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294541294541B00286DN5SA3V6Z4RCDGRC44Lisa Shea "be the change you wish to see in t...0051233273600Delicious, Healthy ChipsIf you're a chip lover, take heart. There are healthy options out there to soothe your cravings. RW Garcia has a soy flaxseed chip with no trans fats, no gluten, with fiber and omega 3s.

I've tried many different chip varieties over the years. Many of them are very cardboardy - they try their best, but they sacrifice a lot of flavor in order to keep the junk stuff out. I'm really pleased that in modern times they seem to have figured out the balance of ingredients to make this work!

First, this chip set is fully organic, including certification. The ingredient list is rather clear. Corn. Soy grits. Flaxseed. Corn oil, sea salt, water, lime. You know exactly what is in here! There's no wheat, no gluten. No cholesterol.

Ah, but how does it taste? If it's like cardboard, it doesn't matter how good it is for you - you're not going to eat it. Luckily, it is rather good! I am *especially* impressed how it tastes nice and salty, but each serving only has 50mg of salt - i.e only 2% of your daily salt intake!! This is incredibly low for a chip or snack food.

For other stats, there is 13g of carbs, minus the 4g of fiber leaves 9g of net carbs. There are 8g of fat (1g is saturated) and 140 calories. This is for about 7 large chips.

These chips have 6% iron, 2% Vitamin A and 2% calcium. So the serving is not going to give you enough to really worry about skipping your multivitamins, but heck, it's a nice bonus.

Now, I don't recommend sitting down and eating your way through an entire bag of these at one sitting :) The whole bag would still give you 90g of carbs, or 1400 calories. That's not a healthy way to get your energy! But there are many times that you want a snack and want something crunchy. Fiber is of course VERY good for you, too. If you have some healthy salsa, it's a good way to get some good veggies into you on a chip base that has very little salt, has good ingredients and is tasty.
294542294542B00286DN5SA3IN67S5R3LI7UKathleen West "Kathy"0051226188800Bold flavor chip is healthy tooThe bold, spicy flavor of this chip is great alone or with salsa. The sturdy chip doesn't fall apart in salsa or cheese dip. A great snack that is good for you, too.
294543294543B00286DN5SA2PKTM1641FT65L. Tierney "travelingt"0041221955200Delicious but crumbledThese are great, delicious and healthy chips. My only complaint is that when they come via mail, they are a bit crumbled by the time they arrive. I wish the mail carriers were a bit more careful but besides that the chips are delicious and light. My children love them and I feel good about giving them a healthier alternative for a tortilla chip.
294544294544B00286DN5SA1NZL6N17URAEGMark Twain "John"0041220313600good product, but nutritional information has changed...product now has 14 grams carbs with 3 grams dietary fiber, for 11 grams net carbs instead of the listed 13 and 4.
its a bit disappointing for those trying to watch their carbohydrate intake
nevertheless, they are quite tasty. Product arrived in good condition.
294545294545B00286DN5SA2RJ8D2CUGTQITS. Hoyt "healthygirl"0051202860800Fantastic!I have purchased these in the past from other websites and love them. I was excited to find such a deal on the price per bag by purchasing the case through amazon, although that is a lot of chips! I ordered one plain and one spicy. The plain were delicious and fresh. The spicy were stale. So now I have a case of stale chips and a case of fresh chips...thus the gamble with ordering in quantity I suppose. The chips themselves are wonderful, nutty and a much healthier and lower carb/higher fiber alternative to tortilla chips. I eat them plain, with salsa or make nachos with them. We even crumble them over taco salad.
294546294546B00286DN5SA34OXW2ARIX219Cheryle A. Mix "Red"0051200182400excellent flaxseed chipsThese are excellant chips. I have been health and heart conscious for years. I have been taking flax seed suppliments. It is wonderful to be able to find foods that have flaxseed and soy in them. I will be buying more of these.
294547294547B00286DN5SAO5CK30V7PZJBPoet in Rhode Island0051181260800Good eatsLove these Tortilla chips with chili. Great for my low carb diet, and all my thin friends love them , too.
294549294549B00286DN5SA3OV70G8HRNLLJR. Keyes0051178150400Addicting!These are so good that I find them addicting. It's hard to stop at one serving, that is why these grab bags are great.
294550294550B00286DN5SA1SRISQT0G3RFRIxman0051170115200Give up the "real" chips.These taste extremely good, and I love the fact that they are filled with flax seeds!
294551294551B00286DN5SA10F4G1THW8581Gert "Gert"1211245196800like cardboardI have tried multi grain chips before, and these are the worst. Too thick, and not very tasty. And I bought a case. Dumb Me!
294552294552B00286DN5SA2HI8VB91BIM8USandy "Sandy"1211213747200DisappointedI purchased these tortilla chips and was very dissappointed. They are not
as thin and tasty as I hoped they would be. The popular brand chips you buy at the grocery store are better. I really wasted my money buying all of these...."what was I thinking".

