Amazon Fine Food Reviews

294601294601B001EQ598WA3BFNGVHJAIJY6lemonsprite0051330473600really great productMy Mother will not use any other chicken base, I could not find it for sale any where else. Thanks Amazon.
294602294602B001EQ598WA3PKYBDO5NPNZHVA Reviewer0031319760000Perfectly AdequateFine for normal use in recipes; even makes a pretty good soup for matzo balls. Much easier to use than bouillon cubes, but it is NOT low sodium. You should wait to add salt to recipes until after you taste.
294603294603B00009LIAOA1SY59AN7L9KD6C. T. Manning0031324425600Finicky CalicoI have mixed feelings and so does my calico cat, Scooter,about Hill's Science Diet Mature Beef Entree. Scooter is 8.5 years old. So I thought she'd love it. Guess not. She rejected it the "gourmet" cat food after the second day. With her head held high, she walked away! To get her to eat it, I had to put dry cat food on it or give her a wet pouch of morsels. So I recommend it, but be creative.
294604294604B0017D5ZLIA2DJFN6DQQ8WF9E. Carr "tinkerbelle"2251244937600Hot Sliced Cherry PeppersI have been shopping via the internet for the past 4 months
because I had heart surgery and now am a diabetic. Although
shipping is higher than I would like, the shipment was care-
fully wrapped, peppers are delicious and I even got my
hubby to start eating them.

If you love hot cherry peppers, don't be hesitant in choosing
this one - they will last in the fridge for a very long time.

Think of it this way folks, no tax, no wasting gas and wear
on your vehicle and it comes straight to your front door.
294605294605B003VTHYK6A3920KWKLH2N0YWhonu1151335312000Creamy GoodnessLove this stuff. Can't really tell the difference between lite and regular. Love the convenience, especially for those days when I run out of milk in the morning.
294606294606B003VTHYK6A2CND8HXI5RW01Irene "ireneth"0041349913600Lite is rightI'm very pleased that a Lite coffeemate is available and I like the smaller size container very much - easier to handle, for one. To me the lite product tastes no different than original.
294607294607B003VTHYK6A1ZZUSSK9AVSPDDean0051345680000Coffee MateLove this coffee mate, wouldn"t buy anything else, but coffee mate products. The carmel vanilla is really good too, it's probably the best flavor I have ever tried
294608294608B003VTHYK6A3O17DTJDVQ8AYREADER AND WRITER0051337990400Coffe-Mate Lite caseCase of 12 11-oz. Coffee-mate Lite came quickly and in good shape. I am satisfied with the product, service and price.
294609294609B003YLHQ8QALDAF4VVLFRHPPatricia L. Brouillette2251343347200Chihuahua puppy approvedI give this to my 5.5 month old chihuahua puppy. He really loves this and eats all his food. He seems very happy with his food. In fact one of my cats also enjoy trying it. My dog seems to be thriving on it.
294610294610B003YLHQ8QAXSV2IRQX2C20JAScribbles "Kindle is charged and ready!"2241329523200Great for Older DogsI won't comment on the price because that can change. We all do our best to find deals and bargains.

This food is wonderful. I used to buy cheap, grocery store stuff and tried this on a whim. I'm so glad I did.

My dog is a little older and is missing some teeth. Since he is a shih tzu he also throws up from time to time after eating. (Do all shih tzus do this, mine has since birth) Anyway, this food seems to cut down on the incidents. The pieces are very small and easy for him to chew.

