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294691294691B000FAPM2QA23NI56ZAB3R0XVictoria R. Solmon0151193616000Best vegetarian broth I've found!I found this broth in a co-op in Washington State and have been very happy with it. But where I live, it isn't available, so I was thrilled to see Amazon carries it. It has no m.s.g., which makes it very special, since all other vegetarian broths I've seen do have m.s.g.. Amazon's price was also much better than the co-op!
294692294692B000FAPM2QABV7W8L6QFAEpolarbearpilot112011275782400Contains MSG (as Yeast Extract)I wanted to find a broth/soup base that does not have MSG. As it turns out after I purchased this product, I found out that MSG comes in so many different name, one of them being Yeast Extract, the number one ingredient for this broth seasoning. Just google "other names for MSG" and you will see. I now stop using this product, and always scrutinize all the food labels before buying as almost everything prepackaged/canned/processed food contains MSG. I now make my own broth from meat and vegetable. It's more expensive for sure, but well worth my family's health.
294693294693B000FLUZ9AA1BTD5H0LC5R7MPAMom "PAMom"2341267920000Gone in Two DaysI bought this for my husband and he must have liked it, because he ate the whole bag in two days. Shipping rates were really high. Probably won't buy again because of that.
294694294694B005451N2KA1ND38EQZZF4BIPrussian4451338336000Great Truffle FlavorThis works great as a finishing oil for steak and to add more flavor to other dishes. I have previously only used actual truffles that I would cut up and place in dishes but this oil is much more convenient and tastes great. I will for sure be ordering this again.
294695294695B000L9OOMKA1MB9B5ZL1HMCHBook Lover2251188000000Fantastic tuna...I don't like tuna; at least, that's what I thought until trying Callipo's tuna in a jar. It's pricey, but well worth serving as the basis for a nice summer meal. The difference between this tuna and $2 canned tuna is like night and day - or hamburger compared to filet mignon.
294696294696B007VH1LC6A1BBE4WWFG15O1FlowerDen1151342656000Love my plants!After doing tons of internet research on carnivorous plants, I felt ready to start my own CP collection. I ordered a Sarracenia Flava and Drosera Spathulata Sundew on July 12 and they both arrived on July 16. The plants came with care instructions, as well as pots and moss. I followed the instructions to the tee, except I decided to make my own CP soil mix wth plain 50% perlite and 50% sphagnum peat moss. I e-mailed JoelsCarnivorousPlants on July 17 with a question on one of the plants, and they got back to me the next day. Overall it has been a great experience, and the plants look healthy and happy!
294697294697B007VH1LC6A37BYWY8G1F3T9Robert J. McGovern "Bobby Mac"1151342396800Absolutely beautifulThis is my second purchase (my 7th plant from Joel) and I can't tell you how amazing this latest shipment is. Nice size rhizome and the plant is over 12" tall. You would never have guessed these have been in a box and shipped cross country. He takes such great care in wrapping for shipping.
I think I've bought every type of Sarracenia that he has. I only wish he had more!

