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294751294751B005V9UG18A22RH2DYEF8OR9annej1151296691200Delish!I'm new to the whole meal replacement craze, and somewhat skeptical because most of the ones on the market are full of nasty stuff and taste like cold chalk. This one is very delicious. The chocolate taste is intense, but not sickningly sweet. I always have one in the fridge at my job on those days when I'm just too lazy to bring my lunch.
294752294752B005V9UG18A2ZBVIMQT5NLLPSusan Gilbert1151295740800Simply The Best!!!Did my research. Alot of "Protein Shakes" out there, but NOTHING even comes close to ORGAIN!! Fruits & Vegies! Vitamins! Great Taste! Eco-Friendly! Nothing You DON'T Want! And gives you an AMAZING deal!!! Worth every penny & BETTER than going to the Store & Hoping you'll FIND it there at a DECENT PRICE!!!
294753294753B005V9UG18AQKDVERPAUQ1JGrace Buchanan1141295308800Better than Boost or EnsureI tend to be a very picky eater. When my appetite is too low to get enough food/fuel in me, I have been inclined to ignore the ingredients in Boost and Ensure and drink them to help me keep "meat" on my bones. How delighted I was to see Orgain on my grocery shelf! It looked similar to the other brands, but I can read the label without as much cringing! I like the organic ingredients. I use this for rehydrating after a workout outside or at the gym. The consistency is thinner than Boost or Ensure, but the flavor is similarly pleasant. It would get 5 stars if it was creamier. I drink it frosty with ice crystals in it and enjoy it as much as when it is room temperature. The flavor is smooth without the weird protein or chocolate/vanilla/sweetener flavors of other supplements.
294754294754B005V9UG18A9W93KTXQTHFAnutri29221151295136000WILL BE BUYING FOREVER!!!In the 7+ years I've been using Amazon, this is the first review I've ever written. Why now? I just have to let others know that this protein shake is incredible in every way; the taste, organic certification!!, and nutritional profile is hands down the best ready-to-drink I've ever come across. My wife and I were shocked at that there is organic whey protein (VERY hard to find!) and that wonderful fruit and veggie blend. I'm a personal trainer so I recommend this to all my clients now as an ideal replenisher. I feel a considerable difference in my energy and health. I'll be using Subscribe and Save from now on for this! I highly, highly recommend this drink if your looking to an alternative to all the junk out there.
294755294755B005V9UG18A16UNFZ22ZS9SIKristin Rene Lee1151289260800I've tried them all...This one's a winnerI've had muscle milk, myoplex, unjury (which was tolerable), anything whole foods, central market, or the vitamin shoppe had to offer...GAG. Then I tried Orgain. YUM. I am no having one of these and one Blueberry or Mango Mix 1 Protein shake per day and actually meeting my protein requirements each day. My nails and hair are finally looking better and I'm actually starting to have more energy. I'm so glad Amazon carries these, as my Whole Foods tends to run out of these. I do however wish that they would put them on automatic subscription, as they have with the Mix 1 shakes.

It's great that it's still whey protein, I've definitely never found a whey shake that tastes this good, only the soy ones, which don't have the best absorption.

Also, it's great that you can travel with these shakes and not have to refrigerate them or mix them, as they are ready to drink. I'll just get a cup of ice while traveling or at the office and I'm good to go! You can even add supplement powder to it if needed, and it dissolves well in it. I actually recommend this flavor over the fudge one, and I'm a chocolate nut. The fudge just was a little too cocoa-ey for my taste. The vanilla is pretty sweet, which I like. I think it might be yummy with some Starbucks Via added in it for an iced latte too.

UPDATE 8/20/2011
I saw where another review stated that they had received curdled milk! I did too. Amazon sent 2 new cases immediately, but unfortunately both of them were curdled as well. I had ordered the mocha from another online retailer at the same time and it arrived without incident. I'm not sure why 4 cases arrived curdled, but it was pretty gross when I got lumpy milk instead of my usually amazing Orgain breakfast. I wanted to do the subscribe and save, but cancelled it, until someone makes sure they know why it was curdled and can ensure it won't arrive in that condition.
294756294756B005V9UG18A2IZEN3G4J0605Ultraquel1151287964800Great!Orgain is healthier than most drinks, so it says, and is awesomely delicious! I also find it to be quite filling. Highly recommended!
294757294757B005V9UG18A15MB7KY5WYJHGE. Geva1151287014400Orgain - tastiest protein shake out thereI'm so happy I found this on amazon, cause I got tired of carrying multiple packs from wholefoods. These do not leave the familiar after taste other protein-rich shakes do. They're so smooth and tasty, and organic! Love it.
294758294758B005V9UG18ALES8LFTG0AYEElle3411348099200Warning: the formulation changed!I stock my shelves with Iced Cafe Mocha for unknown reasons any pack with an August 2013 expiry tastes like chalkly chocolate and the texture is thicker. I am trying to return my recent purchases. It is so frustrating. I really miss the original Iced Cafe Mocha. It was perfectly sweetened, tastes like real mocha and very satifying. Oh and it smells like mocha from Starbucks..yummmmm