It's good for him, a great size for my little dog, and I will continue to buy it.
294611294611B003YLHQ8QAIKY6NGAP5R35Kimberly J. Mendez "kimmita"2251295308800Healthy dogsMy dogs have been using this food for many years. My 14-year-old and 7-year-old chihuahuas are very healthy and they like the food. My 7-year-old dog has been on the mature adult diet since he was a puppy, since my older chihuahua needed a senior diet to keep her from having trouble with her liver. Science Diet is the best!
294612294612B003YLHQ8QA27XKZ73B03HZ5John L. Kernell1151333065600A few tricks necessary to get my dog to eat it, but worth it!I cook chicken livers in the oven, use a thumb-sized morsel with hot water to coat the whole doggie dish and put a dollop of tuna fish on top of a big handfull of Science Diet. Superb! He loves it! He's 11 and feisty as a pup. Feed him small meals four times a day.
294613294613B003YLHQ8QA206V5FC1097POBB19841151313366400Great Puppy Chow!My puppy is a Boxador (Boxer/Lab) and she loves this food. In fact, the first time I brought it home she was jumping on the bag trying to get it open. I have read many reviews on Science Diet in general and they have not received the best reviews for some odd reason... but, my dog has not had any gastrointestinal complications and loves this brand of dog food. It's a keeper for me... not to mention it is reasonably priced.
294614294614B003YLHQ8QAATWFX0ZZSE6CFaja4X5751289952000My Puppy Loves It and Thrives On It!My puppy has had much better success tolerating and thriving on Science Diet compared with pricier "all natural" know...ingredients that people would also be happy to eat. But she is a dog, not a human and so if ground up chicken beaks are one of the fillers, but she is healthy and happy, I don't worry about it period. At the shelter where I got her they sell Science diet for half the price of what it is available elsewhere...gotta go get some more. Why, because my dog loves it and is healthy and happy and seeing is believing. Cheers!
294615294615B003YLHQ8QA2FFMXCTF7TCWVM. E. Sheets3531231891200Cheaper to buy at HomeThe product is fine - we buy this dog food anyway, but we found it's cheaper for us to buy it right in our home town.
294616294616B003YLHQ8QABMADVX8ZDJ6NMissy Brighton61311286755200Not nutritionally soundI had been using this food mixed with the canned science diet for my lab puppy (because that is what the shelter had used), and didn't have any issues. However, after reading the other review, I asked the manager at a local pet food store what he thought of this brand, and he said it was NOT good - all fillers (corn) and animal by-products. He suggested I gradually shift the dog to Blue, which has a similar protein/carbohydrate mix, and then when the puppy is a bit older (around a year), move to a food with a higher protein content. (To ease the puppy into a new diet, he suggested I start by mixing 1/4 cup new food with 3/4 old food for a few days, then half and half, etc). He also recommended that I mix in a couple of tablespoons of canned food with some water, just to make the dry food moist. (He said the nutritional content of the canned food isn't as important, since the dry food will provide most of the substance, and that I can vary the canned food.) Finally, he also said that bully sticks are far better for dogs than rawhide (which are basically like eating leather).
294617294617B003YLHQ8QA3IE3TQ79W0YORRyan Johnson41311280793600Please avoid!!Please do your research on pet foods and what is actually good for your dogs. Hills science diet is a horrible food filled with horrible ingredients. They charge an outrageous price because it's the #1 vet recommended food. This is a joke and the only reason why it's rated #1 buy vets is because Hills gives money to soon to be vets to help them go through school. Then they sell the dog food to them cheap so they can jack up the price and make a nice profit off of your marketing foolishness. Read the back of the labels of Hills brand and you will see that most of the top ingredients are grains or cheap meat by products which are the feathers, bones, unwanted organs from animals, basically all of the stuff we wouldn't eat. i would recommend going to [...] and compare brands and see what is right for you budget wise. try something like orijen or evo.
294618294618B000MY9QM2A27LIFTMMAU9REMimi "Mimi"1151333756800Best blueberry preserve yet!Being allergic to artificial colors and flavors, lemon juice and corn syrup, I searched and searched and found this brand of preserves. All the ingredients are natural. They have several fruit preserves but I have only tried the blueberry and the raspberry. A love them both!! But I don't like having to order 6 or 8 jars of the same kind. I suggest Amazon puts it on the Prime list and allows you to order just one jar.
294619294619B000LQJKEUA2SH7OWE8QJYNCKaleidocherry1151191456000Simply the bestI grew up near Hershey, and Hershey's is what people eat around there. When I got to college and a German friend introduced me to Ritter Sport, I was hooked. Alpenmilch is the creamiest, smoothest milk chocolate ever. I don't shed tears after eating the whole package either - even though I should be crying with guilt for eating that much chocolate! They're so good I can easily rationalize eating the whole package at once.

This flavor does have a very tiny hint of some kind of nut. I don't like nuts (not allergic, just don't like them), and sometimes this nut taste really stands out, and sometimes not. I suspect it is simply because this product is made on the same machines they use for the ones containing nuts, and a bit of nut oil gets into the product.
294620294620B000LQJKEUA1N5DSM9D85JIWB. O'Brien "musiccrazy"0141170115200Prefer to Cadbury's, Symphony (Hershey), Lindts, Cote, but TolberoneTolberone is best. I grew thinking Swiss chocolate was the best, including having Tolberone in Switzerland in 1985. Still, nothing comes close to Swiss.