You have absolutely nothing to worry about if you order from Joel. Your plants will be nice sized and in excellent shape. If you have questions he'll get back to you almost immediately.
294698294698B007VH1LC6A12RYDU5FRQK3TEugene Cranmer0051350432000Everything was perfect!I just received my order of a pitcher plant and venus fly-traps. Just like my first order for a sundew plant, everything is well-packed and super-healthy. The care instructions are very detailed and good and my order came quickly.
294699294699B007VH1LC6AT3H6M1W1S1IDDiggy "Ty"00513488768005 Heads!I receieved my plants in the mail after a couple days. Like some, I have never bought a plant online either. The packaging was great! I opened them up to find five spouted heads + a baby growing. So cute! They're planted now and seem to be doing well. :-) Very satisfied, definitely will buy again. Thank you Joel!
294700294700B007VH1LC6A10KTSAHUS1HATBarbara0041344816000Pretty Little Things.I recently bought this and received it in the mail a couple of days ago. I was rather impressed at how it was boxed! I've never bought a plant online so I didn't know what to expect. There were three stems in the bulb. The plant was wrapped snugly with plastic wrap. But unfortunately, one had a tear, and another had the top leave completely torn off, but the third one was good and healthy. The directions were very informative and helpful. I have a Venus Fly Trap so I was lucky to be in good supply of distilled water. I put it in its pot as soon as possible with water, and it seems happy except that the tear one got made it weak. But I'm satisfied overall!
294701294701B007VH1LC6AZYGN554F4KMHDJCK0051344384000my 3" pot sarracenia flava is niceI cannot seem to find the 3" pot s'flava so I'll do my review on the 5". Nicely packaged, healthy and ready to catch bugs. Slower growing then I thought it'd be but I'll live with that. Still came at a speedy rate with 2 other species of CP from Joels. Beautiful colouration of the pitchers and cannot wait till next year for the blossom. Definitely recommend!
294702294702B007VH1LC6A261DKJJXLQKUKirk0051338249600Piticure plantI am very happy with my purchase my plant arrived in great condition with plenty of planting moss for his new home. I have mine inside because I don't want to mistakenly get some of our outside water to get mixed in with his RO water. I will be checking out more plants from this seller!

