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294631294631B0042M7PS2AZZCVWF0H0O5QKaren H. Holland0331302048000It's okI like the container. For flavor, I find the Frontier organic more intense. It is a decent price, though. It just could be more intense.
294632294632B0042M7PS2A2V9YD29X193N5A. Reisberg "upper east side mom"0431316995200Big and bulky containerWhich eats up a lot of storage in the pantry. Also, the powder isnt as processed and dark as I would have liked it to have been. Try fronteir cocoa powder
294633294633B0040WAEW8A1E0HBR6EZBW4WGeorge R. Wallace1151350086400Nice black teaThis is one of the best traditional black teas I've come across. It is smooth, well balanced and not to mention a really good price.
294634294634B000YZTDGIA3I95JVSUEF3DARebecca Litteneker "Lawyer Businesswoman Mom"1151226966400Worth every single calorie!Who knew jelly beans could taste so good? For the coconut lover, it just doesn't get any better than this. These jelly beans are wonderfully fresh and have an astonishing coconut flavor. If only they came with an "off" switch.
294635294635B000YZTDGIAV3WI7M7Y2TTUJames Phares "Jim"0051296950400If you like Coconut Jelly Beans, you'll like theseI sometimes buy coconut jelly beans from "bulk bins" at a couple local candy stores. They're enough of a niche item that they're not very fresh -- they've tasted "good enough"; they've hardened a bit and don't really have a noticeable smell, but that's what I was used to. Initially, these weren't a huge hit for me -- the texture was a little softer, and the taste was stronger than I was used to, and they have a buttery/coconut smell. However, they grew on after a couple days and I began to crave them. 10 pounds of beans lasted a while, but now I'm out and (unfortunately) so is Amazon, so I'm on their waiting list -- I don't think I'd be satisfied by stale "bulk bin" beans anymore, so I hope they restock soon.
294636294636B004JKJ87IA1IUQ97A59BSI8chartega4451336176000yummy flavored coffeesThis was my first experience with WP coffee and it was great experience! My favorites are the Hawaiin Hazelnut and the Jamaican me Crazy, I got what I wanted because I wanted to try different flavors before making a bigger purchase. Now I know these flsvored pods work well with my new Hamilton Beach Stay or Go coffee maker and the flavors I like best. I'm going to try his dark roast assortment next. Oh, I also got a sample of a flavored pod of Reunion Island coffee (French Caramel). Nice touch!
294637294637B004JKJ87IA13H5US9Z7L9M7Kathleen Wagner1151343088000Tasty and simpleI purchased these to go along with Hamilton Beach Two Way Brewer Single Serve and 12 cup Coffee Maker.
The brewer was highly rated but the coffee pods meant to go with it were unavailable. These were said to
be a good replacement.

I have used them several times and I can say that they brew flavorful coffee, and are simple to use.
Cleanup is a breeze, as you simply toss the pod ( which looks like a little round tea bag) into the trash.

I will certainly buy them again.
294638294638B004JKJ87IA2ZC24CPWM78PPNAT1151320364800Love emGood quality pods. Highly recommend. I will continue to purchase. Individually wrapped means a fresh cup each time. Good for making iced coffee as well.
294639294639B004JKJ87IACO4J1EJ4R3F9Coffee Black0051350950400Very Tasty Coffee!This coffee is very flavorful without being overpowering. I use one of the Wolfgang Puck flavored coffee pods along with either a Senseo or Melita medium roast (depending on what I have) pod every morning. I like my coffee strong, so the result is strong, smooth and lightly flavored without being bitter. YUM! Even though I use two coffee pods every morning, it ends up being about the same cost wise as using a K-cup.
294640294640B004JKJ87IAQ454AY757D41Connie "=)"0041342742400Good starterI am new to the "coffee pod" world. I recently bought a Hamilton Beach dual coffee pot (single and carafe service) and I read the coffee pods were a good option. I wanted to find out if these would work and if I liked them. I do! The Caramel Cream and French Vanilla are very nice. I only used one pod as I just wanted a hint of the flavor not a strong brew. I really liked them and they worked beautifully in my new coffee pot. I haven't tried the Hawaiin Hazelnut and Jamaica Me Crazy yet. If you want to find your favorite, this is a good place to start.
294641294641B004JKJ87IA3PCPT5CVFDJVGconsumer0011340841600Terrible coffeeI have been using pods for two different coffee makers for about three years now and have tried many brands, this is by far the worst one yet. I fell for the Wolfgang Puck name in ordering them. He should be ashamed to have him name attached to such an inferior product. I have used both coffee makers and neither produced anything but something that had the color of tea!
294642294642B004JKJ87IA29VHYIDLHSMIIDaniel Garza Jr. "JoAnne"0051340668800I LOVE them!I'm not a coffee expert in any way but I know what tastes good to me. I purchased these only after not being able to reorder my regular senseo pods and boy am I glad. Just the smell alone while these are brewing is something I never had with the Senseo pods. And the taste, forget about it! delicious. Will never go back even if senseo become available later.
294644294644B002JGT018AROUYGFXPTR4ULynne "Lynne"0051346630400Very hot!!I ordered this for my husband and he loves it. He is addicted to hot sauces, the hotter the better. If he thinks something is good and hot, it is!
294645294645B000FAPM2QA3GDI2QALBHK4JNYC Babe202051172188800Look no further: the perfect broth!You've just located the most healthy, tasty and useful vegetarian broth manufactured today! As a long time user, I can tell you that Amazon offers the best possible price for this item. I use it for everything:

