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294663294663B000FAPM2QA1I79BUHYYM97Frank Smith1151300665600This stuff is greatThis stuff is fantastic! As a broth, it's delicious and quick, and if the ingredients label is to be believed, completely natural. The only improvement I could suggest would be for them to make a salt-free version, allowing people to add their own (e.g., non-industrial) salt to taste, but this may be a preservation issue. Oh, one other thing: once unsealed, it's easy to spill the powder if you're not used to this kind of European packaging; just go slow and easy and you'll get used to it.

Pricey? Not really, when you figure that you can make several dozen cups of broth from a single can, you're really paying just pennies a cup. Seitenbacher Vegetarian Vegetable Broth and Seasoning, 5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 6)
294664294664B000FAPM2QAW95BX7OMVK8Ckkj1151290556800Seitenbacher vegetable brothThe Seitenbacher vegetable broth is not organic but the next best: all natural. I love this broth and use it in a lot of homecooked meals just to give a little extra flavor. It's also delicious just as a broth if you are not really hungry but want something warm in your stomach. My children always ask for it when they are sick in bed. I'm so glad to be able to order it for a pretty good price through amazon.
294665294665B000FAPM2QA13CY6RN8ASMZGCarla Braden1151287532800Delicious for Many Soups!I use this soup base for several of my vegetable soup recipes. It is particularly awesome for chickenless chicken soup. You add it and magic happens! If you find your soups lacking flavor, here is the answer!
294666294666B000FAPM2QA3HG9F5NMJMM17L. Nye1151271376000Vegetable BrothThis is one of the best broth bases I have ever come accross. The product is a little more expensive than most but well worth it.
294667294667B000FAPM2QA343MTRZZN3B4DP. Morey "midlife gamer"1151261872000Seitenbachers is the bestIf you have been disappointed time and time again by veggie based broths you need to try this one.
My wife is a vegetarian and won't use anything else for soup base.
I'd give this 6 stars if I could but will settle for 5
294668294668B000FAPM2QA3TEAQO3R9CSF7Beate Fisher1151240963200The best vegetable broth I have come acrossThis is an all natural vegetable broth with no preservatives, and no color added, made in Germany. The best I have ever come across. It is in powder form so I can chose the exact amount I want. It is high in flavor and I love using it in my polenta (corn grits). Since I have a hard time finding it locally I was glad to see I could order it from Amazon.
294669294669B000FAPM2QA1OWD9MAK6MQ54S. Hullings1151234310400Suer Yummy brothMy family loves this stuff. I use this in just about all of my cooking its a great base for many things(rice, soups, stews, omlets, beans, herb bread, sandwich seasoning popcorn seasoning etc). I visit two different grocery stores (my fav. Gorcery store does not carry it) just to buy this stuff. Also great to take camping. Also last for a long time considering how often I use it.
294670294670B000FAPM2QA3AXODFHNT0FREN. Starr "Natural Health"1151224028800ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!This veggie broth mix is totally awesome. We love to add it to soups, pizza, Quinoa Chicken salad, etc... It is FANTASTIC to find a broth powder that is so universal and has no sweeteners, or soy. When we tell others about it, and they try it, they are hooked.
294671294671B000FAPM2QA1J2JXJLPXQOPSStarbird1151220918400Very Tastythis is a nutritious and tasty way to add seasoning to grains, veggies, etc. that's NOT loaded with salt and other preservatives!
294672294672B000FAPM2QA1HQV87CPKDOWCljm11801151216080000A must have for the pantryI use this a lot. It's great added to soups to enrich the stock, or added to the cooking water to flavor plain rice. It's even good as a cup of broth on a cold day! I highly recommend this product.
294673294673B000FAPM2QA22QHEYPWVN0NBK. Luckett1151203033600great stuff!I haven't used it for broth per se, but it is excellent as my seasoning base for greens, black-eye peas and limas! Tastes great!
294674294674B000FAPM2QA2AF1JZ62BOBHVLori L. "MomsNightOff"2351178668800It's rare to find a broth without sugar or MSGAs a vegetarian, I am constantly looking for a soup base that does not include sugar or MSG. This is the best one I have found that is available in the US. (There's an excellent one available only in Great Britain called Vecon.) The flavor is excellent and it's much more economic and environmentally friendly than buying those cartons of pre-made broth.
294675294675B000FAPM2QA3QJJZ2PAVSC6FParker0051350432000Surprisingly satisfying!I was looking for a delicious, yet healthful vegan vegetable broth powder and came across this brand. I did my research online and almost every site had favorable reviews for this product. Reading some of the other reviews for other brands (*cough, Vogue, **) I found them suspicious (always need to be careful with reviews, since companies hire people to write positive reviews). I was torn between buying this product or Rapunzel... I was not familiar with this brand, but was familiar with Rapunzel because I bought it in the past at a local Whole Foods and thought it was adequate but did not like the fact that the cubes contained so much palm oil (took forever for a cube to dissolve into boiling water). I am in no means a crunchy granola vegan and think that I am pretty discerning when it comes to taste.