Cadbury is 10X better but Swiss like Tolberone is 1000x better than Hershey Bars with ONE exception -- Smores is synonymous with Hershey.
294621294621B0042M7PS2A3QINFTUCHETX4Mary AZP3351325980800excellent hot cocoa drinkIn an attempt to get away from drinking a lot of tea, I started drinking cocoa powder in hot water and lightly sweetened with natural sugar. I'm happily addicted. Because this is a dutch-processed chocolate it does not contain the acid that Hershey's cocoa powder has. It also does not have the additional sugar and additives that typical hot cocoa mixes have. I highly recommend it as a wonderful warm drink in cool weather. However, I have also enjoyed it in warmer weather by making it in concentrated form, dissolving the cocoa and sugar in a little bit of hot water and then adding ice and more cold water as desired. I also enjoy it sweetened with concentrated orange juice.
294622294622B0042M7PS2A2GG0C4ZMXT4WXMakedonas Arianos "James"2251339977600The best of the bestI had tried Chirdatelli, I had tried Hersey's, I had tried many many more cocoa powders, but none as good and tasty as this one. Also, the price is very good, although I used to get it from costco for $ 3.79!!!!!!! Too bad costco doesn't carry it anymore, I even begged the manager there to bring it back.
294623294623B0042M7PS2A2YKQFYO400BJXLoren G. Martin "llama man"2251323129600WOW!!!!!!This is a fantastic baking cocoa............I use it in all of my baking recipes, as well as in sauces which benefit from such wonderful Dutch chocolate. Thanks!
294624294624B0042M7PS2A2E7021B6EB3PWTM0051350432000Great to bake and make hot cocoa withI use to buy this at Costco but then they stopped carrying it. After looking for awhile it occurred to me to look at Amazon. I use this a lot in my baking and i think it has a great rich flavor.

The containers lid is tight, so it is great for storing. Also this is a dutch cocoa so it is great for making really dark chocolate, almost black looking cakes. Since it is dutch processed you also want to be sure to adjust your recipes if they are not designed for dutch chocolate as how it rises is a bit different.
294625294625B0042M7PS2A2FF5IXCVFJ0ZKPen Name0051349654400FantasticThe instant I opened this container, the most brilliant chocolate smell I had ever smelled hit me. This must be the purest and richest cocoa on the planet! It is magnificent. What more can I say!? I've made hot chocolate only so far, but it was the richest cup of hot chocolate I have ever had!!
294626294626B0042M7PS2A9SPCNIZD6OWBTanya0051326931200Yummy!Yummy goodness all wrapped up in a package. Best cocoa powder I have ever tasted. So rich and smooth, especially in hot cocoa! You won't be sorry with your purchase of any Rodelle products.
294627294627B0042M7PS2A2K6M9KF6UUUETfoxgrin0051310342400Deep Rich FlavorBest tasting Chocolate I've ever had! Love making hot chocolate with this product. I had gastric bypass surgery and my body can no longer handle sugar, so this is the best way to enjoy chocolate in my diet. Taste great with artificial sweetener. Plus, really LOVE that there is no 'sludge' left in the bottom of my cup when the hot chocolate is gone (unlike typical super market unsweetened cocoas I've used in the past.) There is a little more fat in this cocoa than other cocoas, which explains the richer taste. But it's not that much difference in calories from many other brands. Also, tastes fantastic in baking!
294628294628B0042M7PS2A2Q8LA93A47R8NJo Ellen Ross "Jo-Ellen"0051305072000Excellentit made excellent hot cocoa and chocolate syrup. The price is very low for the quality of the cocoa!!
294629294629B0042M7PS2A1JQRWQKO8P3UZLe Baron New York "Le Baron"1251322352000Best ChocolateThis is the best cooking chocolate I have been able to find in the US thus far. Well refined, strong and bodacious. For the real amateurs only.
294630294630B0042M7PS2A37L6QSX88UM1PElizabeth R. Wilson "Married female over 50"0151317772800Health BenefitsI guess it's working. I got it for the health benefits. Read somewhere that .5 ounce of dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa would do something good for me. Ask me in 20. I put a spoon of it in my morning blender drink.

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