Now I am wondering what I am going to do with 11 more bags of these.
294553294553B00286DN5SA5JKJHN7EJ0MOCindi2421202515200Stale & Salty Classic - was not sent Extra ThinsI did not receive the Extra Thins this time. I was sent the Classic. They seemed a little stale and were too salty. I definitely recommend the Extra Thins because they have always been very fresh and much less salty. Was not happy with this last order.
294554294554B001SAWLU8A1K82R24ROO2I7A. Cheffy "Cheffy"1151303344000Delicious, high-quality anchovy paste...This is a product of Morocco and the only ingredients are simply: anchovies, olive oil and salt.

The flavor of this particular brand of anchovy-paste is quite fresh and not too 'fishy' and the "best by" date for my batch is stamped "July 2012", but, these will last [unopened] indefinitely if kept in cool storage (I just put the whole box in my extra refrigerator to keep fresh).

This is an excellent deal and adds the 'secret ingredient' to everything from pasta to salad dressings to soups and stir-frys.

294555294555B001SAWLU8A1ETUYX94RT6FPJ. Coelsch0031314576000Fair Anchovy Paste...I use anchovy paste for Caesar salad and have tried several brands. The Alessi brand seemed "hard" by comparison, a bit weak in taste, and was more difficult to mix. As I ordered 10, I will use them up but will probably not order this brand again. I also had trouble opening the tube with the cap as usual and had to get a knife.
294556294556B005GXGBH2A2NLQGR5LNBRPS4 STAR II For The Win!0011320192000RIPOFFLook elsewhere for a better DEAL on Amazon by buying bulk than this ripoff OVERPRICED item.
Besides, these contain stems/partial stems, which not only cheapens the price but wounds up with uneven done-ness. If you want best quality, your best bet would be to look for stem-free (caps only) variety even though they tend to cost more. From one gourmet chef to another, hope it helps.
294557294557B003KFTPNKA1VCB72BLOPOOJAlice Z3341334448000Tasty and Decent PriceThese cashews are of decent quality and at a good price. They are not always whole as pointed out by another reviewer, but for the price they are a nice deal and taste fine.
294558294558B003KFTPNKA1UVWTNPX8TR0GK. Franklin "Are we there yet?"2251334707200Fresh, fabulous raw cashews. Quick delivery too!We use raw cashews to make cashew milk. These are large, mostly whole, plump, fresh cashews. They are very clean. Other cashews I've used have to be washed several times before soaking. These only need a quick rinse. I have ordered these twice and will continue to do so. Highly recommended.
294559294559B003KFTPNKA15Y0WHZFGNCAUEdgecrusher710041350864000Good but not greatIt wasn't like these blew me away but they were good. Not soft or chewy as some have said. I enjoyed them thoroughly!
294560294560B003KFTPNKA16PUD6V3KAZ0QB. Caruso "The Happy Aspie"0011350000000Delivery A+. Cashews D-.These came super-fast, thanks to Amazon's Prime shipping and I was so excited to open a bag of them and experiment with some raw recipes.
The nuts themselves were in good shape- very few fractured pieces.
Then I opened the first bag. The cashews smell like damp wool in a health a food store populated by sweaty folks.
I decided that I would soak them (as is common in many raw recipes) and see if that, and a number of rinses with fresh, clean water would help.
It didn't.
I decided to go ahead and make a simple recipe with a cup of the soaked cashews to see if that wet, sweaty knit-at-woodstock-in-a-downpour smell would permeate or if it would be hidden. It still came through loud and clear. I had assumed they were safe to eat, as they didn't smell rancid, and the smell wasn't one I would associate with mold or mildew, but just a smell that I really don't like (no offense to sheep, but I just don't like that sheepy-wooly smell)...
Also, these Cashews do not have an origin on the bag or label. A friend had just alerted me to controversy regarding cashew harvest and processing in Vietnam, so I was curious to see where these came from... (you can use a search engine for 'Blood' Cashews for more information)
I'm disappointed. I was hoping I found a reliable source of reasonably priced cashews, but I've nicknamed these "Sheep Nuts" (not to be confused with non-vegetarian "Lamb Fries")....
The search continues....
294561294561B003KFTPNKA2SNW25MRJLKA4Faith0011346371200not freshI bought these cashews because the price was good.I've bought cashews on amazon 4 times previously that were very good.I would not buy these again nor would I recommend them as the taste is unappetizing.In this case you get what you pay for.

