMTHUA3A6G37LQKNOB9Michael A. Kalm0041350864000True BlueIsn't it odd? People get passionate about their sweeteners almost like football teams. I have a buddy who can only tolerate pink. I'm a blue fan. Neither one of us is a yellow fan, though I can tolerate stevia. I regret that Costco no longer carries blue, so I had to get it here, at a higher cost than Costco.
294509294509B000LBW62IA252EKN5JDX2WQDoctor Grandma1151319414400DeliciousI bought this product from another vendor before. This one is of high quality and delicious. I also use it on my face instead of face cream. You can put it in your hair too. I do not have nut allergies. It makes my face and hands very smooth and soft and helps with the split ends. That is if you don't mind smelling a little nutty. Even for the "non-nutty" among us. You do not have to use much. Delicious, nutty dressing on salads and steamed veggies. A little on the couscous is good too. It is a winner. Very digestible. Good job of the producer.
294490294490B000FMMTHUA3PR7IPQTLP5LMernie0051347753600EqualThe Equal box arrived with no damage. The item and contents are perfect. There was no problem with shipping. We are using the product each day without any problem.
294491294491B000FMMTHUA33H5YN55DW3YNJ "XxXsXmXxX"0051347580800Better than the ones I've tried.I remember sitting at a booth in Bob Evans,when I noticed the blue Pack as I was looking for something else to try in my tea other than Sweet'N Low,Splenda,and sugar.
This taste better than the others :)
294510294510B000LBW62IAGG5C32AETVZZSnave1221213488000Cheaper, But Not As GoodI purchased this bottle of oil to try something different over the "Mustapha's" brand. However, the product appears to be MORE expensive (but has lower shipping) but it is NOT as good. It is cheaply packaged and doesn't taste as nice and nutty as does the Mustapha's brand. This one tastes oily and has less of a scent than the other.

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