a flavoring for plain rice, as a broth for stir frying (instead of oil), as a base for complicated stews and soups. If you find it a bit too salty, just add more water. It has no mysterious chemical additives. It is perfect for heart patients, diabetics, vegans, and folks who just like a fast soup treat.
294646294646B000FAPM2QA2TMI8Q9HTD9LGGbaku141441162771200Good Stuff!I've been using this for a couple of months. I usually have a small mug of broth in the evening with slightly less than a teaspoon of mix in 8-10 ounces of boiling water. Very refreshing and only about five calories a serving. I haven't counted how many servings per cannister I get, but I would guess that it is at least the 40 indicated on the label, so this works out to be a very inexpensive as well as refreshing drink. I've also used it a couple of times in rice-cooking water and it is very tasty, if not quite up to my home-made vegetable broth for this purpose. It's a lot easier, of course!
294647294647B000FAPM2QA3OIP09NA1Q35SVincent Schaefer161731259020800Beware new Nutrition Facts - Sodium Content Has ChangedI love this broth. I just ran out and purchased a new supply. I happen to re-read the nutrition lable and discovered that the sodium content has gone from 54 mg (2% daily) to 430 mg (18% daily). If you use this because of the low sodium content, please be aware
294648294648B000FAPM2QA1URAJK88WCY7D. Pollak8951170460800Great soup mix--try it!Seitenbacher is a fabulous soup mix! One canister makes 40 cups of broth, which makes it incredibly inexpensive. It's also delicious. It makes a truly versatile soup base. People love my nabeyakiudon (Japanese noodle soup), matzoah ball soup (Jewish dumpling soup), golden lentil stew (Indian bean stew), all of which have Seitenbacher as the base. It works for people with allergies and food sensitivities (no gluten, no lactose, no MSG, no soy). It's all natural and vegetarian (no gelatin). And I can't emphasize enough the rich, deep flavor.
294649294649B000FAPM2QA9N7OOZKF9AE9Peter G Levine5551216080000The Best Soup Powder in the UniverseI'm a vegetarian and we veggies have a problem; finding tasty bullion that is not chock-a-block full of hydrogenated oils, MSG and/or animal fat. If you go to the "health food" store or section of the grocery you usually get something that has a lot of soy and tastes, well, healthy, if you follow. Seitenbacher has made a soup that utterly rules. I buy it from Amazon, by the case. Why? Because it is cheaper than buying it by the can at a local store (if you can find it locally, good luck with that). Seitenbacher calls it Vegetarian Vegetable Broth and Seasoning, and a fine seasoning it is. There are four flavors that routinely find their way to our dinner table: salt, vitamin C powder (for tang), Tobasco and this powder. Mix it with rice, in sauce or put any mix of beans and veggies and you have a soup that will attract even the finickiest 7 year old. [...]
294650294650B000FAPM2QA1D9V11QUHXENQBig Al "Alan Rivière"4451258156800I use it in my famous Big Al's Mushroom Veggie Rice Soup (Recipe Included)I am a vegetarian living in a carnivores' world. I frequently have problem buying the veggie foods I like. When my vegetable bouillon ran out, I was distressed to find that my favorite grocery stores no longer carried them. I was very happy to find this Seitenbacher Vegetarian Vegetable Broth and Seasoning at It is a powdered broth; it can be mixed in with any food, solid or liquid, and hence more versatile than bouillon. I use it in my instant soup bowls, macaroni, Ramen noodles, etc., and most of all, my famous Big Al's mushroom veggie rice soup. It adds a delicious favor to my food. Yum! Who says that vegetarians do not eat well?