UPDATE 9/7/12 I tried really hard to eat these cashews as I didn't want to lose all my money but I finally had to throw them out today.The taste is so bad as if they were stored in a funky smelling market,amazon should not carry these.
294562294562B003KFTPNKA1ZJOU52BJG32SNutty0011345766400Bad NutsSecond time ordering these and they are ALL bad this time. They came soft and chewy and because we had already opened the package, they can't be sent back. Very disappointed.
294563294563B003KFTPNKAC5Z3SJOALBN0itwasalvrstryst0041345161600Definitely a quality product!These cashews are very good quality and the price is hard to beat.

I have used them for cooking, baking, making vegan products (they're a great base for making vegan sour cream or mayo), granola, and just roasted them for a quick snack. Throw a handful in the toaster oven for a few minutes and voila!

They store very well. I keep one bag in the fridge and one in the freezer, which does nothing to change the taste or texture. They're still as fresh as when I first got them.
294564294564B003KFTPNKA3VRAWVKTHLP57ashley nicole0111342051200Good price but I wouldn't buy itNot a very flattering taste at all,I know that I purchased whole cashews but these taste very plain. I've had whole cashews befor elsewhere and they were far better.
294565294565B003KFTPNKA3EGOUG969V3R8Anna11011293321600Not Very Good ProductThe product says these are WHOLE cashews. When I opened the package there were about 20 to 25% broken cashews. I probably wouldn't buy from this vendor next time, when the vendor describes their product of certain quality but then gives a inferior quality.
294566294566B002UPZ51CA1L9ISYL1748N2Caitlin Rachel0051313539200Love this tea!I absolutely love this tea! I originally bought it in a small tin from the local grocery store and fell in love with it. It has a really nice light minty flavor and is perfect in the morning with breakfast to jump-start my day. I've also read that green tea and peppermint are both supposed to be very good digestion and metabolism aids. And maybe it's all in my head, but I really do feel wonderful when I drink a cup of this tea every day.

When I was searching through Amazon and saw that they sell the Zhena's teas in bulk I was ecstatic. I bought this big bag of the mint tea as well as a three-pack of some of their other tea bag tins (these have also proved to be really great). I do not regret getting the gigantic bag, however it is definitely going to last me for a long time.

The only downside is that it seems the tea is crushed a little more finely in this big bag than it was in the canister. This isn't really a huge problem, it just means that if you use a mesh diffuser you will have some tea debris floating in your cup. I'd recommend using those disposable tea sachets that you can buy now to avoid getting lots of tea leaves in your cup.
294567294567B003Q4YGYSA1AH0XJN1VCRQZLizzie0051349913600I love this ChaiI buy this chai for myself and my daughter.....we both enjoy the taste.....I am having a cup of this vanilla chai as I write this review.
294568294568B003Q4YGYSA3SF6RN6BFZOBVLisa Morgan "cajunv"0051321401600omg yummyhot or cold this is soooo good,love it iced,love it hot,great smooth taste,great value,make at home,take with you anywhere,put in a go cup and your off,no more standing in line
294569294569B002CCH26EA33XF3ZPKQYZG0Wendy A1111328054400DON'T BUY! Don't waste your money!!!This is the worst $5 I have ever spent. If I could give it less than a star I would. The mints don't look like bullets and are as small as tic tacs. The package is only 1.5" X 1.5". Sure they say about 45 mints but with their SMALL size that means nothing.
294570294570B005CT9MVMAYWT7NVY2LGUQBuyer142110051342742400The BEST rice I've ever tastedThis rice tastes so good, I think it's the best rice I've ever tasted (and I love all kinds of rice). Once you try it, you'll never go back to regular supermarket rice

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