I followed the directions of this product and dissolved 1 teaspoon into 1 cup boiling water.
*Pros* The result was a fine tasting broth... some of the yeast extract did not fully dissolve into the solution (I stirred quite a bit) but the broth was good nonetheless... surprisingly, the broth was not as salty as I thought...
Additionally, you can see all the bits and pieces of the herbs that this product contains.
*Cons* The container is a bit flimsy - it was hard to pull off the inner aluminum foil. If not careful you will have vegetable powder all over yourself. This may be trivial, but the packaging is very outdated. It's 2012 and the company can surely hire a graphic designer that can produce better packaging design than what they have now...

While I was researching, it seemed as though a fair amount of people make their own vegan vegetable powder. Almost all recipes use nutritional yeast as its base, but differ on the rest of the ingredients (for instance, once used powder versions of many ingredients, while another recipe basically took whole vegetables chopped up, cubed, and dehydrated and food processed into powder form).

I prefer powder broth over cubes - it's a lot more convenient, and you have better control and adjust the strength of your broth. With this said, the broth does in some way feel like it is missing something... I might purchase the Rapunzel powder to see how good that product is. I predict that I might get tired of this broth (considering Amazon sells it to you in a pack of 6) it isn't a bad idea to have a back-up brand to change up the flavor. The Rapunzel powder however has more salt, and seems to have less vegetable ingredients (I like the fact that this brand has a lot of vegetable ingredients, and some that are not common in the U.S., like lovage). What Rapunzel has going for it is that it is organic, while this is just "all natural" (which is fine).

Buy all your vegan broth products on Amazon - you will get an amazing price. I can't find any of these products at a normal supermarket, and Whole Foods charges an arm and a leg for these things. Even with many new Trader Joe's that just opened up in NYC giving Whole Foods competition and a run for its money, TJ just doesn't have the wide variety of niche products that Whole Foods has.

Update**: This product tastes BETTER than the Rapunzel vegetable broth powder (I have both). Using the recommended directions for both products, Seitenbacher has a deeper, more complex flavor whereas Rapunzel's tastes very salty (salt is the #1 ingredient in Rapunzel). If you want flavor, go for Seitenbacher - if you are obsessed about everything being organic, then go for Rapunzel.
294676294676B000FAPM2QA3GJQ3W0T0KWEOtatcol "tatcol"0051342915200Excellent addition to soups and stewsI belong to a farm share, so I need help dealing with the bounty of veggies that I get every week. I rely on this broth to add an extra taste dimension to my soups and stews. A six-pack lasted almost a year. Because the broth does contain salt, I don't add salt from any other sources when using this.
294677294677B000FAPM2QA1YRDPKHDLDFHBM. V. Budinich "Valeria"0051332720000Great product!Great product! I use it to cook chicken and fish. It has taken me to a new level when it comes to being able to quickly make a delicious dinner
294678294678B000FAPM2QA3KTZGBEOXNGWKVegan0051328227200PracticalI AM vegan and have been using this product for a while. It is very practical I bring this with me when I travel.
It is small snough to fit in my packetbook, and has a delicious nutricios flavor.
It taste like a homemade soup.
294679294679B000FAPM2QA1IZQ8A2F8P126k0041323216000Tasty and economical, wish it was lower sodiumI used to use the organic vegetable broth cartons but was looking for a lower sodium alternative. Sodium is better then what I had been using, not ideal, and I like the flavor. Tends to clump a little. The cost is much better, especially on Subsribe and Save. I like not wasting all those cartons which were not recyclable, as far as I know. Product was shipped promptly as usual. Not sure if it really has MSG or not as some of the reviews suggested.
294680294680B000FAPM2QAGOSN3DEL7BM8I love Amazon!0021320451200Beware of high sodium!The product information misses the following important piece of information - the high sodium content in this product. According to the information on the can, 1 tbs contains 420 mg of sodium, which is equivalent to 17% of the recommended daily value. Note that 1 tbs is actually very little, and most people would end up using more than that.
294681294681B000FAPM2QA13EAEF8VKFTOYB. C. Boardman0041266537600Morga not available, so we are hoping for next best.....My vegetarian wife has used Morga Vegetable Broth for years. But suddenly it disappeared and no easily accessible shop seems to carry it anymore. Your product item, Seitenbacher, seemed to be similar and we were hoping better - however, we're Morga nuts, and pretty hard to satisfy!
294682294682B000FAPM2QA1TT50KVE6MMT8Barbara Colon0041211673600Great item, wish they sell in bulk.Great and delicious item, good delivery, second time I reorder twice the amount this time. Wish they would sell this product in bulk.
294683294683B000FAPM2QAWNDPJAHE1RCGG. Wilton0051210636800Great product- my kids' favoriteThis broth powder is great. We used it for years and then Whole Foods stopped carrying it. I was so happy to find it on Amazon!