I'm going to whole foods to check if they have the older ones (expiring June 2013).
294759294759B005V9UG18A3AWTSRAIUPBAXPennyLaneNamegame3411334188800Quality COntrol Issues BUT Please read thisThis drink is very good, and tastes great. The only issue, is that there have recently been spoiled drinks I have been receiving. I do love the drinks, and I am a loyal customer, but please be careful if you get any spoiled drinks. You can get very sick from them. Just be careful, and enjoy the healthy drinks! Thank you!
294760294760B005V9UG18A26WPF04KP549XAllie3441284768000From a Skeptic - Surprisingly TastyTastes really great is is filling for up to two hours. I was very suspicious, but pleasantly surprised. Great to have in a pinch!
294761294761B005V9UG18AYPEXF99JIXX2Jackie's Cool Fud3451283731200Orgain Sweet Vanilla Meal ReplacementSweet Vanilla Bean RTD Meal Replacement - 11 oz - Liquid
I needed somthing that did not have too much sugar in it. This was perfect for me. I drink it when I loose my appetite or need a snack.
294762294762B005V9UG18A1D1S7D2V7Y2XKEKM2351348790400Orgain Iced Cafe MochaI suffer from Celiac Disease, a severe intolerance to gluten. I was thrilled to find Orgain after my diagnosis. It's a quick, easy, healthy meal replacement that's safe for me to have. And it tastes great! I often have one Orgain for breakfast and then eat at least two other balanced meals throughout the day. These are also very handy for travel and have, at times, been my lunch or dinner. LOVE!
294763294763B005V9UG18A2MVMC0NEYTYYXChristina2351325721600DeliciousI buy these drinks frequently, simply because I love the taste. I prefer the chocolate, but the vanilla is also great. They taste like a dessert without being overly sweet, and also don't have a chalky aftertaste.
294764294764B005V9UG18A25Y8CKOQG85UOSherry Rizzo "kids review"2351325376000Great for athletes!My son is a competitive high school swimmer that practices more than 20 hours per week. He's a very picky eater so I know he doesn't get enough protein or calcium from regular food. After a lot of research I bought one of each flavor and he loved them all, especially the mocha. So now he has one every day after practice and said he can tell the difference in the way his muscles feel after a work out or how tired he is. I would recommend this to any athlete or parent of an athlete, as a great way to get the nutrition needed.
294765294765B005V9UG18A8T94YJAZIL0Mvege foods2331313539200Exp. date 07/ MAR/ 2012 should be OK, but curdledExp. date on case 07/MAR/ 12..........So it is not an out dated case. Amazon did replace the case that curdled. Thank you Amazon.
294766294766B005V9UG18A33PP1JA1KZ7DUMaria2351286150400Needs to be added to the Amazon Subscription Plan!This stuff tastes just like chocolate milk!! With the high protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it's unbelievable how good this tastes! You almost feel like you're drinking something bad for you, it's so good! Amazon, PLEASE add this to your subscription program! I don't ever want to run out!
294767294767B005V9UG18A2KM5P1YTSEO3JS. Thomas2351282867200Gr8!I picked this up at a nutrition store and was impressed. Compared to anything else I have tried, this is by far the best. Muscle Milk compared to this tastes like a garbage chemical...
294768294768B005V9UG18A2FAHIDDJVI44Ofli "thisisfrancis"0051351036800Orgain is still great- just beware of bad batchesYes, Orgain changed their formula recently. Among other things, it no longer contains soy, which I think is a good thing since it can be an allergen and can cause digestive discomfort (gas, bloating, in some cases).

Unfortunately, with this change, apparently some bad batches made it out into the market (mine were dated 8/21 and 8/22). These batches have a weird and very strong "grassy" flavor that is indeed quite disgusting (which I think I've tasted before from some organic milk from grass fed cows).

However, if you receive these batches, please try contacting them with your concerns before jumping to conclusions. I sent them a private message on Facebook ([...]) with the codes on top of my drinks, and they quickly responded, sending me free replacement cases.

The replacements tasted just like the formula before the change (as far as I could tell).