For the recipe of my famous Big Al's mushroom veggie rice soup, please see my comment below.
294651294651B000FAPM2QA1JA9T5SQVG707Peggy B. Parker "Dr. Peggy Parker"4451234310400Seitenbacher Vegetarian Vegetable BrothAs a former chef I can honestly say this is the best powdered product I have ever used. It can instantly turn something ordinary into something delicious! A must for your pantry.
294652294652B000FAPM2QA2SKWL2YG8CZJYJR "Frau Paul"3351271289600love it with pan fried potatoesWe eat this often as a seasoning on pan fried potatoes, as well as other dishes. Love it.
294653294653B000FAPM2QA3BT9LW2YVH7S2J. Hawkins-Tillirson3351206921600Great product and customer service!This is a really good, low-sodium boullion powder. In addition, is it free of tomatoes (for those on a macrobiotic diet) as well as gluten in any form (for those allergic to gluten), soy anything and any milk product. It gives a great flavor to soups and gravies and any other dish where a savory taste is appropriate. I was *amazed* at how fast I received the item--it wasn't more than a couple of days, and shipped the day of my order. I recommend unreservedly.
294654294654B000FAPM2QA2T1BPB0TO3O3Sam Spade "Charlie" "Charlie"3351204156800Seitenbacher Vegetarian BrothThe seasoning not only has a great taste but the sodium content is considerably lower than a teaspoon of salt. If you are on a sodium restricted diet, this product is great. It only has 430mg sodium per teaspoon. I use it on roast, beef stew, steaks and always get compliments on the flavor.

Charlie in St. Louis
294655294655B000FAPM2QA1VL2RQ4J7JUMRK. J. Scheffler7951153180800we enjoy the flavor and conveniencemy wife and I enjoy cooking and we found this to be a convenient alternative for our pantry shelf.
294656294656B000FAPM2QA1BL8G3NK1E127Cindy2251288569600Best broth I can find!My teens are positively addicted to this seasoning. I use it to make "spicy noodles" as they call it. Just strain noodles and leave a little water in, add broth and some butter and....YUM!! I drink cups of it at night when I want something hot but not fattening (like hot chocolate), and it's of course a great base for soups and non-meat gravy. I add it to all kinds of vegetables. It is absolutely a STAPLE in my pantry. I panic when I get down to one can!!!
294657294657B000FAPM2QA3958PLQ96OCPNSue from CA2251261958400The best vegetable broth mixI've tried a number of other brands of vegetable broth and broth mix, some much more expensive than Seitenbacher. This is by far the best for my family's taste. It's delicious!!! I not only use it as broth in my soups, but I'm using it as seasoning by adding it to my rice when I add the tumeric or safron during the steaming phase. I'm sure I'll find more uses for it.

The mix has 430 mg sodium per 1 tsp mix (or 1 cup of broth), and although I'd like a little less sodium, it's within my tolerance. It would be good if Seitenbacher made a reduced or no-salt version.
294658294658B000FAPM2QA353MCRPACFE9PSun Garden2251213833600Vegetarian's DelightAs a vegetarian this product is both a delight in taste and convenience. I have used vegetable broth, bouillon, and paste and none compare. I tried Seitenbacher's because of the reviews and was not disappointed. Last night for supper I added it to the water I used to cook my rice and it needed no other seasoning. By the way I added some toasted slivered almonds and cranraisins and it was delicious! No other broth in my cupboard again!
294659294659B000FAPM2QA2692MFNDB3DVTsarala2251205107200greatThis is the best broth mix I ever used. I put it in almost all my foods.
It's all natural and tastes really good.
294660294660B000FAPM2QATGOPL9UGOQSPKenneth Dale Robinson1151331596800Vegetable Broth and SeasoningMy daughter led me to this fine broth and seasoning. This is the best product of its kind on the market. I even cook this broth up for a hot drink and it's great for cooking things like rice. It gets 5 stars from me!

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