It has a great flavor and is not oily, which is what I hate about boullion. My son even likes to drink it plain when he is sick. Makes a great base for soup, risotto, etc. I don't even really measure it anymore- once you use it for a while you will know what the right color is.
294684294684B000FAPM2QA3D0HMC6RQT0N0J. Flood0041207699200Tastes good and helps for Gluten free cookingHandy to keep around as a seasoning for gluten free cooking-a littl saltier than I would prefer.
294685294685B000FAPM2QA2ORLPEQ1KLNZFAngela R. Yargus "Amazon lover"0051207526400Vegetable soup flavoringThis is a really super flavor, and a totally different addition to most any dish.
294686294686B000FAPM2QA1C1WK5YT8E8S4TallGal60051191974400Wonderful Meat Broth AlternativeThis is a flavorful, all natural alternative to many other broths that have all sorts of odd ingredients listed. Great for people on special diets!
294687294687B000FAPM2QA30G9NZ3PZMVHLEdies' personal chef1251241654400Great taste, no MSGUse this product instead of salt in stir fry, soups or any other dish. It is very flavourful and goes a long way. Even as a stand alone vegetable broth it is very good.
294688294688B000FAPM2QA2M04QJ777PXA4C. Sylvester1251240876800Outstanding!Great product. Not too salty. No MSG. I can't say enough about this broth and seasoning. Excellent.
294689294689B000FAPM2QA13BWBBU32GME5Katica61051168473600The best vegetarian seasoning - so I thoughtAs a fussy vegetarian, I have tried many vegetarian seasonings to use with my homemade soups, and this is the BEST!

Update: One star. I had based my previous 5-star review on the taste and the natural ingredients. Well, after receiving my shipment and reading the label, I was disappointed to find Nutritional Yeast Extract as the number one ingredient. From my research, Nutritional Yeast is good for you, but Nutritional Yeast Extract is not good for you - in fact, Nutritional Yeast Extract has the same negative effect on your body as MSG. So even though the taste is great, I won't be recommending this product any more!
294690294690B000FAPM2QA2PGNLCTL9QXSXcharwoman4731230681600serviceable, but there are better out there.I use a lot of veggie broth powder as a staple of my cooking, and love being able to buy several jars at once here on Amazon. Sadly, the last time I came for broth my favorite brand (Rapunzel) was out of stock, with no ETA on offering it again. I bought the Seitenbacher sight unseen as it were (have never seen it offered locally so I couldn't taste test) based on all the positive reviews. I guess it's okay but frankly I don't like it as much. It doesn't dissolve as easily and the flavor is pretty drab in my opinion. Fortunately [sic] I have to use a lot more of it to even get a flavor so I'll be done with this case before too long. It's certainly better than MSG-ridden fakes and would be very handy to have if one is allergic to many things, being an entirely *acceptable* vegetarian broth. But barring necessity, I would not choose this one first.
294661294661B000FAPM2QA3KHKX8PY7I8TWTurtle1131319932800Seitenbacher Vegetable BrothThis is a good product especially since the Broth contains No oil. The broth would be a Great product if Seitenbacher made an Organic version of their Broth with No oil
294662294662B000FAPM2QA206YJ1AC6WUNOma cookie1151319500800Must-have productSeitenbacher Vegetable Broth and Seasoning has been on my shelf for years. I love the taste. I use it in everything from gravy to homemade cream soups and even seasoning on homemade breads. It is simply delicious and nutritious, and no junk ingredients. Just plain vegetables and herbs. :

My daughter and I are sensitive to wheat and gluten, and Seitenbacher still stays on the shelf. No wheat, no gluten, no artificial anything!!

Amazon, you are amazing! I ordered this product on a Friday morning and it was at my door by Saturday afternoon, just in time for me to make my soup. : YIPPEE!!! Thank you.

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