They know there's a problem, and are working to resolve it. Customer service still exists in the Internet age of automation!
294769294769B005V9UG18A2VQBOKZ1OW8B6karlsie0021350950400Tastes like mothballsOh, dear God it tastes like mothballs. I really wanted to like this product and commit to it -- so I ordered a case of the creamy chocolate fudge shakes. I previously was on the Robard products, but didn't like having to go to the doctor every week so I could get the shakes (it's doctor-supervised). Robard shakes are delicious and filling, but have a lot of unhealthy ingredients and are expensive, plus not readily accessible. When I found Orgain, I thought it'd be a great alternative because it's organic. However, if you're lactose-intolerant, beware -- it contains milk. And a very strange mediciney taste. I'm stuck with a case of this stuff -- maybe if I blend it with bananas it'll be palatable. Buy a couple of the single servings, if you can find them, before committing to a large order.
294770294770B005V9UG18A10MF2FJ2770NVEmmalou0051350691200Love This Stuff!!!Orgain is my favorite protein/meal-replacement drink! It is certified organic, which is rare among drinks of this kind. I have tried all three flavors and I think they are all pretty good. Sweet Vanilla is my personal favorite. They are a little pricey, but worth it! So much good stuff inside just one of these drinks.
294771294771B005V9UG18A2989HCATUSNC5starme330051350604800The best organic shake!I've tried several nutrition shakes from Muscle Milk to more natural ones and Orgain is by far the best. The ingredients are the cleanest and best quality, it's USDA Organic, and it tastes great. I especially love the organic fruit and veggie blends and 16 grams of ORGANIC whey protein. I use it for breakfast, on-the-go, and after working out. My whole family has become hooked too.
294772294772B005V9UG18A2UZDH0L1UVSX6goforit0031350432000Orgain Chocolate shakesI have bought cases of this before and then just restocked my home with more cases. The ones I just got kind of taste old. The date isnt old but they are still worth buying. They are easy and a quick meal!
294773294773B005V9UG18A186UY4BXOBVWSgjokeefe820051350172800Excellent ProductI have tried many different types of protein drinks, and this is certainly the best one out there. It has the best taste and the best list of ingredients. They should bring back the Amazon Subscribe and Save option for this product.
294774294774B005V9UG18A2CBRK5VGR9YFSAshly Covington "Every Day on set is a Great Day"0051349913600Best Meal Replacement Drink EVERWOW! I've been trying to find a good tasting meal replacement drink for 10 years... One that tasted great AND kept me full. Orgain nails it! They have perfected the drink. I love the Creamy Chocolate Fudge and also the Vanilla. (I'm not a coffee drinker, so I haven't tried that flavor)
I can drink this every morning and I'm not hungry again until lunch. It tastes great and keeps me full. FINALLY!!! Thank you Orgain for creating this amazing drink.
294775294775B005V9UG18A335VIHBMS97YXAuntDeb0051348617600Best Mocha Protein DrinkOrgain's Iced Cafe Mocha is the best. Great taste and so perfectly light. A hint of coffee and chocolate makes this light protein drink great any time of the day. I drink one everyday, either before heading out in the morning to the aerobics class or as a healthy snack in the evening. I have been drinking the Orgain Mocha for years, purchasing them at local stores. July 2012 I ordered a 12 pack from Amazon. It was very easy to order with Amazon, and I was pleasantly surprized when the delivery date was sooner than expected.
294776294776B005V9UG18A1L7VQ67MADA04ol0051348012800great productI was ecstatic to finally find a protein drink that was healthy. A drink that was organic, had additional nutrient value, had plenty of protein, and that tasted good! A drink that did not have artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, gluten or any other added chemicals. Orgain has been very beneficial for my husband who is undergoing chemo. It was expensive for us given our medical bills but it was one of the only things he could keep down. I signed up to have 2 cases delivered a month by Amazon, thereby getting a discount for doing so. I received my shipment for two months. I then received an email from Amazon saying Orgain was not available anymore through Amazon. I subsequently received another email that stated it was available again. Great! But then I noticed no monthly discount and the price had jumped up considerably. What a huge disappointment. Orgain 5 stars...Amazon no stars.
294777294777B005V9UG18A8J808KNJK4K4Dianna0051346976000Drink Every DayI've been drinking the Chocolate Orgain for breakfast every day for about 8 months now. It's quick, tastes just like chocolate milk to me, and leaves me full until lunchtime. I sometimes drink another in the evening after I workout. I do find it tastes better colder - I love sticking it in freezer for 15 minutes before drinking!

I sure hope Amazon carries this as a subscribe & save item again. I've found it locally at Whole Foods, and their sale price makes it comparable to the subscribe & save, but I miss the convenience of having it show up by the case at my door.
294778294778B005V9UG18A1YOGWT0P3GV1YRAC0051346889600Great ProductOrgain is a better alternative then Ensure or Boost. It is all natural and low in sugar. I recommend it. However, the shipping costs are way to high.
294779294779B005V9UG18A1YVNB9VRGMQBWRobert C. Ledbetter "ledpro"0051346889600Orgain, excellent productOrgain used as a meal supplement once a day is an excellent source of protein and other things the body needs to stay healthy.
294780294780B005V9UG18AY5K2BKBFZLK5Natural Mama0051346803200LOVE it!!!Discovered Orgain when I was pregnant and making a long drive from Virginia to Florida. Orgain is delicious! It doesn't need to be refrigerated so it's great to keep in your bag for if you get hungry. I'm very conscious about what I eat and when I leave home for long periods I almost ALWAYS have Orgain with me. I'm crazy about Orgain!! :)

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