Kirk Engel
294703294703B007VH1LC6A3TBJV4DZPG2Q2SunshineAD0051337904000Excellent plant and fast shipping!I ordered my plant on the 19th and received it by the 23rd. I was thrilled to find that the plant was even bigger than the one in the listing with lots of new growth. It came with more than enough sphagnum moss, the wire basket, and very easy care instructions. I have also gotten a follow-up email from the seller to see if I'd received it and if I had any questions, which I thought was great. I will definitely be ordering from this company again.
294704294704B007VH1LC6A22M85BQZNYY3Wj msa0051336953600sooooooooooo coooooooooolit is super de dooper ly awesome its real and so cool and easy to feed i loved it so much
294705294705B004WZ4KKAA1Y27QNN0P9HJWolfsatz Domain "Wolfdorf"4441321747200Yum Yum for a Tasteful Morning BlissGevalia's attempt to capture Sbux Breakfast Blend is a lot closer to the real thing than they did with the 'Dark Italian / Verona'.
I am enjoying my second cup this morning very much; it is flavorful and smooth but definitely not strong. It doesn't have the awful metallic aftertaste that some other Gevalia blends have. I would situate this blend as a medium roast, much contrary to their packaging and marketing of 'extra bold' which is far from it. This coffee will make it to my must have inventory.
294706294706B004WZ4KKAABEACHPOGUVZSChristopher Lyons4551327449600Get it while you canMore evidence Kraft is making a last ditch effort to establish their (superior) Tassimo as an alternative to Keurig. These new dark/bold flavors replace Starbucks in the line up, and to my palate are even better. Deep, developing flavors and tones to the brew that make me leave my French Press on the shelf a couple times a week now. Highly recommended.
294707294707B004WZ4KKAA2WKM9BXOC4JH9I. Bilynsky "Info Center"0031345507200Not EXTRA Bold but it is OKWhen I see coffee labeled has having "extra bold" flavor I expect just that - a very powerful flavor of coffee. That is not what you get with this. The Dark Breakfast Blend is medium, and it does not really taste good unless you add cream to it. It's not that the coffee is bitter or strong if you were to drink it black, it just tastes like something is missing if it's not sweetened and creamed. I will say that this coffee tastes better with a wider variety of flavored creamers than the other "extra bold" tassimo coffees do but not enough to make me want to buy more.
294708294708B004WZ4KKAA1MQYYR555WOPJBruce Buchanan0051344988800Good, bold coffee.I like the boldness of this coffee. Have ordered it several times. The coffee has been very consistent in quality. Keep in mind that I like strong/bold coffee.
294709294709B004WZ4KKAARHRMVOMU1BF7Dragonfly44440031340582400tastythe coffee is great, the only problem is that we have had several of the bar codes not work. considering the cost of this i'm not happy with it. i will get others for a while until they fix it.
294710294710B004WZ4KKAA3NM8RQUR2YY3Wendy O0041332547200Good, dark coffeeThis isn't bad for a Tassimo coffee T-disc. In fact, my only complaint is that it makes a small cup of coffee. It's rich and dark and very enjoyable. Wish more discs came in larger sizes; this makes about 6ozs which isn't nearly enough for a morning cup o' joe. Yes, I could make a second cup but then I start realizing just how expensive it is!
294711294711B004WZ4KKAA1K9S042LW3O0Msatur0041331424000saturNice taste. I little not strong enough as I try to use my italian coffemaker as much as I can. But if not time, this is a good product
294712294712B004WZ4KKAA39PZLWK47I22UG. Gentry0051329264000Dark Breakfast Blend/GevaliaThis is an excellent blend of coffee for the Tassimo coffee maker. The price was right and I received it very quickly.
294713294713B004WZ4KKAAWB6OLPRMCLDMLucky Dog "Paula C"0041328832000Pretty GoodI thought this was a pretty good cup of coffee. But, Have to say though it was cheaper at BBB & use your 20% coupon!
294714294714B004WZ4KKAAAOCI0D2LBEJWMiss Gemini0051326153600Nice flavor!OK, I'm a coffee addict and I love my Tassimo T-Disc coffee machine. Gevalia's Dark Breakfast Blend is nice and smooth, and I'm a black coffee drinker. I will definitely re-order soon.
294715294715B004WZ4KKAAJ0KDDYE8MDD0Thompson "TeachontheBeach"0041325548800Pretty closeSo it's not the Starbucks, we have all had to get over that, but it's pretty close. Gevalia finally figured out that they had to use a double-sized disc to get a stronger taste, and that's what this is. Not as smooth as Starbucks, yet a reasonable substitute.
294716294716B004WZ4KKAA3E3ZCN2OTR8IDCarolina Girl "Airedales are for me!"1251323475200Great Coffee!It's really hard for me to trust the reviews of these tassimo coffee products when people think that the sun rises and sets on Charbucks(Starbucks). I think a lot of Charbucks coffee is greatly over rated. This is a great product which I enjoy very much. I will be buying this blend a lot more
294717294717B004WZ4KKAA1VZO92YX080IAJanet Adelson "Jan in SB"0131332115200Not as good as Starbucks but it will doI love my Tassimo machine but my favorite coffee was the boldest of the bold Starbucks and the Gevalia version just doesn't cut it for me.
294718294718B004WZ4KKAA2F8RFVN51PDEGscub0131323388800Not the best, but better than the restI've had my T65 for about a year now and stopped using it when the Starbucks brand disappeared. not a huge Starbucks fan but used to buy the t-disc because it was the "boldest" flavored coffee available for the Tassmio. to be honest the current variety of coffee available for Tassmio is rather terrible and i think i would rather drink tea..

So after not using my T65 for nearly 6 months, i decided to try this "dark" coffee from Gevalia.. while not as "bold" as it could be, it's definitely an improvement over the other varieties. still, i find myself stopping the machine a few seconds early to get a bit stronger brew.
294719294719B004WZ4KKAA2W3TGPT9MW4T0Curatina0221322956800Does not satisfyThis is not what I expect from a "dark" coffee. It is pitifully weak. I can drink it only when I add a shot of the Maestro Lorenzo Espresso Intensivo.
294720294720B0025VR9LAAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson2341266624000Tangy, Smoked, Woody Taste.We picked up a large bottle (45 ounces) of KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce (Original) at our local warehouse store. Our idea was to use it on things done on our little backyard barbecue grill. It has worked well on chicken, beef and pork items. Plus we've cooked with it and used it as a topping, much like you might use ketchup, on beans, meat and a variety of other items. We love the tangy, smoked, woody taste. Ours is an overly large bottle for our needs for we use it only on rare occasions, but it keeps well in the fridge.

Gary Peterson

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